It’s easier said than done. It seems that I feel that sakura rain and other latecomers threaten the top ten places, and others have accelerated some upgrades. Even after I drove to Long Ge, I felt that the atmosphere changed slightly and I had to speed up a little, so I fell from the second place. That would be funny.

But how can this speed compare with Yang Ye and others?
Too slow! !
In a blink of an eye, a large cluster of wild monsters was cleared, and Yang Ye’s ranking soared from 172 to 67. Cut mandarin ducks in the 1% experience gap of more than 200 people, which is still a high level and a lower level. It is possible to clip tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people.
Other people’s grades are constantly advancing, almost every ten minutes, thousands of Bin Song will advance, so a low-level experience jump is tens of thousands of high-ranked. Of course, if you don’t play, it will be scary to watch …
Look at your own experience and look at Yang Ye, the tenth in the ranking list, and smile-this time he is ranked higher than the second time in the miniature continent! to be continued
Chapter 25 sweet potato photos
The black cracks are getting smaller and smaller in the Balog colorful flow ceremony, and it is not clear whether the cracks or the black gas are obvious, which proves that the Balog ceremony is very effective, but as the black cracks gradually shrink, some of the needs are increasing, which means that it is more and more difficult to repair them later.
Barrog’s face is still worried, and it seems that he can’t rest assured for a second. His frown is always wrinkled, so he has to always pay attention to the situation here. Yang Ye is quite concerned that Lilina cocoon is so small that it can’t hold a person even a baby. Yang Ye is extremely worried about the situation in Lilina, but Lilina Lian is still proving that she is really alive.
It’s been another hour since the extreme land night reached the summit. Now, the land night not only exceeds the experience value of chasing Long Ge, but also greatly leads the dragon song by about 7%, which makes people fall short of glasses.
We don’t care so much about the limit situation. What we care more about is that we are currently in the ranking and other positions. sakura rain, like the limit sakura rain, has also maintained a fierce growth momentum of the level during this period, and the speed has not lost the limit. We have rushed all the way from outside the ranking list to the first position in the ranking list. It depends on the situation. The horse can move forward again.
Players have been eagerly discussing in other places in the forum, eager to know what happened to these two presidents, which can make their level go up like a rocket, even if people around them want to chase it.
But ….. This situation seems to be too mysterious. Almost no one has seen the specific location of these two people. It is vaguely revealed that there is probably a limit to upgrade with sakura rain!
Yes, this situation is mostly true, so that the two of them can achieve such similar speed.
When everyone was talking about it, sakura rain successfully completed the progress and came to the seventh position. The momentum was fierce and convincing. At this time, an anonymous post suddenly appeared in the forum, which immediately attracted all eyes-
[breaking the news! Every promise war has several friends levels and has made great progress! 】
Go in and have a look. This man explained that he understood that mutual theory is the limit, and sakura rain both promised to fight very closely in a sense. According to some people, they saw two presidents being sent away by a special mage not long ago, but after description and comparison, the way of sending them is very likely to be sent away by the same plot, and the other side must be the player who asked for it. Make a bold guess—
Promise war
He is the most suitable candidate. The promise war can mobilize the two major guilds to help him fight in groups, but it seems that they knew each other before, and at the same time, there is no doubt whether their lines know each other. In this case, it would be great if the promise war called them both. After all, their equipment and grades are top-notch
If you don’t believe us, you will find something amazing if you turn over the ranking list and search for the promise war! At the same time, I’m here to give you a few more promises and friends’ id. If you are interested, you can’t stand it.
When the post came to an abrupt end, it left a lot of suspense, which made people itch. When the player looked at it, there were three strange id luminous (holy priest), double-edged sword (crazy warrior) and rotten orange (heavy archer).
Three id’s that have never been seen before are placed in front of tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of players, and they are too lazy to care so much. They can’t wait to search for the "promise war" until they have a look at the mastermind-
The promise war ranks 51 and ranks 37
The promise war ranks 37. I don’t know how much it was before the show. If you want to know the speed, you have to wait and see how fast it goes up. It’s all full at this front, so most players turn to search for the other three id rankings. The highest is 5147, and … and so on …
What’s going on? I just saw it was 5147. How did it suddenly become 56? Nearly a hundred people went in this blink of an eye? Are you kidding me? No one else is upgrading? No, no, no … It is better to believe that others will not upgrade than that he will upgrade quickly.
The players who searched for the double-edged sword were shocked when they happened to touch the double-edged sword, so the ranking changed, making sure that they had not seen the players wait patiently, but …
There’s something wrong with the promise war again!
What happened?
Of course, the ranking has risen!
It has soared from the top 37 to the top 29. This is the top 100. The competition is extremely fierce. The top 100. If anyone can go in and blow it, they will blow it one year or two years ago! !
How did this promise war become famous just like playing?
Not only did he rank double-edged sword, luminous and rotten orange at the same time, but he also made a leap forward, with hundreds of amazing teeth broken! And the players reacted again and immediately searched for the limit and sakura rain ranking. Their ranking has not changed, but the experience value has also increased a lot …
This …
Things have turned out. They are all together, whether it’s the limit or sakura rain, or the promise war or his good friend’s double-edged sword. They have got a fast upgrade method. At this time, they are rushing to the level of speed faster than all the players at present! !
According to this trend, they can’t finish the ranking list? This so-called ranking list can’t be their back garden? But on second thought, it’s probably impossible for them to continue. After all, the game won’t make players quickly upgrade their level, otherwise their life will be shortened, and they probably won’t be able to complete the hegemony …
What is dominating Yang Ye is already the so-called level rise is the most important thing.
Just at the 29th place, he got the ranking again, and jumped to 23rd place. Compared with before, the speed was much slower, but it was also amazing. He went ahead and cut mandarin ducks after him. At this time, the ranking was closely followed by Yang Ye, and it didn’t narrow down. She was 39, and she was already in the top 50. When Yang Ye arrived in the top 10, he should see if there was any chance to enter the ranking list.

Unconsciously, Ye Guchen has passed for a month. Ye Guchen has never stopped in this month. When he sees the mountain, he worships three times and kneels nine times. There are definitely many people who want to shout for a lifetime and express their ambitions.

