At first light the next day, Li She gently pulled her arms out of the head of the bride, and then put her arms around her neck. She quietly covered her arms for fear of waking the sleeping beauty.

Dressed neatly, I finally took a look at the path. "Coco, don’t worry, I will definitely send Sun Jian’s head to you!"
Outside Tianmen town, there are already banners covering the sky, and the murderous foot soldiers are already ready.
The first one is to put an animal skin leopard without armor. A tall horse with red hair is holding a peerless bow in its hand. It is Li Zhuang who doesn’t want to wear armor. Li Zhuang brought ten well-trained pro-guards, which means that these ten pro-guards are first-class foot soldiers. Their main purpose is to protect Li She ‘an.
Looking back, a man in the right rear of Li Zhuang, with his armor all alone and without a helmet, drifted freely with black hair, and the fierce horse kept neighing. The pike in his hand reflected the cold light from time to time, which made him look full of fighting spirit. It was the gun king in the north who said that Zhang Xiu and Zhang Xiu made great contributions to the world war I with their own Xiliang fighters in Tianmen Town.
While a general in the left rear of Li Zhuang is dressed strangely, wearing a brocade robe and flowery clothes, with a dazzling silver bell hanging around his neck and a few unknown bird feathers stuck in his head, which are gorgeous and beautiful as flowers. What’s even more strange is that this one is still holding a green bristlegrass in his neckline and putting his hands behind his head, so he looks at Li She defiantly.
Who else can this strange dress look like if it’s not Gan Ning? Gan Ning also tries his best to bring his soldiers. A total of 240 people belong to the special arms "Jin Fan Thief". The other special arms have a very abnormal ability to see the strength of military commanders and protect their swords from the flesh.
In addition, there is also a teenager Huang Xu who follows instead of Zhou Cang as a guard.
Not far away, the people are watching the military commanders off, and they are envious of these military commanders who can go to war. It’s like just coming from Zhou Jiacun to Zhou Cang, and they are annoyed, "Alas, how can I get hurt every time and let Huang Xu get that little diamond?"
Zhou Cang’s side was naturally full of excitement. Cai Yan planned to run happily and was immediately stopped by Zhou Cang. "This kind of occasion can’t be ridiculous!"
"Oh" CAI wenji uncomfortable nodded and continued to happily shouted ""xianggong "! Xianggong! "
Wen-chi shouted naturally attracted Li, who smiled at Wen-chi, and then turned his head and walked towards the two men coming this way.
"How can" xianggong "ignore me!" CAI wenji muttered some unhappy mouth.
Zhou Cang explained, "How can your master care about his children’s affair now? Please forgive me."
"Forget it, who let him be my" xianggong "?I can hardly forgive him." Cai Yan amused herself and said that this performance was not far away. Bian Shi Zhang Ning asked Zhang Ning, "Who is this woman?" What do you call Li Shexianggong? "
Because Cai Yan met Bian Shi when she returned to her territory, she went to Zhoujia Village with Zhou Cang, saying that she was looking for inspiration and wanted to walk around-so Zhang Ning had never seen Cai Yan.
Bian Shi laughed. "Do you still say that? Our sister, of course. Come on, I’ll take you to meet your sister. "
Li She has no energy to worry about in the backyard. At this time, she is greeted by two people, one is Guo Jia and the other is Kuai Liang.
Kuai Liang laughed. "The Duke is really a warrior. You can’t taste such prestige even if you travel all over the world!"
"I’m flattered, sir. Please ask Mr. Ma and we can start." Li She didn’t want to say much, but she couldn’t wait to fly to meet Liu Biao and kill Jiangdong directly.
Kuai Liang also don’t want to delay "obey the duke’s order".
The three of them turned over together. Ma Li was about to reach the departure order, but Guo Jia shouted, "Raise the banner!"
Immediately, one leng, a foot soldier came carrying a standard, and the flag fluttered with a big plum character, in which the golden thread of the plum character was woven to look like gold, and HongLing danced around the corner of the general flag to show a sense of luxury.
"This is?" Li asked in doubt.
"The flag is the flag that unites the morale of the army, but it is even more important to be angry. Otherwise, it is a battlefield." Guo Jiayi explained that Li She was suddenly enlightened.
In ancient times, when fighting, fierce generals who were eager to make meritorious deeds liked to kill each other’s flags. Sometimes, in the chaotic battlefield, they cut down each other’s flags and shouted, "The enemy will be dead and we will not surrender!"
Although the enemy generals are not dead, it is likely that some enemies will surrender on their knees with their hands down, because the flags have been cut, which proves that they are definitely not the other side.
Li She nodded and shouted "Let’s go!"
The horseshoe lightly steps on Li She and finally takes one look at Bian Shi and others, who resolutely step on the journey. In their hearts, they say, "Everything is mine. My loved ones will no longer be hurt. Whoever wants to hurt them, I will pay them back!"!
Liu Biao, a newcomer, intends to set the place of governance in Nanjun, but there is an unstable force involved in Li in Nanjun, so it is good to set the place of governance in Xiangyang.
Now he is over 50 years old, and although he is thin, he looks quite healthy, speaks moderately, is gentle and deserves to be "Jun"
At this time, Liu Biao was sitting high in the discussion hall of Jingzhou Pastoral Mansion of Xiangyang Army, waiting for news.
There are many discussions about the gathering of talents from the left and right.
Suddenly, a foot soldier came to report that "Master Bo has returned"
"quick! Please come in! " Liu table nasty said
Kuai Liang led two people to stay in front of the door and bent down to ask two people behind him to be advanced. These two people came to Li She and Li Zhuang after half a month of dusty.
Li She did go in, but Li Zhuang was stopped and said, "No fierce soldiers are allowed to enter. Please give us your weapons."
"Farting is always a treasure bow. How can I give it to you!" Li Zhuang is unwilling
The foot soldiers were about to get angry, and Liu Biao said hastily, "How dare you cut the guest!"
"Ah?" Not only the foot soldiers froze, but even Li Zhuang froze.
The foot soldiers quickly reacted and knelt down to beg for mercy. "My Lord, I was wrong. Please let me go."
"Say more that the axe-wielder is pulling and chopping for me!" Liu Biao shows no mercy
Li Zhuang took a ugly look at Li She and lost his life because of himself. Li Zhuang felt that some of it was not worth Li She’s knowing visit. "In Hou Li’s visit to Jingzhou Pastoral, this foot soldier was just too upset and asked Jingzhou Pastoral to let this person go."
Liu Biao shouted, "Thank you, Duke!"
"Thank you for your intercession, the duke …"
"Go and change your mind!" Liu Biao fumed and then looked at Li She came straight from the high seat with a big smile. She took Li She’s hand and said, "Why did the Duke come in and sit down at the door?"
"Thanks for Jingzhou Pastoral"
Liu Biao took Li She to the high seat and left the right position to Li She. Li She didn’t refuse to sit down and Li Zhuang also stood quietly behind Li She.

As soon as Cai Yi’s words came out, a tsunami broke out, and even Cao Cao next to him was a little excited, but Cao Xing shook his head quite naively when he saw this. To put it bluntly, this is not just some superficial articles. If Cao Xing estimates that it is right, it is estimated that he will tell his ambitions one by one later. However, everyone will say it, but not everyone will do it.

