Alpha opened his mouth with a serious face, which seemed to teach the naughty child "Don’t move, baby"

When he said this, Yan Shuhan’s eyebrows frowned slightly like he was worried.
This makes Su Mo think of a possibility-his husband should not be afraid of needles, right?
However, it is not impossible. After all, when he was a child, he was accompanied by his adoptive parents to have a physical examination and draw blood, and he met a little alpha who was particularly afraid of drawing blood. A bunch of adults were crying and making noise around him.
Anyway, at that time, he behaved well and his adoptive parents bought him delicious food after the blood was drawn.
Bought bear cake and strawberry milkshake. He remembers.
"Yeah, don’t move" Su Mo winked at Yan Shuhan and deliberately hesitated to speak. It looked lovely, soft and clever, and people couldn’t wait to give their hearts to him. "Will you take me to eat delicious later, sir? I’ll be good if I go to eat delicious food. "
As he spoke, he looked at Yan Shuhan nervously as if he didn’t usually eat delicious food.
If ega had talked like this at home, he would have taken her back to her bedroom.
But at this time in the blood drawing room of the health center, and speaking of which, the blood drawing needle stuck into ega’s arm.
Yan Shuhan held out his hand at a glance and blocked Su Mo’s view of the needle. His heart shook again.
"Good" Yan Shuhan bent over to kiss Su Mo’s forehead sound so gentle that people can drown in it.
"Take your wife to eat delicious food and eat whatever you want."
It’s easy to get caught when you say something big
"Then I want to eat strawberry milkshake. No, blueberry milkshake wants blueberry milkshake, sir …" Su Mo pushed his luck and was held in the palm of his hand by alpha, and he gently scratched Yan Shuhan’s palm with his fingers.
But where do you scratch the palm of alpha’s hand? Ega is literally scratching his heart when he talks like this.
Yan Shuhan glanced at the window, and the bright red blood was drawn into the test tube from ega’s white arm.
Yanshu chilling a malicious "good promise" madam.
Su Mo laughed and let alpha get closer to himself with his right hand. "What’s your word?"
Yan Shu’s cold hand is still blocking Su Mo’s eyes and not letting the other side see the blood draw.
Until the blood is exhausted, the nurse in the room gave a cotton swab to let people press it and tell them to pick up the fruit in half an hour. If they say it, they will send a text message to their reserved mobile phone number.
Su Mo pressed his arm and got up from the consultation stool to feel relieved.
Carefully picked up the person, rolled the vodka soothing pheromone into an energy blanket for the person to put on, especially taking care of half the arm of the sleeve.
In the glass room, several bea nurses and a male bea nurse who came in halfway covered their mouths and talked and screamed. Finally, they were pushed into the air by surprise and excitement-
"mom! I seem to see true love! "
Yan Shu cold at the door and Su Mo glances didn’t resist a little stupid and then laughed at each other.
Yan Shuhan walked out with ega in one hand and touched his mobile phone at 5: 35.
"All right, take the baby to eat delicious food." Yan Shuhan put his mobile phone in his pocket to speed up the pace and walk to the parking shed.
"Hello, blueberry milkshake, I’m coming ~" Su Mo smiled.
I was seriously looked at by alpha, and the eyes were meaningful.
A second Su Mo cheek rang with a crisp "chirp".
Blueberry milkshake was ordered, but alpha didn’t give Su Mo milk.
When the dishes are ordered in the car, they arrive at the Cantonese Restaurant, book a box and a table of dishes will be placed one after another.
First soup, then shrimp, then all kinds of vegetarian dishes that Su Mo likes.
Then there is ega, who gradually likes to eat a meat dish-roasted pigeon.
Yan Shu, cold and quick, carried out a one-stop process of peeling shrimp and vegetables in Su Mo
After eating it, I said that I was afraid that ega would not eat enough and eat well enough, so I ordered three sweets very intimately.
And they’re all very considerate. They’re all hot.
Blueberry milkshake slowly turned into blueberry juice-there was no way to fill the room with high concentration of vodka to appease pheromones, not to mention that after entering the box, an alpha found someone to adjust the tone to 30 degrees.
The winter just turned into the summer, and Su Mo began to sweat after eating.
"Madam sweating? Then take off some clothes, "alpha said.
Su Mo always thinks it’s a bit strange for the other party to talk like this.
But soon Yan Shuhan got up and helped him untie his scarf and coat quite politely, and didn’t do anything strange.
Su Mo "…"
Well, it’s because he’s so careful.
After eating and drinking enough dessert, everyone tasted it and looked at it. After entering the door, they were "abandoned" to the table, and the guilt of blueberry milkshake surged.
Yan Shuhan’s eyes followed Su Mo’s eyes and fell on the cup. Uh-huh cleared his throat. "I’ll solve it for my baby lady?"
Su Mo looked at Yan Shuhan and knew that the other party was "fighting" in that cup that night.
So I decided to be the other party. "Come on, Mr. Quasi, drink."
"Yes, madam."
Yan Shu-Han smiled and stretched out his hand to plunge the bag into the straw in front of him and began to dazzle.
A milkshake was finished in two minutes.
"What does Sir do?"
It’s a bit strange to look at getting up and coming over to smile at yourself. alpha Su Mo got up with a hitched heart.
The box is not big, but it has a sofa, a small coffee table and some board games.