Xiang looked at the dull crowd, and it was a matter of human life. He didn’t recognize anything wrong with being so high-profile reprimanded before, even though he had nothing to do with the moonlit black cat group before.

Being a strong avant-garde, he knows all the disadvantages and speaks the most, which is ridiculous. Fortunately, he does not have an excellent quality of avant-garde. In other words, avant-garde is lucky to have all the disadvantages, and he is not responsible for himself or the whole team. Speaking of it, what he said before was quite polite. It is really enough to make her cry.
However, an outsider’s attitude is hard to offend the moonlit black cat group. Since it’s all over, he just left. Anyway, he doesn’t want to have anything to do with the moonlit black cat group.
Now he is not the one who sits in front of his head and expects to meet the characters in the cartoon personally.
Send to Tong Ren to add Friend Request, and then Xiang directly turns around and leaves.
"Please wait a moment"
Tongren was attracted by this Friend Request. At the same time, Kai Tai saw Xiang leaving and hurriedly left. Are you kidding? It’s rare to see the players in the Raiders Group. Anyway, you should keep them, even if you can’t let the other side give short guidance, you should add a friend, so that it will be much more convenient to join the Raiders Group in the future.
Xiang Wenwen stopped and looked sideways at Kai Tai. Speaking of the black cat group on the moonlit night, he admired Kai Tai’s president most. He always thought of the people in the guild. The most important thing is that even though he is still weak, he has the great goal of joining the Raiders Group.
Anyone who is in the Raiders group is admirable because they are fighting for their own lives and getting closer to hope.
Mrs. Kai suddenly bowed deeply to Xiang and asked, "Our guild really lacks a qualified avant-garde. Although I know this request is very presumptuous, we have always dreamed of joining the Raiders Group and asking you to guide me to become a qualified avant-garde."
President, he realized that he was not fit to be an avant-garde, so he was lucky to be an avant-garde. Now there are so many avant-garde in Xiang’s eyes, and he wants to try his best to win a guidance opportunity and then become an avant-garde himself.
“ ` ` w w w 8
Every word is sincerely touched, and my heart is suddenly touched. Now it is still leisure. When I take some time out, I will guide Kai Tai, and then let the moonlit black cat group have a qualified avant-garde. Maybe it will become a new force in the Raiders Group in the future.
Tongren looked at Qitai’s mouth and smiled bitterly. He was the attack position. He didn’t understand the avant-garde as deeply as Xiang. In his mind, Xiang may be the only one who can be evenly matched with Heathcliff’s shield sword. If he can guide him …
Thought of here, Tongren also asked Xiang, "Please promise Kai Tai."
Xiang accidentally glanced at Tong Ren’s silence for a moment, and when he came, he saw Tong Ren also help to speak, that is, he nodded, "I promise you that I am very free at this time."
Kai Taiwen suddenly straightened up with a face of excitement, and the other people in the black cat group on a moonlit night could not help cheering out that their attitude towards Xiang changed from dissatisfaction to admiration and worship after knowing his identity.
Fortunately, there is water mist in her eyes, and she has been resisting the position of avant-garde. Because she doesn’t want to refute her friends’ decision to add sex and weakness, she has never opposed it. Now she can get rid of the avant-garde bondage and almost burst into tears.
Back to the town, Lu Xiang and Tongren deliberately fell behind.
"I didn’t expect you to take the initiative to join the guild." I learned that Tongren took the initiative to join the black cat Tuanxiang on a moonlit night and couldn’t help teasing him in a teasing tone.
To be honest, although he had warned Tongren, he actually hoped that Tongren would not join the moonlit black cat group, but he did.
Tongren smiled shyly. He looked at several people walking in front of him, and they looked a little erratic and solitary. One day, he would join the black cat group on a moonlit night with a family atmosphere because of loneliness.
"People are group animals after all," he sighed with emotion.
"Really …"
Xiang sighed for Tongren’s regrets. He thought of Yuxi, the cute girl with big eyes. Although she tried to get her to join the blood alliance and secretly asked the equipment department to take the initiative to contact her, she still changed her loneliness.
A stranger’s cold posture seems to be closed in a world accessible to people, so lonely and lonely.
Even if he doesn’t come to the equipment department, those people will take the initiative to contact Yuxi when they see her so cute. Unfortunately, even if she is wolf-like, they will be patient with Yuxi’s strangers.
"Why?" Tong people noticed something strange about Xiang.
Xiang recovered, shook his head and looked at the backs of those people in front of him and asked, "Did you tell them that you are a cheater?"
Tongren eyes slightly dark sigh a way "no"
Xiang patted him on the shoulder and said with relief, "Say it when you find the right opportunity. I can see that some of them are very good, otherwise they will not attract famous loners."
"Don’t make fun of my fame …" Tongren squinted at Xiang Hua with a wry smile and suddenly asked as if he remembered something. "I’m curious why you are on the third floor."
Xiang withdrew his hand and face, smiled slightly, and unconsciously emerged a little chill in his eyes. It was difficult for people to notice that he was almost joking and said, "Come and kill people …"
But Tong Ren didn’t think it was a joke because he didn’t hesitate when he saw Xiang kill people with his own eyes.
He thought that this was not a joke. His shoulders suddenly shook and his dark eyes widened.
Xiang is not afraid to deepen the misunderstanding of Tong people, and continues to joke that "six people have been killed so far, and the results are good, but even Argo doesn’t know the news."
Tongren saw that although he was joking, he said it seriously, and his eyes were also open to the maximum.
"Is it a famous player …" He said with great difficulty.
"Of course!"
Xiang put away the joke and said firmly.
Chapter 36
"What … to do this?"
Tongren felt it was very difficult to breathe for an instant. After digesting the news that Xiang had killed six famous players, he couldn’t help but question the tone and say this sentence.
At the end of the day, Xiang left a strong impression on him that night. When he killed someone, he hesitated and didn’t have a gesture. It seemed like a cold-blooded butcher, and now he heard that he had killed six players. As soon as he heard the news, his senses blurred and he doubted Xiang’s true face.
Xiang Wen-wen was slightly calm and Zheng. He looked at him calmly and said, "To tell you the truth, I have no psychological burden to kill that kind of person."