"Since you don’t know where he lives, then you must have a contact way. If you don’t have one, then there is no need for you to stay!" Kang Tianlai looked at Hou Sankou coldly, but he still didn’t have much confidence in it. Although it was strange, he didn’t know what it was anyway, which was an intuition!

"My Lord, please forgive me. He has been contacting me all the time, but he comes and goes. Sometimes he suddenly appears in front of me and disappears when he leaves. When something happens, he comes to me, and when I have something, I tell him that the Lord wants to let me go. When he contacts me again, my horse will tell you to beg the Lord to let me go!" Hou San is busy saying that if you speak slowly than fast, it will lead to Kang Tianlai’s punishment, and then you will buy Gao Chen!
"Everything you say is true". Look at Hou Sankang’s face and show terrible anger!
"The villain dare not tell a lie in front of the duke. If there is a lie, the villain will die a natural death. I beg the duke’s adult to let the villain go, and then the villain will be the only one who cares about the duke!" Hou San is busy saying that his words are equivalent to swearing, but he is afraid of what he says is true! …
"Since you don’t know anything, I’ll keep you!" Kang Tianlai said, he patted Kang Tianlai with a palm. It doesn’t seem that he will shoot this palm out. He can’t vent his anger without putting out Hou San.
Actually, it’s not that he hates Hou San so much, but that he can get some news from Hou San’s mouth. This is a great hope, but it seems that he didn’t ask anything at the moment. That’s a disappointment. How can this situation not make him furious? In this rage, he vented his anger and directly shot Hou San to death!
When Hou San spoke, he was already paying attention to Kang Tianlai. Although even the oath was sent out, it should be able to win the letter from Kang Tianlai, but he was always cautious. He was still alert to see Kang Tianlai seriously slapping him and thinking about it, but he didn’t want to directly start sending Kang Tianlai. But if the eleventh order strong man was hit by his angry palm, he would be dead!
Kang Tianlai clapped his hands and went to see the light flashing. What else was there in front of him? It seems that Hou Sangen never appeared in this place. This made Kang Tianlai furious and immediately roared, "Where is Hou Sanna? Have you seen it!"
Although he asked questions, I knew the answer from those people’s expressions. Because these people, whether they are his brother or those disciples of Gao Chen, are all surprised. If Hou San’s position just now had any knowledge, then there would be no such expression. For Gao Chen, it would also cost a lot of money. Of course, it is impossible for everyone to send a piece of paper. There are also a few talents in every city who are qualified to have a gift. Don’t say that they have not entered the Tianchen Temple. The disciples have never heard of it. It is this kind of surprised look that saved their lives.
"Duke, when we saw the light flash, Hou San disappeared." Kang Jinghu was busy running over and said, at this time, the expression on his face was wonderful. Now he didn’t know that he was away from Gao Chen. A disciple of Gao Chen had such a thing, so if Gao Chen didn’t order something good, no one would believe it!
"The light flashed and disappeared. Did you think I was blind? What the hell is this? It seems that Gao Chen still has a lot of things we don’t know. Hum, Hou San should have gone to find Gao Chen now, so I’m afraid he won’t get the news. Give me these people first and kill them one by one. I want to see if they can really disappear like this." Kang Tianlai sneered at these people, and he almost stepped in to kill these people in a real rage!
"Lord, it seems that we still don’t know enough about this Gao Chen. When the time comes, I will arrest him!" At this time, there has been no mouth on one side, and the old man said faintly!
"Grandpa, a Gao Chen is worth your efforts. Just have a little grandson!" Kang Tianlai looked at the old man respectfully, but from his address, he could know the identity of the old man. He was the first strong man in Kangcheng, the eleventh-order star Kang Liyou.
"It seems that I was a little too careful to hear that he is a ninth-order, but I always feel that this peak should not be so simple. Since you have confidence, I will leave it to you!" Kang Li’s face showed a faint smile and said!
After listening to Hou San in Gao Chen’s shop, he knew everything. Gao Chen’s face showed a cold sneer and said, "In this case, I’ll go to Kangcheng. I wanted to go for a long time, but I didn’t expect it!" …
"Master, you can’t go to Kangtianlai, but you are an eleventh-order strong man and the eleventh-order strong man in the Lord’s mansion doesn’t know how many you go. It’s too dangerous!" Hou San exclaimed that although he was also worried about the other disciples, Gao Chenan was more important!
"If you don’t go, how can you really let him kill one a day? Don’t worry, I have my own opinion!" Gao Chen calm mouth way!