Cai Yi looked at the people sitting in the front row and asked them to express their views together. When he saw a young man in his mid-thirties, he saw Cai Yi’s eyes and wanted to get up. There was a man next to him who stood up first, but this man was none other than Yuan Shao, who looked at Yuan Shao and got up first himself. But in the end, he did it without saying anything.
Yuan Shao looked at Cai Yi with a punch, and then gave a deep gift to everyone, showing his good manners. Then he looked at them and said, "Yuan Chu was born in four generations. My uncle and my teacher are very strict with me. They often teach me to be loyal to the king and patriotic. Yuan Shao has no ambition in this life, and he wants to manage the sky properly, so that my Han Dynasty can become a peaceful and prosperous time!"
"good!" When Yuan Shao finished this sentence, several cheers rang immediately and Cai Yi nodded slightly in front.
"Part-time job with this ambition is really a national blessing and will become a pillar of society in the future!"
Looking at his words has attracted the corresponding effect. Lombardi also smiled and sat down, but the person sitting in front of him was a little tired. Seeing that he also got up at once and took a provocative look at Lombardi, then Lang said.
"I Yuan Highway was born in four generations and three kingdoms, and I am proficient in everything. I would like to be a general in the next day. I will expand my big Han’s territory and spread my big Han’s reputation overseas, so that the barbarians in all directions can worship the wild!"
Cao Xing listened quietly to the words of the two men in the face. At this moment, he also understood the young speaker. To put it bluntly, Yuan Shu is a cousin of Yuan Shao. However, history remembers that the contradiction between the two brothers is so deep that fire and water can’t match each other. Just now, the two of them are comparing with each other to see who is more slippery.
When Yuan Shu said these words, he turned his eyes to Cai Yi, and Cai Yi made comments on Yuan Shu with his smiling face.
Is sitting in the square watching their two brothers fight is talking about it, although everyone has different opinions, but there is always a sign that Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu give people a feeling of being different, Yuan Shao gives people a feeling of being like a spring breeze, but Yuan Shu seems to have some words that are eager for quick success and quick success, showing his demeanor. Yuan Shao can’t be compared, so their two brothers are slightly worse than Dou Dou or Yuan Shu this time.
However, Cao Cao, who has been talking about a lot, has not taken it to heart. He has some regrets being dragged to this place by Cao Cao. Listening to this group of people talking about Cao Cao, he feels sleepy. To put it bluntly, most people are bragging about what the two brothers, Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu, will be like in the future. Cao Cao knows better than anyone, and Cao Cao feels that he is here to chat at the moment with drinks on the table.
After Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu finished their speech, people sitting behind them began to remember that these people were, to put it bluntly, descendants of dignitaries, and their parents or grandparents held important positions in the DPRK. All of them were distinguished, and they learned a lot of exciting words, and Cai Yi also smiled and nodded and gave them a certain evaluation
I believe that getting Cai Yi’s evaluation will be of great help to my future career. However, even without these comments, I believe that my future career should be smooth sailing. It is estimated that I am not interested in joining in the fun today.
After a while, it seems that it is Cao Cao’s turn to speak at this table. Looking at Cao Cao next to him, Cao Xing also put his glass in his hand and turned his attention to Cao Cao.
Now, Cao Cao and Cao Xing are completely different in history, so Cao Xing wants to hear what Cao Cao’s ambition is.
After seeing Cao Cao, he hesitated for a long time before he looked at Cai Yi calmly and said, "I, Cao Cao, hope that after I die, I can engrave the words Cao Cao, the general of the Western Expedition. Although my official position is far from the position of the general of the Western Expedition, I, Cao Cao, will always be a minister of the Western Expedition, but if one day the big man needs me and my country needs me, I, Cao Cao, will definitely stand up at the risk of my life!"
When Cao Cao finished this speech, many people present were silent. Now, it is not a festive day, but it is definitely a good day. Many valuable brothers in Luoyang are gathered here to talk about it. It sounds cautious that Cao Cao should not die when he comes, but it is precisely because of Cao Cao’s incompatibility that Cao Cao’s speech is particularly prominent. If it is more accurate, it is that Cao Cao’s determination seems to be much stronger than that of many people in front.
There was a moment of silence in the field, and sometimes Cao Cao couldn’t help but put his glass in his hand. He looked at Cao Cao with different eyes. Cao Cao was able to say these words. If Cao Cao felt that Cao Cao seemed to have matured a lot, unlike those rich men who knew how to talk big.
And Cao Cao’s sentence that Seoul was always a big city was deeply imprinted in Cao Xing’s mind. Recalling Cao Cao’s life, Cao Cao tried to abolish the last emperor of the big fellow in one’s hand, but he didn’t do it, and he always pretended to be a Han minister.
If you ask Cao Cao to do this, it may have been doomed a long time ago today.
After hearing Cao Cao’s answer, Cai Yi’s mouth turned up unconsciously. Then he looked at Cao Cao and nodded and said, "Meng De is good. You can say this today. I believe that Qiao Xuan should not be mistaken that day!"
Maybe others don’t know what Cai Yi meant, but Cao Cao’s nature is clear. In history, Cao Cao was also a dude when he was a child. Many people didn’t think highly of him. However, only Qiao Xuan, a famous man, praised Cao Cao and said that Cao Cao was an important person in every day.
Cao Cao is also very grateful to look at Cai Yi and then sit down slowly.
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
"Brother Meng didn’t see that you still have such ambitions!" Seeing that Cao Cao was still a little nervous at the moment, Cao Cao couldn’t help joking, but Cao Cao quickly waved his hand and said to Cao Xing, "Brother Cao, don’t make fun of me. You’d better prepare. Now it’s your turn!"
Cao Xing couldn’t help but fail to look at the people around him. At the moment, many people focused on him. Later, it was Cao Xing’s turn. However, Cao Xing was not prepared to express any opinions on this occasion. He waved his hand indifferently and made a gesture of please to a person, which obviously meant to abandon him automatically. Anyway, he also accompanied Cao Cao out to play today.
Just behind Cao Xing, when people got ready, suddenly there came a dissonance in front.
"It turned out to be a little brother Cao. I didn’t expect this to happen to you today!"
Looking around, I found that the speaker was none other than Yuan Shao, who was sitting in the front, and Cao Xing frowned involuntarily when he heard this. If Yuan Shao was speaking casually, there would be no problem, but he could tell that Yuan Shao had a thorn in his words.
Sure enough, when Yuan Shao’s words came out, there was a lot of discussion around him. Everyone looked at Cao Xing whispering there. As Cao Cao said, since Cao Xing left the palace to catch assassins, Cao Xing’s name seemed to become very small and a little angry.
The Ministry here is descended from dignitaries, and they must have heard about it long ago, so they also know a little about Cao Xing’s name.
"Hehe, Cao’s little brother hero is young and young, so it’s hard for everyone to get together on this occasion and not express your opinions!"
Cao nature will look at Lombardi. Although Lombardi has been laughing, Cao performance feels that Lombardi, this guy, the bait hides the hook. Cao nature is somewhat puzzled. He and this Lombardi pole can’t get together. This Lombardi wants to speak against him everywhere.
But anyway, Cao was not going to get mixed up with Yuan Shao, a group of people. He bowed his hand and was just about to refuse. However, at this moment, a man next to Yuan Shao showed a sneer and looked at Cao’s scruples and said.
"Ha ha at the beginning of you don’t say I didn’t find this bing topped how can appear in Daya Gallery? It’ s simply a slippery day! "
This statement is aimed at Cao Xing, and the speaker is none other than Yuan Shu next to Yuan Shao.
In such a public place, Yuan Shu openly said that Cao Cao was a bumpkin, believing that Cao Cao would be unhappy in his heart and could not be vulgar, so he couldn’t figure it out. Did his generation and the two Yuan Gu brothers become enemies? The two of them are aiming at Cao Xing everywhere?
"Ha ha highway, I said, how can you say such a terrible thing? Cao Xing’s brother was transferred to the capital at the Bing Military Meritorious Institute, and now we should congratulate him on making a big name for ourselves!"
"At the beginning of what outstanding exploits? I think it’s blowing out. Isn’t it just hitting a few aliens? I have to say it’s amazing. I thought it was different when I went to war in Yuan Shu. I killed more than 20,000 yellow turbans. Who do you think I have more credit than him? "
Lombardi and Yuan Shu actually had a heated debate in this public place, while others sat around without talking and quietly watched this scene, since there was a scene to see or not to see.

