As soon as Cai Yi’s words came out, a tsunami broke out, and even Cao Cao next to him was a little excited, but Cao Xing shook his head quite naively when he saw this. To put it bluntly, this is not just some superficial articles. If Cao Xing estimates that it is right, it is estimated that he will tell his ambitions one by one later. However, everyone will say it, but not everyone will do it.

Cai Yi looked at the people sitting in the front row and asked them to express their views together. When he saw a young man in his mid-thirties, he saw Cai Yi’s eyes and wanted to get up. There was a man next to him who stood up first, but this man was none other than Yuan Shao, who looked at Yuan Shao and got up first himself. But in the end, he did it without saying anything.
Yuan Shao looked at Cai Yi with a punch, and then gave a deep gift to everyone, showing his good manners. Then he looked at them and said, "Yuan Chu was born in four generations. My uncle and my teacher are very strict with me. They often teach me to be loyal to the king and patriotic. Yuan Shao has no ambition in this life, and he wants to manage the sky properly, so that my Han Dynasty can become a peaceful and prosperous time!"
"good!" When Yuan Shao finished this sentence, several cheers rang immediately and Cai Yi nodded slightly in front.
"Part-time job with this ambition is really a national blessing and will become a pillar of society in the future!"
Looking at his words has attracted the corresponding effect. Lombardi also smiled and sat down, but the person sitting in front of him was a little tired. Seeing that he also got up at once and took a provocative look at Lombardi, then Lang said.
"I Yuan Highway was born in four generations and three kingdoms, and I am proficient in everything. I would like to be a general in the next day. I will expand my big Han’s territory and spread my big Han’s reputation overseas, so that the barbarians in all directions can worship the wild!"
Cao Xing listened quietly to the words of the two men in the face. At this moment, he also understood the young speaker. To put it bluntly, Yuan Shu is a cousin of Yuan Shao. However, history remembers that the contradiction between the two brothers is so deep that fire and water can’t match each other. Just now, the two of them are comparing with each other to see who is more slippery.
When Yuan Shu said these words, he turned his eyes to Cai Yi, and Cai Yi made comments on Yuan Shu with his smiling face.
Is sitting in the square watching their two brothers fight is talking about it, although everyone has different opinions, but there is always a sign that Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu give people a feeling of being different, Yuan Shao gives people a feeling of being like a spring breeze, but Yuan Shu seems to have some words that are eager for quick success and quick success, showing his demeanor. Yuan Shao can’t be compared, so their two brothers are slightly worse than Dou Dou or Yuan Shu this time.
However, Cao Cao, who has been talking about a lot, has not taken it to heart. He has some regrets being dragged to this place by Cao Cao. Listening to this group of people talking about Cao Cao, he feels sleepy. To put it bluntly, most people are bragging about what the two brothers, Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu, will be like in the future. Cao Cao knows better than anyone, and Cao Cao feels that he is here to chat at the moment with drinks on the table.
After Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu finished their speech, people sitting behind them began to remember that these people were, to put it bluntly, descendants of dignitaries, and their parents or grandparents held important positions in the DPRK. All of them were distinguished, and they learned a lot of exciting words, and Cai Yi also smiled and nodded and gave them a certain evaluation
I believe that getting Cai Yi’s evaluation will be of great help to my future career. However, even without these comments, I believe that my future career should be smooth sailing. It is estimated that I am not interested in joining in the fun today.
After a while, it seems that it is Cao Cao’s turn to speak at this table. Looking at Cao Cao next to him, Cao Xing also put his glass in his hand and turned his attention to Cao Cao.
Now, Cao Cao and Cao Xing are completely different in history, so Cao Xing wants to hear what Cao Cao’s ambition is.
After seeing Cao Cao, he hesitated for a long time before he looked at Cai Yi calmly and said, "I, Cao Cao, hope that after I die, I can engrave the words Cao Cao, the general of the Western Expedition. Although my official position is far from the position of the general of the Western Expedition, I, Cao Cao, will always be a minister of the Western Expedition, but if one day the big man needs me and my country needs me, I, Cao Cao, will definitely stand up at the risk of my life!"
When Cao Cao finished this speech, many people present were silent. Now, it is not a festive day, but it is definitely a good day. Many valuable brothers in Luoyang are gathered here to talk about it. It sounds cautious that Cao Cao should not die when he comes, but it is precisely because of Cao Cao’s incompatibility that Cao Cao’s speech is particularly prominent. If it is more accurate, it is that Cao Cao’s determination seems to be much stronger than that of many people in front.
There was a moment of silence in the field, and sometimes Cao Cao couldn’t help but put his glass in his hand. He looked at Cao Cao with different eyes. Cao Cao was able to say these words. If Cao Cao felt that Cao Cao seemed to have matured a lot, unlike those rich men who knew how to talk big.
And Cao Cao’s sentence that Seoul was always a big city was deeply imprinted in Cao Xing’s mind. Recalling Cao Cao’s life, Cao Cao tried to abolish the last emperor of the big fellow in one’s hand, but he didn’t do it, and he always pretended to be a Han minister.
If you ask Cao Cao to do this, it may have been doomed a long time ago today.
After hearing Cao Cao’s answer, Cai Yi’s mouth turned up unconsciously. Then he looked at Cao Cao and nodded and said, "Meng De is good. You can say this today. I believe that Qiao Xuan should not be mistaken that day!"
Maybe others don’t know what Cai Yi meant, but Cao Cao’s nature is clear. In history, Cao Cao was also a dude when he was a child. Many people didn’t think highly of him. However, only Qiao Xuan, a famous man, praised Cao Cao and said that Cao Cao was an important person in every day.
Cao Cao is also very grateful to look at Cai Yi and then sit down slowly.
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
"Brother Meng didn’t see that you still have such ambitions!" Seeing that Cao Cao was still a little nervous at the moment, Cao Cao couldn’t help joking, but Cao Cao quickly waved his hand and said to Cao Xing, "Brother Cao, don’t make fun of me. You’d better prepare. Now it’s your turn!"
Cao Xing couldn’t help but fail to look at the people around him. At the moment, many people focused on him. Later, it was Cao Xing’s turn. However, Cao Xing was not prepared to express any opinions on this occasion. He waved his hand indifferently and made a gesture of please to a person, which obviously meant to abandon him automatically. Anyway, he also accompanied Cao Cao out to play today.