"My white friend mountain has been insisting for a month, and its heart is commendable. I secretly observed that my qualifications are not bad, which is quite exciting." On this day, in a towering mountain range in Dangshan, two old people looked at each other and sat with chess in their hands. Around the chess, the same four old people with white hair and beard and a middle-aged Taoist sat cross-legged and closed their eyes, not knowing whether they were meditating or resting. It was this chess old man who was talking.
"Well, the qualifications are passable. It’s really good for mortals to have such qualifications. They have entered the realm of virtual Dan. It’s not bad to see Du Jie coming. But you and I are too busy to be distracted. Although this young player is good, he has his own chance. I don’t need to wait for us to work hard. I still want to wait for me to do my own thing better than this young player." The white-robed old man took a glance at the mountain and then said indifferently.
The long years of love for those who fix the truth have made them forget the feelings of the world, and they have become indifferent one by one. They don’t want to pay too much attention to the old man in black robes, so they said, and then they nodded lightly and said nothing.
On the other five people, there was no performance from beginning to end with their eyes closed silently. On the contrary, this other mountain peak was a black brocade, an eagle-nosed old man with a strange face. Looking at this mountain, Ye Guchen kept bowing down on a mountain peak and muttered, "This is so small that I don’t know how long you can last. Hehe, I’m really looking forward to it, but it’s a pity that you have come to the wrong place. Those guys on the other side are all too forgetful. Even if you die here, no one will care about you. You don’t know whether it’s
Speaking, he flickered away from this mountain boulder and disappeared in the blink of an eye. On the other side, Ye Guchen really didn’t know what had just happened. He didn’t know anything about the conversation between the two old men. At last, the old man in black talked to himself. He was still persistent, kneeling and knocking on the mountain in front of him.
Although there were many times when Ye Guchen didn’t insist on going, he insisted on it with his extraordinary perseverance. Whenever he wanted to give up, he would tell himself, "Ye Guchen, you can’t give up, you can’t fail! It is difficult for Xianmen to enter the sincerity! Persistence is victory. We must persist! "
With his self-hypnosis and super will, Ye Guchen insisted on it. When he was hungry, he went to the mountains to hunt wild animals. When he was thirsty, he went to find a clear spring to drink water. He insisted on it all the way. On the stormy weather, on the scorching sun, on how tired his body was, on how hard and painful it was. Ye Guchen still insisted on biting his teeth all the way, and never stopped for half a day.
Ah, ah, ah, shame to ask for a collection in the ticket.)
Chapter one hundred and four ascended a robbery ()
Unconsciously, half a month passed, and Ye Guchen’s body felt a little tired unconsciously. If it wasn’t for practicing some reiki every night and every day, Ye Guchen would have been able to bear it now.
On this day, Ye Guchen didn’t go straight into the mountains as usual, and went to various peaks on three knees and nine knocks to walk. Instead, he sat cross-legged in this wide valley boulder and quietly closed his eyes and slowly recovered his work.
At the moment, Ye Guchen’s expression is dignified, and he has been refining the human-level dark armor, wearing a blood dragon sword floating on his head, quietly waiting for the coming danger, because today is Ye Guchen’s Du Jie Day, and the cloud nine disaster is coming.
At this moment, the thunder sparkles above Ye Guchen’s head. Sparks can’t stop flashing from the black clouds and always follow Ye Guchen’s side. Since he entered the range of Dangshan Mountain, Ye Guchen has been thrown out to play in the open air. Xiaobai also has a face of fear and guards beside Ye Guchen, and he whispers from time to time. Obviously, even he is aware of the seriousness of the problem. Although this robbery is not big in Fiona Fang, it is only a few hundred meters, but Ye Guchen does not dare to underestimate this robbery.
The elders of God once said that I don’t know how many masters and heroes have died in this robbery. Thousands of martial arts have been broken, and 90% of the heroes in this robbery have died in this robbery. Although he is conceited, he dare not have the slightest carelessness because he knows that once he has the slightest carelessness, he will die!
Suddenly, in the windy day in this valley, a ray of lightning flashed in the blink of an eye, and it was instantly split in this leaf solitary body, which was resisted by the blood dragon sword on the top of the head. However, the second day, the thunder fell from the sky and instantly fell on this leaf solitary body. This day, the thunder was more than three times thicker than the second time, and the whole falling blood dragon sword was almost shaken, but the support of Ye solitary body was still strong.
The third LeiJie again three times thicker and suddenly rushed straight at it, just like a basin of shiny mercury falling from the sky with the thickness of washbasin, so it rushed down and landed on Ye Guchen’s body and blood. The dragon sword gave a whisper and burst instantly, but it also resisted the impact of LeiJie, which made this third LeiJie method hurt Ye Guchen that fraction.
The fourth Lei Jie once again followed closely. This time, it has been one meter thick and looks terrible. Ye Guchen did not dare to hesitate to directly resist this dark armor. Although there is a fine wheel in the sun, the moon and the sky, it is the last card. Ye Guchen is unwilling to take it out until it is absolutely necessary.
Dark armor’s defense is much better than the previous blood dragon sword. The fourth thunder robbery has not destroyed the dark armor. Yuzryha’s solitary body is slightly numb and feels a little touched, but there is nothing else.
The fifth Lei Jie has been brewing at this time, which is three times larger than before. It is three meters wide and so wide, but it is a little scary. This Yuzryha lonely face has become very strange. He knows that this Lei Jie is terrible, but he didn’t expect it to be so bad. It is really unexpected.
Little did they know that this was not only his accidental observation of Ye Guchen in the distant mountain peak, but also people were very surprised. Seven Taoist priests in this fairy mountain looked at Ye Guchen with a strange face, and one Taoist priest whispered, "Dear Taoist friends, have you ever seen someone meet such a huge thunder with this heavy thunder? This is only the fifth weight. The fifth weight is already three meters thick. After that, what else? Don’t say it’s this nine-fold lightning robbery, but it’s not that bad to rob the fifth thunder in four or nine days, is it? Wrong novel network many words "
"I don’t know, I don’t know, this heavenly heart is unpredictable. Although I am not shallow, I can’t fathom this heavenly heart, but I know that there are two kinds of people who will be much worse than the average person." One of them, the old man in the blue cassock, touched himself and said with a face of meditation, his expression was slightly dignified.
"What two kinds?" Next to people are curious to see the old man in the blue robe that Taoist asked.
"The first kind of people are killed by the scourge, and the second kind of people are gifted and provoked by the jealous talents. Only when these two kinds of people spend the thunder robbery will they be more serious and the most difficult than the average person, just like those beasts taxiing Du Jie. The more severe the beasts are, the more difficult it is to taxing them, and the more serious their doom is. Both of them have the same effect, which is the same." The old man in the blue robe said slowly.
"Hey ~ so you say this man is a rare wizard?" A man quickly asked after hearing this.
"Hum, not exactly. I have also observed that he has been here for not a day or two. I have secretly seen talent several times, but it is not bad to envy talents that day. It can be regarded as being chosen in the field of cultivation, and it is also rare to envy talents. The gap is not a week or so. On the contrary, he has a faint murderous look. Although it is not obvious, I can feel that it is obvious that this man’s hands are covered with blood and he died in his hands. Even many people are afraid that I think he killed something that he shouldn’t have killed, which made him feel pale and angry. He was also much worse than
This answer made a few people just warm up and their hearts suddenly cooled down. They glanced at each other one by one and then looked at it. Ye Guchen, who was in Du Jie, returned to his futon one by one and meditated again. After the words of the white road flyover just now, they were too lazy to pay attention.
On the contrary, at the moment, another mountain not far from here, the boy Yan Hefa, the black dress person, still looks at the whole leaf solitary in Du Jie with a strange smile, shaking his head and laughing and admiring it for a long time before he said to himself again, "Ha ha, it’s strange that you are a little murderous, but you have killed many people, but you have never killed so many people and haven’t seen the scourge. How can you have it?" I’m talking about jealous talents. Although you have good talent, you’re not there yet, are you? There are many words in the wrong novel network. Do you have any secrets? Even god doesn’t want you alive, so it will aggravate your thunder robbery? Hey, hey, interesting, interesting. I hope you can live. I’m very curious about you. If you live, the emperor may take you as an apprentice. It’s not necessarily hahaha. "
Chapter one hundred and fifty ascended a robbery ()
Speaking here, the fifth thunderbolt has fallen three meters thick, and the thunderbolt crashing down lit up the whole valley. After a loud noise, the whole valley was shrouded in thunder. Ye Guchen also felt an unbearable numbness and instantly penetrated his whole body and mind. A painful feeling surged from my heart, and the dark armor immediately fell apart. The original smooth and black armor looked harder than things, and the scene was terrible.
"Damn it, how did this happen? This LeiJie is so severe? How did Xie Feng pass in the past? " Ye Guchen couldn’t help but think of it at once, but he didn’t know that Xie Fengke didn’t have so many treasures. Although he had a real dragon, he still didn’t get other treasures to survive the apocalypse on his own. Of course, Xie Feng’s cloud nine disaster at that time was no match for Ye Guchen’s fifth power now.
It can be said that Armageddon inexplicably increased the strength, but it was really Yuzryha’s solitary Chen who suffered. It was said that after the fifth robbery, he finally gave Ye Guchen a little rest, as if it was God’s special grace. Although this time was not very long, it was about tens of seconds, but it was enough for Ye Guchen.
With the sixth LeiJie near here, Xiaobai has hated and abandoned Ye Guchen alone, and a rock about 100 meters away quietly observed Ye Guchen’s paws slightly precursor as if ready to jump and escape again. It seems that LeiJie scared this Xiaobai just now.
"Damn dead beast with old mixed eat mixed drink unexpectedly escape at this time? It’s so ungrateful to see how I can clean you up! " See small white jump leaves solitary Chen secretly scold a way in my heart, although even if small white doesn’t go, he will drive this guy away, but seeing this little thing so heartless still has some resentment in my heart.
The sixth Lei Jie is more violent than the fifth Lei Jie. Some Ye Guchen quickly sacrificed the moon, the sun, the moon and the day, and dared not hesitate at all, because he knew that it was not the time to hesitate now. At such a moment, even if he had to hesitate, he might become the magic weapon of the thunder dead at any time. It was not worthwhile to do so.
The magic weapon is like a human jewel, but it can’t be bought again. Even if it can’t be bought, there is nothing wrong with it. There is no way to compare it with life because of dead things. Once people are dead, there is always something better to keep the magic weapon.
For this, Ye Guchen is whiter than anyone, although his heart is a little sad, but he didn’t hesitate to blink when he took out this moon, moon and day essence wheel to fight against Armageddon. The moon, moon and day essence wheel was offered to float above Ye Guchen’s head and quietly suspended there with two colors of light.
Although it is a local magic weapon, the moon, the moon, the day and the fine wheel are definitely not to be underestimated. Although the sixth ray robbery is more horrible than the fifth one, it is still carried by Ye Guchen abruptly. Ye Guchen has some strength but has not been harmed in the slightest.
With the help of the moon, the moon, the day and the fine wheel, Ye Guchen’s Armageddon has become much easier. The seventh moon, the day and the fine wheel Guanghua is slightly dim. After the first road, the moon, the day and the fine wheel float in the middle, and the light is dim to the extreme. After shaking for two times, it still floats in the middle. Although there is a little crack, it can still make it.
"Gee, it’s a good magic weapon. Two pieces at the prefecture level add up to be comparable to those at the prefecture level. I didn’t expect it to be small enough to have a chance to get this thing. Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll die in this thunder robbery. Hey hey, it’s really worthy that the emperor favors people, so they are all undead and promising. Haha" In the distance, a man in black looks at the valley in the distance with a smile and a face of fatigue, resisting the thunder and leaves, and laughs slightly.
Yu said that the seven mountain Taoist priests also looked at Ye Guchen faintly, but they seemed quite indifferent. They were indifferent to this as if Ye Guchen lived or died.
Of course, the thunderbolt in such a big dynamic and static layer has been tens of meters thick, so a thunderbolt shocked the whole day, and even the whole continent felt as if God was angry. Thunder resounded thousands of miles to hide in this continent, and everyone was responsible for recruiting those broken virtual people. When they saw this thunderbolt, they suddenly got excited and came in the direction of this thunderbolt, but when they found out that the location of this thunderbolt would actually be Tianyang Mountain, they couldn’t help but stop in succession, because there they were ordered by their elders to strictly prohibit them from going to a place to discuss good and evil. This is the iron law!
But Ye Guchen’s roots don’t care about this, so he has a more important thing to do at this moment, that is, to fight against the nine-fold thunder robbery, which is tens of meters thick. Ye Guchen has completely shocked the scene of chaos in the hundreds of meters around here. Just now, it was green and lush, and now it has become a scorched earth, which makes Yuzryha Guchen feel a little chilly. What’s more, he knows that the destructive power of the nine-fold thunder robbery must be far more than that.

Alpha opened his mouth with a serious face, which seemed to teach the naughty child "Don’t move, baby"

When he said this, Yan Shuhan’s eyebrows frowned slightly like he was worried.
This makes Su Mo think of a possibility-his husband should not be afraid of needles, right?
However, it is not impossible. After all, when he was a child, he was accompanied by his adoptive parents to have a physical examination and draw blood, and he met a little alpha who was particularly afraid of drawing blood. A bunch of adults were crying and making noise around him.
Anyway, at that time, he behaved well and his adoptive parents bought him delicious food after the blood was drawn.
Bought bear cake and strawberry milkshake. He remembers.
"Yeah, don’t move" Su Mo winked at Yan Shuhan and deliberately hesitated to speak. It looked lovely, soft and clever, and people couldn’t wait to give their hearts to him. "Will you take me to eat delicious later, sir? I’ll be good if I go to eat delicious food. "
As he spoke, he looked at Yan Shuhan nervously as if he didn’t usually eat delicious food.
If ega had talked like this at home, he would have taken her back to her bedroom.
But at this time in the blood drawing room of the health center, and speaking of which, the blood drawing needle stuck into ega’s arm.
Yan Shuhan held out his hand at a glance and blocked Su Mo’s view of the needle. His heart shook again.
"Good" Yan Shuhan bent over to kiss Su Mo’s forehead sound so gentle that people can drown in it.
"Take your wife to eat delicious food and eat whatever you want."
It’s easy to get caught when you say something big
"Then I want to eat strawberry milkshake. No, blueberry milkshake wants blueberry milkshake, sir …" Su Mo pushed his luck and was held in the palm of his hand by alpha, and he gently scratched Yan Shuhan’s palm with his fingers.
But where do you scratch the palm of alpha’s hand? Ega is literally scratching his heart when he talks like this.
Yan Shuhan glanced at the window, and the bright red blood was drawn into the test tube from ega’s white arm.
Yanshu chilling a malicious "good promise" madam.
Su Mo laughed and let alpha get closer to himself with his right hand. "What’s your word?"
Yan Shu’s cold hand is still blocking Su Mo’s eyes and not letting the other side see the blood draw.
Until the blood is exhausted, the nurse in the room gave a cotton swab to let people press it and tell them to pick up the fruit in half an hour. If they say it, they will send a text message to their reserved mobile phone number.
Su Mo pressed his arm and got up from the consultation stool to feel relieved.
Carefully picked up the person, rolled the vodka soothing pheromone into an energy blanket for the person to put on, especially taking care of half the arm of the sleeve.
In the glass room, several bea nurses and a male bea nurse who came in halfway covered their mouths and talked and screamed. Finally, they were pushed into the air by surprise and excitement-
"mom! I seem to see true love! "
Yan Shu cold at the door and Su Mo glances didn’t resist a little stupid and then laughed at each other.
Yan Shuhan walked out with ega in one hand and touched his mobile phone at 5: 35.
"All right, take the baby to eat delicious food." Yan Shuhan put his mobile phone in his pocket to speed up the pace and walk to the parking shed.
"Hello, blueberry milkshake, I’m coming ~" Su Mo smiled.
I was seriously looked at by alpha, and the eyes were meaningful.
A second Su Mo cheek rang with a crisp "chirp".
Blueberry milkshake was ordered, but alpha didn’t give Su Mo milk.
When the dishes are ordered in the car, they arrive at the Cantonese Restaurant, book a box and a table of dishes will be placed one after another.
First soup, then shrimp, then all kinds of vegetarian dishes that Su Mo likes.
Then there is ega, who gradually likes to eat a meat dish-roasted pigeon.
Yan Shu, cold and quick, carried out a one-stop process of peeling shrimp and vegetables in Su Mo
After eating it, I said that I was afraid that ega would not eat enough and eat well enough, so I ordered three sweets very intimately.
And they’re all very considerate. They’re all hot.
Blueberry milkshake slowly turned into blueberry juice-there was no way to fill the room with high concentration of vodka to appease pheromones, not to mention that after entering the box, an alpha found someone to adjust the tone to 30 degrees.
The winter just turned into the summer, and Su Mo began to sweat after eating.
"Madam sweating? Then take off some clothes, "alpha said.
Su Mo always thinks it’s a bit strange for the other party to talk like this.
But soon Yan Shuhan got up and helped him untie his scarf and coat quite politely, and didn’t do anything strange.
Su Mo "…"
Well, it’s because he’s so careful.
After eating and drinking enough dessert, everyone tasted it and looked at it. After entering the door, they were "abandoned" to the table, and the guilt of blueberry milkshake surged.
Yan Shuhan’s eyes followed Su Mo’s eyes and fell on the cup. Uh-huh cleared his throat. "I’ll solve it for my baby lady?"
Su Mo looked at Yan Shuhan and knew that the other party was "fighting" in that cup that night.
So I decided to be the other party. "Come on, Mr. Quasi, drink."
"Yes, madam."
Yan Shu-Han smiled and stretched out his hand to plunge the bag into the straw in front of him and began to dazzle.
A milkshake was finished in two minutes.
"What does Sir do?"
It’s a bit strange to look at getting up and coming over to smile at yourself. alpha Su Mo got up with a hitched heart.
The box is not big, but it has a sofa, a small coffee table and some board games.

