A glimpse! Guan Guhong was immediately attracted by Liu Rexi’s lovely and charming posture, and her eyes stagnated. Her innocent face refused to move for a long time.

Liu Rexi, who took Princess Pingyang’s hand, felt the cold sweat in the palm of the other party’s hand, and greeted her with a mahogany chair without disturbing it.
"Xia Zhi see tea! As usual, Princess Pingyang likes refreshments best. "
"ah? This ….. "Xia Zhi was stumped again! As usual? What old rules? She doesn’t know that Princess Pingyang likes tea best? She doesn’t know that the two princesses seldom communicate with each other on weekdays. Even if Princess Pingyang occasionally comes to the door, Yincui gorge can’t even prepare a cup of tea and deliberately instructed her! If it’s according to the old rules, it should be nothing. What can I do?
Xia Zhi hurriedly looked Liu Rexi for help and blinked a few times to ask what to do.
Diane eyebrow slightly wrinkled Liu Rexi also felt a little strange soon she pretended to anger, "what are you still leng? It’s up to you to do it yourself. You can’t do such a small thing well. Princess Pingyang has long been thirsty. Why are you dawdling? "
"Yes, yes, it’s a handmaiden. Go and prepare!" Dare not neglect Xia Zhi hurriedly ran into the back room.
Princess Pingyang heard Liu Ruoxi’s inexplicable words and couldn’t help but dry cough again. "Ah Hehe! It’s not far, it’s just a few steps … Qing Yanmei, are you making fun of me for being old and not married? "
Liu Rexi sloped a smile "where words Yang Jie you have a good daughter-in-law, I still have to congratulate you in the future. It’s not too late. Chapter 10 Watching tea.
"Ah, it’s not too late or too late. Thank you!" Princess Pingyang looked suspiciously at Liu Rexi and thought, "Is this still a month ago, crying, making two noises and hanging three times?" Didn’t she have a crush on Guan Guhong since she was a child? How can it appear so natural and graceful now? What on earth is she going to do? "
Princess Pingyang turned to look at her future husband, only to see that he was still standing in his place stupidly. A pair of hot eyes were staring at Liu Rexi affectionately, but he couldn’t help but raise his left foot in great anger and rub it on his toes.
Guan Guhong immediately recovered from his trance and sat awkwardly. He didn’t dare to look at the two beautiful women in front of him again, pretending to look out the window as if nothing had happened, and gently admiring, "Ah Qing Yan’s sister’s garden is quite chic!"
"Hum! Yes! " Princess Pingyang sneered, "This grasshopper flew to Taiping Garden, but you didn’t leave a shadow of the moon before the flowers!"
Officer GuHong facial mutation hurriedly corrected "where is it? No, no, Pingyang, you misunderstood. "You still can’t help but take a peek at the innocent and evil Liu Rexi, but see her smile calmly. with an easy grace doesn’t rest assured that Princess Pingyang’s words are at arm’s length. She is like a pair of scissors and plunged into Guan Guhong’s heart, making him calm and relieved, and then lifting ripples.
Liu Ruoxi said again, "Sister Yang worries too much about Brother Gu Hong’s kindness. She doesn’t like people who are all hands and feet and don’t wait on these flowers and plants occasionally to help Qingyan take care of them. Qingyan is now happy that Sister Yang has got such a thoughtful and considerate gentleman!"
"Really?" Princess Pingyang looked puzzled at Liu Ruoxi, who really couldn’t understand this weak little girl, and suddenly grew up overnight! Today, after hearing the news that Princess Taiping has recovered, her heart is full of resentment. She has always hated this younger sister, who is likely to endanger her future. She is wondering if she can stimulate her again so that her old illness can recur. Just when Guan Guhong arrived, she gave her such an opportunity, so she will bring her future husband Liu Qingyan to "demonstrate". Unexpectedly, this younger sister seems so never forced, which greatly surprised her and made her feel a little overwhelmed.