Just behind Cao Xing, when people got ready, suddenly there came a dissonance in front.
"It turned out to be a little brother Cao. I didn’t expect this to happen to you today!"
Looking around, I found that the speaker was none other than Yuan Shao, who was sitting in the front, and Cao Xing frowned involuntarily when he heard this. If Yuan Shao was speaking casually, there would be no problem, but he could tell that Yuan Shao had a thorn in his words.
Sure enough, when Yuan Shao’s words came out, there was a lot of discussion around him. Everyone looked at Cao Xing whispering there. As Cao Cao said, since Cao Xing left the palace to catch assassins, Cao Xing’s name seemed to become very small and a little angry.
The Ministry here is descended from dignitaries, and they must have heard about it long ago, so they also know a little about Cao Xing’s name.
"Hehe, Cao’s little brother hero is young and young, so it’s hard for everyone to get together on this occasion and not express your opinions!"
Cao nature will look at Lombardi. Although Lombardi has been laughing, Cao performance feels that Lombardi, this guy, the bait hides the hook. Cao nature is somewhat puzzled. He and this Lombardi pole can’t get together. This Lombardi wants to speak against him everywhere.
But anyway, Cao was not going to get mixed up with Yuan Shao, a group of people. He bowed his hand and was just about to refuse. However, at this moment, a man next to Yuan Shao showed a sneer and looked at Cao’s scruples and said.
"Ha ha at the beginning of you don’t say I didn’t find this bing topped how can appear in Daya Gallery? It’ s simply a slippery day! "
This statement is aimed at Cao Xing, and the speaker is none other than Yuan Shu next to Yuan Shao.
In such a public place, Yuan Shu openly said that Cao Cao was a bumpkin, believing that Cao Cao would be unhappy in his heart and could not be vulgar, so he couldn’t figure it out. Did his generation and the two Yuan Gu brothers become enemies? The two of them are aiming at Cao Xing everywhere?
"Ha ha highway, I said, how can you say such a terrible thing? Cao Xing’s brother was transferred to the capital at the Bing Military Meritorious Institute, and now we should congratulate him on making a big name for ourselves!"
"At the beginning of what outstanding exploits? I think it’s blowing out. Isn’t it just hitting a few aliens? I have to say it’s amazing. I thought it was different when I went to war in Yuan Shu. I killed more than 20,000 yellow turbans. Who do you think I have more credit than him? "
Lombardi and Yuan Shu actually had a heated debate in this public place, while others sat around without talking and quietly watched this scene, since there was a scene to see or not to see.

The foreign girl continued to ask Zhang Hao and laughed. "It’s not a League of Legends on vacation. You know, we’re here to participate in the Star Race."

"Wow, that’s cool. Many of my friends are also playing that game. I have also played a beautiful interface, but it’s a pity that I don’t like playing games at ordinary times."
I don’t know what to say when I see Zhang Hao A who is naturally familiar with beautiful women. This is the ability. In a few words, she is like a good friend. It is simply enviable to him, and people don’t say a word to him after talking for so long. This is the gap.
"Do you know your name?"
After chatting for a while, Zhang Hao was very fond of this beautiful woman and a little curious about her name.
"Eleanor, what about you?"
"Zhang Hao"
Zhang Hao generously said his name, and of course he didn’t forget to introduce A. "This is my friend whose id is A in the game, and that’s what we usually call him."
"I see. That was my friend. Her name is Carol ~"
"Very nice. What’s the name?"
"Yes" means to sing melodious and cheerful songs.
Hearing the meaning of the name, Zhang Hao was a little amazed at the name, but it was a good match for Carol.
At the same time, Zhang Hao looked at Irene’s blond hair, straight nose, handsome face, talking eyes, especially blue eye pupil, which made people have to admire that this is Dijie.
At the same time, the three-point suit sets off Eleanor’s white body and presents her slender waist without a trace of proud flesh.
And then Carol came back with brown hair. Carol was like a cheerful elf. She was a little shorter than Eleanor, but she was also a rare beauty. Besides, she and Eleanor were completely different styles.
If you feel relaxed and happy when you are with Carol, a man will ask her when he meets Eleanor.
Carol’s arrival also temporarily stopped Eleanor’s conversation with Zhang Hao and switched to their French exchange.
Just because Eleanor can understand Chinese doesn’t mean Zhang Hao can speak French.
But generally speaking, it should be talking about Zhang Hao and A. At the same time, Zhang Hao inferred from their occasional snickering that A had just been conveyed to Carol by Eleanor.
A is quite embarrassed now, but she puts herself in a black body. Although it is the trend to blacken herself, it is in front of her own people.
I’m afraid few outsiders have the courage to be ashamed. A really wants to slap himself hard. It’s humiliating to be in front of beautiful women.
There are two beautiful women next to Zhang Hao, but I don’t feel much, and the sunbathing is done. I just take off my clothes and prepare water, but this movement also shows his strong chest
Next to Carol, she couldn’t help but exclaim that Zhang Hao, a very strong man, would be noticed wherever he went.
Elinor is also sighing that Zhang Hao just couldn’t see the whole thing in his clothes, but at the moment, looking at wearing a boxers, Zhang Haoqi has a visual impact.
This scene makes A feel at home from his fat body, not to mention the sea. Stripping depends on whether there are many beautiful women next to him, which is really damaging the image.
In the fiery eyes of two beautiful women, Zhang Hao slowly walked to the beach and was soaked in toes by small waves. The feeling of coldness was very enjoyable.
In the distance, Yan Liang and others were playing high, and Zhang Hao slowly swam to several people to join the team fun, while A on the shore accepted that he couldn’t swim, and there were two exposed beautiful women next to him. This beach bath was really a burning feeling.
Nai, there is no fire in his place. At this moment, A suddenly turns white, and Zhang Haoshui is probably on fire.
"Mom, the egg is really sexy."
Zhang Hao suddenly became much calmer when he got into the water. Indeed, the water was the fire. Zhang Haoshi experienced such an exciting scene. Looking at the glistening body one by one, he would have fainted. If he didn’t cool down, he would be anxious to attack the heart.
"Yo, Zhang Hao’s here. A That ya really looks at beautiful women like this."
"The somebody else that is a personal hobby ~"
Luky laughed and teased that everyone was relaxed at this moment. Yan Liang’s eyes were good and he had seen the change next to A. He couldn’t help asking, "There seems to be a beautiful woman next to him. No wonder A doesn’t come."