Xiang looked at the dull crowd, and it was a matter of human life. He didn’t recognize anything wrong with being so high-profile reprimanded before, even though he had nothing to do with the moonlit black cat group before.

Being a strong avant-garde, he knows all the disadvantages and speaks the most, which is ridiculous. Fortunately, he does not have an excellent quality of avant-garde. In other words, avant-garde is lucky to have all the disadvantages, and he is not responsible for himself or the whole team. Speaking of it, what he said before was quite polite. It is really enough to make her cry.
However, an outsider’s attitude is hard to offend the moonlit black cat group. Since it’s all over, he just left. Anyway, he doesn’t want to have anything to do with the moonlit black cat group.
Now he is not the one who sits in front of his head and expects to meet the characters in the cartoon personally.
Send to Tong Ren to add Friend Request, and then Xiang directly turns around and leaves.
"Please wait a moment"
Tongren was attracted by this Friend Request. At the same time, Kai Tai saw Xiang leaving and hurriedly left. Are you kidding? It’s rare to see the players in the Raiders Group. Anyway, you should keep them, even if you can’t let the other side give short guidance, you should add a friend, so that it will be much more convenient to join the Raiders Group in the future.
Xiang Wenwen stopped and looked sideways at Kai Tai. Speaking of the black cat group on the moonlit night, he admired Kai Tai’s president most. He always thought of the people in the guild. The most important thing is that even though he is still weak, he has the great goal of joining the Raiders Group.
Anyone who is in the Raiders group is admirable because they are fighting for their own lives and getting closer to hope.
Mrs. Kai suddenly bowed deeply to Xiang and asked, "Our guild really lacks a qualified avant-garde. Although I know this request is very presumptuous, we have always dreamed of joining the Raiders Group and asking you to guide me to become a qualified avant-garde."
President, he realized that he was not fit to be an avant-garde, so he was lucky to be an avant-garde. Now there are so many avant-garde in Xiang’s eyes, and he wants to try his best to win a guidance opportunity and then become an avant-garde himself.
“ ` ` w w w 8
Every word is sincerely touched, and my heart is suddenly touched. Now it is still leisure. When I take some time out, I will guide Kai Tai, and then let the moonlit black cat group have a qualified avant-garde. Maybe it will become a new force in the Raiders Group in the future.
Tongren looked at Qitai’s mouth and smiled bitterly. He was the attack position. He didn’t understand the avant-garde as deeply as Xiang. In his mind, Xiang may be the only one who can be evenly matched with Heathcliff’s shield sword. If he can guide him …
Thought of here, Tongren also asked Xiang, "Please promise Kai Tai."
Xiang accidentally glanced at Tong Ren’s silence for a moment, and when he came, he saw Tong Ren also help to speak, that is, he nodded, "I promise you that I am very free at this time."
Kai Taiwen suddenly straightened up with a face of excitement, and the other people in the black cat group on a moonlit night could not help cheering out that their attitude towards Xiang changed from dissatisfaction to admiration and worship after knowing his identity.
Fortunately, there is water mist in her eyes, and she has been resisting the position of avant-garde. Because she doesn’t want to refute her friends’ decision to add sex and weakness, she has never opposed it. Now she can get rid of the avant-garde bondage and almost burst into tears.
Back to the town, Lu Xiang and Tongren deliberately fell behind.
"I didn’t expect you to take the initiative to join the guild." I learned that Tongren took the initiative to join the black cat Tuanxiang on a moonlit night and couldn’t help teasing him in a teasing tone.
To be honest, although he had warned Tongren, he actually hoped that Tongren would not join the moonlit black cat group, but he did.
Tongren smiled shyly. He looked at several people walking in front of him, and they looked a little erratic and solitary. One day, he would join the black cat group on a moonlit night with a family atmosphere because of loneliness.
"People are group animals after all," he sighed with emotion.
"Really …"
Xiang sighed for Tongren’s regrets. He thought of Yuxi, the cute girl with big eyes. Although she tried to get her to join the blood alliance and secretly asked the equipment department to take the initiative to contact her, she still changed her loneliness.
A stranger’s cold posture seems to be closed in a world accessible to people, so lonely and lonely.
Even if he doesn’t come to the equipment department, those people will take the initiative to contact Yuxi when they see her so cute. Unfortunately, even if she is wolf-like, they will be patient with Yuxi’s strangers.
"Why?" Tong people noticed something strange about Xiang.
Xiang recovered, shook his head and looked at the backs of those people in front of him and asked, "Did you tell them that you are a cheater?"
Tongren eyes slightly dark sigh a way "no"
Xiang patted him on the shoulder and said with relief, "Say it when you find the right opportunity. I can see that some of them are very good, otherwise they will not attract famous loners."
"Don’t make fun of my fame …" Tongren squinted at Xiang Hua with a wry smile and suddenly asked as if he remembered something. "I’m curious why you are on the third floor."
Xiang withdrew his hand and face, smiled slightly, and unconsciously emerged a little chill in his eyes. It was difficult for people to notice that he was almost joking and said, "Come and kill people …"
But Tong Ren didn’t think it was a joke because he didn’t hesitate when he saw Xiang kill people with his own eyes.
He thought that this was not a joke. His shoulders suddenly shook and his dark eyes widened.
Xiang is not afraid to deepen the misunderstanding of Tong people, and continues to joke that "six people have been killed so far, and the results are good, but even Argo doesn’t know the news."
Tongren saw that although he was joking, he said it seriously, and his eyes were also open to the maximum.
"Is it a famous player …" He said with great difficulty.
"Of course!"
Xiang put away the joke and said firmly.
Chapter 36
"What … to do this?"
Tongren felt it was very difficult to breathe for an instant. After digesting the news that Xiang had killed six famous players, he couldn’t help but question the tone and say this sentence.
At the end of the day, Xiang left a strong impression on him that night. When he killed someone, he hesitated and didn’t have a gesture. It seemed like a cold-blooded butcher, and now he heard that he had killed six players. As soon as he heard the news, his senses blurred and he doubted Xiang’s true face.
Xiang Wen-wen was slightly calm and Zheng. He looked at him calmly and said, "To tell you the truth, I have no psychological burden to kill that kind of person."

Room light is a little dim. Dong Laoer pulled out a pack of soft Chinese from his trouser pocket, threw one for Ye Qing, then ignited the silver zippo for Ye Qing, and then ignited it for himself. After that, the room was filled with smoke.

