"I don’t promise." I won’t agree to Lin Yuran’s request for anything.

"You are not qualified to promise or not, because this is my business. I want to save my daughter. Give me my mobile phone. I’ll talk to him." Yan Jiaxin is going to take my mobile phone, and I won’t give it to her for anything.
I pressed the words directly, and Yan Jiaxin slapped me directly, which made us both silent.
She said to me in a complicated way, "I didn’t mean to."
I touched my head and was soaked with sweat. My fist hit the wall again. I felt that my fist seemed to shake the whole balcony.
I’ve been in a bad state recently, and I’m not satisfied with writing a lot of things. I find that the more I get to the end, the more quiet my heart becomes. Sometimes I can’t control how to write it. It’s uncomfortable for Calvin. When I want to give up, I still bite my teeth and tell myself that even if the writing is bad, I have to finish it, otherwise you don’t deserve to be a person. Since I have given these characters souls, I must give them the ending they deserve. This is the real responsibility.
Chapter 41 Twenty million
"Now is not the emotional time to call the words in the past, can you?" Yan Jiaxin walked beside me and said softly to me.
I asked her, "Can you consider my feelings before thinking about that question?"
She stood staring at me with a sigh, then took out her mobile phone and dialed it up again. Soon the words were connected again. Lin Yuran said to me sarcastically, "Director Lei, it seems that your side is not so accommodating."
I bit my teeth at Lin Yuran and said, "Lin Yuran, don’t you just want money? 150 thousand."
"It’s really atmospheric to shoot, Director Lei. It seems that the total value of 50,000 yuan in your heart is too high."
I yelled at him "Don’t push your luck"
He finally got angry with me. "Put away your arrogance. Now you are begging me. You are begging me."
My Adam’s apple wriggled at him and said again, "Tell me how much you really want."
"20 million, not a penny less. I’ll cut your daughter’s face. By the way, your daughter’s head injury doesn’t seem to be healed. If I sprinkle a little more salt and then put some water."
The more Lin Yuran said, the more I felt that he was mentally and physically abnormal. I really dared not imagine what would happen to Xiao Yu around him. I replied directly to him, "I will give you 20 million for 20 million, and I will not miss a penny. If anything happens to my daughter, I will definitely not let you go."
"It’s you who said that Director Lei specifically how to trade and where to trade. I will send the message to your mobile phone one day. You’d better not think about calling the police. Of course, you dare not call the police. You may not catch me, but you don’t know what will happen to your baby daughter."
Say that finish Lin Yuran directly to hang up the words, I hold a mobile phone to suppress my mood at the moment than heavy makes me want to smoke a cigarette at this time, but looking at Yan Jiaxin anxious at the moment, I finally said to her, "Did you hear the words just now?"
"Twenty million, right?"
I nodded my head, and now I can come up with 20 million yuan in this situation. It is suspected that Yan Jiaxin did not say anything, but turned around and went out from the room.
I went up to her and pulled her and said, "Where are you going this big night?"
"to raise money"
I pointed to the sky outside and said to her, "Do you think anyone will be awake at this point?"
I took a breath and said, "I’ll find a way to get the money, so don’t go to war again. You’re not in the right situation for you to mobilize any more funds in this situation."
"I will do whatever it takes to have a child. Do you think you can afford such a high amount of money alone?"
"Even if I get everything, I will try to get the money."
Yan Jia Xin closed his eyes and said to me, "Twenty million with this twenty million Lin Yuran can make a comeback again."
I always feel that something is wrong. My intuition tells me that it is not that simple.
"If he really gets this money, he will definitely not stay in China."
Yan Jiaxin finally opened his eyes and looked at me and said, "He will go abroad."
"It is very likely that since he will do such a thing, he will definitely not risk staying in China again. Since he has torn all his faces with us, how can he still be silly and take the money to continue to reset in China? He will go abroad and wait for everything to come back, and then he will return to China to deal a blow to us, causing incalculable harm."
Yan Jiaxin immediately understood the meaning of my saying this passage and explained, "You mean to give this 20 million and you can’t let him take this 20 million."
"I can’t imagine that this man has become mentally and physically abnormal. What else will he do? This time, we can rely on ourselves to settle him down. Maybe we can take a chance like this."
I let Yan Jiaxin loose and then said wearily, "Let’s take a rest first, okay? Don’t toss around until we hear from him. Now it’s no use thinking too much."
I pointed to the light rain room. "You go there. It’s light rain. This time, even if I fight for my life, I will save the child."
I patted Yan Jiaxin on the shoulder, then walked into my room. I took off my shoes and clothes and finally lay down in bed. As Yan Jiaxin said, as soon as she closed her eyes, Xiao Yu was crying for help.
And I closed my eyes and felt the light rain in my mind. I was afraid that Lin Yuran would do anything to her again. I didn’t want this child to be hurt physically and mentally. She was a koo.
I can’t remember when I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was still slightly bright outside. I took it and put it aside. It was just 6 o’clock when I looked at the yellow light overhead. I was sleepy, but my eyes were still open.