A few days ago, Gao Chen finally succeeded in breaking into the tenth order. He rose to the tenth order instantly. At least a thousand nine-star apprentices were upgraded to the ninth order nine planets, and these experience values directly pushed Gao Chen’s level again to the tenth order. Seeing the ten-order, one-star, ten-order, two-star experience value Gao Chen, it is not surprising that what will be directly upgraded. Since ten-order, one-star and ten-order two-star need experience values, it is even less than nine-order nine planets’s to rise to the tenth order, it is full of excitement for Gao Chen in Kangcheng
After the level rose to the tenth order, a hero system was started, that is, Gao Chen could summon a hero if he could finish this. Of course, he knew that this was a main helper in the game and that he could have a hero. This was what Gao Chen hoped for all night, but this made Gao Chengen not know how to do it. Because this show was to open the manor, he was directly dumbfounded by this show. It was better to say that he moved into the shop instantaneously, but the root of the manor didn’t rise. How did he get into it? He asked a god beast, and he didn’t know anything. Anyway, it was a short time
Throw that hero aside. What Gao Chen has to do now is to go to Kangcheng for a while, but Kang Tian will come! After leaving the shop, Gao Chen started to send the ring directly. It took several times to get to Kangcheng. After the level rose to the tenth order, Gao Chen found that the map display area widened again and was ten times the top. Now it can show hundreds of billions of square kilometers, but it is still not possible to fly to Kangcheng once for such a wide area. To be continued Chapter three hundred and twenty-three Enter the castellan mansion
> although I had the intention to have a collision with Kang Tianlai, Gao Chen didn’t swagger into it. After all, Gao Chen’s strength is only a tenth-order one-week, and the whole city of Kangcheng still doesn’t know how many eleventh-order strong Gao Chen is confident, but it doesn’t mean that he is arrogant. *1*1* Gao Chen went into Kangcheng to collect the bodies of those killed disciples, then sent them directly to the duke’s mansion, summoned a pet from his duke’s mansion, and then turned it into his appearance. Then he put the pet into a shop and turned it into a pet
Although it is not far from the map to find the location of those disciples, Gao Chen can’t go straight there. After all, his pet Lord’s Mansion hasn’t reached the position of walking casually. Because Gao Chen is like this, he has not aroused other people’s suspicion. But Gao Chen knows that a pair of eyes sweep from his body from time to time. Obviously, this is the master of the Lord’s Mansion. Because these eyes sweep from the body, Gao Chen concludes that their purpose is not to monitor a certain person but to monitor the whole Lord’s Mansion!
With these, it took Gao Chen a long time to reach the place where his disciples were detained, even though it was no problem to look at him from time to time.
In fact, these disciples have not been abused so far. They just can’t go out. In Kang Tian’s case, they killed one person a day, but now they haven’t arrived at all these disciples. That’s a lot, but because they were arrested, these disciples don’t look very good now.
The place where they were taken is the outermost part of the castellan mansion, because he wants to kill people in front of everyone so that the news can go out. If they are taken to the innermost part of Kangcheng cell, there will be a lot of trouble for the team Gao Chen. Now Gao Chen, the pet identity root, can’t enter the castellan mansion, not to mention entering the cell and slowly approaching these disciples. After a glance, Gao Chen and others swept away, they all took these disciples into the shop.
Gao Chen put these apprentices in the shop and roared from the city hall at the same time. Then a figure appeared in front of Gao Chen, and several figures appeared first. It was Kang Tianlai who looked at Gao Chen (1_1) and said, "It’s amazing how you turned into someone else. I didn’t expect you to come. Should I call you Gao Feng or Gao Chen better?"
"Whatever you call this, it’s all the same anyway, isn’t it?" Although Kang Tianlai arrived instantly, Gao Chen’s face didn’t show much surprise. For him, this action has been a success because his disciples are now safe.
Besides, this is what he expected. After all, this is the castellan’s mansion. If the castellan’s mansion really took people away, it would be a strange thing. After all, this is a city power. If it is so easy to enter and take prisoners away, then this Kangcheng is not qualified to establish itself in the martial arts world, even if this person can change his appearance at will!
"Then I’ll call you Gao Chen. You’re very good. You played me for ten years." When you saw Gao Chen, Kang Tianlai had no anger. When you spoke, your expression was extremely calm, but no one knew what kind of anger it was! …
"No, you’re wrong. It shouldn’t be that I played you for ten years, but that you forced me to do the peak for ten years. You have always been the wind!" Gao Chen chuckled lightly and said, no matter who is, he doesn’t want to live with someone else’s face. Besides, it was ten years ago.
"Really? Then you mean that I was wrong and I should pound garlic for you, right?" Kangtianlai looked at Gao Chen mouth way
"This apology is not, after all, this matter has passed." Gao Chen said with a smile on his face, as if the truth believed Kang Tianlai’s words to apologize!
"Hum, you really have a face. Now I ask you Kang Yue?" Kang Tianlai looked at Gao Chen calmly and asked, although his expression was calm, no matter who he was at this time, he could see that he was hiding his anger!
"I don’t know Kang Yue, but I have an apprentice named Yue Kang. I just don’t know if this is someone you are looking for!" Gao Chen smiled and turned a blind eye to his expression.
"What do you mean he is your apprentice now?" Suddenly Kang Tianlai looked at Gao Chen angrily. Although he once thought that Kang Yue would become a disciple of Gao Chen, he was confirmed that his anger broke out at this moment. If he hadn’t considered that he hadn’t seen Kang Yue yet, he would have directly killed Gao Chen’s heart!
"Yes, we should be good now, but isn’t your attitude too bad!" Gao Chen smiled and said, it seems that Kang Tianlai is angry!
"We are good. Why do you accept my disciples? Are you worthy of accepting others?" Kang Tianlai was furious and asked, "Since martial arts masters and apprentices are so important, you can’t just learn from them. Ordinary people really don’t have the qualification to be Kang Yue’s master because his father but Kang Cheng mainly knows the eleventh order strong people in Kang Cheng, but there are many!"
"What’s my strength? It’s not up to you to decide whether you are qualified or not. Anyway, Kang Yue is already my apprentice, and even if you don’t want to admit it, you can’t change this fact!" Gao Chen smiled and looked at Kang Tianlai’s anger lightly.