Ye Qing slowly vomited smoke and his face gradually blurred. At this time, his heart was a little excited. Dong Laoer’s words made him feel inexplicably excited to dig 7kg! This is much more exciting than digging coal and gold, 7kg, so that the player will attract wide attention on which team to go to. If he can really come to Club I, Ye Qing will be covered by absolute intimacy when he is ahead, greatly reducing his offensive pressure.
When defending, having 7kg in the seat can also greatly limit the opponent’s attack. If you rush desperately, you will die faster. The speed and hit rate of 7kg guns will make the enemy rush from the entrance of Avenue A to the slope of the platform, and at least three people will die!
7kg didn’t go to the whole city to compete soon. The team members just ran in and were afraid that it was not so easy to dig, and the big honey had been exposed to 7kg, but it was rejected by 7kg. Ye Qing didn’t know if Dong Laoer’s high-priced method was effective. He was a little worried. "Now 7kg’s annual salary should be 100,000. If you dig him at a high price, you have to give an annual salary of 150,000, right? Otherwise it is estimated that he will not be moved! "
Dong second shake shake ash way "one hundred and fifty thousand is too little! I’m going to offer him 200,000 yuan for a man like 7kg. Money is the way to impress him. He has a dream in his heart. He wants to win the championship. He also needs an array with the strength to win the championship, so as to attract him. After the big boss digs up the powerful machine gunner, I’ll make an offer for 7kg! "
"I wipe two hundred thousand! It’s only over 30 thousand a year old. Is there such a big gap between me and 7kg? Second, you’re driving up the price, and you don’t have to help me like this. 200 thousand is not small money. You have to pay this favor every year after you dig it up. I can’t afford it! " Ye Qing finished and took a drag on the cigarette holder in his mouth.
Dong old two fingers with smoke twist a head to look at leaf tilting way "also a fart human feelings! Boss, our brothers still say this? 200 thousand a year is not much. I have to go back to work. This money is nothing! I spend more money in bars every year than that. I can understand the big boss’s difficulties. After all, she is a girl who invested more than one million yuan in the early stage, which is already a lot. Her family probably won’t give her any more money, so this money is the most suitable for me! "
"Don’t say anything else about the second child. It’s my honor to have you as a brother in this life!" Ye Qing was very moved, and Dong Laoer was so kind to him. The two had only known each other for a short time, and it was only three or four years in total, but they treated each other as sincerely as brothers who grew up together.
"Eldest brother melodramatic? Ha, ha, ha ….. "Dong Laoer laughed and Ye Qing followed him. The brotherhood between the two was quite deep.
At lunch, Dami took everyone to a good restaurant. They played very well because of the afternoon competition, so Dami also rewarded them. When they ate, they were cold-blooded and others were still very excited. They thought that there would be no competition in the afternoon and every day, so they also ordered several bottles of beer to drink.
Ye Qing and Dong Laoer also accompanied them to drink. Anyway, after drinking together, there were not many days. The atmosphere gradually warmed up, and even the big honey could not help but drink two beers, and her face became red and beautiful.
"Captain, although we lost the game today, we are still proud of the defeat. I know you are still not satisfied with the result of the game. You have a pursuer, but you can’t rush for a while. Our team still loses the game before making continuous progress, and we will win it back!" Cold-blooded hand on leaf shoulder way
Ye Qing didn’t speak, cold-blooded, and didn’t know that he was going to be forced to leave the team. He was still looking forward to a bright future. Ye Qing felt that what he said was cruel, and the meteor also leaned in. He was very enthusiastic about Ye Qing. "Captain, the story of our defeat of the old fish has been very remarkable. In the face of the royal Forbidden City team with two big guns, we almost equalized the score several times and met them again. It is estimated that we can avenge ourselves! Through this game, I found that my sniper rifle method is still not strong enough. After returning to Chengdu, I will train harder to become a first-class sniper! "
After listening to the meteor, Ye fell in love. These guys are still working hard. They all sincerely hope that the team will become stronger, but they think it is by their own strength that the team will become stronger, while Ye Qing thinks it is by foreign aid that the team will become stronger.
Big honey knew his heart melted when he saw Ye Qing’s expression. He didn’t want to crowd them out of the team, but if they stayed, the team would become stronger. I don’t know if it will be years. She can’t wait for Ye Qing, and she can’t wait. If she wants to be cruel, let her be the wicked.
She quickly raised her cup and said, "It’s time for everyone to drink at dinner and not talk about the team!"
Cold-blooded and others immediately picked up the cup, Ye Qing barely smiled, and then everyone touched the cup together. After sitting down, Ye fell in love, there was still some guilt, but if the team wanted to be strong quickly, there would be a way to reorganize!
After eating, they are cold-blooded and they are all drunk. It is definitely not possible to go out for a stroll. Maybe they will fall directly into the Huangpu River. Everyone thinks that they should go back to the hotel to sleep and get drunk. It is best to sleep when they touch the bed.
After returning to the hotel, they went back to their rooms to sleep in cold blood. Ye Qing was sober at this time. As soon as he entered the room to prepare for the door, Da Mi quickly flashed in. Ye Qing gave her a surprised look and revealed a wretched smile. "Don’t you know that it is very dangerous for a girl to enter a drunk’s room alone?"
"How dare you do anything to me?" Big honey puffed out her chest and smiled. Her face was red when she was eating. She also drank a lot and became afraid. Besides, she didn’t believe what Ye Qing dared to do to her.
Ye Qing also directly pulled her into her arms with the strength of wine, and then directly put her mouth together. Honey’s heart suddenly accelerated. She pushed Ye Qing and said, "I can’t stand less alcohol!"
Leaf to palm ha two tone way "is it bad? Well, let’s get down to business. What are you doing in my room? "
Big honey sat in the chair and patted her chest to calm down an emotion, and then said, "I am afraid that you will be soft-hearted in the reorganization of the team. I saw it at dinner just now that you don’t want to drive them away. Let me come forward with this matter. You don’t care about anything and don’t blame yourself."
Ye Qing shook his head to sober himself up. He sat beside Da Mi and stretched out his hand to hold Da Mi in his arms. "I really can’t bear to see them still trying to improve their strength. If they are slack in training or they are a group of people who have no dreams, then I will feel very comfortable if I force them out."
Big honey leans her head against Ye’s chest, her left hand puts her arm around his back, and her right hand puts her arm around his waist. She thinks this posture is very comfortable. She likes to lean against Ye’s arms, which is especially warm and safe.
"You are too affectionate. If you want to achieve great things, you must be ruthless. We are not letting them die, but we are just dismissing them. Besides, I will send them a sum of money." Big honey guided Ye Qing.
"I know, but I just feel a little uncomfortable. By the way, there is another thing I want to tell you. A second child is going to dig 7kg into our team. He is going to quote 7kg an annual salary of 200,000. What do you think of this money from him?"
Big honey smell speech broke free from the arms of Ye Qing and sat up straight. "Two hundred thousand? Is he crazy? It seems that the annual salary of the sniper is only 300,000 yuan. Nowadays, the salary of the professional circle can reach 150,000. There are not many professional players. He will raise the overall price of professional players, which will increase our talent! This is nonsense! And even if I have to dig 7kg, I should pay for it. He is not the owner of the club. What is his money? "
Ye Qing hurriedly stretched out his hand and scratched her nose lovingly and said with a smile, "Don’t be excited. Personally, I think 7kg should have this value, otherwise he may not be tempted by the money problem. The second child is right. You have invested a lot. Let him pay for this money. Anyway, he is not short of money and he is about to leave the team. Let’s just say that he is doing something before leaving the team. I will pay him back the money later because I know he is helping me!"
Big honey nestled in Ye Qing’s arms again and said softly, "In fact, I also contacted 7kg, and my offer was too high, but he refused without thinking!"
"He is not a man who values money. He wants to stay in a team that has the strength to win the championship, so you should dig up some powerful machine gunners and talk to him then. I think he will promise! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone from ag to Qingcheng Competition! "
"You’re right, then wait until I get rid of those powerful machine gunners!"
"Can you tell me which gunners you are?" Leaf tilt is very asked curiously.
Big honey smiled mysteriously and then slowly said, "even Zheng Pengfei, Lincoln Xu Hongyu, n1e Feng Yongqiang … If you dig 7kg again, you know what this means!"
Ye Qing was surprised when he heard this. He knew that the big honey diggers must be very powerful figures, but he didn’t expect that they would be three super-strong gunners. If all three of them joined the I club and 7kg finally agreed to join, it would mean that the members of Dongjia ab, the strongest team in the past, reunited in the I club and owed only one sir Li Yang.
Since sir has retired, it is impossible to assemble the original dongjia ab formation, but ye Qing can replace sir because he is also the commander! If this array is really formed, then the F world is not the only one in the S team!
Chapter 34 Get the champion and get you
Ye Qing was deeply shocked by Da Mi’s words. Da Mi is also a very enterprising boss. She is even more ruthless than the ig boss. She tried to reunite the members of Dongjia ab in the peak of the past in the I club. If successful, the situation in the F world will change greatly. After all, Dongjia ab was too strong in the past and won the world championship for a while.
After the shock, Ye Qing realized another question. If the four men can join the team, can he be the captain? After all, the four men are very powerful, higher or lower than him, and he is playing ak47even. Zheng Pengfei is also an ak player, and the leaf tilt is definitely unshakable in the main road near the enemy’s position.
Although a team is allowed to have two ak players, his position and Zheng Pengfei’s overlap. He thought about it for a while and then he was relieved. Who said that there can’t be two ak players on the main road? When the time comes, two ak’s will be suppressed, and it is estimated that the other party can’t even enter the main road!
Ye Qing thinks that he is not necessarily better than those experienced top players. You know, even, but sir, the apprentice of sir, is one of the best gold medal conductors in China. He taught even to play ak and at the same time taught him to be responsive and organize attacks.
In fact, Ye Qing doesn’t care about commanding this position. It’s all the same if even wants to be a commander. After all, having an ak player like even can greatly improve the team’s strength. His ak marksmanship is much stronger than Ye Qing’s now. His strength should be equal to K’s single-point accuracy. It’s almost like a sniper rifle to kill a person!
Ye Qing is now an ak marksmanship. Although he has made rapid progress in meeting ordinary opponents, he can kill a person with one bullet, but in the face of equal strength, he will solve his opponent with one bullet. In fact, among the four men, there is also an ak master, Lincoln lee, that is, Xu Hongyu.
Lee is not as famous as even because he is in the secondary lane, but his quick head shot is a must. His style is cold and aggressive, which often makes his opponents frightened. What makes even different is that he likes to be quick and even likes to be single-handed, but both of them are very sharp marksmen. lee is also known as ak Emperor and Head Shot King.
His defense in the alley on the second floor of the institute is impressive. Almost anyone can break through his defense. He keeps flashing and will attack the enemy one by one. He is a reassuring player and a rare machine gunner who can attack and defend.
If a team has three ak machine gunners, how fierce the offensive firepower should be! Many teams have one ak machine gunner, that is, two teams rarely have three ak machine gunners because ak is too difficult to practice!
In the F professional circle, there are only a handful of professional players who can play ak well. Many team ak players are not very strong, but they can’t find a better one. Those powerful ak gunners have already been carved up by super teams.
It’s a luxury for a team to have three ak machine gunners. Ye Qing is a little excited when he thinks about it. It’s the grand plan of Big Honey. I don’t know if it can be realized in the end. He bowed his head and kissed Big Honey on the forehead. "This array is really powerful and can definitely compete with the S team."
"It’s not too early to be happy. Those guys are hesitant and didn’t give a letter of approval. I have to increase the price! At present, even is still in ag Swim. After sir announced his retirement, the strength of this club has declined. They definitely don’t want to let even go. n1e is not doing well in the snowy area. It’s really difficult for a gunner to study the map layout tactics with m4 on the rampage. Although there are god snipers like Ma Zhe in their team and Lincoln’s 7kg partner in the whole city is also very lethal, it is estimated that he will have a hard time deciding. "Honey is still slightly worried.
"even and n1e didn’t come. I think 7 and Lincoln will be moved. After all, they are old friends and have been fighting side by side for many years. If they are reunited, the hope of winning the championship is very great. If 7 has ambition, he will definitely come!" Ye Qing is very sure that he knows everyone who has dreams.
"That is to say, even and n1e need to be taken care of?"
"The principle is that always talk to them first! Well, this matter can be put aside first. Anyway, we have to wait until we get back to Chengdu to do it. Should we do something more meaningful now? " Ye Qing (turn corners of the mouth flush a wretched smile.
Honey was alert to hear the unusual meaning from his words. She quickly struggled out of Ye’s arms and got up and said, "I’m a little dizzy. Go back to sleep first and wait until I wake up!"
Say that finish big honey and want to escape Ye Qing immediately got up and grabbed her wrist, and then pulled back a big honey and directly crashed into his arms. Ye Qing hugged her back tightly and bowed his head and kissed her on the mouth.
Ye’s kiss is overbearing, and his mouth is bigger than Da Mi’s small mouth, and the whole lip of Da Mi is contained in his mouth. His tongue is strong and powerful like a javelin drilling into Da Mi’s mouth. Da Mi’s teeth are closed, but she is afraid to close her mouth and is afraid of biting Ye Mi’s tongue.
The two of them kissed heartily, and the big honey body gradually softened. The whole person was attached to Ye Lean, and Ye Lean hugged her waist and moved to the bed. The big honey legs consciously followed and moved to the bed. Ye Lean slowly put the big honey into the bed, but did not leave the big honey mouth. Finally, the whole person lay on the bed and Ye Lean gently pressed one hand on the big honey legs.
It’s tempting for Dami to wear a pair of tight jeans to wrap her beautiful legs straight and slender, but her most sensitive place is that her thighs feel itchy when touched by others. As soon as she put her hands down, she opened her eyes and pushed the leaves directly with both hands, and then sat up. She cut her hair and her face was red and she was bleeding. She was flustered and said, "No, it’s not time to tilt the leaves."
Ye Xie has entered the state. This kind of thing comes naturally, but I didn’t expect Da Mi to brake halfway. It’s really a big spoil. He took a deep breath to calm his restless heart and then shrugged his shoulders. "I didn’t see you drink well. You are still so sober after drinking so much wine at noon!"
"Am I boring? A girl like me must be particularly disliked by you men! " Big honey is a little frustrated. She thinks there is something wrong with her personality. What age is it now? How many couples wait until they get married before they get to the last step? Now, when we meet for the first time, we go to the room. What kind of * * * * * is everywhere? Is it a bit too conservative for us?
Ye Qing shook his head. "It’s not that men are too superficial and vulgar now. They just want to be with her when they are with a girl. * * * In fact, a girl like you is the most precious. It’s so good to be faithful to a man and have a man in one generation. Men actually like this. But there are too few girls like you in this society!"
Big honey was very moved when she heard Ye Qing say this. She looked up at Ye Qing and asked, "Where’s Su Yanbing?"
"She? She ….. She is also a girl like you. I liked her so much at the beginning. "Ye Qing honestly replied.
"Do you still like her now?"
"This doesn’t answer? I want to keep a little privacy! " Ye Qing is very difficult to tunnel

Although many women say that they believe that Jiuzhong believes that he must be alive, the so-called heart is chaotic, and they are worried that the roots are out of their control. Now it is difficult to restrain themselves from crying with joy.