No, most of them are illegitimate brothers …

"You have no wealth and status, but you are all favored and have nothing to do with you!" Na Lanqing said faintly in his eyes, "You deserve to be beaten to the ground, which is worse than a dead dog!"
Na Lanqing’s ridicule deeply hurt these people’s hearts and flew into a rage. "What are you …"
"I’m not a captain Na Lanqing!"
Tut tut tut tut …
79 one-on-one hit
There was a dead silence around Nalanqing.
Everyone stared at her with a twisted expression. Is this their new captain?
"Ha ha ha ha … NaLanQing you also want to consult a surname?" Hu San saw Nalanqing coming out immediately and was full of fighting spirit. Anyway, he had long seen this group of people unhappy and even took the lead to see if they dared to be arrogant.
Na Lanqing walked slowly to Hu San and looked up at the tall and stout man in front of him. "It’s true to ask for advice, but what are you going to do if a captain wins?"
"How can you lose if you are old?" Hu Sanwan hasn’t thought about it. Look at this skinny guy. Can he lose?
"It’s hard to say, don’t be weak. It’s still good to fight." As he spoke, Na Lanqing rolled up his sleeves and looked like he was going to fight.
Hu San looked at her slender arm and immediately disdained to laugh. "Poof-ha-ha … ok, I am the old saying that you can win, but if you lose …"
"Lost our 13th team immediately dissolved ~" NaLanQing directly.
Lying there, my buddies looked at Nalanqing like idiots. Didn’t you know that Hu Sanli was famous for his poverty in imperial riding?
Isn’t he looking for death?
Didn’t you see such a group of people lying flat?
This NaLanQing is either a brain-broken or an idiot ~
"Ok, that’s what you said!" When Hu Sanyi heard it, he immediately became interested. He just wanted this eyesore to dissolve the 13th team. It was a stain to stay in the imperial riding.
"Let’s make it clear how to compare?"
After listening carefully to Na Lanqing’s emaciated appearance, Hu Sanyi said, "I will lose even if you don’t lose thirty strokes!"
It’s an idiot not to take advantage of it
Na Lanqing saw a loose coat on her body. She took it off and hung it over her shoulder. Then she hooked her fingers at Hu San …
Hu San, a raptors rink hijinks without mercy, attacked directly towards Nalanqing’s heart.
Na Lanqing looked at him and bent down. She quickly hid. It seems that she narrowly escaped Hu San’s attack …
Staggering seems to be very difficult to stabilize your body.
Every kind of adventure
Hu San saw that she could escape her blow and raised her eyebrows. "It’s fast!"
When NaLanQing shook her body and finally held her steady, Hu San attacked her head-on and punched her. When she slipped, her fist hit the stone pillar behind her …
Complete fragmentation of stone pillars
He Lanqing leng.
This ….. This destructive power is too …
Her eyes squinted with a strange luster, as if she had met something of interest, and her mind immediately became active.
This is as rough as a monster. She wants it!
This destructive power is almost the same as her gunpowder … More importantly, did she feel the force at all?
Say that this man is born with divine power!
Flying away from the attack range of men, Na Lanqing is rarely serious. Her eyes are fixed on the man in front of her. When the man attacks, she flashes and disappears …
Hu Sanyi leng
Looking up, I found that this Wan Ku jumped high in front of me, which showed that the other party had a lot of flying skills.
People on the ground looked up and looked at this one by one with different eyes. After Hu San took several moves, Na Lanqing couldn’t say it was complicated in their eyes.


A hot wave fell to the ground in Tang Yi’s thigh, and he didn’t come to check it. After rolling in a hurry, it landed behind the bunker.
Only then did the thigh feel burning and painful.
Play on the thigh, and then half a minute later, Tang Yi will be ruined.
"How are you?"
Flint Li Gen didn’t react until the bomb exploded in the rubble, and she didn’t know that she was in trouble.
"It’s okay. It’s just a mosquito bite."
Tang Yi shook his head. The outside of his left leg was dripping with blood. Fortunately, it was just a scratch and a bitter flesh.
After the vest was taken off and the stab was quickly cut, Tang Yi made a simple bandage and tied it at the root of the thigh.
This will temporarily relieve the wound from bleeding and pain, and he can bear it.
It’s a good result to get your life back. This is the law of the battlefield. Even if you are a famous dragon head, you can’t stop a bullet.
"I got it."
Li quickly took an automatic rifle after helping Tang Yi tighten his thigh.
This is an American-made 16-improved automatic rifle with a Grenade plug-in outside.
At the same time, there are four howitzers, and Li also brought them over.
"I think it’s solved, but I’m afraid my leg has temporarily moved."
Tang Yi wiped his face, sweat and pain made his left leg numb, which seriously affected his movement.
"What shall we do?"
Sniper sniper mirror is still aiming at two people. Death threatens them at any time.
Looking at Tang Yi’s rookie on the battlefield, Li can also help him pick up things. Can other roots help him?
"Do you think he will spare our lives if we surrender now?"
Pull out a bullet dagger and pour out the black powder inside.
Directly sprinkled on the wound, Tang Yi asked with a smile, and this sentence suddenly made Li dumb.
"You’ll get infected like this."
Obviously, it’s a matter of life and death. The other side won’t catch prisoners. Once they emerge, they will die.
Is Li crazy to watch Tang Yi spill gunpowder on the wound?
"In fact, there is another way. If one of us wants to attract him, he will have a chance to shoot him. It’s fair to change."
Tang Yi took out the ammunition machine and clenched his teeth. The flame of the lighter burned in the wound with black powder.
"zi zi"
Li couldn’t help shivering at the sound of barbecue. She didn’t know that Tang Yi was a burn to stop the blood from flowing out.
Pain, cold sweat, DC Tang Yi breathed a sigh of relief, and the pain eased the numbness a little, at least so that he could walk a few steps.
"Then I will attract him, and you will attack."
To put it bluntly, the bait is almost equivalent to death at such a close distance.
Although afraid, Li still bite his teeth and said that soldiers should be ready to sacrifice at any time.
"Staying in the battlefield will not be the only thing in many cases. Use your head more. I will give you another lesson today and learn to remember it."
Of course, Tang Yi won’t let Li die. He stretched out his hand to fill the Grenade gun and raised it directly over his head.

