It’s easier said than done. It seems that I feel that sakura rain and other latecomers threaten the top ten places, and others have accelerated some upgrades. Even after I drove to Long Ge, I felt that the atmosphere changed slightly and I had to speed up a little, so I fell from the second place. That would be funny.

But how can this speed compare with Yang Ye and others?
Too slow! !
In a blink of an eye, a large cluster of wild monsters was cleared, and Yang Ye’s ranking soared from 172 to 67. Cut mandarin ducks in the 1% experience gap of more than 200 people, which is still a high level and a lower level. It is possible to clip tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people.
Other people’s grades are constantly advancing, almost every ten minutes, thousands of Bin Song will advance, so a low-level experience jump is tens of thousands of high-ranked. Of course, if you don’t play, it will be scary to watch …
Look at your own experience and look at Yang Ye, the tenth in the ranking list, and smile-this time he is ranked higher than the second time in the miniature continent! to be continued
Chapter 25 sweet potato photos
The black cracks are getting smaller and smaller in the Balog colorful flow ceremony, and it is not clear whether the cracks or the black gas are obvious, which proves that the Balog ceremony is very effective, but as the black cracks gradually shrink, some of the needs are increasing, which means that it is more and more difficult to repair them later.
Barrog’s face is still worried, and it seems that he can’t rest assured for a second. His frown is always wrinkled, so he has to always pay attention to the situation here. Yang Ye is quite concerned that Lilina cocoon is so small that it can’t hold a person even a baby. Yang Ye is extremely worried about the situation in Lilina, but Lilina Lian is still proving that she is really alive.
It’s been another hour since the extreme land night reached the summit. Now, the land night not only exceeds the experience value of chasing Long Ge, but also greatly leads the dragon song by about 7%, which makes people fall short of glasses.
We don’t care so much about the limit situation. What we care more about is that we are currently in the ranking and other positions. sakura rain, like the limit sakura rain, has also maintained a fierce growth momentum of the level during this period, and the speed has not lost the limit. We have rushed all the way from outside the ranking list to the first position in the ranking list. It depends on the situation. The horse can move forward again.
Players have been eagerly discussing in other places in the forum, eager to know what happened to these two presidents, which can make their level go up like a rocket, even if people around them want to chase it.
But ….. This situation seems to be too mysterious. Almost no one has seen the specific location of these two people. It is vaguely revealed that there is probably a limit to upgrade with sakura rain!
Yes, this situation is mostly true, so that the two of them can achieve such similar speed.
When everyone was talking about it, sakura rain successfully completed the progress and came to the seventh position. The momentum was fierce and convincing. At this time, an anonymous post suddenly appeared in the forum, which immediately attracted all eyes-
[breaking the news! Every promise war has several friends levels and has made great progress! 】
Go in and have a look. This man explained that he understood that mutual theory is the limit, and sakura rain both promised to fight very closely in a sense. According to some people, they saw two presidents being sent away by a special mage not long ago, but after description and comparison, the way of sending them is very likely to be sent away by the same plot, and the other side must be the player who asked for it. Make a bold guess—
Promise war
He is the most suitable candidate. The promise war can mobilize the two major guilds to help him fight in groups, but it seems that they knew each other before, and at the same time, there is no doubt whether their lines know each other. In this case, it would be great if the promise war called them both. After all, their equipment and grades are top-notch
If you don’t believe us, you will find something amazing if you turn over the ranking list and search for the promise war! At the same time, I’m here to give you a few more promises and friends’ id. If you are interested, you can’t stand it.
When the post came to an abrupt end, it left a lot of suspense, which made people itch. When the player looked at it, there were three strange id luminous (holy priest), double-edged sword (crazy warrior) and rotten orange (heavy archer).
Three id’s that have never been seen before are placed in front of tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of players, and they are too lazy to care so much. They can’t wait to search for the "promise war" until they have a look at the mastermind-
The promise war ranks 51 and ranks 37
The promise war ranks 37. I don’t know how much it was before the show. If you want to know the speed, you have to wait and see how fast it goes up. It’s all full at this front, so most players turn to search for the other three id rankings. The highest is 5147, and … and so on …
What’s going on? I just saw it was 5147. How did it suddenly become 56? Nearly a hundred people went in this blink of an eye? Are you kidding me? No one else is upgrading? No, no, no … It is better to believe that others will not upgrade than that he will upgrade quickly.
The players who searched for the double-edged sword were shocked when they happened to touch the double-edged sword, so the ranking changed, making sure that they had not seen the players wait patiently, but …
There’s something wrong with the promise war again!
What happened?
Of course, the ranking has risen!
It has soared from the top 37 to the top 29. This is the top 100. The competition is extremely fierce. The top 100. If anyone can go in and blow it, they will blow it one year or two years ago! !
How did this promise war become famous just like playing?
Not only did he rank double-edged sword, luminous and rotten orange at the same time, but he also made a leap forward, with hundreds of amazing teeth broken! And the players reacted again and immediately searched for the limit and sakura rain ranking. Their ranking has not changed, but the experience value has also increased a lot …
This …
Things have turned out. They are all together, whether it’s the limit or sakura rain, or the promise war or his good friend’s double-edged sword. They have got a fast upgrade method. At this time, they are rushing to the level of speed faster than all the players at present! !
According to this trend, they can’t finish the ranking list? This so-called ranking list can’t be their back garden? But on second thought, it’s probably impossible for them to continue. After all, the game won’t make players quickly upgrade their level, otherwise their life will be shortened, and they probably won’t be able to complete the hegemony …
What is dominating Yang Ye is already the so-called level rise is the most important thing.
Just at the 29th place, he got the ranking again, and jumped to 23rd place. Compared with before, the speed was much slower, but it was also amazing. He went ahead and cut mandarin ducks after him. At this time, the ranking was closely followed by Yang Ye, and it didn’t narrow down. She was 39, and she was already in the top 50. When Yang Ye arrived in the top 10, he should see if there was any chance to enter the ranking list.