Although the people outside the world have different emotional starting points, they see that the sky is like a shadow of death, and there are signs of collapse in the virtual vortex. When they see it, they will collapse completely, and tears are uncontrollable.
Just when the world was so excited and wept with joy, there was another earth-shattering bang, and the sky was full of cracks and virtual whirlpools, as if it had finally reached its limit and burst.
In an instant, the whole world was covered with purple and black, followed by the gasification of the whole sky, and the light and rain spread all over the earth like showers from heaven.
With the light and rain falling, although it was blocked for less than a day, it seemed to the world that a century of sunshine broke through the clouds and shone all over the world, and the earth was bathed in peaceful sunshine again
Suddenly, a dazzling purple light beam came from the sky in a downpour, directly smashing the nine-fold dragon shield and crashing into the buffer zone of both sides of the Earth Federation in Tiancheng, causing a large pit to stir up a thick earth wave and spread to all directions.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine Bite the hand that feeds you
"It must be a tiger!" Shen Yue was the first to react, and the first woman to fly away toward the spot where the light beam landed was Taofeng and Guxiang, followed by the soldier king, the big fiend and others, and then the purple light beam landed at the edge of the pit as quickly as possible, and the probe looked at the bottom of the pit and saw a bloody person embedded in the ground, motionless and reckless.
"Woo hoo tiger!" Although it is difficult for ordinary people to recognize the blood at the bottom of the pit, Shen Yue’s daughters and Jiuzhong’s closest people recognized it at first sight, that is, Jiuzhong.
Daughters jumped into the bottom of the pit together and fished Jiuzhong out of the ground. They went to check Jiuzhong’s situation. "Tiger, are you okay … blare … don’t scare us. Are you okay? !”
"Nothing, nothing, the tiger is still breathing!" Finally, Shen Yue has always been calm. At this time, he can barely keep a little calm and explore Jiuchong to make sure that Jiuzhong still has a long breath.
"Nine heavy? !” Bing Wang, big fiend and others have also approached the front of the pit to ask about the nine heavy situations.
"Can’t die!" Caocao replied, "Let everyone feel at ease. Shen Yue led all the women to pick up Jiuzhong and go out of the pit." "
"I see you still don’t go!" They just got out of the pit but were stopped by a sudden sound.
All the people in Tiancheng just now paid attention to the situation around them, and it was only now that they suddenly found out that they didn’t know when they returned from the sky and smashed out of the pit. They were surrounded and surrounded by the remnants of the Earth Federation.
After many battles, the federal forces of the earth have left a few, but that is relative to the heyday of the federal forces of the earth. Even now, what they have left is not what all the people in Tiancheng can match, and they are in an absolute advantage in terms of troops.
"What do you want? !” Bing Wang, antique, big fiend, the top era of divine power, quickly covered before living, holding the nine-fold Shen Yue daughters with dense eyes scanning the earth Federation.
"Look at him to get out more, intake less like nine heavy injury is very serious, I’m afraid? !” On the federal side of the earth, a group of officers dressed in costumes came out. The first middle-aged general looked at the nine-fold being held by Shen Yue’s daughters. If he was unconscious, he would not be able to live. He sneered and asked, but he could recognize the schadenfreude in his words.
"How do you have him? !” Bing Wang cold way
"Haha, of course!" Middle-aged generals laughed "didn’t you hear what I said just now? Since Jiu was seriously injured, you might as well not go! You are not leaving, stay! "
"You ungrateful people are worse than pigs and dogs!" The pacifist point pointed to the other side with a look of indignation and said, "When you just falsely robbed the end of the world, you didn’t care about the past, but you also stepped in to protect you. In the end, you smashed it and completely saved you from the desperate situation of extinction. So you saved your life, and you not only didn’t want to repay, but also killed him!"
"Hum!" The earth federal people all sneer at the first middle-aged general is also sneer at a blush stand hand way "we let him save us? It’s just his wishful thinking! The Commonwealth of the earth has wiped out our compatriots with nine times of blood, killing our old clan owner and even destroying our federal president Troy. We have a sworn enemy with him and will never die! "
"Never die!"
"The undead endlessly! !”
"The undead endlessly! ! !”
The earth Federation is full of excitement.
"Say so much nonsense …!" The antique expression is full of disdain. "Just say that you want to destroy ourselves and dominate the world!"
Lies are uncovered by antique * * nudity, and there is no need to play them again. A group of people across the street are showing ferocious faces. "Hey hey, you can say that! You always have to die, and this ninth weight must die! He’s too powerful, he’s too dangerous. If he’s allowed to live, wouldn’t the whole world live in his shadow? Life and death are in his hands and he can take whatever he wants. ! Do you want to live in such a world without personal freedom and life guarantee? !”
The last question about the middle-aged general was that he was behind him, and there was a faint agitation because of revealing the cruel truth in antique colors. After hearing what he said, the agitation in the federal crowd of the earth gradually subsided.
"If you want our lives so much, then your lives will be exchanged!" On the one hand, all the people in Tiancheng are surging with divine power, and all of them are posing as decisive fighters.
Although they are all exhausted, the fighting capacity is not much different, but they still don’t want to sit still and die in the hands of these pigs and dogs, but choose to die in an open manner.
"In that case, I’m afraid I can give it up again!" Just as the fighting between the two sides was about to break out, a weak abnormal sound sounded very abrupt.
It is reasonable to say that the number of people who can hear this sound is very limited just by listening to this sound, but unexpectedly, everyone present has heard it.
Although this sound sounds so weak, there is no reason to hear it. At this moment, everyone’s heart is in a quiver, and the atmosphere has gone to the edge of the explosion for a short time.
Everyone on both sides looked around and found the sound source. However, after seeing the sound source, the reaction of both sides was seriously polarized
All the people in Tiancheng found the source of this sound, and it was hard to restrain their excitement. And the earth federal people find the sound source after each heart is instantaneous as if fell into the icehouse pull cool pull cool.
Just now, the war between the two sides was on the verge, and both sides paid attention to each other. No one noticed that I didn’t know when I was seriously injured and unconscious, and my eyes opened.
Even holding nine heavy Shen Yue several women didn’t notice nine heavy more awake.
Didn’t expect such injury nine heavy incredibly still can wake up Shen Yue several female pleasantly surprised slightly a consternation eyes suddenly lost nine heavy figure eyes hurriedly four looking for a twist a head to find nine heavy appeared in front of the crowd alone in the face of the earth.
"Nine … nine heavy!" See nine heavy appeared in front, although nine heavy state at this time is really not optimistic, whole body blood tottering like a pair of weak across the earth, the middle-aged general, the first all the officers are still full of fear, uncontrolled body trembling scared heart almost jumped out "you … what do you want? !”
Chapter one hundred and fortieth A finger broken dry Kun
"You now this half-dead state you … what else can you do? !” Although these people in the Earth Federation are questioning Jiuchong, it sounds more like comforting themselves and cheering for themselves in the presence of all people. "Don’t say that you want to use your tired body to deal with all of us? !”
"Why are you so clever!" Nine heavy some difficult grin reveals an ugly smile than crying, and then raise your right hand and explore your index finger slowly to the front.
"Ha-ha … ha-ha-ha … Jiuzhong, you are so crazy!" See nine key points to their forefinger opposite the earth federation that first middle-aged generals hurried back into the rear crowd to hide in the crowd and laugh "incredibly want to pick up a finger we are really blind you dog eye dismiss the day hero! What are you staring at? !”
Middle-aged generals around yelling a "give me kill him! He is seriously injured now, but he is just a paper tiger, not afraid! Who can kill him? I’ll make sure his senior officials are rich and prosperous! "
Dare to follow the middle-aged generals to take advantage of people’s danger and bite the hand that feeds them to deal with Tiancheng ginseng. These earthly era supernatural powers are naturally not good people. All of them are cynical and ruthless, and now they are rewarded with four questions. In an instant, the earthly federal era supernatural powers have sprung up and killed the sky.
Jiuzhong couldn’t help grinning again. Although he knew that this smile would definitely affect the injury and make him feel better, he still couldn’t help laughing. I don’t know whether the middle-aged officer across the street is a golden mouth or a crow mouth. How can it be said that it is so cute?
Middle-aged generals say yes, Jiuchong is to use this finger to deal with the divine power of all eras of the Earth Federation at the moment.
One finger moves slowly to the front point, but there is no force. There is a little force fluctuation. When the nine arms stretch, the fingers stop and disappear at the same time.
Nine fingers disappeared at the same time, and the powerful people in the former federal era of the earth were aggressively culled, as if they had planted a freeze spell, and at the same time they were "frozen" and the middle-aged generals were the first leaders who didn’t make moves.
"Cut! ! !” A scalp pins and needles, root sour crack ring.

Such a bronze temple, which is three feet wide and three feet deep, needs not only a lot of gold and copper, but also a real master craftsman to make it. There seems to be no such bronze temple before.