nothing more/that’s all./nothing beyond/this only goes so far

But Wei Feifei never looked down on him, and even gave him many important things to do.
Whatever the reason, it is enough to make him grateful.
Ling day can probably understand his mood with a sigh and take out a Dan medicine to feed Wu Guanjia.
Then take out the silver needle and apply it.
Wu Guanjia’s pupil shrank at the thought of suffering before.
But I didn’t beg for mercy
But still sneered
"To torture me again …"
A warm current suddenly appeared in the unfinished body.
The body pain disappears quickly.
The trauma is still there, but the body is much better and not as weak as before.
Wu Guanjia looked at Ling Tian in surprise.
Lingtian slowly exits
"Sorry I have to be careful."
This sound!
Wu Guanjia felt a shock and unconsciously pressed the bass.
"Are you Ling Tian?"
"It’s me"
"But how did you …"
"It’s just a little trick. Let’s not talk about it."
Help Wu Guanjia stabilize the injury Ling Tian asked
"Where is the lady?"
"You don’t know?"
Ling Tian frowns
If housekeeper Wu doesn’t know, it would be in trouble.
Whether Wei Feifei is connected or not has an impact on his future plans.
Wu housekeeper sat up and shook his head a way
"I don’t know exactly where she is."
"But I know she’s in the castellan’s mansion."
It’s in the Lord’s mansion!
Ling Tian was taken aback. It’s not that he didn’t think Wei Feifei had never left.
But I still can’t help but be surprised when I really know it.
This woman is really bold.
The black light seems to be safe, but it is extremely dangerous.
Once exposed, there is no possibility of escape.
"Can you contact her?"
"What do you think?"
Wu housekeeper wry smile two said
"I’m stuck here."
"If Mrs. Chan is injured, she won’t show up easily."
"Unless …"
"Unless what?" Ling Tian asked
Wu housekeeper hesitated and shook his head.
Seeing that he doesn’t want to say something about Ling Tian, when is this still hiding anything?
Tanai avenue
"Do you believe me or are you worried about something?"
"There are only a few days left before the big match, and we have no time to hesitate."
"I must see her before that."
"This is our only chance."
Seems to be this words persuaded Wu Guanjia he bit his teeth and said
"If you want your wife to come forward, unless the big lady comes back."
"But then the big lady will be in danger."
"Can you guarantee the safety of the big lady?"
Naturally not.
Ling day they have to face is the whole castellan mansion plus seven new gods.
It is impossible to get rid of their department even if the array method is started for a short time.
So he didn’t want to find Wei Feifei
Two people do things.
Get rid of the two messengers first after the duke leads people to Muwei.
There are people left in Muwei.
And the cloud is not smoke strength is too low, not only can’t help but also may become a burden.
But …
Yun Fei Yan can’t come back, but it doesn’t mean that Miss Yun Da can’t come back.

When fker blind monk took off the second red buff in minutes, he immediately gave it a wake-up call in Yefeng Middle Road.

The first wave of fker after level 6 was actually to help him in the middle.
Both fker and yefeng are top players.
When the news that fker was coming to gank Middle Road arrived, Feng started to prepare immediately without any delay.
It is absolutely enough for these two heroes to kill ez, but the timing is very important!
Another whirlwind of Q skills.
Night Maple Jianhao is the place where the main promotion E skill is chopped before stepping, and the Q skill does not come to the fastest time when it cools down, but the hero Q skill of Jianhao is only about four seconds when it cools down at the first level, which is very short.
"fker controlled the blind monk to come to the middle road. Do you want to cooperate with my Excalibur?"
"It feels very unreliable. A child care worker is a primary school monk."
"Lou, don’t tease you. My God and fker can’t play. These two people are very serious. It depends on whether they are serious."
When everyone directly saw fker brush the second wave of red buff in the middle of the minute, they went directly to the middle road, and immediately everyone got serious.
"My god Yasuo folded the hair dryer, which seems to be ready to make a move, but when to make a move is very particular. Do you want the blind monk to make a move first or do I have an Excalibur to make a move first?"
Fat boy glanced at the screen and knew it was time for him to analyze the game and explain the situation.
"Cut before stepping and cut before stepping, but it’s hard. ez, this hero, it’s still too hard for you to blow him … huh? Straight away! Oh, my God, is this an eq flash! "
From the perspective of Fat Boy’s live screen, this wave changed from tranquility to flurry, and the siege was formed in an instant.
Gdeyes Jian Hao didn’t show any intention of blowing a whirlwind before hard after folding the blow for two seconds, but when Jian Hao’s Q skill cooled down, he was still in a very safe position in ez.
Gdeyes jianhao beheaded the soldier before stepping, and the whole person’s body flashed and drifted horizontally, generally spanning 500 yards, and appeared beside ez.
Then ez’s body floated horizontally, and after a general attack, he made a big move and the wind stopped!
Eq flashes, and the whole movement is like the smoothest machine, which has no taste of childcare rope.
W touch the eyes to punish the small soldier Q skill Tianyinbo!
At the same time, the monks in fker primary school walked out of the grass with a set of skills. When ez was recruited by the sword master and had no escape ability, even if he was elegant and free, he could avoid the blind monk’s Q.
General attack and then e skills step forward and cut.
After the night maple’s big move, it didn’t stop manually. The general attack skills were spilled on ez.
And fker blind is very experienced. After the Q skill hits, the root doesn’t pick it up immediately. Instead, it follows it immediately after the eze skill arcane transition is displayed.
A series of swordsmen attacked and ignited ez, and the blood volume has already dropped to one third. This second Q followed by ez is already dead.
Fker directly made a big move, and the dragon wagged its tail and took away his last blood line.
The second volume Emperor’s Eye Chapter five hundred and fifty-three fker Primary School Monk
"fker was very clever and didn’t follow the second Q directly. After ez developed E skills, he finally flew over. This dragon wagged its tail and directly took ez and robbed the head."
Fat boy almost didn’t blink. After watching this wave of killing, the whole process suddenly flashed from tranquility to killing. gdeyes swordsman eq is perfect for timing and distance. This is almost the best way for two people to get the first hand in ez.
"6666 my god eq flash"
"fker’s eye-catching punishment for the small soldiers is also very fast, otherwise this Q skill can’t hang ez!"
"Mom, where are these two primary school monks and nursery ropes?"
Fat boy’s live broadcast of this wave of killing ez is not a very long process from the beginning to the end, but it has made all the audience deeply realize a truth. Once these two people get serious, they are not primary school monks and childcare workers, but they are truly kings, okay?
"Want to play back? No need, this wave is my god eq flashing open beautiful fker. More words are to show his hand and finally grab the head or this guy is really fast. "
Fat boy watched a live broadcast asking for a replay of the barrage. Although he saw it clearly, the audience didn’t say much, even the emperor dragged the progress bar directly to the beginning of the previous wave of encirclement and suppression.
Then, the western cowboy’s elegant first hand, blindly surpassing Aauto Quicker speed, was once again displayed in front of the audience.
"this wave of gdeyes has handed over all the flashes to the head but failed to get the estimate."
"The original fker was kind enough to help him, and now gank thinks it’s just to annoy him."
"I’m really angry that the blind monk has this big move to rob the head of the cliff in hand. There is no suspense. Unless the blind monk plays the roundhouse kick first, he will rob the head at a time … and dance, hahaha."
Some black-bellied viewers quickly thought of the killing contest between fker and gdeyes.
Immediately, they understood fker. This was obviously a deliberate attempt to kill people in the middle of the road.
Gg team temporary training room Ye Feng looked at fker blind monk in distress situation and grabbed the head, but he did not forget to dance in the middle, knowing that this guy is very childish.
Ez was killed once, and the night maple directly pushed all the remaining lines into one tower, just as another wave of lines came over, and once again, the skills overlapped and quickly cleared away.
Although this wave of killing him didn’t get the head, it had a great impact on the normal situation of the whole game. A wave of half-line ez didn’t eat it, which definitely had a great impact on his development and loading rhythm
The first thing to do when you go back to the city to install a sword hero is to make a knife.
"Your own player has been killed"
Soon, when Ye Feng went to the line again, Lu came to the brain to kill the opposite side, and Lexay cooperated with Daniel to kill their family horse!
"Your own player has been killed"
After that, the road situation happened almost simultaneously without any intervention, and ad was killed again in the road V killing.
"This game is a bit against the wind."
Night behind maple Dong Rui waved again holding a cup of leisurely way
Indeed, as soon as he came over, he saw two lines and people were killed at the same time. Look at the total head ratio. Although it is not far behind here, it is not at a disadvantage. In this top-ranking ranking, it is likely to be snowballed by the opposite side.

