Unconsciously, Ye Guchen has passed for a month. Ye Guchen has never stopped in this month. When he sees the mountain, he worships three times and kneels nine times. There are definitely many people who want to shout for a lifetime and express their ambitions.

"My white friend mountain has been insisting for a month, and its heart is commendable. I secretly observed that my qualifications are not bad, which is quite exciting." On this day, in a towering mountain range in Dangshan, two old people looked at each other and sat with chess in their hands. Around the chess, the same four old people with white hair and beard and a middle-aged Taoist sat cross-legged and closed their eyes, not knowing whether they were meditating or resting. It was this chess old man who was talking.
"Well, the qualifications are passable. It’s really good for mortals to have such qualifications. They have entered the realm of virtual Dan. It’s not bad to see Du Jie coming. But you and I are too busy to be distracted. Although this young player is good, he has his own chance. I don’t need to wait for us to work hard. I still want to wait for me to do my own thing better than this young player." The white-robed old man took a glance at the mountain and then said indifferently.
The long years of love for those who fix the truth have made them forget the feelings of the world, and they have become indifferent one by one. They don’t want to pay too much attention to the old man in black robes, so they said, and then they nodded lightly and said nothing.
On the other five people, there was no performance from beginning to end with their eyes closed silently. On the contrary, this other mountain peak was a black brocade, an eagle-nosed old man with a strange face. Looking at this mountain, Ye Guchen kept bowing down on a mountain peak and muttered, "This is so small that I don’t know how long you can last. Hehe, I’m really looking forward to it, but it’s a pity that you have come to the wrong place. Those guys on the other side are all too forgetful. Even if you die here, no one will care about you. You don’t know whether it’s
Speaking, he flickered away from this mountain boulder and disappeared in the blink of an eye. On the other side, Ye Guchen really didn’t know what had just happened. He didn’t know anything about the conversation between the two old men. At last, the old man in black talked to himself. He was still persistent, kneeling and knocking on the mountain in front of him.
Although there were many times when Ye Guchen didn’t insist on going, he insisted on it with his extraordinary perseverance. Whenever he wanted to give up, he would tell himself, "Ye Guchen, you can’t give up, you can’t fail! It is difficult for Xianmen to enter the sincerity! Persistence is victory. We must persist! "
With his self-hypnosis and super will, Ye Guchen insisted on it. When he was hungry, he went to the mountains to hunt wild animals. When he was thirsty, he went to find a clear spring to drink water. He insisted on it all the way. On the stormy weather, on the scorching sun, on how tired his body was, on how hard and painful it was. Ye Guchen still insisted on biting his teeth all the way, and never stopped for half a day.
Ah, ah, ah, shame to ask for a collection in the ticket.)
Chapter one hundred and four ascended a robbery ()
Unconsciously, half a month passed, and Ye Guchen’s body felt a little tired unconsciously. If it wasn’t for practicing some reiki every night and every day, Ye Guchen would have been able to bear it now.
On this day, Ye Guchen didn’t go straight into the mountains as usual, and went to various peaks on three knees and nine knocks to walk. Instead, he sat cross-legged in this wide valley boulder and quietly closed his eyes and slowly recovered his work.
At the moment, Ye Guchen’s expression is dignified, and he has been refining the human-level dark armor, wearing a blood dragon sword floating on his head, quietly waiting for the coming danger, because today is Ye Guchen’s Du Jie Day, and the cloud nine disaster is coming.
At this moment, the thunder sparkles above Ye Guchen’s head. Sparks can’t stop flashing from the black clouds and always follow Ye Guchen’s side. Since he entered the range of Dangshan Mountain, Ye Guchen has been thrown out to play in the open air. Xiaobai also has a face of fear and guards beside Ye Guchen, and he whispers from time to time. Obviously, even he is aware of the seriousness of the problem. Although this robbery is not big in Fiona Fang, it is only a few hundred meters, but Ye Guchen does not dare to underestimate this robbery.
The elders of God once said that I don’t know how many masters and heroes have died in this robbery. Thousands of martial arts have been broken, and 90% of the heroes in this robbery have died in this robbery. Although he is conceited, he dare not have the slightest carelessness because he knows that once he has the slightest carelessness, he will die!
Suddenly, in the windy day in this valley, a ray of lightning flashed in the blink of an eye, and it was instantly split in this leaf solitary body, which was resisted by the blood dragon sword on the top of the head. However, the second day, the thunder fell from the sky and instantly fell on this leaf solitary body. This day, the thunder was more than three times thicker than the second time, and the whole falling blood dragon sword was almost shaken, but the support of Ye solitary body was still strong.