The purple light flashed a group of people in Zhang Xiaotian.

Now Yancheng!
Several purple psychic powers swing out the Yancheng defense array and instantly collapse!
"Be careful. There is a monk in this city!" Zhang Xiaotian twist a head toward Yang Xiao said.
"Ha ha! What am I afraid of when you are here! " Yang Xiao laughed and then rushed into the city, followed by the spirit of ice and fire!
Zhang Xiaotian and his party have the strength of three comparable monks! Zhang Xiaotian has a fire, water, spirit, ring and mysterious posture, so that he can fight under pressure after meeting the order monk.
"hmm? Level array method? " Suddenly Zhang Xiaotian exclaimed in surprise and looked at a building in the city.
Several purple psychic attacks are easily blocked by the protective cover of the building! Surface spread out light fluctuations let Zhang Xiaotian clearly realize that this is the level of law!
"Lord’s mansion!" Three glittering Chinese characters suspended at the top of the building also made Zhang Xiaotian recognize the position of the building in the city.
"Hum!" Zhang Xiaotian sneered at dozens of purple psychic powers and attacked the building
Layers of defensive cover were broken, and the building finally collapsed in the purple spirit force.
"Who dares to make trouble in Yancheng?" Anger shouted a coarse-clothed man from the castellan’s mansion.
"It’s him!" Zhang Xiaotian’s eyes flashed clean and his heart was sure! Listen carefully. It’s him who said Jie Xiuzhen.
"It’s me!" Responded Zhang Xiaotian said slowly that the attack at hand didn’t stop!
"You?" Coarse clothes big fellow first one leng then nu laughed "spirit force is strange face contains law is good also! But there is no power to attach! No matter how high the array level is, it’s no use! If you meet me, today is your death! "
"Really?" Zhang Xiaotian sneer at a jilt up several spiritual force to the thick clothes big fellow attack.
"Hum! These concentrations of spiritual power also want to hurt me? " Thick clothes big fellow sneer at one by one waved a layer of light fluctuations and then to Zhang Xiaotian attack to meet the spirit force attack at the same time, the body also followed raised a layer of golden mask!
"hmm? The array method has not disappeared? " All of a sudden, the big fellow in coarse clothes stare big eyes, and his face reveals a horror color, and his body suddenly dodges.
However, some can’t come at this time.
"Sniff!" A purple psychic force hit the thick-clothed man’s body, and the golden light of the golden defensive cover flashed for a moment and then became dim.
There are several purple psychic attacks followed by several psychic attacks.
"no!" Thick clothes big fellow pupil contraction heart roar body at the same time raised layers of golden shield to instantly reached more than three layers.
However, there are too many psychic attacks from Zhang Xiaotian, and there is only one layer left in the defensive cover of a dozen psychic powers.
Poof ",however, when the coarse-clothed man was horrified and desperate, the law contained in the spiritual attack was strangely disappeared, and the road was struck in his defensive cover, but the root could not move his defense.
"alas!" Zhang Xiao, as in the heavenly heart, sighed, and the effect was good after the fusion of the two laws. He was able to resist the order of Godsworn’s heavenly solution, but Zhang Xiaotian’s two laws have just been fused and can resist for a while! Otherwise this Zhang Xiaotian can fix this order and kill it!
But even now Zhang Xiaotian can hold him down!
The mind moves to attack the thick-clothed man, and the more purple spiritual power there is! With the support of fire, water and spiritual precepts, Zhang Xiaotian-gen doesn’t worry about spiritual consumption.
"God! What exactly is this man repaired? " Zhang Xiaotian’s incessant psychic attacks make the thick-clothed man’s heart tremble, especially in many psychic attacks, one or two psychic forces containing array methods occasionally appear, just like nails in a cannonball in a marshmallow! Let him have to play 1000% spirit to deal with Zhang Xiaotian mental attack.
Zhang Xiaotian’s psychic attack contains law coarse clothes, and he can’t detect what level it is, but he knows that the level must be very high! Every time an attack with array spirit force hits him, he will feel a sense of danger!
"If you fight like this, you will definitely die!" After playing for a while, the big man in thick clothes suddenly had this idea!
"escape!" Thought gives birth to coarse clothes big fellow to observe the situation around.
However, the observation of the coarse clothes man made him even more horrified.
I don’t know when there are two more monks around! One left and one right, together with the current opponent, surrounded him tightly in a triangle.
These two monks came out of nowhere. Naturally, it was the combination of ice spirit and fire spirit.
I didn’t want to kill this order in Zhang Xiaotian, but it suddenly occurred to Zhang Xiaotian that maybe … killing this order can bring shock to more people! So the mind move Zhang Xiaotian decided the order to fix true life and death.
Three people tightly surrounded the order fix true don’t leave him a escape gap!
At this moment, Lin Er and Bing Ling’s spirit force attack arrived.
"No," the coarse clothes fled in the Han Dynasty. Although his strength was good, he could not bear to be besieged by three monks of the same order who were not weaker than him. You’ll be a fool if you don’t know how to escape again.
However, since Zhang Xiaotian has decided his life and death, will he let him go again?
The figure moved thousands of figures to surround the coarse-clothed man again.
"die!" Tens of thousands of purple psychic powers roared at the thick-clothed man in Zhang Xiaotian.
The coarse-clothed man didn’t know that Zhang Xiaotian’s psychic force contained the reason why the law disappeared. When he fled, he spread himself out and the fluctuation of heaven contracted tightly around him.
It’s nothing, but it’s speeding up his death at the moment!
Without the wave of heaven, Zhang Xiaotian’s psychic attack contains the law and directly attacks the body of the coarse-clothed man.
The fusion of the two methods of law makes the thick-clothed man shrink tightly around him, and the wave root of heaven can’t eliminate Zhang Xiaotian’s spiritual attack on the middle method.
"Ah" coarse clothes man screamed.
He is not white Zhang Xiaotian psychic attack and suddenly have the law.
But no one went to him to explain.
A top monk with a strong order and a strong world died in the hands of Zhang Xiaotian.
From this moment on, the rise of ghost repair, the influence of ghost repair and the help of heaven and earth are doomed to shake the whole world!
And Zhang Xiaotian’s name is also destined to go all over the world!
Chapter three hundred and twenty-two The finale ()
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The city grabs the energy stone and cancels the ghost repair to recognize the master contract!
Zhang Xiaotian and others are afraid of looting one city after another! The route is very stable!
Well-informed fix true people left the city early after learning the news!
The information that ghosts will die when they sign the master’s contract also slowly flows in. Some timid people even secretly untie the master’s contract of ghosts and slaves.