Some people who know Liuzhuang Lotus feel aggrieved that Ruan Xianshu and Huo Qianqian show disdain for their initiative.

What’s the occasion today? It’s the Wu family’s birthday party. People are rich or expensive. What does the Wu family mean? I haven’t heard of Wu Muchen’s divorce. What’s this about?
And some people change their wives for the Wu family with a theatre attitude, or Wu Muchen cheated on them in public. What’s the matter with them? It’s just another drama in which giants abandon their wives.
I don’t know whether this Huo Qianqian is a mistress or a narcissist. After all, Wu Muchen is not divorced.
Huoshan saw his daughter’s deep and dark eyes at the door in the corner, but she couldn’t see his real thoughts. Instead, Yao Lijing was worried about what Qian Qian was doing and knew what she was doing.
At this time, Huo’s parents did not know that Huo Qianqian was pregnant when she was playing.
Huo Sipeng looked at Wu Muchen’s Fujian among the two women and didn’t feel uncomfortable. Instead, he didn’t understand what Wu Muchen was doing when he wanted to stop Huo Qianqian from looking for trouble in Liuzhuang.
Did something happen that you didn’t know about?
"Bang" touched a glass and scared Huo Sipeng, almost spilling the wine in the glass.
When I saw it was Wu Muting, some nai hid from her tonight, but Wu Muting could find him no matter where he hid.
"Brother Si Peng, what are you looking at?" Wu Muting pouted with some dissatisfaction. Does she feel that Huo Sipeng is avoiding her tonight?
But no matter where he fled, she would find him.
"Nothing" HuoSiPeng back eyes looked at Wu Muting thoughtfully, sipping his wine.
Wu Muting’s face was a little red by him, and her red ceremony was like a red apple.
"Brother Si Peng"
"Qian Qian and your brother"
"Qian Qian is pregnant with my brother and child" said Wu Muting, blushing and breathless, as if Huo Qianqian was not a fake pregnancy but really pregnant.
"What" Huo Sipeng was taken aback and blurted out "Is it that night?"
"Brother Si Peng, you also know what happened that night." Wu Muting thought that she gave her brother medicine. She was embarrassed to glance at Huo Sipeng. She was a good woman, but she found a friend to bring it back from abroad. She was afraid that the effect was not good.
No wonder Huo Qianqian will see Fujian at the door, but Wu Jiazhen’s wealthy family has disappeared.
Looked at Wu Muting HuoSiPeng eyes complex.
Ye Wei looked at the door and smiled like a flower. Huo Qianqian was so angry that her stomach was bloated and uncomfortable, but there was no way to think that Liuzhuang Lotus was in the hiding room at this time, and she was distressed.
After all the guests had left, Ruan Xianshu rubbed her shoulders and complained, "It’s really old. Today, this matter makes my back ache."
"Aunt Ruan, you are so young that you are old." Huoqianqian held her arm before and looked pleased.
Ruan Xianshu seems to think of something busy, holding Huo Qianqian’s hand and sitting on the sofa, saying, "You are really tired today. Are you pregnant? Do you have any discomfort? Why don’t I call a family doctor to examine you so that I can rest assured?"
When Huo Qianqian heard that she wanted a family doctor to examine her, she waved her hand and stammered, "Aunt Ruan can’t. I’m fine. I’m fine."
"Let me know if there is anything wrong with that line. This is our first child in the Wu family. We must be healthy and healthy." Ruan Xianshu patted Huo Qianqian’s hand and told him.
"Bang" Ye Wei’s glass fell to the ground and smashed to pieces.
She couldn’t believe that Huo Qianqian was pregnant with Wu Muchen’s child.
No wonder this old hag wants to put Liuzhuang in the hiding room. That’s her real purpose, isn’t it? Pulling Huo Qianqian to see Fujian at the door is telling the public.
The glass fell to the ground and attracted everyone’s attention. Ruan Xianshu looked at this unknown woman and frowned. "Who are you? Why are you still here?" If it is a man or a woman, shouldn’t they all be gone?
"Who am I? If I leave, how can I hear such an exciting thing? I didn’t expect the famous Wu family in Xijing to do such a nasty thing." Ye Wei looked at Ruan Xianshu without fear before leaving.
"I remember that you are a friend of Liuzhuang Lotus. What kind of people make friends is just as uneducated." Ruan Xianshu doesn’t care about Ye Wei’s words at all. A famous pawn is just not afraid of what she says. Who will believe it?
Ye Wei was trembling with anger. Like mother, like daughter, their contemptuous eyes and tone of voice were the same.
Wu Muchen saw Ye Wei walk up to her after seeing off the last guest and said, "It’s getting late for Miss Ye. I’ll have you sent home."
"The Wu finally has a person who can speak human words." Ye Wei looked at Ruan Xianshu and Huo Qianqian and wished to slap them before to bully Liu Zhuanghe like this.
"Pa" Wu Muting slapped Ye Wei’s face before they reacted. What actually dared to say such things in the Wu family?
Ye Wei burying his face in one leng reached out to backhand and slapped Wu Muting.
Clear finger prints on Wu Muting’s face soon swelled up.
Ye Wei’s slap has taken a lot of effort to vent her anger tonight, her love for Liuzhuang Lotus and her own nai.