"Well, pretty girl, if it were you, I don’t think you would come either."
Zhang Hao has been in close contact with beautiful women. Eleanor and Carol have seen the charm of Zhang Hao.
"True or false."
Looking at Zhang Hao’s exaggeration, Yan Liang is also worried. From a distance, he can’t see the real beauty, but Zhang Hao doesn’t seem to be deceiving. Yan Liang is somewhat uncertain
He’d also like to see how beautiful a beauty is.
Yan Liang coughed and said, "You continue. I’m going to bask in the sun. The water seems a little cold."
"Haha, that’s going to be slower."
Luky knew what Yan Liang was up to, but he didn’t expose Yan Liang’s cheerful swimming towards the shore. The closer he got, the more Yan Liang believed that Zhang Hao dialect was really a rare beauty.
"Hey, A, why do you have a nosebleed?"
"I wipe the nosebleed really quickly. Give me the paper."
"Nuo, you are also quite hard."
Shore Yan Liang is also drunk to see the beauty, but first I saw that I didn’t think it was a nosebleed. Is this ya basking in the sun or is it a fire?
Yan Liang didn’t know that A’s heart had already burned. Nai couldn’t swim. There was no place to go to a duck fire.
And next to the two beautiful women can’t help but smile over your mouth. This concentration is really a bit poor.
A, after all this, it’s even more embarrassing. I’m afraid I have left a bad impression just because I was frivolous. It’s also fascinating to have a nosebleed in public at the moment.
"A, you two are beautiful. Why are you indifferent?"
"Come on, you and I are not interested. Don’t disturb me in the sun."
"Oh, well, beauty, do you want to go swimming for a while and we’ll play sea football?"
Carol looked at Elinor doubtfully. He didn’t understand Chinese. Elinor translated. I heard that Carol was excited and said, "It feels great. Let’s go, Elinor."
Eleanor and Carol both left to see A was heartbroken. Why did he regret that he couldn’t swim?
Chapter 423 From GPL [Brown Bear]!
"hello, meet again."
"Welcome to our team, I think."
Eleanor was very talkative, of course, and nodded to Zhang Hao and others.
"Yi Zhang Hao can’t see that his hands are fast."
Yan Liang teased Zhang Hao. After all, it’s just that the two of them have become close and have to make people think.
"It’s okay. It’s just talk." Zhang Hao didn’t think too complicated. He wasn’t narcissistic
You know, according to the degree of narcissism of boys, if you want to like a girl more, he will think it is a goddess who is interested in him.
Fortunately, Zhang Hao doesn’t have this problem. For these things, he is very indifferent. He has already had Jingyu and Zhang Hao have asked for the opposite sex. In Zhang Hao’s view, this is the bottom line that a man should have.
The wonderful time with Eleanor and Carol is extremely pleasant, and the day passes quickly in a pleasant atmosphere.

A mouthful of blood mixed with dirty debris spurted from the mouth, and Bapo Er Ben couldn’t believe it. I watched the night stab into a white light and dissipated.

At this time, the true qi absorbed by Pang Xia also fell into a dying long disbelief and asked, "What is this night stabbing you?" Do you think you can beat the fat shrimp? "
Slightly shook his head night stab mouth way "I naturally deny that I can beat the fat shrimp.
But I don’t have to fight him because my camp is not Hua Tiegan. "
"What? That’s impossible. If you didn’t choose Hua Tiegan, then what …
So that’s it. Everyone in the place has talked to the np of their choice, but you haven’t.
I still think you don’t like words. I didn’t expect you not to talk to np but not to talk.
Once you talk to Hua Tiegan, I’m bound to find out.
The camp you choose is not Hua Tiegan, but that bodhi old zu of blood knife! "
"That’s right. I linked up with Fat Shrimp, and then he immediately made this, which he called …"
Speaking of which, the night thorn suddenly paused
When the night thorn stopped, Pang Xia went on to say, "The plan of the cosmic enemy super genius mission impossible!"
"Yeah, that’s the name."
This kind of shame, off the charts’s name, can’t be said.
"Hey, I have long heard that the martial arts and shame of fat shrimp are more terrible than that of fat shrimp. Now it seems that it is really despicable and shameful to be a big yin person. It is hard to prevent!"
"Hey hey flatter me, I’m not so good!"
Pang Xia touched his head with his left hand and looked like a crayon.
The corners of the mouth twitched slightly and shook his head and said, "So I lost this and left!"
After a long speech, the white light dissipates in an instant from the broken meridians.
Pang Xia-nai shrugged his shoulders and looked not far away and gave up pranayama and said, "Brother Popeye, I wonder if you have any idea to join hands with me to find some benefits?"
Hearing this, Pang Xia suddenly said one leng, "Join hands? What is worth joining forces with our different camps? "
"Hey hey this joint place can be more.
Although this is half a pair, it is in this world background after all.
Whether it’s the Shining Scripture or Liancheng Treasure, there are traces to follow.
So if you win, I’ll join hands to help me get rid of Di Qing and Shui Sheng and Hua Tiegan, so naturally you will have a share of benefits after the job is done! "
After listening to Pang Xia’s words, Benbo felt that his outlook on life was directly subverted.
He was silent for a long time and uttered a sentence.
"Can I do this in the second Olympics?" ‘
Chapter 345 begin!
"that even if I fail, I can’t get the benefit of success?"
Looking at Benbo Baan’s tangled eyes, Pang Xia said with some incomprehension, "What’s the problem?
I think it’s normal. You can get benefits by joining forces with me to kill Di Yun and Shui Sheng.
If you don’t unite with me, then I will kill you, which is not only useless, but also consumes a reincarnation Dan to get rid of the death penalty.
I think these things are actually very easy to understand. "
"I think I’m already in the Di Yun camp, but now I’m going to kill him. It’s really some …"
"So let me ask you a few simple questions. Do you want to die?"
"… don’t want to" look a little ashamed.
"Do you want to get benefits? Such as magic weapon, martial arts cheats, elixir, elixir? "
"… I think." There was a hint of a heartbeat on Benbo’s face.
"So compared with your own benefits, can you betray a np and kill him?"
"ok!" At this time, Bobo Baer answered immediately without any shame.
"That’s not married?
So now let’s heal the wound and then kill Di Yun and Shui Sheng.