The third LeiJie again three times thicker and suddenly rushed straight at it, just like a basin of shiny mercury falling from the sky with the thickness of washbasin, so it rushed down and landed on Ye Guchen’s body and blood. The dragon sword gave a whisper and burst instantly, but it also resisted the impact of LeiJie, which made this third LeiJie method hurt Ye Guchen that fraction.
The fourth Lei Jie once again followed closely. This time, it has been one meter thick and looks terrible. Ye Guchen did not dare to hesitate to directly resist this dark armor. Although there is a fine wheel in the sun, the moon and the sky, it is the last card. Ye Guchen is unwilling to take it out until it is absolutely necessary.
Dark armor’s defense is much better than the previous blood dragon sword. The fourth thunder robbery has not destroyed the dark armor. Yuzryha’s solitary body is slightly numb and feels a little touched, but there is nothing else.
The fifth Lei Jie has been brewing at this time, which is three times larger than before. It is three meters wide and so wide, but it is a little scary. This Yuzryha lonely face has become very strange. He knows that this Lei Jie is terrible, but he didn’t expect it to be so bad. It is really unexpected.
Little did they know that this was not only his accidental observation of Ye Guchen in the distant mountain peak, but also people were very surprised. Seven Taoist priests in this fairy mountain looked at Ye Guchen with a strange face, and one Taoist priest whispered, "Dear Taoist friends, have you ever seen someone meet such a huge thunder with this heavy thunder? This is only the fifth weight. The fifth weight is already three meters thick. After that, what else? Don’t say it’s this nine-fold lightning robbery, but it’s not that bad to rob the fifth thunder in four or nine days, is it? Wrong novel network many words "
"I don’t know, I don’t know, this heavenly heart is unpredictable. Although I am not shallow, I can’t fathom this heavenly heart, but I know that there are two kinds of people who will be much worse than the average person." One of them, the old man in the blue cassock, touched himself and said with a face of meditation, his expression was slightly dignified.
"What two kinds?" Next to people are curious to see the old man in the blue robe that Taoist asked.
"The first kind of people are killed by the scourge, and the second kind of people are gifted and provoked by the jealous talents. Only when these two kinds of people spend the thunder robbery will they be more serious and the most difficult than the average person, just like those beasts taxiing Du Jie. The more severe the beasts are, the more difficult it is to taxing them, and the more serious their doom is. Both of them have the same effect, which is the same." The old man in the blue robe said slowly.
"Hey ~ so you say this man is a rare wizard?" A man quickly asked after hearing this.
"Hum, not exactly. I have also observed that he has been here for not a day or two. I have secretly seen talent several times, but it is not bad to envy talents that day. It can be regarded as being chosen in the field of cultivation, and it is also rare to envy talents. The gap is not a week or so. On the contrary, he has a faint murderous look. Although it is not obvious, I can feel that it is obvious that this man’s hands are covered with blood and he died in his hands. Even many people are afraid that I think he killed something that he shouldn’t have killed, which made him feel pale and angry. He was also much worse than
This answer made a few people just warm up and their hearts suddenly cooled down. They glanced at each other one by one and then looked at it. Ye Guchen, who was in Du Jie, returned to his futon one by one and meditated again. After the words of the white road flyover just now, they were too lazy to pay attention.
On the contrary, at the moment, another mountain not far from here, the boy Yan Hefa, the black dress person, still looks at the whole leaf solitary in Du Jie with a strange smile, shaking his head and laughing and admiring it for a long time before he said to himself again, "Ha ha, it’s strange that you are a little murderous, but you have killed many people, but you have never killed so many people and haven’t seen the scourge. How can you have it?" I’m talking about jealous talents. Although you have good talent, you’re not there yet, are you? There are many words in the wrong novel network. Do you have any secrets? Even god doesn’t want you alive, so it will aggravate your thunder robbery? Hey, hey, interesting, interesting. I hope you can live. I’m very curious about you. If you live, the emperor may take you as an apprentice. It’s not necessarily hahaha. "
Chapter one hundred and fifty ascended a robbery ()
Speaking here, the fifth thunderbolt has fallen three meters thick, and the thunderbolt crashing down lit up the whole valley. After a loud noise, the whole valley was shrouded in thunder. Ye Guchen also felt an unbearable numbness and instantly penetrated his whole body and mind. A painful feeling surged from my heart, and the dark armor immediately fell apart. The original smooth and black armor looked harder than things, and the scene was terrible.