Ziziphus jujuba knelt in front of her couch and stared at her unblinkingly. When she opened her eyes, she immediately exclaimed, "Miss, you finally woke up!"

Shu Lele gave her a blank look. "It’s better not to wake up when you scare her!"
Honey jujube son blinked unjustly and pursed her lips. "I told the handmaiden to watch you, and the handmaiden is not allowed to doze off."
Master Shi? In hindsight, Shu Lele remembered the tragic scene last night. He felt chilly and looked around and asked, "He’s not here?"
"The Lord has gone to the Summer Lotus Garden." The eyes of Zizyphus jujuba blinked and immediately lowered his head.
9 double conventions
That’s good! Shu Lele breathed a sigh of relief.
That uber-like man had better never appear in front of her again, although he is said to be very eye-catching but stinging.
No! Xiaheyuan, isn’t that the place where Yingying and Xiaosan stay? Although she has no name and no score now, Ning Yichen has allocated a hospital for her to live in. Ning Yichen went there early this morning, especially for morning exercises, didn’t she?
Thought of here Shu Lele deeply despised him.
After ordering candied dates to wait on themselves to change clothes and freshen up, Shu Lele suddenly remembered that she was injured last night. Why didn’t she feel anything?
Busy lifting the cuffs to check that the body is still as white as jade and intact, and there is no trace of injury at all.
That’s strange!
Finally, her eyes stayed on her wrist. It used to hurt like a needle. After coming back last night, she didn’t care to check it. Now, when I look closely, I can see a faint reddish color in my skin.
What the hell? Ning Yichen poisoned her?
Shu Lele frowned and fidgeted and called Ziziphus jujuba. "Why don’t you go out and ask Ziziphus jujuba?"
Honey jujube said, "Miss Sister sent a message last night saying that she was on her way back to Beijing and would arrive at the latest."
Okay, just wait!
In the early morning of the next day, Ziziphus jujuba finally came back, because she had been waiting on Shu Lele since she was a child and Shu Lele had specifically told her to bring it to Wangfu, and she stopped her and entered Ning Wangfu.
When Shu Lele saw her happy face, she immediately asked quietly, "How are things going?"
Ziziphus jujuba smiled slyly. "Everything went well. This time, the young lady earned a lot of money and brought a letter for Shuanggong!"
"Haha, so we have successfully opened the branch in Yilan and waited for the gold and silver to roll in!"
"That’s what it means!"
"good! Ziziphus jujuba has worked hard for you! "
Really worthy of being her first housekeeper and agent!
Shu Lele spread out that fragrant let.
A white jade pearl flower and a snowflake note fluttered into her palm.
"The moon is like a hook after dusk."
While the dragon and the phoenix dance, a few Chinese characters are written on white paper like blossoming peach blossoms.
Such a unique invitation and such an elegant technique can come from the first public hand in Beijing!
Shu Lele smiled and put the stationery in her sleeve, holding the flower representing the double male beads lightly. "How many?"
"Nineteen flowers"
A letter and a bead flower Xiao Ni is becoming more and more arty.
When you have collected a hundred pearls, you will wear a pair of jewelry and marry her!
"Miss, where are you going to meet again?"
"Xiyue Building!"
The moon is as picturesque as a hook, and the place is so poetic!
Shu Lele took the beaded hair and gave it to Ziziphus jujuba to "pick up a beautiful woman in my month."
"But will Master Shi find out?" Ziziphus jujuba was found to be bigger after calculation.
Shu Lele Qiao face a mafia "he and his little three inseparable where to manage me? Besides, aren’t you back now? You can handle it. "
1 Jingcheng Ergong
At dusk, several lanterns were lit up on the west lake, and the water and sky were like the sunrise out of Pinghu.
Su Lele jade white gown jade crown ribbon shook the peach blossom fan and danced
As early as a small greeting, it was "Mo Gong and my family have been waiting for a long time!"
"ah? What is she doing here so early? Miss me? "
Shu Lele gathered the peach blossom fan and rushed to the floor to run to the elegant room. A handsome and graceful figure was looking through the aperture.
A glimpse of the lake and the night outside the window, but occasionally a few silk bamboos sound far away, but the spirit has only increased a little sadness for a long time.
"Talking alone is like a hook on the moon."
Shuanggong suddenly has a deep voice, a little magnetism and a thrilling beauty.
This fake has come out to confuse people again! Su Lele slightly zheng corners of the mouth naturally across a smile.
"Double male world double every time we meet always export into a poem is really an elegant person! Pei! Pei! "
"No! If we two stinky businessmen don’t be arty again, I’m afraid the gold stinkers everywhere will dare to know you! "
Double male carefree turned delicate with something of heroic spirit handsome Yan Mei such as ink picture if peach petals a pair of long and narrow peach eyes with eyes Gherardini.
The breeze blows over a head of ink hair and dances with the wind.
Su Lele looked slightly sluggish and blinked, slightly teasing in his tone.
"How much are you worth by double gold?"
"Mo Gong is worth a few pairs of public toilets!"
"Ha ha ha ….." Two people laugh at the same time.
Laugh freely and wildly.
It is well known that Shuanggong and Mogong are the first wealthy businessmen in Beijing, and they have joined forces to control the economic lifeline of the whole capital.
And the real identity of the two people learned that it is more difficult to imagine that Mo Gong is the daughter of the Prime Minister’s family, Shu Lele
Su Lele metamorphoses, open the folding fan in double male head a beat "said! What did you invite me here for today? Where did your four maids, Mei Lan Zhu Ju, go to make mischief again? "
The double-puss-head wry smile was elegant and free and easy, and the wild attitude turned into a cry.
"Su Lele you a big girl can be reserved? Can you afford to break my head every time? "
"Ha ha ….. it’s almost like a watermelon ……"
Su Lele messed up her hair and burst into laughter. It’s really lucky to say that watermelon can be compared with the extremely intelligent head.
Double corners of the mouth straight smoke is known as a heartthrob, saying that Shuanggong was actually demoted to watermelon head by her!