Finally, kill Hua Tiegan, and then go outside to kill those np’s to get Liancheng tactic treasure.
Finally, happy completion and benefits! "
Night thorn looked at Benbo Baer and was told by Pang Xia that it was really a misnomer to feel that he was a demon.
Compared with Pang Xia’s night stab, I feel that I see those magic people players in the magic people camp simply like little rabbits one by one.
This kind of person who lures others to make betrayal and sneak attack step by step is the most famous player in the right path of mankind, who feels that his outlook on life is collapsing at night.
Besides, if you don’t know crows, Nocturnal Thorn thinks that he is likely to be miserable by Pang Xia.
However, after all, I have become a front with Pang Xia. After thinking about it, I still feel very lucky. At least I don’t have such a terrible opponent.
Bumper Baer’s injury has improved a little, at least it is no longer a serious injury state.
He got up and looked at Pang Xia and nodded and said, "In that case, I will join you."
"It’s good for you to go back to Di Yun first. Except for your things, you can tell Di Yun and Shui Sheng truthfully.
Now night thorn and I will kill Hua Tiegan first, and then wait for the two of us to find Di Yun and Shui Sheng together with the blood knife bodhi old zu.
It’s time for us to kill the protagonist of this plot together. "
After listening to Pang Xia’s words, Bo Lang nodded and walked into the gradually heavy snow.
At this time, PangXia and Nightthorn nodded to each other and walked into the snow and walked towards Hua Tiegan’s position.
The proces of slaying Hua Tiegan is not worth describe.
Pang Xia and Night Thorn found Hua Tiegan behind, and they were scared to death. They didn’t have the chance to take advantage of the innate realm np, and it didn’t take long for them to slay him here.
Then Pang Xia took Hua Tiegan’s body to the cave where the bodhi old zu was hiding.
"bodhi old zu, I knew you could kill those guys in suspense.

"What can’t you do?" Shen Baozhu is not too white. "Yan, how can you not play so many games? And your period is no problem now. "Said Shen Baozhu and began to cheer yan lin up.

Yan lin thinks this girl is particularly cute. It should be said that "the Asian Championships in 1979 was my first time to participate in the competition. I participated in an invitational tournament, which was held in Nanjing, but the strength of the participating teams was relatively poor, and most of them were on the same level as Puerto Rico."
Shen Baozhu probably doesn’t understand what it means. The Asian Championship can be said that China women’s volleyball team started to rise. At that time, yan lin and Feng Lang were not the main players. At that time, they were still sitting on the bench as substitutes. However, it was these two substitutes who became famous in World War I and replaced Yang Xi’s elder sister and elder sister. At that time, they also came soon. That was not comparable to yan lin and Feng Lang.
"Playing so many games and practicing for so many years is not to let everyone know that I, yan lin and Shen Baozhu are China women’s volleyball players and can win the championship with my teammates?" Yan lin said it was very obedient, but it was particularly firm. That sentence was nailed to Shen Baozhu’s heart like a rivet.
"Even if you don’t believe in yourself, you should believe in Yuan and Deng. You can’t afford to lose, and they can’t afford to lose."
China women’s volleyball team can’t afford to lose a game in this match or five semi-finals, which may lead to their reaching the semi-finals and not winning the championship.
When yan lin got up, she had to think about Shen Baozhu when she finished.
Shen Baozhu thought quickly. Before yan lin put away the things on the table, she suddenly got up. "I’m white, I must pick up one."
Lin Yanxiao smiled. Shen Baozhu is actually very simple. By contrast, a person has more thoughts, but people are always different. It’s nothing.
"Then pack up and let’s go to bed early."
China women’s volleyball team and Cuba’s women’s volleyball team met again in the World Cup. At that time, China women’s volleyball team beat Cuba 3-0. Later, Lin Yancai realized that both Cuba’s women’s volleyball team and Soviet women’s volleyball team belonged to different camps.
The Cuban women’s volleyball team paid special attention to this World Championships. After all, they were the first champions, but they won the fourth place in the World Cup. This is a great shame. Veterans Pores and Carpau hereby led the Cuban women’s volleyball team against China. Even if they can’t win the game, it will be enough for them to reach the fourth game. At least they will have the opportunity to compete for the second place in the group.
Both sides have their own disputes, and this game also attracted the other four teams to watch.
In the end, the Soviet women’s volleyball team is surnamed she when cheering for the China team, which also makes the girls of China women’s volleyball team feel at ease. It’s good that the Soviet women’s volleyball team has not reached an agreement with the American women’s volleyball team. At least they have more chances to win.
The American women’s volleyball players are cheering for the Cuban team. Hailmann is a little silent, but his teammates are positive. They are eager for the championship and don’t care who they compete with for it.
Cuba’s women’s volleyball team belongs to 42, equipped with two attackers, Pores and Peggy, which can be said to be famous as early as the 1977 World Cup. Cuba’s women’s volleyball team won the championship in the seven-year World Championships. Pores, the super attacker, and Peggy, the assistant attacker, are the biggest heroes. However, Pores was absent from the World Cup one year, and Peggy was unable to support herself. Although her spike was far superior to Feng Lang, the last best spiker did not get it because Cuba’s women’s volleyball team failed to enter the top four.
This time, the Cuban women’s volleyball team has two main attackers, Pores and Carl Porter, and Peggy, the super assistant attacker. The Cuban women’s volleyball team is very confident in winning the China women’s volleyball team. After all, they have two super main attackers.
China women’s volleyball team took the lead in serving Yuan Chengmin and adjusted the starting position. yan lin served in the fifth position and Zhang Fang served in the sixth position, and Shen Baozhu played in the back row, which was between May 1 ST and April 2 nd. In fact, both styles of play were practiced more than Lin Yan’s. I feel that Yuan Chengmin has been training Yang Xiaolan for the convenience of playing May 1 ST in the future.
Sun Jin is also old, and Zhang Yunjie or Zhao Di is also old. New players need to be trained, and the competition is the best choice.
Zhang Fang and Sun Jin are old rivals with the Cuban women’s volleyball team. Of course, yan lin also played with Peggy, but the impression was not very deep. At that time, the Cuban women’s volleyball team could not cooperate with Peggy to play.
This time, however, Zhang Fang’s serve was quite threatening. Pores’s spike in the front row was stopped by Cheng Yaqiong. The China women’s volleyball team got a good start and actually scored a point in one fell swoop.