Double-click the browser to enter the confusion in my heart, and then I find that there are actually many EGAs who have the same confusion-

[What should I do if my Alpha is unhappy? I’m not sure if he’s really unhappy …]
The landlord is like this. Today, my family A finally went shopping with me in the morning shift, and it was really handsome to meet a handsome guy halfway. I just looked at him (not exaggerating, really) and saw my face when I turned my head.
1L Oh, I know! Jealous!
The landlord replied, no, no,no. His expression doesn’t look like before he was jealous. When he was jealous, he would call me a baby. He would coquetry and take the opportunity to do bad things (ahem). But that day he really didn’t. I don’t feel like jealous. Besides, he spoke in a normal tone later.
LAlpha liar, don’t listen to what he says. He must be waiting for you to coax him. Let’s cook and go quickly. That’s right. That’s how my family died and didn’t talk. They accumulated enough money to settle accounts together for five days … Er, I always wish the building good luck!
The landlord replied for five days … Is this something to say? Catch another good luck [kiss gif]
3L I don’t feel jealous. Maybe he just has a sense of crisis and feels that he has to be promoted (pure rational analysis, just now single dog doesn’t like it)
The landlord’s reply seems reasonable [kiss gif]
The floors have their own opinions, but most of them are divided into two factions-they must be jealous; I want to learn from each other’s strengths in the same kind
Learn from each other’s strengths in the same kind …
Su Mo thought about Yan Shuhan’s views on Li Wenle. I really can’t imagine what the other party might think of Li Wenle as "better" than himself and "take advantage of it"
But if this possibility is ruled out, there is only one thing left-jealousy.
Su Mo moved the mouse, and the light flashed in his mind, suddenly remembering that pajamas in the closet don’t look like pajamas. I don’t know if they are still there. If the weather gets warmer today, you can wear them …
After all, what are you jealous of … Is this the most effective way to coax?
Chapter 146 Pajama PLAY (YanSu content 1%)
Yan Shuhan was slightly surprised to hear water in the bedroom when he went to the third floor.
Because ega usually comes later than him, sometimes even in the office room on the second floor, it is painted that it will not come until nine o’clock.
But it’s only now
Is it sleepy?
However, I also missed sleep a few days ago. I really should go to bed early to make up for it these days.
Gently pushed the door open and Yan Shu Han entered the room with a tablet and went straight to single person sofa to sit down.
There is a small white round coffee table in front of the French window in single person sofa. There are some hibiscus that will not grow too high. The scenery is great and the lighting is good
But the bathroom with the entrance of the master bedroom behind it is parallel to the master bedroom.
In other words, when ega comes out of the shower, he won’t see the other person immediately, or he will have to ask someone to come towards him himself or turn his head to see the person.
But it’s better not to see ega directly, because then people won’t be too shy
The water in the bathroom is ringing and Yan Shu is cold. Open the file and continue to deal with the public.
Abrupt to crisp, like wet water, heavy towel fell to the ground, and the sound was quite loud.
Yan Shu cold suddenly got up.
A brisk walk towards the bathroom.
"Baby? Did you slip? Wrestling? Are you injured? "
"No, no … nothing"
Su Moyin is a little strange, like a little ashamed.
Alpha frowned at each other. It was hurt. I’m sorry to say that I was even more worried.
"Really? But I heard the sound. "
Su Mo’s voice was steady this time. "No, I didn’t really fall. The towel accidentally fell to the ground."
Su Mo said, looking at himself in the bust, covering his face with shame and changing the subject after reconfirmation. "When did Mr. Wrestling really come in? I didn’t hear the sound. "
"Just came in and opened the door lightly."
"Oh, sir, there’s still work to be done, right, sir? Go and get busy. I’m really fine. I want to wash for a while."
At the door, alpha always feels that his wife seems to be hiding something from herself.
But after a little hesitation, I agreed, "Well, that lady should be careful."
I think it seems that I have to let the housekeeper purchase the bathroom mat.
I feel that the anti-slip mat pendulum seems to be incompatible with the cold and hard temperament of black, white and gray colors in the bathroom decoration.
It’s really strange to imagine it. Besides, it’s impossible for him to fall and step on the ground. Most of the time, even if he slips slightly, he can immediately become a steel bar.
But now with ega, it seems that it is still necessary.
"Well," Su Mo should look at his ears and neck with powder in the mirror.
be over; be doomed
I’m so ashamed of myself before I take a step.
By the time it’s really going on, I’m afraid my legs will be unstable if alpha’s eyes look over.
Su Mo picked up the towel, washed it and debugged it. The shower was a little colder, and the water iced her cheeks and ears.
Adjusted the garment strap again in front of the mirror.

"Everybody out of the way."