In the Jingnian Buddhist Temple, the chanting of Sanskrit chants seems to come to the temple from afar.
The chanting is just behind the bronze temple, ten zhangs away from the temple, but no one is seen anywhere else. There is an inscrutable scene that makes people afraid to act rashly.
The strangest thing is that even the chanting hall is dark except for the lights around the Baishi Square in front of the bronze temple and the Buddhist shrine, which makes people realize that if you go to Baishi Square, you will become the most obvious goal.
At this time, an old Taoist priest dressed in a gray cloth robe suddenly rushed outside the copper temple.
At this time, an ethereal and lonely figure suddenly appeared to meet Ning Dodge and asked, "Ning Daochang doesn’t know what the situation is like?"
When Ning Dodge saw the bearer, he finally could not help spitting out one mouthful blood and said, "The martial arts of Zixue Yaodao are far beyond our imagination. This manpower seems to be exhausted and proficient in sound killing. If the masters of the same level contain more masters, it will be in vain."
Shifeixuan suddenly changed color at this time: "If it’s broken today, it’s the third date. I’m afraid Li Gong is worried about his life, but Fei Xuan has to inform him."
However, Ning Dodge suddenly stopped Shi Feixuan at this time and said, "Don’t go. I can only come back alive because I have left him the secret book of Sanshou. I have a feeling that when he masters Sanshou, he will definitely come again. You should leave with Heshibi as soon as possible!"
"ding! Ding! Hey! "
Three crisp chimes came from the hall of evening classes to chant Buddhist scripture and suddenly stopped. The whole temple was silent and insects chirped and gradually filled the mountain temple.
Later, I saw that if there were monks from the Long Snake Array, they not only didn’t leave the team, but also led by a monk in a gray robe with a frightening figure, who walked straight towards Baishi Square. Except for the monk in a blue robe, who was holding a mord weighing more than 100 kilograms, everyone was holding beads, looking at the nose, watching the heart, solemn, but not afraid of falling down because of the narrow vision.
Then two bronze doors in the bronze temple, which are as heavy as ten feet, automatically open to reveal everything dark inside.
Later, a monk in yellow clothes slowly walked out to see his slender figure, natural and straight nose, which showed great personality. The curved lips and slightly upturned lips showed some indescribable charm embedded in his slender face, which was both very beautiful and carefree. He had a generous and bright face, which was beyond the secular world. Zhan Ran’s divine expression was neither weak nor overbearing, but it was comfortable and natural. The most memorable thing at first sight was that his deep and unpredictable eyes could give birth to a heart that could not be underestimated.
Shifeixuan quickly stepped forward at this time and said, "The master’s situation has changed, and his martial arts are so advanced that even the Taoist Ning Dodge almost died in his hand. We might as well wait for a while and then slowly figure it out."
Seeing the nod, Shifeixuan and Ning Dodge had a simple discussion, and then they were escorted by a monk in gray with Choi and returned to Cihang Jingzhai first, while others continued to monitor Luoyang City’s every move in the Jingnian Temple. At the same time, they will also send their younger brothers to inform Li Shimin to leave Luoyang City as soon as possible to prepare.
Just after Shifeixuan and Ning Dodge left Jingnian Temple, an uninvited guest suddenly arrived in Zhang Pingfang.
"Is it done?" Zhang ping at this time while light aficionado slowly asked
"Purple blood long rest assured that things have been completed" is a woman, but also a very beautiful woman and a very wise woman
If Xu Ling and Kou Zhong are here, they will recognize this woman as Shen Luoyan, the think tank beauty strategist of Shi Biao.
Zhang Ping said faintly at this time: "It’s nice to hear that Shi Mi defeated Yu Culture a few days ago. I’m sure he is now returning to Li and passing by. I’m afraid he will plan to go east to Luoyang soon!"
Shen Luoyan charming smile at this time: "Purple blood Taoist is amazing indeed. I can’t believe what happens in the world can’t hide from Taoist, but wild geese have helped Taoist to explore the position of Ci Hang Jing Zhai and whether his promise can be fulfilled."
Zhang Ping said with a smile at this time: "Don’t worry about this matter. From now on, you Wagangjun Xu Ling and Kou Zhong will not pay attention to it. Please come back after you find out the specific location of Emperor Tafeng." To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-six Day first talented woman
After Shen Luoyan left, Zhang Ping suddenly said faintly: "Song Gong doesn’t know what is the situation of Li Valve now?"
After the tall screen, the figure of Song Shidao immediately turned out to see the folding fan in his hand and smiled and said, "Li Fa is still confronting Xue Jufu. Because Li Shimin secretly came to Luoyang, Li Fa has suffered some small losses in recent times."
At this time, Zhang Ping held the strings lightly and suddenly dialed out a series of vibrato. Then he said, "It’s three days since then. It seems that Li Val is out of luck!"
Song Shidao suddenly said at this moment, "Taoist, who can win the championship today?"
Zhang Ping got up at this time and walked slowly to the window and said, "For this, the Lord of the Song Dynasty sees more clearly than I do, and the Duke of Song doesn’t have to go further and further!"
Song Shidao shook his head at this time and said, "In my humble opinion, if the Taoist priest doesn’t want anyone to do this position, he will definitely not be able to do it, so naturally, my Song family doesn’t have to work hard on a dead person."
Zhang Ping nodded and said, "Song Gong didn’t know that I asked you to find a pianist. What was the result?"
Song Shidao replied at this time: "The Taoist priest can rest assured that he will come to the whole Man Qing courtyard in the evening and invite him to join us. When the Taoist priest needs a pianist, he will naturally appear."
Seeing that Zhang Ping nodded and kept silent, Song Shidao gave a gift and went out.
The next day, Wang Tong, The Avengers, the mighty Wang Tong, finally ended the tragic death of hundreds of cold bodies.
The primitive people are full of people, but Luoyang City is particularly quiet today. Even the men who throw their weight around at ordinary times are pulling their heads one by one and being cautious.
Therefore, in the eyes of many people, everything has come to a successful conclusion last night, but perhaps it was just now.
At night, compared with today’s Qingman Courtyard, it can be said that it is very cold and cheerless. At the door, two people are well-dressed and their eyes are exposed, which makes people realize that it is unusual here tonight.

"Since you don’t know where he lives, then you must have a contact way. If you don’t have one, then there is no need for you to stay!" Kang Tianlai looked at Hou Sankou coldly, but he still didn’t have much confidence in it. Although it was strange, he didn’t know what it was anyway, which was an intuition!

"My Lord, please forgive me. He has been contacting me all the time, but he comes and goes. Sometimes he suddenly appears in front of me and disappears when he leaves. When something happens, he comes to me, and when I have something, I tell him that the Lord wants to let me go. When he contacts me again, my horse will tell you to beg the Lord to let me go!" Hou San is busy saying that if you speak slowly than fast, it will lead to Kang Tianlai’s punishment, and then you will buy Gao Chen!
"Everything you say is true". Look at Hou Sankang’s face and show terrible anger!
"The villain dare not tell a lie in front of the duke. If there is a lie, the villain will die a natural death. I beg the duke’s adult to let the villain go, and then the villain will be the only one who cares about the duke!" Hou San is busy saying that his words are equivalent to swearing, but he is afraid of what he says is true! …
"Since you don’t know anything, I’ll keep you!" Kang Tianlai said, he patted Kang Tianlai with a palm. It doesn’t seem that he will shoot this palm out. He can’t vent his anger without putting out Hou San.
Actually, it’s not that he hates Hou San so much, but that he can get some news from Hou San’s mouth. This is a great hope, but it seems that he didn’t ask anything at the moment. That’s a disappointment. How can this situation not make him furious? In this rage, he vented his anger and directly shot Hou San to death!
When Hou San spoke, he was already paying attention to Kang Tianlai. Although even the oath was sent out, it should be able to win the letter from Kang Tianlai, but he was always cautious. He was still alert to see Kang Tianlai seriously slapping him and thinking about it, but he didn’t want to directly start sending Kang Tianlai. But if the eleventh order strong man was hit by his angry palm, he would be dead!
Kang Tianlai clapped his hands and went to see the light flashing. What else was there in front of him? It seems that Hou Sangen never appeared in this place. This made Kang Tianlai furious and immediately roared, "Where is Hou Sanna? Have you seen it!"
Although he asked questions, I knew the answer from those people’s expressions. Because these people, whether they are his brother or those disciples of Gao Chen, are all surprised. If Hou San’s position just now had any knowledge, then there would be no such expression. For Gao Chen, it would also cost a lot of money. Of course, it is impossible for everyone to send a piece of paper. There are also a few talents in every city who are qualified to have a gift. Don’t say that they have not entered the Tianchen Temple. The disciples have never heard of it. It is this kind of surprised look that saved their lives.
"Duke, when we saw the light flash, Hou San disappeared." Kang Jinghu was busy running over and said, at this time, the expression on his face was wonderful. Now he didn’t know that he was away from Gao Chen. A disciple of Gao Chen had such a thing, so if Gao Chen didn’t order something good, no one would believe it!
"The light flashed and disappeared. Did you think I was blind? What the hell is this? It seems that Gao Chen still has a lot of things we don’t know. Hum, Hou San should have gone to find Gao Chen now, so I’m afraid he won’t get the news. Give me these people first and kill them one by one. I want to see if they can really disappear like this." Kang Tianlai sneered at these people, and he almost stepped in to kill these people in a real rage!
"Lord, it seems that we still don’t know enough about this Gao Chen. When the time comes, I will arrest him!" At this time, there has been no mouth on one side, and the old man said faintly!
"Grandpa, a Gao Chen is worth your efforts. Just have a little grandson!" Kang Tianlai looked at the old man respectfully, but from his address, he could know the identity of the old man. He was the first strong man in Kangcheng, the eleventh-order star Kang Liyou.
"It seems that I was a little too careful to hear that he is a ninth-order, but I always feel that this peak should not be so simple. Since you have confidence, I will leave it to you!" Kang Li’s face showed a faint smile and said!
After listening to Hou San in Gao Chen’s shop, he knew everything. Gao Chen’s face showed a cold sneer and said, "In this case, I’ll go to Kangcheng. I wanted to go for a long time, but I didn’t expect it!" …
"Master, you can’t go to Kangtianlai, but you are an eleventh-order strong man and the eleventh-order strong man in the Lord’s mansion doesn’t know how many you go. It’s too dangerous!" Hou San exclaimed that although he was also worried about the other disciples, Gao Chenan was more important!
"If you don’t go, how can you really let him kill one a day? Don’t worry, I have my own opinion!" Gao Chen calm mouth way!
A few days ago, Gao Chen finally succeeded in breaking into the tenth order. He rose to the tenth order instantly. At least a thousand nine-star apprentices were upgraded to the ninth order nine planets, and these experience values directly pushed Gao Chen’s level again to the tenth order. Seeing the ten-order, one-star, ten-order, two-star experience value Gao Chen, it is not surprising that what will be directly upgraded. Since ten-order, one-star and ten-order two-star need experience values, it is even less than nine-order nine planets’s to rise to the tenth order, it is full of excitement for Gao Chen in Kangcheng
After the level rose to the tenth order, a hero system was started, that is, Gao Chen could summon a hero if he could finish this. Of course, he knew that this was a main helper in the game and that he could have a hero. This was what Gao Chen hoped for all night, but this made Gao Chengen not know how to do it. Because this show was to open the manor, he was directly dumbfounded by this show. It was better to say that he moved into the shop instantaneously, but the root of the manor didn’t rise. How did he get into it? He asked a god beast, and he didn’t know anything. Anyway, it was a short time
Throw that hero aside. What Gao Chen has to do now is to go to Kangcheng for a while, but Kang Tian will come! After leaving the shop, Gao Chen started to send the ring directly. It took several times to get to Kangcheng. After the level rose to the tenth order, Gao Chen found that the map display area widened again and was ten times the top. Now it can show hundreds of billions of square kilometers, but it is still not possible to fly to Kangcheng once for such a wide area. To be continued Chapter three hundred and twenty-three Enter the castellan mansion
> although I had the intention to have a collision with Kang Tianlai, Gao Chen didn’t swagger into it. After all, Gao Chen’s strength is only a tenth-order one-week, and the whole city of Kangcheng still doesn’t know how many eleventh-order strong Gao Chen is confident, but it doesn’t mean that he is arrogant. *1*1* Gao Chen went into Kangcheng to collect the bodies of those killed disciples, then sent them directly to the duke’s mansion, summoned a pet from his duke’s mansion, and then turned it into his appearance. Then he put the pet into a shop and turned it into a pet
Although it is not far from the map to find the location of those disciples, Gao Chen can’t go straight there. After all, his pet Lord’s Mansion hasn’t reached the position of walking casually. Because Gao Chen is like this, he has not aroused other people’s suspicion. But Gao Chen knows that a pair of eyes sweep from his body from time to time. Obviously, this is the master of the Lord’s Mansion. Because these eyes sweep from the body, Gao Chen concludes that their purpose is not to monitor a certain person but to monitor the whole Lord’s Mansion!
With these, it took Gao Chen a long time to reach the place where his disciples were detained, even though it was no problem to look at him from time to time.
In fact, these disciples have not been abused so far. They just can’t go out. In Kang Tian’s case, they killed one person a day, but now they haven’t arrived at all these disciples. That’s a lot, but because they were arrested, these disciples don’t look very good now.
The place where they were taken is the outermost part of the castellan mansion, because he wants to kill people in front of everyone so that the news can go out. If they are taken to the innermost part of Kangcheng cell, there will be a lot of trouble for the team Gao Chen. Now Gao Chen, the pet identity root, can’t enter the castellan mansion, not to mention entering the cell and slowly approaching these disciples. After a glance, Gao Chen and others swept away, they all took these disciples into the shop.
Gao Chen put these apprentices in the shop and roared from the city hall at the same time. Then a figure appeared in front of Gao Chen, and several figures appeared first. It was Kang Tianlai who looked at Gao Chen (1_1) and said, "It’s amazing how you turned into someone else. I didn’t expect you to come. Should I call you Gao Feng or Gao Chen better?"
"Whatever you call this, it’s all the same anyway, isn’t it?" Although Kang Tianlai arrived instantly, Gao Chen’s face didn’t show much surprise. For him, this action has been a success because his disciples are now safe.
Besides, this is what he expected. After all, this is the castellan’s mansion. If the castellan’s mansion really took people away, it would be a strange thing. After all, this is a city power. If it is so easy to enter and take prisoners away, then this Kangcheng is not qualified to establish itself in the martial arts world, even if this person can change his appearance at will!
"Then I’ll call you Gao Chen. You’re very good. You played me for ten years." When you saw Gao Chen, Kang Tianlai had no anger. When you spoke, your expression was extremely calm, but no one knew what kind of anger it was! …
"No, you’re wrong. It shouldn’t be that I played you for ten years, but that you forced me to do the peak for ten years. You have always been the wind!" Gao Chen chuckled lightly and said, no matter who is, he doesn’t want to live with someone else’s face. Besides, it was ten years ago.
"Really? Then you mean that I was wrong and I should pound garlic for you, right?" Kangtianlai looked at Gao Chen mouth way
"This apology is not, after all, this matter has passed." Gao Chen said with a smile on his face, as if the truth believed Kang Tianlai’s words to apologize!
"Hum, you really have a face. Now I ask you Kang Yue?" Kang Tianlai looked at Gao Chen calmly and asked, although his expression was calm, no matter who he was at this time, he could see that he was hiding his anger!
"I don’t know Kang Yue, but I have an apprentice named Yue Kang. I just don’t know if this is someone you are looking for!" Gao Chen smiled and turned a blind eye to his expression.
"What do you mean he is your apprentice now?" Suddenly Kang Tianlai looked at Gao Chen angrily. Although he once thought that Kang Yue would become a disciple of Gao Chen, he was confirmed that his anger broke out at this moment. If he hadn’t considered that he hadn’t seen Kang Yue yet, he would have directly killed Gao Chen’s heart!
"Yes, we should be good now, but isn’t your attitude too bad!" Gao Chen smiled and said, it seems that Kang Tianlai is angry!
"We are good. Why do you accept my disciples? Are you worthy of accepting others?" Kang Tianlai was furious and asked, "Since martial arts masters and apprentices are so important, you can’t just learn from them. Ordinary people really don’t have the qualification to be Kang Yue’s master because his father but Kang Cheng mainly knows the eleventh order strong people in Kang Cheng, but there are many!"
"What’s my strength? It’s not up to you to decide whether you are qualified or not. Anyway, Kang Yue is already my apprentice, and even if you don’t want to admit it, you can’t change this fact!" Gao Chen smiled and looked at Kang Tianlai’s anger lightly.