When Emperor Qiming was buried, Shangjing, which served the national mourning, immediately resumed its prosperity. Pedestrians jostle shoulder to shoulder in the long street, shops are full of signs, and hawking is one after another, which is very lively.

The fifth volume Xian Tan Lou Chapter IV Revenge (on)
The fifth volume Xian Tan Lou Chapter IV Revenge (on)
Walking through the hustle and bustle of people, Xin Tong suddenly remembered the piece of Yu Pei that Shi Lao thief asked him to "take", and he felt a big head. Do you really want to "take"? It seems that this is the only way to go. Pretending not to see that piece of Yu Pei and leaving Nanhande, with Xin Tong’s temper, this kind of thing can’t be done anyway. It’s just that Yu Pei hangs on the little emperor’s body, and he stays with him day and night. How can he "take it"?
Xin Tong, whose skin color was changed by Bi Youxian Tanlu, changed from black to white, and looked like a crown jade against the background of Sun Damo, who was black at the bottom of the pot beside him! When walking, the black hair fluttered and the robes fluttered. In addition, the figure was huge and imposing. Compared with those pedestrians who were at least a head shorter than him, it was tantamount to standing out from the crowd.
There is no girl who has lived without being firmly absorbed by him and unconsciously stopping to watch; If it is swept by his slightly confused eyes, it can’t help but spread peach blossoms on the ground.
It’s just that Xin Tong’s mind is focused on how to "get" Yu Pei unnoticed. Although he is in the downtown area, he turns a blind eye to everything and wandered around with Sun Damo.
Walking through a crossroads, there was a sudden silence in the crowded long street, and then countless people burst out with a light shout full of surprise at the same time.
From the noisy pole to the quiet pole and then to the noisy pole, such a huge contrast finally woke up Xin Tong, who was wandering outside.
What appeared in Xin Tong’s sight was an eight-lift soft sedan chair with an extremely luxurious appearance. Xin Tong was shocked and surprised after only one look.
The bearers of that soft sedan chair turned out to be eight young women of similar height!
What is even more amazing is that. These eight women are all beautiful, or rich, or slim, or pure, or charming, with bright eyes like stars and eyes like water, but all of them are extremely rare human beauty!
More than that, on both sides of the soft sedan chair, there were two stunning girls who were better than eight sedan chair women in appearance and temperament, even compared with Qin Yuhan and Grass!
These four stunning girls hold jade flutes that are green and dripping. Play while walking. White clothes are like snow, people are as pale as chrysanthemums, jade hands hold bixiao, and crimson lips start fairy sounds. Only this scene is enough to fascinate people, not to mention the euphemistic sound of the flute, which is like whispering in the ear, making people feel like they are in a fairyland.
What kind of characters are so ostentatious?
Pedestrians who heard the sound gathered in this long street from all directions, and the soft sedan chair carried by four stunning beauties and eight beautiful girls only walked for dozens of feet. Both sides of the strip have been filled with people of all colors. After the initial surprise and shock, the curiosity of ordinary people emerged irrepressibly, and they speculated in low voices with familiar people.
The low words of countless people have become a huge noisy sound, but strangely enough, the low flute sound has not been drowned by this huge sound, and it is still so clear in Xin Tonger, which is hundreds of feet away from the soft sedan chair.
"Maids are so beautiful, the woman in the sedan chair must be ten times more beautiful than a fairy!" Sun Damo stared at the soft sedan chair and said it with great certainty.
Xin Tong cast a glance at the soft sedan chair. Asked: "No matter how sharp your eyesight is, even if you can penetrate the clouds, you still can’t see through the thin curtain. How do you know that there must be a beautiful woman in the sedan chair?"
"What’s the difficulty?" Sun Damo opened his mouth wide and said, "Those eight girls are thin and weak, and they are so beautiful. As long as men don’t have the heart to let them do the rough work of carrying sedan chairs! This is one of them, which means that it must be a woman in the sedan chair! Secondly, if a woman is ugly, she will definitely not find someone more beautiful than her as a maid, which will make her look even uglier. This is human nature. Those twelve girls are so beautiful, how can their owners be ugly? Only look better! "
Regardless of whether the conclusion is correct or not, it has already made Xin Tong sit up and take notice of him that Sun Dahun can say such clear words. Moreover, his inference is very reasonable, and Xin Tong also thinks that the people in the sedan chair must look better than the gods. So I didn’t leave. Standing at the crossroads with Sun Damo, looking forward to seeing the peerless beauty in the sedan chair.
The soft sedan chair, carried by eight young beauties and followed by four stunning people, gradually reached the crowd in the expectation of two people.
I don’t know why. In Xin Tong and Sun Damo standing around, Zhang Xu was empty, and they looked directly at the soft sedan chair, without any obstacles.
Xin Tong, who is standing there with a negative hand, is no longer the original sunspot. His black hair dances in the oncoming wind, and his ink-thick lying silkworm eyebrow adds three points of heroic spirit to his Zhang Guanyu-like face. His eyes, which seem to have thunder and lightning dancing in them, and his massive body make him look like an insurmountable towering mountain.
Such a character can’t attract people’s attention. Under the gaze of Xin Tong, four girls in front of the soft car and four girls on both sides of the soft car, more than half of them got red in the face. As the distance between the two sides narrowed, the girls’ jade face became more and more hongxia, and the original three girls looked more calm and gradually showed a little panic.
The girls carrying soft cars stopped in front of Xin Tong.
Looking at these red-faced beauties with low eyebrows and shy faces, it is beyond words to describe the coolness of Xin Tongxin’s head at this moment! "White face is good! Haha, it seems that I can say goodbye to the boy chicken soon! Ha ha ha! "
As soon as the curtain was lifted, a face stuck out of the car window.
Looking at the face in front of him, Xin Tong’s joy vanished. After remembering the anticipation just now, a word suddenly floated to his mind.
Reality is always cruel and very, very merciless!
What he expected was a man’s face! And … it’s …
This face is narrow at the bottom and sharp at the top, but it is surprisingly wide in the middle. Two sparse eight-character eyebrows, a pair of puffy fish-bubble eyes, but a blood basin mouth was born under the nose of the eagle hook-what a blood basin mouth, the left corner of the mouth was pulled to the left ear, and the right corner of the mouth was pulled to the right ear. It’s really a cross-thing.
On this head, the only thing that can be barely contacted with the peerless fairy is the shiny black hair. As for the appearance of this face, it is an ugly word even in men.
Such a huge gap, even if the heart is strong and strong as Xin Tong, I can’t stand it. My legs are soft and I almost sit on the ground. Sun Daheita beside him opened his mouth wide. Pointing at the man, he kept talking. But he couldn’t speak.
The ugly man looked at Xin Tong for a moment, and the two fish’s eyes became brighter and brighter. Suddenly, he said, "Get off the sedan chair." Although this man looks a bit ugly, his voice is quite rich and comfortable to hear.
Eight sedan chair beauties dropped the soft sedan chair, and the man got off the sedan chair and went straight to the front of Xin Tong, making a deep bow. Tao: "I’m a handsome young man, and the cursive word is romantic …" The man said, picking up his forehead hair with his hand, and then holding his head up, saying: "Most people who know me well call me a handsome young man … May I ask your name?"
Xin Tongqiang braced himself and returned the gift, saying, "My last name is Xin, and there is no difference in cursive characters." Heart way: "grow into this virtue is handsome? I think it’s almost the same to call a failed man … Hey hey, a failed man … "Eyes swept the stunning women who were fat and thin and had different temperament behind the failed man, and they were greatly indignant. "This boy is already ugly on this dunghill, but there are so many beauties!" the tunnel replied. Lao Tzu is powerful and fierce, and now he is white and handsome, but he is still a shameful young chicken … Many flowers are inserted in such a pile of cow dung, grandma, is this justified? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.