Tang Luoling scooped up a bowl of water and went to the black dress person’s side to pour a bowl directly.
This move is really clever. The black man really woke up slowly. Although he was lying on the ground, the first move was to reach behind his neck and touch the place where Yunsu hit him. His brow frowned as if it still hurt. Chapter 168 Interrogation
"Come on, don’t pretend!"
Tang Luoling kicked in front of him, and the black dress person looked like he was in his thirties and forties.
Men in black were suddenly surprised to find these people in front of them, and then they recalled in their minds how they were caught.
"You …"
The black dress person sat up and his eyes were vacant.
"Do you still know me?"
Tang Luoling in situ sat in front of him jokingly quipped.
Although the man in black didn’t know her, he was startled at the sound. Isn’t this the voice talking to himself in the cave?
Why is it that it’s a woman?
I was shocked, because the black cloth on his face had already been torn off, so his expression appeared in everyone’s line of sight.
"Don’t be afraid of wealth like you. Will the dead be afraid?"
Tang Luoling stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder like talking to an old friend. "As far as I know, people like you are not afraid of death. If a person is not afraid of death, what is there to be afraid of?" Don’t you think? "
Men in black this just calm to "yes! Now that you know, you can’t get news from me. "
"You seem to have misunderstood."
Tang Luoling’s face was relaxed and proud, even mixed with contempt. "We never thought about getting news from you, and you couldn’t get news. You said that knowing that we all know is not a treasure." So mysterious? "
"Then why did you arrest me?"
"Look at what you can catch when you say this. Don’t you stay with us?"
Tang Luoling hand ponder patted him on the cheek "look at your age should be a wife and son? I don’t know what you people are thinking. Is money really that important? But I don’t even care about my wife and children. "
Tang Luoling said, his eyes never leaving the black dress person’s face.
People, including Yun Lietian, are not so. They know that there is little hope of getting news from the people in black. If there is no hope, they will find their hearts from his expression. No matter how strong they are, they will show it when they reach their loved ones.
Men in black really showed a strange look when they heard the word wife and children.
But it was a flash, and his identity was slightly superior to that of ordinary men in black. He didn’t want the enemy to see his weakness.
"Don’t disguise yourself anymore. People’s hearts are full of meat. No matter how much you disguise yourself, you can’t change your responsibilities as a father."
On a cloudy day, he came to him with a strange psychology and casually said, "In fact, we didn’t catch you to get any news from you but to save you."
"Save me?"
The man in black looked even more puzzled. Can the word "rescue" be credible when it comes to the other side? He obviously doesn’t believe it.
"You can’t help it if you don’t believe it, but we will prove it by facts."
Yun Lie suddenly became serious. "If you still refuse to talk about anything, you can go now, but not to your master, but to your wife and children, because even if you go back to your master, there is a dead end in front of you. A man who has been captured will not leave you alive. You should be very clear about this. Chapter 169 Lanshide 1.
"You still kill me!"
The black dress person’s expression became dim as if he had lost hope of survival.
"We have saved you from the den and will never kill you. Every life has its value, and it can’t be solved by death. What if we kill you, your wife and children? If one day your son grows up and knows that we killed you and come to seek revenge from us, will you be able to die in Jiuquan if you are killed by us? If he kills me, will my descendants also collect debts from him? Do you think it’s interesting to kill like this? "
Tang Luoling smiled and continued to be kind to men in black.
"But I have no way out."
When the man in black spoke, his teeth clenched as if he were very angry. His eyes fell to the ground and he didn’t know who the so-called hatred was aimed at.
"If you leave the wasteland, you will have a way."
Yunlie day saw that he had been gradually persuaded by himself and decided to go further.
"No, no! Master won’t I live "
Men in black shook their heads gently, revealing desperate eyes.
Although Tang Luoling is a woman, she is a little impatient to see such a mother-in-law scene. "Well, it means that we don’t want to get information from you. You don’t have to leave. Let’s protect you, right?"
The men in black first Zheng seems to have never thought that these two words would come from each other’s mouths.
I didn’t expect myself to be the object of their protection, and then I gave a wry smile as if to say, how is this possible? Can you protect me?
"That’s right! If you like, you can live in my fierce peak, and even your family can live there. It will never be unkind to you. "
"Fierce Spirit Peak?"

Someone broke the silence, and others began to get active again.

But the little girl kept staring at her father.
She saw a strange look in her father’s eyes.
Only when she grew up did she understand that feeling was called disappointment.
Three years later.
"Dad! I finally feel angry! "
A small figure rushed into the courtyard with great efforts.
It’s Xiao Huang
Unfortunately, it was too short and the threshold was too high, so I tripped and fell down without paying attention.
Xiao Huang quickly got up and patted the dirt, but suddenly he felt burning pain in his elbow.
Raised his arm and looked at it. It turned out that there was a piece of skin that stung and stung.
But Xiao Huang didn’t care about wiping her clothes and walked into the room.
"Dad, I can officially practice!"
She entered the room and shouted
At this time, my father came out of the hall, holding a picture scroll that looked like a long time ago.
Xiao Huang knows that the picture shows a beautiful woman.
I was told that it was my mother.
"Dad, look!"
Xiao Huang put his arm behind his back and stretched out his other hand. A small flame suddenly burned at his fingertips, trembling and flickering.
The man squatted down to wipe the stain off her face and laughed. "Keep trying, Dad, I’m sure you can."
Chapter 116 Retreat
"What’s wrong with me?"
Ye Huang looked at Ye Xiaoxiao doubtfully. She frowned and got Mifeng’s suicide blood, and then suddenly she didn’t know anything.
What is this place? Why is Ye Xiaoxiao here?
Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t speak. She took two steps forward and suddenly fell to the ground.
"Oh, my old waist!"
Ye Huang hurriedly lifted her up before.
"I’m so sorry. I really don’t know what just happened." Ye Huang was apologetic.
"I know"
Ye Xiaoxiao sighed and said, "You were possessed just now."
Ye Huang leng leng
seems to be
She never wanted Mi Feng to die, but the fact is that she forced him to death alive because of her obsession.
She is too eager to prove that she is someone.
She didn’t want to let disappointment appear in her father’s eyes again.
"You can’t take what children say seriously"
Ye Xiaoxiao said, "At that time, they didn’t understand anything. Maybe they thought it was nothing, but they inadvertently hurt you."

Here we go again!

When Gezer broke through with the ball, he always won and squatted on the sidelines, but now he’s up because he finds that he can’t see clearly when he squats and looks at a lot of people in the distance, so he can look better from a higher angle.
He noticed that there were three or four pick-up points around him at any time when Gotze broke through.
That is to say, if he wants, he can always give the football to those people and run by himself.
However, Inter Milan has also made corresponding adjustments.
They keep an eye on it. It’s very specific
Real man-to-man …
At the expense of the attack, I gained the advantage in the number of defenders.
Inter Milan can be so defensive in this game.
But …
I’m afraid Europeans have no concept of hurricane or typhoon, right?
Have you seen how a typhoon moves?
From the Pacific Ocean, all the way to the west and north, the island and the mainland are in a mess!
In Chang Sheng’s view, the wind has already blown.
Gotze took the ball forward. There were many Lazio teammates around him, and of course there were more Inter Milan players. After Cambiaso passed by him, Montari came over. He gave up his watch and stopped Gotze Ingeze. Now he is the closest to him.
Moreover, meireles’s threat of organizing attacks is much smaller than that of Gotze and ledesma.
Can give up temporarily
Just now, Gotze didn’t have the ball but made a direct breakthrough, which made Montari think that Gotze was very dangerous. If he was left alone, it might threaten the goal of Inter Milan.
But just when he first came, he couldn’t break the ball straight through Gotze, but he scored again this time!
And give the football to meireles!
You and I can play?
I break through!
You and I can’t play?
My ball!
The personal breakthrough and overall promotion of Gotze and Lazio have created several possible headaches for the defensive side.
Who knows if he wants to break through once, it’s still a ball!
Without football, Gotze easily bypassed the stunned Montari.
Meireles put the football back.
They say it’s true that they are far behind Ledesma in organizing attacks.
But that doesn’t mean that you are not good at a five-meter ball!
Gezer didn’t go forward after catching the ball.
Because the front is the restricted area heavily guarded by Inter Milan.
Although the straight line breakthrough is the shortest, it is the most difficult.
So before landing in the restricted area of Inter Milan, the typhoon turned slightly from the middle to the ribs.
Chapter one hundred and twelve Storm transit trip!
Traditionally, the middle of the restricted area is the most tightly defended place for each team, so it is not a wise decision for many teams to choose the middle of the wing to force their way out.
It’s normal for Gezer to bypass the ribs.
This change of direction made Inter Milan defenders happy.
They think it’s their defense.
Then you will make persistent efforts in the future.
Since we can force them from the middle to the ribs, we can also force them from the ribs to the side and then force them to go!
Satima, who contracted in the ribs, made up for it and stood in front of Gezer to prevent him from continuing to break through, but at the same time he gave up the position of the flank, which means you can’t even think about the flank or the middle!
The main left-back of Inter Milan for half a season is Chivu.