With black rubber, the Cuban women’s volleyball team doesn’t care much about Pores and Cheng Yaqiong playing against each other. She didn’t participate in the World Cup because of a recurrence of an old injury. She is not very familiar with Cheng Yaqiong, but she is a super attacker after all.
When Cheng Yaqiong blocked again, Pores was very clever and made a thug out of bounds.
She spiked hard, even if it wasn’t at its peak, but it was also strong. The ball flew out quickly, but it was too late for Zhang Fang to save it.
The Cuban women’s volleyball team took the serve, and at this time, Pores’s third position Peggy came to the fourth position. Both heavy guns of the Cuban women’s volleyball team came to the front row, and suddenly the audience cheered.
Trujillo is the third largest city in Peru with a strong volleyball atmosphere. Even if the game is played in the afternoon, it is a confrontation between the China women’s volleyball team and the Cuban women’s volleyball team. There are still many Chinese in the audience, and some people have specially flown in from other places to watch the game.
Cuba’s women’s volleyball team’s No.1 serve is of average quality, but Feng Lang encountered problems when spiking. Pores and Peggy blocked Feng Lang’s spiking at the same time, but Pores and Peggy became famous earlier than Feng Lang. They were about 1.7 meters tall, but their bounce was excellent.
Block and score!
As soon as the Cuban women’s volleyball team detonated the atmosphere, but when Sun Jincai held the ball high and hit it again to Feng Lang, he didn’t want Pores and Peggy to block the ball effectively again, and after the players in the back row handled the ball, Peggy was even a three-line spike, which was a lightning bolt.
The two-to-one match was very direct, and there were not many balls back and forth, but the spike was particularly wonderful. The Cuban women’s volleyball team lost a point first, but it actually gave out the momentum.
Sun Jin hesitated when she played the ball again, but she still gave it to Feng Lang. If Feng Lang couldn’t play it, China team would have one less attack point. Even if Bo Yi played the ball again, he had to trust his teammates.
Feng Lang buckled the ball out, but Carl Porter in the back row saved the ball. Even Apollo Reyes directly buckled the ball for the second time, holding down the bottom line and suddenly buckled the China women’s volleyball team.
Three to one, the whole stadium is boiling up.
"It seems that Peggy and Boris played very hard in the retirement match." The American women’s volleyball players smiled. If China loses this game, they will completely quit the World Championships.
The Chinese people in the audience were a little shocked. Think again about the newspaper reports in the first two days-China women’s volleyball team was even more worried than the American women’s volleyball team, even if it lost this game … there is really no chance to make a comeback.
Is it possible unless the Cuban women’s volleyball team loses two games in a row in the rematch? And the Soviet women’s volleyball team. Did the Soviet women’s volleyball team lose two games in a row? This is almost impossible!
Sun Jin didn’t give the ball to Feng Lang again, but gave it back to Cheng Yaqiong. Although Cheng Yaqiong’s spike quality went, it was still not as good as Feng Lang’s heavy spike and the Cuban women’s volleyball team. Now the morale is soaring, and what is played is quickly organized.
Peggy’s slash at position four is a dead end!
Because Peggy hit the three-meter line too fast, Shen Baozhu went to catch the spike earlier than the whole back row was pressed forward, and when Peggy hit this big diagonal line, yan lin leaned forward to save it
After learning the diving mat for so long, she sent a ball again and played it on the back of her left hand. Zhang Fang was ready to catch the ball and throw it out.
Adjusting the attack Feng Lang drew a level this time, but failed to prevent the China women’s volleyball team from finally getting back the serve.
One to three
Cheng Yaqiong served in the back row and Lin Yan reached the fourth position.
When Sun Jin’s finger signaled Lin Yanborez to smash the ball at the third position, the three people blocked the ball directly and killed it!
China women’s volleyball team pulled back one point 2-3.
The audience is boiling again in an instant, so the strong confrontation is really too fast, and the blood is boiling.
Yuan Chengmin was also relieved to change several people’s positions, even Shen Baozhu, to play Sun Jin diagonally. This decision was bold, but now it seems that the scene is still under control.
The scene is indeed in control of the medium-range Arjun’s serve, and Pores and Peggy take turns to smash, but it is difficult to break through the China women’s volleyball block.
Sun Jin knows very well that the spike height of Pores and Peggy will be even higher in the heyday, much higher than that of Hailmann, but in the end, the two people are injured and sick, and the old players are unable to break through the encirclement.
China’s women’s volleyball team, which scored five points in a row, was already 6-3 ahead of its opponent, while Cuba’s second women’s volleyball team began to attack in the back row to adjust its rhythm. This back row attack hit China’s women’s volleyball team with a time difference, which led to the failure of body blocking, but Shen Baozhu was waiting in the back row.
Influenced by her teammates, her mood was very high and her defense was super-level. The ball was saved by her firmly, while Sun Jin fooled Pores and Peggy with a false gesture, but it was a light lift to get this point.
Seven-to-three China women’s volleyball team played more and more smoothly, and Cheng Yaqiong scored a goal. This situation rarely appeared in the master’s confrontation. After all, Cheng Yaqiong’s serve was a handball, and it was not as lethal as yan lin’s strong jump.
The Cuban women’s volleyball team has been defeated like a mountain, with a score of three and a technical pause.
Chapter 17 17 as expected
"yan lin, you continue to block the defense step by step." Deng Zengtao arranged for yan lin to "let the opponent rout from the block."
Of course, part of the reason is to call the American women’s volleyball team to see if China lost the group match. But they still have the strength to kill both Pores, the super attacker, and Peggy, the assistant attacker. You can’t do that!
Psychological tactics Deng Zengtao also began to luck.
Yan lin nodded and accepted the water handed by Jiang Ying. She smiled "Xie …" Looking over Jiang Ying, she saw Huo Wenbin.
Sitting in the front audience, with a camera in his hand, it’s this way.
Yan lin frowned and turned his head by drinking water.
If Yuan Chengmin tells the back row to defend the game well, then the players’ position rotation should not be very frequent.
Now the China team is the strongest in the front row and the strongest defensive array. It is very important to keep the serve.
After the technical suspension, Cheng Yaqiong returned to the court and continued to serve.