"Knock …"

"Come in" Ouyang Tianyi shouted.
Yun Zhuiyue and Ouyang Tianyi looked up at Hanxiang and they looked at each other. Yun Zhuiyue first asked, "Why are the four of you here today?"
Fanran pulled Fontaine and quickly knelt down in front of Yunzhuiyue and Ouyang Tianyi.
"Shi Ye Shi Fei Fan Ran wants to marry Fang Dan and ask Shi Ye and Shi Fei to become" Fan Ran changed his smirk and looked serious.
Fontaine knelt shyly and didn’t speak.
Cloud chasing the moon at first glance, he thought that Fan Ran would begin to understand early. I didn’t expect to come to her with Fontaine now.
"This is a good thing, princess, of course, but Fanran Fangdan is an orphan and I grew up together. We are just like sisters. Let’s not say that Anping Wangfu and Qisha Palace are her family …"
"The July 7th evil spirit palace …" Fan Ran’s eyes are almost falling out in surprise, and his hands are tightly holding a girl in General Fangdan’s mansion. How can she have a relationship with the Seven Evil Spirit Palace? This is too shocking.
Fontaine glanced at Fanran proudly and knew that he would look like this when he knew it.
Atractylodes macrocephala did not have much surprise after listening to it! The identity of the seven evil spirits palace is enough for Xianger to stay with her for so many years, which explains his doubts.
"It’s true that Fontaine and Hanxiang are my right-hand men in the Seven Shaks Palace. Apart from Xiang Xuan, they are the most profitable. You marry Fanran, but I am the left-hand man of the Seven Shaks Palace. Can you guarantee that you will marry Fontaine all your life?" Fanran wants to marry Fontaine Fontaine. Fanran must know that because some Fontaine will often go out, she doesn’t want them to quarrel about these things when they get married.
Fan Ran swallowed a mouthful of saliva. The princess in front of him is the mother of the Seven Evil Houses! He can really find the treasure by walking at night!
"Shi Fei Fan Ran swore to heaven that she would marry Fontaine all her life. If Fan Ran failed Fontaine, it would be a natural death." Fan Ran immediately raised his hand and swore that he was also an orphan. Anyway, it is good to marry a daughter-in-law. If he can marry a good girl like Fontaine, he will wake up with a smile in his dreams in the middle of the night.
"Ah! Why do you always say something unlucky? bah, bah, bah! Who let you be struck dead? "said Fontaine quickly. Bah, three people looked at her and looked at her so much. They all smiled at Fan Ran, Ouyang Tianyi and Yun Zhuiyue.
"Well, you get up! You two have already discussed with the moon, Fan Ran. You are also an orphan. After you get married, you will live in the back yard of Yi Kun Palace. There is a separate courtyard, and there is your home. "Ouyang Tianyi is pleased to see Fan Ran. He can find his own happiness and is very happy for him.
"Xie Shiye and Shi Feicheng" Fan Ran was so happy that he wanted to shout loudly that he finally got the beauty back.
"Thank you, Miss in-laws." Fontaine is also full of joy and shyness. A little blush with shame with his head down is very attractive. From time to time, he looks up and looks at Fanran with shyness and wants to throw Fontaine down.
"Wedding day? Let Hanxiang do Hanxiang for Fontaine, and they will find a person who can count words. Let’s look at the auspicious day and figure out their two characters. Just look at the appropriate day to avoid the Tenth Five-Year Plan and the Tribute Day. "It’s not difficult to chase the moon. Fanran believes that he will be single-minded to Fontaine.
"Yes, Miss, I will go early in the morning with fragrance." Hanxiang is also very happy for Fontaine. Since we love each other, we must be brave together to be happy.
Atractylodes macrocephala looked at Fan Ran with a happy face and thought that he used to be so happy. He ruined that happiness himself, but now he won’t. He will cherish the happiness in front of him.
Atractylodes macrocephala took a brave step and clenched his fragrant hand in an instant
"Atractylodes macrocephala, what are you doing? Let go "with fragrant force jilted to jilt Atractylodes macrocephala hand but Atractylodes macrocephala grip tightly how also can’t open.
Atractylodes macrocephala just dragged Hanxiang to the front of Yunzhuiyue and Ouyang Tianyi.
Cloud chasing the moon looked at them and shook his head, and his heart was still open.
"Shi Ye Shi Fei Bai Zhu wants to marry a fragrant man and ask Shi Ye and Shi Fei to succeed." Bai Zhu did the same thing as Fan Ran said.
Fanran smiled Baizhu this counterparts finally begin to understand.
"Miss children, don’t listen to Atractylodes macrocephala nonsense. Who is going to marry him?" Don’t look back with fragrance, but your face is flushed and doesn’t look angry.
Cloud chasing the moon got up and looked at Atractylodes macrocephala faint and said, "Atractylodes macrocephala this woman is like a pear, which is sweet on the outside but sour on the inside, because it eats people and finally throws away your heart. In the past, just like this pear, you tasted a sweet marriage that made your heart swing, but you didn’t realize her sadness. For Aroma, you are like an onion, but if you want to see your heart clearly, you have to peel it off layer by layer. But in the peeling process, you bring her tears and peel it off until the end, which is still sad. Now you leave Aroma with Have you seen clearly that "cloud chasing the moon doesn’t want to force her to respect the choice of fragrance-containing things?"
"The princess’s fragrance is still left to Atractylodes macrocephala. The first time she saw it, her heart moved with the passage of time, and her feelings were still the same. She didn’t disappear with the passage of time. In the whole waiting process, Atractylodes macrocephala learned to cherish, such as seeing her feelings whiter, and it’s not easy to love each other." Atractylodes macrocephala seriously looked at the clouds and chased the moon and said that he really understood now. Chapter 170: Blood pact is the next life.
"Atractylodes macrocephala, it seems that you already know love." Yun Zhuiyue listened to Atractylodes macrocephala and his eyes lit up.
"Han Xiang Bai Zhu is now white. Where is he wrong? Love is not easy to love with fragrance, what can you love without loving you? You are young and healthy, and you love to go when you have enough health. "Cloud Chasing the Moon envies the fragrance in your heart. They can love to go when they have enough time, even if they occasionally play some small things, and they can adjust slowly when times come.
Ouyang tianyi, Baiyun chasing the moon, has a choking pain in his heart, and he won’t let her leave himself.
"Miss …" With fragrant eyes hanging down, I can’t bear to look at all the eyes of the cloud chasing the moon. Miss Bai’s pain in her heart is that she can really have no way to solve Brahma poison.
"Hanxiang, it’s up to you to ask me and Shiye for Atractylodes macrocephala."
"Yes, Miss Hanxiang will consider it carefully." Hanxiang pulled Atractylodes macrocephala up, but Atractylodes macrocephala didn’t move. There was a tendency that he wouldn’t get up until Hanxiang promised her.
"What are you doing? Up "with incense some nu stare at atractylodes macrocephala.
"Unless you promise me to get married," Atractylodes macrocephala broke the jar and broke him. What a shame he is in front of Fan Ran!
Fanran touched Fontaine. It’s funny to look at Atractylodes macrocephala. There are times when Atractylodes macrocephala makes a search.
"You …" Hanxiang Nai also knew that Atractylodes macrocephala was stubborn and thought for a while. They had an emotional foundation in the past, just like the young lady said, to untie her heart, and everything was not a problem.
"You get up first! I’ll give you the answer at the latest. "Hanxiang made a final concession.
Atractylodes macrocephala looked fragrant and knew that she had made the final concession. I was very happy that ten * * became Atractylodes macrocephala.
Cloud chasing the moon and Ouyang Tianyi smiled at one another and knew that Hanxiang gave in.
"You all go out! When Hanxiang went to show Fangdan the day, if she figured it out, show it to herself, by the way. "Yunzhuiyue joked that she understood Hanxiang and she would do so."
"Miss, you make fun of Hanxiang." Hanxiang stamped her foot with a shy face.
"Well, I won’t tease you. Go out and do things!" Cloud chasing the moon and other things, she has to unlock the secrets in her notes quickly.
"yes, miss"
After they all left, Yun Zhuiyue picked up pink notes to study.
Ouyang Tianyi frowned: "The moon has been sitting in the room for a long time, so let’s go out for a walk!" "
"Ahem … Master Shi has actually thought of a way to chase the moon and just want to give it a try!" Cloud make track for the moon smiled and moved some stiff body.
Ouyang Tianyi looked distressed and helped her hold her shoulder. What are you talking about?
The cloud chasing the moon forced a drop of blood into the notes, and her eyes stared at the notes, and the blood came out. She suspected that the wandering monk had set up a blood soul illusion here.
Soon the cloud chasing the moon confirmed her idea.
"Master Shi, you see that people have set up a blood soul technique here, and now it can be solved." Cloud chasing the moon said with a face of surprise, and his heart was even more excited.
"Ha ha! The moon has seen you excited … "Ouyang Tianyi knew that she would soon be able to solve the puzzle.
Slowly, the notes automatically turn up, and bloody scenes suddenly pour into the mind of chasing the moon.
"hmm!" The cloud chasing the moon is painful, and the cloud chasing the moon is painful and closes its eyes. The bloody scene makes the cloud chasing the moon not want to face it.
"Moon, what’s wrong with you?" Ouyang Tianyi shook the cloud and chased the moon, but turned a deaf ear to the cloud and still closed his eyes. Ouyang Tianyi was in a hurry and wanted to touch the cloud and chased the moon when suddenly a light surrounded them.
There were different scenes in two people’s minds. The corpses were everywhere. The battlefield was full of blood. A man in silver-gray armor had a red face and could not see clearly. A long sword in his hand was dripping with blood.
Opposite him, a woman in a red uniform pointed a sword at the man and looked at him sharply with a pair of original delicate eyes.