"After all, you are all rookies, and you still have the kind of stupidity that you can go forward with an enterprising spirit. I’m here to tell you that the entertainment circle is not a joke or a play house, and you won’t be forgiven just because you are a newcomer."

Aurora say that finish and pointed eyes Li Re pity.
"I know that some of you have run a walk-on several times before, and you don’t care what your identity is, but you want to break out of the world by virtue of your stupidity. Now all of you have abandoned this idea and listened to the command. If you let me know who didn’t listen to today’s first training, I will let her taste the bitter fruit in the future."
When she finished this sentence, her eyes were always fixed on Li Re’s body. Even children of three to five years old knew who Aurora meant by this remark.
But unlike mocking Yin Yating, no one dares to laugh because of Li Ruoxi’s status.
Aurora looked around, picked up his bag from a chair and snapped his fingers at all the new artists. "Come with me, all of you. I’ll show you what the real shooting scene is."
Li Re precious little silent words to go to this Aurora mouth is really not a general poison is three hundred and sixty-degree dead angle mocked by her to the dead.
But in fact, did she mess with this famous actress?
Don’t just a senior can let yourself be hated by this Aurora for so long?
Follow Aurora all the way to the shooting hall. Li Ruoxi’s expression is in the position closest to the door. He is not at the end of the crowd. Listen to Aurora in front of him.
Director Lin Xiaochao came over here with the same easy-going smile on his face. "Yo Ruola, are you giving the first training to the new people now? It’s really hard enough."
Aurora turned supercilious look in his heart and smiled. "Who is director Lin shooting today?"
Lin Xiao hey hey smiled. "You can’t go on filming without this scene. I can shoot some other connecting clips. Your training will be one day."
Aurora nodded his eyes and glanced around the group of new artists. "Director Lin is at ease. I came here to show this group of rookies a backstage. Is it convenient for Director Lin to be backstage now?"
Lin Xiao’s face is the same. "What’s inconvenient about this? Please come in and come in."
Aurora glanced at the group of new artists behind him, and his eyes narrowed slightly. "What should you say when Director Lin allows you to visit the backstage?"
She asked and looked at Yin Yating’s pretty face in the first place, and her expression was meaningful. "How can I answer my question?"
Yin Yating just return to absolute being, hurriedly latosolic red face bowed toward Lin Xiao.
"Thank you, Director Lin"
Other new artists also like an epiphany. They quickly bowed and thanked Aurora. She snorted and pursed her lips. She secretly said, "You see this group of new rookies is really rude and mindless."
Jia Yingying shrugged. "If Sister La is the first training, it’s not for you to adjust people. You should be careful when you do this."
Aurora glanced at the crowd Li Re precious little face dismissive expression.
"If Yin Dong loves his little wife, don’t send her. Since Yin chaebol wants to be famous, they have to be treated equally. Even if our lady Yin made a mistake, I should still fight."
It’s good to be stubborn about her, but I’m afraid her good friend won’t have a good result if Yin Dong really loves his wife.
Pull the curtain in the background and walk in. There is a separate makeup mirror inside. The front back of the chair is stuck with paper, which is the heroine, the female and the female.
Only these three good seats, the rest are Mazar and small benches, and even better, plastic benches.
This Yin chaebol backstage is much more humble than expected.
Aurora raised his eyebrows and looked at the three positions, which was meaningful. He explained to the new art population, "Have you seen these three positions? Tell you that these three positions are not so easy to sit in."
When she finished, she looked at Li Re’s words with sarcasm.
"Of course, Mrs. Yin is different from other girls and must have been in a better position than this, but I hope Mrs. Yin will remember that your previous experiences are worthless in front of the Yin chaebol."
Li Re precious little finally could not help but refute this time.
She never recognized how powerful her previous experience was compared with that of the Yin chaebol, but the Yin chaebol was a dark day and she was a dark person.
There’s nothing to compare with this one, is there
Thought of here, she looked up and smiled at Aurora’s face.
"I said that Aurora’s predecessors were really different from others, but that was not because of Yin Mo, nor because of my experiences, but because I was Li Rexi."
Li Re knows that she doesn’t like to be called her senior, but she must do so.
Thinking here, Li Ruoxi looked around again. "Everything here is my husband’s ink, but it’s my predecessor in Aurora. Please don’t go too far, otherwise even the kitten will scratch people if it is provoked."

Everyone still believes what the Dragon Emperor said, and everyone is relieved. Dragon, although the cultivation is very boring these days, everyone of the saints is in a state of excitement. The reason is that his cultivation here is much faster than that outside, and each of them is making continuous progress. Every time the magic level rises, it will become the greatest motivation for them to continue their cultivation. What’s more, they all have their own mount partners. It is undoubtedly the best thing for them to practice together with the mount dragon in the Dragon Valley, so that they can fit their mounts better in a short time.