Speak Xia Zhi with a plate of brewed tea and a delicate fragrance wafted to the heart and lungs. Although Liu Ruoxi didn’t know the tea ceremony, he could smell the unique fragrance of Biluochun. He immediately turned his back and pointed to "Sister Yang, a little rough Biluochun, please slow down"
Princess Pingyang smiled and pulled up the orchid finger and gently lifted the lid of the cup. She put her beautiful little snub nose close to the mouth of the cup, smelled it lyrically and then covered it back gracefully. "Sister, do you know that it’s the first time for me to drink tea in your house for so many years that I can’t bear to swallow it?"
Liu Ruoxi burst into condescension. What the hell! What is she going to say? This woman today is to find fault with Chapter 19 Instability.
Liu Ruoxi choked back her anger and smiled indifferently. "Before Yang Jie joked, it was my sister. I don’t know how to behave. I’m still young, Yang Jie. You won’t blame me, will you?"
"Where? It’s the best thing that we two sisters can bury the hatchet. Sister Yang, I’m kind today. We two sisters haven’t sat together and talked comfortably for a long time. Sister Qing Yan, I don’t know how worried you are when you’ve been in bed for more than a month. What’s going on? What happened that day? "
Liu Rexi smiled bitterly and touched his forehead gently. "Yang Jie is not that I don’t want to tell the truth. I can’t remember not only what happened that day, but also many things that happened before. I don’t even know who Gu Hong’s brother is. If people didn’t wake up just now, I would really regard him as a romantic flower thief! Ha ha Yang Jie, look at that scar on my forehead. It is estimated that it still hurts when I hit it that day. "
Princess Pingyang, suspicious, took a closer look and carefully studied the Zhu Shazhi on Liu Qingyan’s forehead. She obviously suffered a great impact, but her mind was really blurred. When Princess Pingyang could not help but be elated, her former nemesis really disappeared. Now Liu Qingyan seems to be reasonable and respectful to herself. The key is that she has completely forgotten Guan Guhong and never worried about the resurgence of the two of them!
"Is that right? Oh, Qing Yanmei, is it very painful? " Princess Pingyang stretched out her jade hand and provoked Liu Rexi’s forehead broken hair and gently vomitted an one mouthful blue gas toward that Zhu Shazhi. Her eyes were full of cuts.
Liu Ruoxi sighed plaintively. "Well, fortunately, it doesn’t hurt for the time being. It hurt badly just now!" She is not insincere in this sentence, and it is true!
"I heard that you were in a coma again just now, sister. I really shouldn’t bother you at this time!"
Liu Ruoxi couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. It seems that Princess Pingyang wants to leave. She put on a fragile look. Diane frowned slightly with her right hand and gently pulled up her cheeks. "Sister enyang, I’m a little uncomfortable now!" For a pretence, I moved to the bench, but I lost my center of gravity, and my body went straight back without listening to my orders.
A "ah" hasn’t finished yet, and the body has been firmly picked up by a pair of hands and gently dropped on the glazed tile.
GuGuHong has jumped up from the wooden bench and put his arms around Liu Rexi’s waist.
Involuntarily Liu Rexi hand tightly clutched GuGuGuHong skirt some embarrassed to see in front of people.
Lonely Hong’s face is gradually magnified and clear, and his posture is clear as a static Sichuan wave. If he is elegant and elegant, he looks a little anxious, which makes Liu Rexi very moved. In an instant, she seems to see the spring breeze coming out of Tianshan Mountain in Langyue … That restless little heart is bursting and jumping.
"Sister Qingyan, be careful and stop talking!" Guan Guhong helped Liu Rexi step by step toward the bed, and those who were ready to wait on the maids were also shot back by Guan Guhong’s overbearing eyes. Chapter 20 Pretending to be sick.
Liu Rexi was dizzy, and she felt very flattered.