Ting Xiang was surrounded by the painting clouds and laughed. "Is this what the girl did for the old lady?"

Despite the smoke is not never seen Ting Xiang diffuse nor received Ting Xiang’s fragrance, but it is the first time that Ting Xiang has been so flattering, so I couldn’t help but give birth to some vigilance in my heart and say with smile, "Exactly, I am clumsy and can’t do it well without nine elder sisters. How can I be so ingenious?"
What’s coming? "
Old ladies and housemates are decent in front of their masters, so we can’t really treat them as slaves.
"I want to give the old lady a pair of shoes, but I can’t find a good-looking shoe sample. I heard that the shoes painted by eleven girls are novel and good-looking, so I found them by myself." Ting Xiang smiled. "At least the girls feel bad about me. I’ll be grateful if you don’t let me go back!"
Gu smoke busy laughed "what is it worth? !” I asked her to go to the store and take out many shoe samples, so that Ting Xiang could look at one and sigh another, but she liked it. Looking at her with shining eyes, she praised her.
This is really strange. The clouds looked at each other and saw some nai in each other’s eyes.
Before the clouds, Pingchun was the second-class girl in the old lady’s room. When I was a child, Tingxiang grew up together. She knew that Tingxiang’s nature was called’ Phoenix Treasure Don’t Fall’. If she was not liked by the old lady or not much, the Lord would suffer from her.
It’s amazing to come here and pay attention. My eyes are about to fall out.
When Ting Xiang went to Gu Yan, she put away her smile. Outside, she said, "Sister Qiu Hua came from the girl’s eldest wife, saying that the old lady ordered the eldest wife to make summer clothes for the girls and choose materials for you!"
If it was just a coincidence that Ting Xiang really valued the novelty of her shoes, it would be a coincidence that Qiu Hua came.
Despite the smoke, the color flashed with a puzzled light way, "I’ll go out if I know."
After turning the round mask and opening the curtain, Qiu Hua next door was greeted with a smile. "Come and pick eleven girls. This pattern is beautiful this year! The old lady said that the girls asked Miss Yi to make clothes! "
Ayi is really good at cutting clothes, cutting clothes with good styles and caring for cigarettes. She will hold back her doubts in her heart, smile and take a look at the album, and then glance at the table with all kinds of cloth. The doubts in her heart are even more aggravated, and she is a little uneasy.
None of the samples have been circled. This cloth is in line with all the styles in this album. It means that without Gu Qing, their first daughters actually sent it directly to their own faces to let them choose?
Does this mean the old lady or fann?
One hundred and seventy-four rescue meritorious service
The old lady won’t take herself so seriously.
And fann has not given herself a good look because she once harmed Gu Qing to go to Zhuang in those years. So if it is fann, why would she do that?
Is it a coincidence that Ting Xiang, the big girl in the old lady’s room, came over?
Very easy to pick out four sets of clothes with trepidation, but she felt a cold sweat coming out of her palm unconsciously.
Qiu Hua laughed even happier and blushed to smile. "It is said that our eleven girls have a good eye for choosing styles. It is really the best to wait until they are made. Wearing them is to compare all the girls in the house!"
Compare all the girls in the house? What about Gu Qing, Gu Lin and Gu Man? Not saying too much.
Gu Man also forget fann, surely she doesn’t like her very much, but Gu Qing and Gu Lin are fann’s first daughter Qiu Hua. How can a big girl not know what to say and what not to say? It’s not too much to say this sentence to raise yourself and belittle your own householder.
But despite the smoke and frowning at the same time some at a loss.
Gu old lady’s people came here with fann, and all of them said a compliment, obviously to please her. But Gu Yan was just a prostitute, and she was very fond of it when Gu Boqi took a high look. Just this, how can she persuade the old lady to please fann deliberately? There must be something you don’t know about.
Thinking about this, Qiu Hua sent the clouds out to listen for news.
The cloud is that Jiasheng knows more about the family than anyone else, and all the little girls are good to her, and all the girls in the old lady’s room are familiar with her.
Before the cloud came back from listening to the news, Gu Yan listened to the show and reported that it was the fourth wife.
Fourth wife Fang?
Fang has always had the word "copper" in her eyes, and she doesn’t recognize money. Plus, she is an ordinary woman, and she has never been in her eyes. This time, even she is here?
Heart suspicious more serious despite smoke press the temple at that time some don’t know how to parry.
Finally, she finally sent Fang, who was smiling all over her face, and somehow she felt a little collapsed. She sat down in the chair with a soft leg and did not move after half a ring.
She had the strength to tell the show to find someone, but Yunyun came back by herself and smiled when she came to see Gu Yan.
When I saw the clouds, I knew that even if something happened, it would be a happy event. I put some worries in my heart and leaned forward and asked, "If?"
Clouds first gave Gu Yan a salute and laughed. "It’s a great wedding for a girl!"
In the room, the air is a little floating, and the smoke is dizzy. Since I opened my eyes and listened to the clouds, I continued.
The cloud saw that she was really in a hurry and didn’t dare to sell again. "Last night, the imperial palace caught fire. I heard that the Royal Guards rushed to put out the fire, but they rescued several eunuchs. Finally, a waiter told them that the emperor seemed to have not been rescued in it. At that time, the fire had burned so hard that no one dared to be me again."
The Fifth Master poured a pot of water into his body and rushed in regardless to carry the emperor out! "
"Later, Wuye saved the long live grandfather, but he was smoked by smoke and burned in several places, so he was left in a hospital for diagnosis and treatment. It was not until today’s palace that he sent someone to pass the news."
What? !
Gu Yan knew that Gu Chengyu was seen by Lin Tongzhi, a security guard, because of his outstanding martial arts competition. He trained with him first, but he didn’t know that he could follow him to such a critical place in the palace.
The most important thing is that he rushed in and saved the emperor before the Royal Guards dared!
Gu Yan didn’t know how to react at the moment, just sitting in a chair and half ringing.
Knowing the news, Gu Man raised his eyelids and looked at Wang Tingran opposite him. "Is uncle thinking so?"
How important is the imperial house? How can it catch fire for a reason?
Wang Tingran smiled and stretched out his hand to drop the chess on the chessboard and looked at Gu Man with a smile. "I’d like to listen to Aman, but it’s not easy to hear that he is riding and shooting a Lin Tongzhi and appreciating his skill. He immediately decided to take it with him to cultivate it. This time, it’s just Lin Tongzhi taking him.
The first time I entered the palace, I met a fire in the imperial house. He rushed to save the emperor even if he didn’t want to die. It’s really admirable. "
Gu Chengyu, who else will know better than Gu Man?
He is a complete villain. Of course, he is still very kind to his own sister, which cannot be denied.
Gu Man thought for a while and then asked Wang Tingran, "I heard that this Lin Tongzhi Ouyang conductor is not very harmonious?"
There is also a fight in the Royal Guards, which is normal.
Lin Tongzhi never fought Ouyang Xuan until he died. Ouyang Xuan entered the Royal Guards at the age of 19 and was removed from the Royal Guards after the new emperor ascended the throne. However, later, the command of the Royal Guards became Gu Chengyu from Long Gong.
"It’s not very harmonious. This Lin Tongzhi has a very special history. His mother is a wet nurse of the Six Emperors."
I don’t know what Gu Man always thinks there are many strange things about this matter.
For example, the imperial house will suddenly catch fire. For example, Lin Tongzhi knows that there are so many royal guards, but I just brought Gu Chengyu.
However, if this list of possibilities is combined, the meaning behind it is too scary for Gu Man to say it.