The Dragon Emperor smiled and said, "Then you can continue to practice Elder Akin. Come with me. I want the clan to announce your elder status."
Ji Dong was surprised when he was just left by Di Longzu. Especially when Di Longzu left, he wouldn’t let him leave easily, which made Ji Dong burst into anger.
However, as time goes by, Ji Dong found that Longzu is more suitable for sparring than Dragon Emperor. It can not only bring more pressure to himself, but it is best that it will not take the initiative to attack itself when it wants to escape, but it will also resist and not fight back when it wants to attack. There is such an excellent sparring practice. Although the elements in Longzu are not as rich as those in Longgu Department, it does not have much impact on Ji Dong’s Taiji Magic Field.
Every day, Ji Dong tries to break through the blockade of the Dragon Ancestor twice, and various tricks emerge one after another, but the strength of the Dragon Ancestor is really too strong. In front of Ji Dong, there is a feeling that no matter what he does, the Dragon Ancestor can keep him back, which is to say, every day, in the process of escaping, Ji Dong will bear great oppression. After the failure, he immediately enters the state of cultivation, while practicing magic, he seriously thinks about his gains and losses in the previous impact process, which forms a virtuous circle, making him make continuous progress in constant penance.
Ji Dong also left a successor. From the beginning to the present, he also made the magic domain, but it was limited to Tai Chi’s own second magic domain. The dream silver never made Ji Dong. Now it is clear that he did not break through the blockade of the Dragon Ancestor, and he may be able to escape a certain distance, but it is still impossible to escape from the control of the Dragon Ancestor. It is better to wait for the opportunity and continue to impact when the strength is sufficient.
Three months passed in a blink of an eye. After three months of penance, Ji Dong finally got his wish, and he cultivated the god-destroying strike to the sixth level. His magic power has also risen to the twelfth level.
With the continuous rise and fall of the realm, the surprise brought by the God Strike to Ji Dong has become more and more. Although it is more and more difficult to rise later, the power of the God Strike will become even more horrible with each increase. When Ji Dong entered the third place in four realms, he won the God Strike with accompanying skills. When he broke through the fifth place, it did not change.
However, when Ji Dong broke through the sixth level, he gained a skill of destroying the gods. This skill is not as direct as destroying the gods, but it is even more wonderful if it is properly handled. Now Ji Dong is looking forward to getting new skills when he breaks through the sixth level.
Di Longzu still stands there like a statue. If Ji Dong doesn’t try to leave, it won’t move, just like a single mountain peak. But once Ji Dong takes action, it can always react at the first time. With its stronger soul than Ji Dong, it can predict the action in Ji Dong first. The highest record in Ji Dong is to break through to the range of 100 meters away from it. This record has been going on for a long time and has not changed again.
Ji Dong, sitting cross-legged, suddenly opened his eyes for a moment, and his body was like a cannonball. Now he doesn’t just want to escape. Sometimes, when he figured out some fighting methods or skills, he would also try to be a target. It’s perfect to face such an opponent who can’t beat him.
When Ji Dong leans forward, the dragon ancestor’s front paws have been lifted to his chest, and it has been discovered when Ji Dong finishes practicing.
If the Dragon Emperor saw this scene, he would be surprised to defend Ji Dong’s attack on the Dragon Zu, but it’s a common thing that ten-order dragons do.
It’s also wrong for the dragon ancestors, but the reason is very simple. Ji Dong’s attack is too overbearing, and its physical toughness can’t continue to block Ji Dong’s attack.
Destroy the god struck up to the sixth heavy day Long Zuji began to eat a little bit of money to escape the 100-meter record, which was also created that day. Destroy the god struck and practice to the sixth heavy place Long Zu. It is impossible for the body to hard block Ji Dong’s attack. It is necessary to release magic to fight against this situation. How can Ji Dong not be happy?
Seeing that Ji Dong’s body is about to rush to the chest position of the ground dragon ancestor, suddenly his whole figure is like a middle position. Generally, it was still a momentum, but suddenly it turned into a triangular peak. The running route went straight to Ji Dong’s right fist and went straight to the lower abdomen position of the ground dragon ancestor.
Di Longzu is very depressed. Although it is a holy peak repair, the biggest problem is that it can’t leave its original place, so its huge bust is naturally moving Ji Dong, which is beneficial. Recently, when attacking, it is always specially looking for it. Di Longzu’s body is so big, but Ji Dong’s own body is so small. With its own flexibility, it can really bring some trouble to Di Longzu.
As mentioned earlier, Ji Dong set a record for the escape distance of 100 meters, that is, without the assistance of Dayan Flame Dragon, except for the first escape, Ji Dong released Dayan Flame Dragon into Huilong Valley and let it practice itself in the Dragon Valley, which is obviously more suitable for Dayan Flame Dragon Ascension. It is natural that there is no problem with the dragon ancestors where Dayan Flame Dragon left. Without Dayan Flame Dragon, Ji Dong has to bear more pressure, which is natural that it is happy to see.
Just glanced at it, and there are still many votes behind the previous monthly ticket. It seems that the difference is not very far. Another monthly ticket condenses into chrysanthemums, which is a little far away from our eyes, but if we are strong enough and have enough momentum, a brilliant little daisy will still bloom to seek monthly tickets, recommend votes and reward. Haha, I am very happy at the thought of bursting toad. The key to this and ranking is that I think of the declaration of toad protecting chrysanthemums. I think Chapter 490 Yin is you.
For Ji Dong, the sudden turning to the general way of fighting seems to violate the laws of nature. The dragon’s heart is very appreciative of this way of fighting, and it is too confusing and sudden to ask itself. If its soul force is higher than Ji Dong’s, it will really bring it a lot of trouble.
Of course, there are certain restrictions on Ji Dong’s turning direction. He can do this only by extinguishing the gods, but changing the forward direction of his body through extinguishing the gods must first have a fixed traction point. The strength of this traction point can only be achieved if he stops washing the car, so that he can pull his body in the opposite direction. In the past, ordinary rocks and ground soil could not be done so easily, but the body of Di Longzu was a problem.
Ji Dong has now put out the gods to practice, such as the armband fingers, and his body is even more directional. Once he fights, his body looks like a ghost.
Of course, it doesn’t mean that without Ji Dong, the dragon ancestor, it’s not good to destroy the gods. The effect of destroying the gods is to pull the enemy to his front and then destroy the gods. This change of direction is a subsidiary effect from Ji Dong himself, and the huge body of Dayan Shenlong is obviously beyond the reach of Ji Dong, and Ji Dong can inform it to stabilize its body and help it pull through soul communication in advance. Therefore, this kind of destroying the gods can be said to be one of Ji Dong’s killer weapons.
At this time, I watched her move towards her body and beat the dragon’s paw. At the same time, the magic of the body was running at high speed. A thick soil spear had emerged from the ground and went straight to Ji Dong’s body bombardment.
It’s terrible for the dragon ancestors to clap their claws.
That’s not a range of African claws to have attack power. At least 30 meters in diameter, a wide range is like being crushed by a mountain. It’s like a holy peak magic. Even if you don’t display your skills, it’s comparable to ordinary super-killing skills.
In the face of this situation, Ji Dong’s unhurried three-month experience has already made him gradually understand the fighting style of Di Longzu, and his hands and palms turned out to destroy the gods to show the anti-traction ability, which is also the evolution of a new ability issued by Ji Dong in recent months from destroying the gods.
He will reverse the operation mode of extinguishing the gods, so that when the palm is pushed out, it will no longer generate suction, but suddenly burst into thrust and then assist his own magic. This push force is quite huge.
The huge body of Di Longzu naturally cannot be pushed by Ji Dong, but this push has been flying out like shells with the help of anti-Ji Dong body.
From the very beginning to now, he hasn’t even turned himself into a dragon and a snake. Although wings can give him the ability to fly, this kind of rapid action will become resistance instead.
Ji Dong changed the direction again, and the soil spear naturally missed him. The Dragon Claw snorted, and it was not much different from the human palm. At this time, the middle finger and thumb buckled together and suddenly a sharp detonation sounded in the air.
This time is not the magic of the earth. That golden light is full of extreme feng elan. Ji Dong’s body is instantly locked by the soul force of the earth, and that golden light is caught up behind him with incomparable momentum.
In the face of Long Zu locking Ji Dong is in no hurry, as if the gas was slightly distorted, and then Long Zu popped up that golden light and paused for a moment. The most shocking thing for Long Zu was that he lost his lock on Ji Dong.
How is that possible? This time, the Dragon Ancestor was really shocked. This situation has never happened since it left Ji Dong here. Its soul power is one level higher than that of Ji Dong. According to common sense, Ji Dong is a root and it is impossible to escape its lock. This is also the reason why Ji Dong fled here. With the soul lock, the Dragon Ancestor can clearly grasp his one-step action, and naturally he can cope with it. With the magic far beyond the other side, Ji Dong wants to escape from it.
Losing the lock, the pop-up metallic attack can naturally remain in a straight line. After a pause, Ji Dong’s body slightly deviated from the direction, and the golden light passed by him
It’s nothing to avoid an attack, but it’s a big problem to avoid locking one’s soul. Long Zu is puzzled and depressed. Ji Dong can ignore the sudden acceleration of this set of body, which has not been released before. At this time, it is also released to flap its wings and cooperate with the viper to rush forward and go straight to the sky. This oblique flight is the most easy way for Ji Dong to escape from the control range of Long Zu after several experiments
There is water in the sky and soil on the ground, and it can be pulled as far as possible. There is no doubt that the attack power of the dragon ancestor is inversely proportional to the distance. The farther the distance, the smaller the attack power will naturally be.
It’s such a short surprise that Ji Dong has jumped out for nearly 300 meters. Behind the soaring array of Yin and Yang fire, Tai Chi magic domain rises to the greatest extent, which means that he will never give up until he breaks through 3 kilometers.
At this time, Di Longzu has reacted with a cold hum. His right paw is raised towards Tianyi and his left paw leans out in the direction of Ji Dong.
Suddenly, a force of the earth has emerged behind Ji Dong, and his speed has been slowed down in an instant. Although he can barely keep moving forward, it can also be several meters per second, which is like a tortoise climbing for him
The magic gap between Ji Dong and Longzu is too big. I don’t know how many times this separation has become the main culprit for Ji Dong to get rid of it.
What’s more, at this time, the sky is covered with dark clouds. This dark cloud is not rain. Long Zu controlled several water droplets to condense into an ice cone and smashed it in the direction of Ji Dong.
"It’s not that easy to run". It is impossible to stop Ji Dong from attacking in the middle of the gear with his paws together and traction behind him. Now he wants to get this little thing back as soon as possible and ask what happened just now. Now he can’t figure out why his attack will be delayed and Ji Dong will be out of lock at that time. There is no doubt that Ji Dong is haunted.
At this time, Ji Dong’s face is looking out of town. Longzu can’t see his face. If he can see it, he may be a little wary.