It seems that it is difficult for several people to see that Nite will fall to four people from the sky with a wave of his hand, and Yang Ye and the blue-and-white snow display panel have also appeared.

[You have learned [riding elementary (temporary)]
By riding!
Riding is only after the mount comes out, you will have the skills to ride on the mount. Now there is no np in major cities who can learn riding. Nite gave several people riding with a wave of his hand, and even his followers can do it. It can’t be more embarrassing.
Unfortunately, it is temporary.
Will the emergence of horses in riding mean another era in the game? Is the mount age finally coming? Is heavy knight spring finally coming?
When it’s urgent, chase Ham.
Yang Ye walked up to a war horse, which was pure in color, full of fat muscles, explosive in appearance and smooth in mane. At first glance, it was a good war horse.
It’s a pity that even Yang Ye can’t see the attribute.
As soon as Yang Ye pulled the reins with his left hand, he felt like a horse who had studied riding for decades, and so did others. Even Lilina, who had always been clumsy, quickly climbed the horse and was excited to play with the reins.
"Warriors must succeed!" Nite avenue
"Please be sure to succeed!" A row of people behind followed shouted.
"Please rest assured that we will succeed" table to comfort Yang Ye or said, then-
"Go!" Yang Ye shouted, the war horse leaned back and lifted its forelimbs, and then a burst of horseshoes was urgent. Several people in Yang Ye recovered in the direction of Hamm’s disappearance …
Tammy watched a few people disappear, and his little heart was full of envy. He also wanted to be like a warrior, riding a strong and powerful sword and chasing and bullying his own people-he would definitely after the meeting.
"Uncle Nate, I want to be a brave knight," Tammy said heavily beside Nate.
Nite didn’t speak, just glanced at Tammy, who used to be a knight.
Fashion is still early. In the game, the morning sun has just risen, and the fog has not dissipated. Dewdrops are covered with grass. It is very urgent to walk along the road leading to Wangcheng. He looks back from time to time and seems to be behind the tension. His right hand deliberately moves back to facilitate the knife to come out at any time.
It’s Ham.
"How fast!" Ham frowned, and his opponent was very fast. He was very tired after running around all night in hakodate, and he didn’t feed any forage. Now he is rushing to run and can’t win, so he can rest his horse all night.
I can’t go like this.
Ham scowled and rode a little further. He suddenly pulled the horse’s head and turned the direction at an angle-the straight line was not the city but the mysterious lake.
On the one hand, going to the lake of Mystery Light can make people in the rear pursue a distance in vain, and they will certainly keep pursuing themselves ahead, but in fact they have changed their direction; On the other hand … To be continued.
Chapter 165 Silver Leaf Knight Hamcan!
Miguang Lake is located in the northern part of Sa Ding Royal Xiaoli, and you can reach the scenic Miguang Lake by walking northeast along the west Sa Ding mining area.
There are all kinds of wild monsters around the lake, even outside. There are no living things, some are fierce, and some are harmful to people and animals. If you are cheated and wait for you, you will die.
The Mystery Lake is so big that it doesn’t freeze in spring, summer and autumn, and it is sparkling in the sunshine. Among them, there are also wild monsters living in it. They are huge, small and mysterious. The Lake is adjacent to the Sa Ding Plain. Strictly speaking, it is the Sa Ding Plain, but for the convenience of finding the way, the Sa Ding royal family divided the Mystery Lake separately.
The area around Miguang Lake is collectively called Miguang Lake.
Sa Ding people care about this area, and residents are not allowed to come here even if the grass is fresh and fertile.
There are many wild horses around Miguang Lake.
Wild horses are all first-class and good horses after taming the wild.
On taming the abyss of wild animals has always been a specialty, which is why they have so many mysterious species, some of which are transformed or artificial, and more of which are achieved by taming wild monsters.
Sa Ding people are also abyss people, even though they have been away from the abyss for several years and away from the war for several years, this skill will not be forgotten by Sa Ding people, so wild horses here have become their best training objects.
Protecting wild horses from heaven has become an important matter.
Silver leaf knight? The captain of the Sa Ding Plain Scout Team sent by Hamm Sa Ding’s royal family did not patrol the strongest white horse as usual today, but he was quite embarrassed to dash his white horse in the plain-he also looked tired on a snowy night, panting and puffing, and his horseshoes were heavy, which was obviously caused by a long journey without rest.
Ham is a little worried about the snowy night. This snowy night was given to him by his father on his first birthday. He has been with Ham for many years. Usually, the patrol roots are not willing to let the snowy night get so tired, but now …
Ham’s palm rubbed against the back of the hakodate to soothe it. It was almost tiring on the hakodate.
In order to reduce the burden of hakodate, he has discarded his heavy armor and water bags from the east and west. It’s really a good horse to last so long in hakodate, but …
Ham looked back at the back and there were four black dotted figures faintly visible.
"Have you made track for it?" Ham whispered that his voice was a little broken.