Her serve was steady, and the Cuban women’s volleyball team seemed to have slowed down during the technical pause. This time, Peggy and Boris played very well and no longer relied on the storm, because even the storm was hard to get a hand. They played with jet lag.
This play is really effective. If Cheng Yaqiong’s defensive foundation is not good, I’m afraid the ball was really taken by the Cuban women’s volleyball team.
It was Rao or Cheng Yaqiong who caught the ball, but he also failed to give it to the right place. Zhang Fang scored a goal that was of average quality.
Yan lin played very well until Peggy and Boris blocked the ball. She hit a thug out of bounds on purpose, which was really disgusting.
However, the Cuban women’s volleyball team was also the world champion Carl Porter, who just reacted to get the ball out of bounds. The second-hand response was a step slow. This ball was not given very well. Peggy’s high-point storm again was probably due to the technical suspension and rest. This high-point storm abruptly raised her spike point and went to the back row.

Zhang Zhongxuan’s figure is light and his toes are on a branch and leaves, and a light rainbow flies towards the Taoist temple in Shushan.

Flying for a moment, Zhang Zhongxuan crossed the Taoist Temple of Shu Mountain and flew to the west of Shu Mountain. It was in the mountain road to the west of Shu Mountain that Zhang Zhongxuan saw two figures. It was Shu Mountain that sent Zhang Zhongxuan. From the side, they were two Taoist priests in their twenties. They were holding a lantern in their right hand and holding a bamboo broom. They walked forward and listened to one of them. "It’s really dark. He actually told us to clean the Western Hills. He was afraid that the master would blame him and was busy copying, but he told us to clean the Western Hills all day."
Another Taoist priest also said, "Teacher younger brother, we are the youngest brother in the master. What’s more, we are in charge of locking things. It’s natural to sweep and copy scriptures all day long, but …" The man said, looking over to the Western Hills, he sighed and said, "According to my second brother, someone once cleaned in the Western Hills, and as a result, they were both physically and mentally destroyed because they accidentally touched the ban. That’s what I was afraid of."
"Brother, is this true?" Wrong novel network don’t jump word another sound se se way
"It’s absolutely true that the second brother said that the second brother has been in the pie for 70 years, so naturally there will be no fake. And you said that the second brother would lie to us?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"This …"
Just then, Zhang Chongxuan and Zhang Chongxuan flew to the front of them. Zhang Chongxuan patted his hands on the neck of the two of them, and they didn’t even moan like mud. The lanterns and bamboo brooms in their hands also fell. Zhang Chongxuan reached out and grabbed two lanterns and bamboo brooms and didn’t fly to his hands.
Looking at the ground, two Taoist priests, Zhang Chongxuan, showed a smile at the corners of their mouths. The appearance of these two Taoist children was too much for him. Zhang Chongxuan destroyed a lantern and a bamboo broom, leaving a lantern and a bamboo broom, and pressed the Taoist head with his own hands. These two Taoist priests had a low memory in their minds, and they were familiar with Zhang Chongxuan. The smaller one was called Zhiji and the other was called Zhiji.
Zhang Chongxuan stretched out his hand and closed the breath emitted by the two people’s bodies. Throwing them into the forest, he threw a smoke screen and turned it into a knowing machine. Zhang Chongxuan took a look at the forest and hesitated whether to destroy the body, but he finally forgot because in his memory of knowing the machine, he knew that the knowing machine had been waiting for him at home and didn’t want to let the knowing machine be ruined in his hands.
Zhang Chongxuan smiled bitterly at the thought of this. When he stayed in Zhangfu, Zhang Ai and his wife often asked him to give them a grandson. Of course, Zhang Chongxuan would not agree, but there was no way for him to always escape the entanglement of his parents in various ways.
"People shouldn’t kill more than they need." Zhang Zhongxuan shook his head and gave himself a far-fetched reason to step forward.
To the west of Shushan, the mountain road is winding and the mountain road is full of stones. Zhang Zhongxuan walked slowly along with the cool night wind. When he reached the top of the mountain, he saw two Taoist priests standing there. They saw Zhang Zhongxuan laughing. "Xiaozhiji, why is it your turn to clean this time? Isn’t it always your big brother and second brother?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Zhang Zhongxuan saw the path of two Taoist priests, "Back to the two uncles and big brothers who copied the mistakes and were afraid that the master would blame them for copying the orders and coming to clean the Western Hills."
The two Taoist priests laughed and said, "You’re still as honest as you know the machine." One of them said to his side, "Well, you go in and clean up, and stay close to me or your life will be in danger."
Zhang Zhongxuan trembled when he heard that his life was in danger. "That … that … I won’t go."
Another Taoist priest in situ laughed and said, "Do you want to go back and give birth to Sun Shouxiao for your father?" Another Taoist priest also laughed. It turned out that Zhiji’s father married and gave birth to a child after his mother died, so he sent Zhiji to Shushan, but who thought that one died unexpectedly, and his father has been writing to know that it is also under consideration to go back to Zhiji.
Zhang Chongxuan showed his blushing look, and his head hung low and he dared not speak.
The Taoist priest, leaning sideways, said, "It’s okay to follow Uncle Shi when you know the opportunity."
Zhang Chongxuan Trail "Martial Uncle, you won’t lie to me" These two Taoist practices at the entrance of Xishan Mountain are not low. Zhang Chongxuan certainly doesn’t pay attention to it in the middle and late period of Du Jie, but Zhang Chongxuan cares about the law of Xishan Mountain Mid-level Road. That is the highest plough sword array of shushan in the past dynasties. It is a strange science of shushan. It is a very powerful sword array made up of several people, but it is not made up of people.
Zhang Chongxuan once studied the array of the highest plough sword in shushan, and he also made a deep study of the array of the highest plough sword in shushan. There is a formula in the array of the highest plough sword in shushan, that is, the humanity is mysterious/the immortal road is boundless/the ghost road is joyful/when the door of life is open/the immortal road is expensive/the ghost road is expensive/the immortal road is always self-satisfied/the ghost road is often self-destructive/the high-definition spirit is beautiful/the sad song is too long/I only hope that heaven will become a reality/I don’t want humanity to be poor
This formula was originally studied by Zhang Chongxuan, but I think it is really a shock. Today, Zhang Chongxuan has gone from this plough sword array to a formation that is good at attacking, because the research area is to punish the demon in the town and do its best. You should know that people who fix the truth can’t climb with heaven even if they are strong, but the plough sword array is different, which is a firm but gentle sword, and then it is beneficial to understand the sword situation. That is, all the evil spirits in the nine places will be lost in the sword of the heavens and the earth, and both form and spirit will be destroyed! " Not without reason
The Taoist smiled and laughed. "I know this Xishan Mountain, but Martial Uncle is forbidden to joke with you, and I won’t joke with you here. Let’s go. Don’t go in after an hour."