"Damn it, how did this happen? This LeiJie is so severe? How did Xie Feng pass in the past? " Ye Guchen couldn’t help but think of it at once, but he didn’t know that Xie Fengke didn’t have so many treasures. Although he had a real dragon, he still didn’t get other treasures to survive the apocalypse on his own. Of course, Xie Feng’s cloud nine disaster at that time was no match for Ye Guchen’s fifth power now.
It can be said that Armageddon inexplicably increased the strength, but it was really Yuzryha’s solitary Chen who suffered. It was said that after the fifth robbery, he finally gave Ye Guchen a little rest, as if it was God’s special grace. Although this time was not very long, it was about tens of seconds, but it was enough for Ye Guchen.
With the sixth LeiJie near here, Xiaobai has hated and abandoned Ye Guchen alone, and a rock about 100 meters away quietly observed Ye Guchen’s paws slightly precursor as if ready to jump and escape again. It seems that LeiJie scared this Xiaobai just now.
"Damn dead beast with old mixed eat mixed drink unexpectedly escape at this time? It’s so ungrateful to see how I can clean you up! " See small white jump leaves solitary Chen secretly scold a way in my heart, although even if small white doesn’t go, he will drive this guy away, but seeing this little thing so heartless still has some resentment in my heart.
The sixth Lei Jie is more violent than the fifth Lei Jie. Some Ye Guchen quickly sacrificed the moon, the sun, the moon and the day, and dared not hesitate at all, because he knew that it was not the time to hesitate now. At such a moment, even if he had to hesitate, he might become the magic weapon of the thunder dead at any time. It was not worthwhile to do so.
The magic weapon is like a human jewel, but it can’t be bought again. Even if it can’t be bought, there is nothing wrong with it. There is no way to compare it with life because of dead things. Once people are dead, there is always something better to keep the magic weapon.
For this, Ye Guchen is whiter than anyone, although his heart is a little sad, but he didn’t hesitate to blink when he took out this moon, moon and day essence wheel to fight against Armageddon. The moon, moon and day essence wheel was offered to float above Ye Guchen’s head and quietly suspended there with two colors of light.
Although it is a local magic weapon, the moon, the moon, the day and the fine wheel are definitely not to be underestimated. Although the sixth ray robbery is more horrible than the fifth one, it is still carried by Ye Guchen abruptly. Ye Guchen has some strength but has not been harmed in the slightest.
With the help of the moon, the moon, the day and the fine wheel, Ye Guchen’s Armageddon has become much easier. The seventh moon, the day and the fine wheel Guanghua is slightly dim. After the first road, the moon, the day and the fine wheel float in the middle, and the light is dim to the extreme. After shaking for two times, it still floats in the middle. Although there is a little crack, it can still make it.
"Gee, it’s a good magic weapon. Two pieces at the prefecture level add up to be comparable to those at the prefecture level. I didn’t expect it to be small enough to have a chance to get this thing. Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll die in this thunder robbery. Hey hey, it’s really worthy that the emperor favors people, so they are all undead and promising. Haha" In the distance, a man in black looks at the valley in the distance with a smile and a face of fatigue, resisting the thunder and leaves, and laughs slightly.
Yu said that the seven mountain Taoist priests also looked at Ye Guchen faintly, but they seemed quite indifferent. They were indifferent to this as if Ye Guchen lived or died.
Of course, the thunderbolt in such a big dynamic and static layer has been tens of meters thick, so a thunderbolt shocked the whole day, and even the whole continent felt as if God was angry. Thunder resounded thousands of miles to hide in this continent, and everyone was responsible for recruiting those broken virtual people. When they saw this thunderbolt, they suddenly got excited and came in the direction of this thunderbolt, but when they found out that the location of this thunderbolt would actually be Tianyang Mountain, they couldn’t help but stop in succession, because there they were ordered by their elders to strictly prohibit them from going to a place to discuss good and evil. This is the iron law!
But Ye Guchen’s roots don’t care about this, so he has a more important thing to do at this moment, that is, to fight against the nine-fold thunder robbery, which is tens of meters thick. Ye Guchen has completely shocked the scene of chaos in the hundreds of meters around here. Just now, it was green and lush, and now it has become a scorched earth, which makes Yuzryha Guchen feel a little chilly. What’s more, he knows that the destructive power of the nine-fold thunder robbery must be far more than that.