Because this third machine definitely exceeds the sum of all the things found this time in value.

But if you want to make this thing, even Pang Xia can’t make it, because this thing can’t be made by one person!
The most powerful engineering equipment made by Luban family is the solar catapult.
Powerful to be able to hit, even the master will kill you. The master will run away when he sees this thing!
Of course, the Ministry is able to hit the foundation.
There are very few players who can get shooting martial arts.
Is to prevent shooting martial arts players in the late game from getting more people to attack the city with one hand and crossbows and things like that.
Then how can other players mix with those masters? What are the grandmasters doing?
Now the people at the starlight reception haven’t thought of this yet, so they look at this solar ballista and some don’t know what to do with it.
"Why don’t we take this thing and kill a master?"
Discussion is a thought that if you go to everyone, it must be rejected.
But with this door, the idea of killing the master has obviously appeared in the hearts of all.
Pang Xia touched the bar and said slowly, "I have some hatred with the old guy Mogu, the master of Kongtong Sect."
Pang Xia didn’t finish his words. He wanted to kill Mogu not only because Mogu had hunted him down.
Also because of the hawks’ conspiracy to him, he is equivalent to wasting half of "Word Day". This tone Pang Xia can’t swallow!
Hear PangXia said kongtong sent Mogu a thought and a sword wins the snow and nodded his head. At the beginning, the two of them also suffered from Mogu. I haven’t forgotten this revenge.
After reasoning, nine people laughed at each other at the starlight reception, and everyone’s face was sinister.
Not long after, in the five-star restaurant, nine furtive figures rushed to the carriage line one after another.
Then three wagons were triggered from Hangzhou City and left for Kongtong School.
Since Pang Xia made a scene and Zhang Sanfeng repelled Mogu, the number of Kongtong players has decreased by nearly 60%, and the population has become thin.
Pang Xia and others successively came to the Kongtong Mountain to get together.
"According to the Vivian Dawson plan to Xiaoqing, descendants of Cai Lun, crows, and broken swords, the four of you go to that place and put a bullet gun.
There are only five people left to provoke the Kongtong Sect to lead the old guy Mogu out.
Then find a way to lure him here, and wait for me to make a sword fly from the west to the sky at the same time, which is the signal.
When the time comes, you can aim at Mogu to launch a solar ballista. "
When they heard Pang Xia’s words, they nodded in succession, and then nine people divided into two groups and acted separately.
After everyone left, a figure came out from behind a big tree.
If Pang Xia sees him, he can immediately recognize him, or she has not seen Su Rongrong for a long time.
"If you are dealing with master np, your plan is certainly very good.
But it is not enough to face the people in the world at the master level.
Let me collect a tail for you, instead of beating one out! "
Muttered a Su Rongrong eyes turned black.
Suddenly, in a world where players can’t see the data, the whole Kongtong Mountain is closed, and unless someone in the world breaks through the closed data, the root can’t sense what is happening in it.
Su Rongrong just wanted to find a place to sit in her ear when suddenly Pang Xia sounded.
"Sister Rong Rong, thank you for your help, so as to save me distraction!"
Hearing this, Su Rongrong first smiled, but after careful consideration of the meaning of this sentence by Pang Xia, Su Rongrong had to be horrified.
Because Pang Xia’s words mean that he has already found himself hiding aside, which many people in the world can’t do.
And the meaning in the words is that it shows that Pang Xia can also do this in the way of data blockade of Kongtong Mountain, which means that the meaning is completely different! ‘
Chapter 261 and MoGuGang positive
If, as Pang Xia said, he can indeed ban the whole Kongtong Mountain in the data world, then Su Rongrong thinks it is necessary to have a good talk with Pang Xia (
You know, even in doves, there are only three people who can do this: her and the leader of Zhang Sanfeng doves.
It is rare for hawks and neutrals to be able to do this.
As a result, Pang Xia’s position in the inner world is naturally very different.
Just as Su Rongrong was entangled, Pang Xia and five people had already left Kongtong Mountain.
At this time, in addition to Mogu, there is also a Tang Wenliang in Kongtong Mountain.
Yu Yu’s senior np department died in Pang Xia’s hands, so I don’t want to see them for a short time.
Pang Xia came to the entrance of the Kongtong Sect Mountain to enlighten the Upanishads and turn to the fallen gods seven times, but he saw that his fists were filled with black fog and boxing strength, which had already saved his strength.
"I can’t act for seven minutes. You should try it first. Now, I’m a kongtong pie.
It is said that all senior np of a sect can be refreshed only after they are dead.
I think the Kongtong players have a miserable life, so help them find their lost np! "
Hearing Pang Xia’s words, everyone rushed into the entrance of Kongtong School with insidious smile.
Holding the plan of burning, killing and grabbing all the lights, one sword wins the snow, one thought, nine Hao and Vivian Dawson kill each other with guns and set a fire by the way, so that there is no high-end combat power. Kongtong players are losing ground.
And even some Kongtong players are not as good as nature, and they are not four-man opponents with one sword to win the snow.
In particular, a sword wins snow. Since I learned that flying in the sky, every sword seems to contain great power.
Yan’s sword in his hand is simply touching it and rubbing it will hurt the abnormal condition.
The four men made no secret of the door attack and soon led to the leader Tang Wenliang.
Tang Wenliang, the strongest of the five old men in Kongtong, has reached the peak of his innate strength, and he is one step away from reaching the master level.
So when he appeared, the four men put away their playful thoughts in four directions and watched carefully with anger among the four men, Tang Wenliang.
"You four young players are so bold that you dare to come to my school. Don’t leave anyone today!"
Tang Wenliang raised his fists, but saw that his fists vibrated for seven times. The Seven Wounded Fists, a unique school of Kongtong School, was directly displayed by Tang Wenliang.
A fist full of murderous look came out. Tang Wenliang took the lead in throwing his fist at the sword and winning the snow!
Several boxing shadow towards the sword wins the snow boom in the past.