Another Taoist priest, hearing what the Taoist priest said, also advised, "Go with me when you know the opportunity. After today’s cleaning, you can’t do this crime again, but you and I can’t bear it."
Zhang Zhongxuan gave me a nervous look and panicked. "Let’s go quickly, Uncle," he said, striding forward quickly.
Seeing this, the Taoist priest took the lead in walking inside and said, "Follow me closely and don’t leave me three feet away."
Zhang Zhongxuan well a naturally followed closely.
In the plough sword array, Zhang Zhongxuan can see that the other places are dark. When he takes a few steps, his body feels a sense of oppression. He knows that he has been in the plough sword array in Shushan for many years, and he feels that his body is hidden and sends out a tentative attack on him. He doesn’t want to quickly release his breath. It is more pure than the breath of Shushan. With the understanding of the formula of the plough sword array in Shushan, he slowly integrates himself into the plough sword array.
Since Zhang Zhongxuan has studied the plough sword array of shushan, he can definitely break it. However, the plough sword array of shushan is not only difficult to break, but also prone to fluctuations. Although these fluctuations are slight, experts in shushan can easily hear the news through these fluctuations, which is not good.
When the oppressive feeling of the plough sword array in Shushan towards Zhang Chongxuan faded, it was the Taoist priest who knew the opportunity that said, "Come in."
Zhang Zhongxuan looked up and saw that the Taoist priest was already in a cave. The cave was as spacious as a big square, but there was a very large stone pillar. This stone pillar was three feet wide and five feet high, giving people a sense of oppression. It was covered with several dusts, just like it had been placed on the ground for several years, covered with a thick layer of ash, but it was strange that the ash seemed to be stuck.
Zhang Chongxuan walked into the cave, so he didn’t know to put the lantern on, and then he picked up the bamboo broom and swept it to the ground. The middle-aged Taoist priest saw this and quickly pulled Zhang Chongxuan’s way, "I don’t want you to sweep this but that pillar." The Taoist priest pointed to the pillar in the cave.
"Uncle Shi wants to sweep that column" Zhang Zhongxuan asked in a silly way.
The Taoist priest said with a straight face, "Why do you ask so many questions? Just sweep it."
"Really?" The wrong novel network doesn’t jump words. Zhang Chongxuan stepped on his right hand and suddenly slapped it on the Taoist belly. The Taoist priest snorted and bent unbelievably. Looking at Zhang Chongxuan, he slowly held out his right finger and wanted to point at Zhang Chongxuan. Unfortunately, his hand just moved and fell to the ground with a bang.
Zhang Chongxuan took a look at the Taoist priest lying on the ground, and then looked at the stone pillar in the cave. This stone pillar is the stone pillar that Zhang Chongxuan came to this trip. This stone pillar is called skyshatter column, which is another treasure-sending phase in Shushan town. The formation of skyshatter column is due to the ancestors’ intention to discover a piece of heaven and earth reiki in Shushan, and then it took thousands of years of hard work to refine it.
Zhang Zhongxuan picked up a bamboo broom and swept it from the top layer of the stone pillar. The skyscraper column is guarded in the western hills of Shushan because it is made of the aura of heaven and earth. Due to a characteristic of its native place, the dust in the air will stick to him from time to time, which will affect the absorption of the aura of heaven and earth by the skyscraper column. It is necessary to clean it regularly at night because the spirit absorbs the aura and the essence of the moon, and the skyscraper column is no exception. At night, the suction on its surface layer will be very weak, and it will take a little effort to sweep the dust stuck to it.
Zhang Chongxuan’s figure was swept up with a bamboo broom. It is also strange that the dust in the skyshatter column was swept tightly. Instead, it made a sparse sound and fell to the ground. Soon, the dust in the skyshatter column was swept by Zhang Chongxuan and appeared in front of Zhang Chongxuan. It was a stone column with jade and jade. Zhang Chongxuan stretched out his hand and touched the skyshatter column, and conveniently injected true yuan into it.
The skyshatter column was refined by the ancestors of Shushan. Although it is a stone pillar, it can become a qualitative crutch if it is injected with the real yuan. After the magic is urged, Zhang Zhongxuan suddenly feels a little bit of disrespect when he reaches out and releases the real yuan. When he enters, the skyshatter column actually slams into several stones and the whole cave shakes violently, and the lime on the stone wall falls like sand.
"pawn!" Zhang Chongxuan exclaimed that he was about to fly out of the cave. Zhang Chongxuan thought that the shape of the highest plough sword array in shushan outside the cave stopped and did not fly out of the cave. Instead, he punched the top of the cave with a palm and flew directly to the surface.

A glimpse! Guan Guhong was immediately attracted by Liu Rexi’s lovely and charming posture, and her eyes stagnated. Her innocent face refused to move for a long time.

Liu Rexi, who took Princess Pingyang’s hand, felt the cold sweat in the palm of the other party’s hand, and greeted her with a mahogany chair without disturbing it.
"Xia Zhi see tea! As usual, Princess Pingyang likes refreshments best. "
"ah? This ….. "Xia Zhi was stumped again! As usual? What old rules? She doesn’t know that Princess Pingyang likes tea best? She doesn’t know that the two princesses seldom communicate with each other on weekdays. Even if Princess Pingyang occasionally comes to the door, Yincui gorge can’t even prepare a cup of tea and deliberately instructed her! If it’s according to the old rules, it should be nothing. What can I do?
Xia Zhi hurriedly looked Liu Rexi for help and blinked a few times to ask what to do.
Diane eyebrow slightly wrinkled Liu Rexi also felt a little strange soon she pretended to anger, "what are you still leng? It’s up to you to do it yourself. You can’t do such a small thing well. Princess Pingyang has long been thirsty. Why are you dawdling? "
"Yes, yes, it’s a handmaiden. Go and prepare!" Dare not neglect Xia Zhi hurriedly ran into the back room.