Lingyun didn’t expect Chui Fu to go around to him again. He waved and didn’t good the spirit way "roll".

But by chui fook this lingyun heart how much better, not as blocked as before.
For chui fook said to him to get more wives lingyun is don’t have any idea, now he is a little busy with both.
Even if you accompany Zhang Xue today, you will deprive them of half of the time. If you accompany them after a few, it will not become less.
Now, even if the two people take turns directly for a month, they will let the wind dance Zhang Xue keep the room alone for half a month.
If there are a few more, how much time will he spend with Feng Wu and Zhang Xue a month?
But Xu Fu said that he would treat them sincerely, not deceive them, and give them happiness. Lingyun still agrees.
Now that you have married two people, Lingyun can’t bear to give up either Lingyun, so you can face it.
At dinner that night, Zhang Xue’s eyes were still full of bitterness
After dinner, Lingyun practiced as usual, but she couldn’t calm down.
Thinking for more than an hour, Lingyun entered Zhang Xuefang after it was completely dark.
Zhang Xue didn’t sleep, but sat at the table holding the bar in one hand and was in a daze. Seeing Lingyun come in was full of surprises.
Lingyun picked up Zhang Xue and put her gently on the bed.
Zhang Xue obviously knows the meaning of Lingyun’s movement, and his heart is full of surprises. His eyes have been quietly closed, but the trembling eyelashes represent his panic and tension.
Lingyun knows a lot about Zhang Xue, Zhang Xue and the wind dance. At the beginning, the wind dance could push him down, but Zhang Xue would never take the initiative.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been waiting for Lingyun silently for so long, but I never went too far, and I didn’t even hint.
Lingyun gently faded off Zhang Xueshen’s clothes one by one …
With your eyes closed, Zhang Xue’s eyelashes are shaking, and the white skin is dyed pink like a ripe peach, which makes people want to take a bite.
Lingyun saw Zhang Xue nervous hands gently stroking her tender skin.
Lingyun put Zhang Xue’s rosy lips and tongue on her lips, but failed to pry Zhang Xue’s teeth.
Nervous and flustered in my heart, Zhang Xuebei clenched his teeth
Lingyun has gained rich experience in dancing in the wind and touched Zhang Xue * *
In Zhang Xue’s involuntary melody nowadays, the tongue took the opportunity to rush in and wrap Zhang Xue’s tongue.
Zhang Xue has been passively accepting that his body is at the mercy of Lingyun and his eyes are closed.
She didn’t dare to open her eyes until Lingyun hugged her in bed and there was no movement.
Although there is some pain in her face, this night is Zhang Xue’s most practical night and her sweetest night.
After Lingyun fell asleep, her bright eyes kept looking at Lingyun’s sleeping face, and her white hands gently stroked Lingyun’s cheek.
to be continued
Chapter 371 Zhang Tong breakthrough
The next day, Zhang Xue looked at Lingyun and her eyes were tender and sweet.
When eating, my eyes have been glancing at Lingyun with a little shyness.
Occasionally, I look at the wind and dance, and my eyes flicker, just like I did something wrong.
The wind dance has a panoramic view of Zhang Xue’s expression. Before Zhang Xue swept away, the bitterness became amorous and naturally knew that she and Lingyun must have done that kind of thing last night
If it’s just married, it will definitely make you uncomfortable when you know it.
But now she has already looked at it thoroughly, and she is not unhappy at all.
No matter whether lingyun and Zhang Xue have that kind of thing, they will not become more or less when they accompany her.
Now that the name is husband and wife, if Lingyun has been treating Zhang Xue as a guest of honor, the final damage will still be this family.
Wind Dance really values the formation of this family by three people. Now that she is pregnant, it is always good to have a harmonious and beautiful family when the child is born.
If Lingyun doesn’t handle Zhang Xue’s affairs well, even if Zhang Xue’s nature is gentle, it will break out one day
It will be this family that breaks up.
Moreover, Zhang Xue has tried her best to be the same as before in front of her these days, but how can Zhang Xue not feel her envy of herself in pretending to dance in the wind?
Moreover, Zhang Xue’s resentment against Lingyun is also not very good in his eyes and heart.
There is no contradiction between so many three people and Meimei’s affectionate love now.
Only when the country is harmonious can the people live in peace and family be harmonious and the family be happy.
I was a little guilty when I came to Lingyun for breakfast, but I didn’t feel dissatisfied when I saw the wind dance, and my heart was completely released
Thoroughly done the harem two beauties lingyun is also a worry.
Lingyun resumed laughing. Every day, he presided over the major things in the county seat in the county government.
After leaving Zhou Keng, it really became very calm.
Everything is developing in an orderly way, and the security of the city is getting better and better.
The living standard of the people in Zhending City is also gradually increasing, if it were not for the burden of 300 thousand refugees outside the city.
It’s almost time to compare the living standards of the people in the city with those in the prosperous times.
However, the living standards of the 300,000 people in the refugee city outside the city have also been lowered by a class.
But it is still much better than many cities.