Princess Pingyang heard Liu Ruoxi’s inexplicable words and couldn’t help but dry cough again. "Ah Hehe! It’s not far, it’s just a few steps … Qing Yanmei, are you making fun of me for being old and not married? "
Liu Rexi sloped a smile "where words Yang Jie you have a good daughter-in-law, I still have to congratulate you in the future. It’s not too late. Chapter 10 Watching tea.
"Ah, it’s not too late or too late. Thank you!" Princess Pingyang looked suspiciously at Liu Rexi and thought, "Is this still a month ago, crying, making two noises and hanging three times?" Didn’t she have a crush on Guan Guhong since she was a child? How can it appear so natural and graceful now? What on earth is she going to do? "
Princess Pingyang turned to look at her future husband, only to see that he was still standing in his place stupidly. A pair of hot eyes were staring at Liu Rexi affectionately, but he couldn’t help but raise his left foot in great anger and rub it on his toes.
Guan Guhong immediately recovered from his trance and sat awkwardly. He didn’t dare to look at the two beautiful women in front of him again, pretending to look out the window as if nothing had happened, and gently admiring, "Ah Qing Yan’s sister’s garden is quite chic!"
"Hum! Yes! " Princess Pingyang sneered, "This grasshopper flew to Taiping Garden, but you didn’t leave a shadow of the moon before the flowers!"
Officer GuHong facial mutation hurriedly corrected "where is it? No, no, Pingyang, you misunderstood. "You still can’t help but take a peek at the innocent and evil Liu Rexi, but see her smile calmly. with an easy grace doesn’t rest assured that Princess Pingyang’s words are at arm’s length. She is like a pair of scissors and plunged into Guan Guhong’s heart, making him calm and relieved, and then lifting ripples.
Liu Ruoxi said again, "Sister Yang worries too much about Brother Gu Hong’s kindness. She doesn’t like people who are all hands and feet and don’t wait on these flowers and plants occasionally to help Qingyan take care of them. Qingyan is now happy that Sister Yang has got such a thoughtful and considerate gentleman!"
"Really?" Princess Pingyang looked puzzled at Liu Ruoxi, who really couldn’t understand this weak little girl, and suddenly grew up overnight! Today, after hearing the news that Princess Taiping has recovered, her heart is full of resentment. She has always hated this younger sister, who is likely to endanger her future. She is wondering if she can stimulate her again so that her old illness can recur. Just when Guan Guhong arrived, she gave her such an opportunity, so she will bring her future husband Liu Qingyan to "demonstrate". Unexpectedly, this younger sister seems so never forced, which greatly surprised her and made her feel a little overwhelmed.
Speak Xia Zhi with a plate of brewed tea and a delicate fragrance wafted to the heart and lungs. Although Liu Ruoxi didn’t know the tea ceremony, he could smell the unique fragrance of Biluochun. He immediately turned his back and pointed to "Sister Yang, a little rough Biluochun, please slow down"
Princess Pingyang smiled and pulled up the orchid finger and gently lifted the lid of the cup. She put her beautiful little snub nose close to the mouth of the cup, smelled it lyrically and then covered it back gracefully. "Sister, do you know that it’s the first time for me to drink tea in your house for so many years that I can’t bear to swallow it?"
Liu Ruoxi burst into condescension. What the hell! What is she going to say? This woman today is to find fault with Chapter 19 Instability.
Liu Ruoxi choked back her anger and smiled indifferently. "Before Yang Jie joked, it was my sister. I don’t know how to behave. I’m still young, Yang Jie. You won’t blame me, will you?"
"Where? It’s the best thing that we two sisters can bury the hatchet. Sister Yang, I’m kind today. We two sisters haven’t sat together and talked comfortably for a long time. Sister Qing Yan, I don’t know how worried you are when you’ve been in bed for more than a month. What’s going on? What happened that day? "
Liu Rexi smiled bitterly and touched his forehead gently. "Yang Jie is not that I don’t want to tell the truth. I can’t remember not only what happened that day, but also many things that happened before. I don’t even know who Gu Hong’s brother is. If people didn’t wake up just now, I would really regard him as a romantic flower thief! Ha ha Yang Jie, look at that scar on my forehead. It is estimated that it still hurts when I hit it that day. "
Princess Pingyang, suspicious, took a closer look and carefully studied the Zhu Shazhi on Liu Qingyan’s forehead. She obviously suffered a great impact, but her mind was really blurred. When Princess Pingyang could not help but be elated, her former nemesis really disappeared. Now Liu Qingyan seems to be reasonable and respectful to herself. The key is that she has completely forgotten Guan Guhong and never worried about the resurgence of the two of them!
"Is that right? Oh, Qing Yanmei, is it very painful? " Princess Pingyang stretched out her jade hand and provoked Liu Rexi’s forehead broken hair and gently vomitted an one mouthful blue gas toward that Zhu Shazhi. Her eyes were full of cuts.
Liu Ruoxi sighed plaintively. "Well, fortunately, it doesn’t hurt for the time being. It hurt badly just now!" She is not insincere in this sentence, and it is true!
"I heard that you were in a coma again just now, sister. I really shouldn’t bother you at this time!"
Liu Ruoxi couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. It seems that Princess Pingyang wants to leave. She put on a fragile look. Diane frowned slightly with her right hand and gently pulled up her cheeks. "Sister enyang, I’m a little uncomfortable now!" For a pretence, I moved to the bench, but I lost my center of gravity, and my body went straight back without listening to my orders.
A "ah" hasn’t finished yet, and the body has been firmly picked up by a pair of hands and gently dropped on the glazed tile.
GuGuHong has jumped up from the wooden bench and put his arms around Liu Rexi’s waist.
Involuntarily Liu Rexi hand tightly clutched GuGuGuHong skirt some embarrassed to see in front of people.
Lonely Hong’s face is gradually magnified and clear, and his posture is clear as a static Sichuan wave. If he is elegant and elegant, he looks a little anxious, which makes Liu Rexi very moved. In an instant, she seems to see the spring breeze coming out of Tianshan Mountain in Langyue … That restless little heart is bursting and jumping.
"Sister Qingyan, be careful and stop talking!" Guan Guhong helped Liu Rexi step by step toward the bed, and those who were ready to wait on the maids were also shot back by Guan Guhong’s overbearing eyes. Chapter 20 Pretending to be sick.
Liu Rexi was dizzy, and she felt very flattered.