Ting Xiang was surrounded by the painting clouds and laughed. "Is this what the girl did for the old lady?"

Despite the smoke is not never seen Ting Xiang diffuse nor received Ting Xiang’s fragrance, but it is the first time that Ting Xiang has been so flattering, so I couldn’t help but give birth to some vigilance in my heart and say with smile, "Exactly, I am clumsy and can’t do it well without nine elder sisters. How can I be so ingenious?"
What’s coming? "
Old ladies and housemates are decent in front of their masters, so we can’t really treat them as slaves.
"I want to give the old lady a pair of shoes, but I can’t find a good-looking shoe sample. I heard that the shoes painted by eleven girls are novel and good-looking, so I found them by myself." Ting Xiang smiled. "At least the girls feel bad about me. I’ll be grateful if you don’t let me go back!"
Gu smoke busy laughed "what is it worth? !” I asked her to go to the store and take out many shoe samples, so that Ting Xiang could look at one and sigh another, but she liked it. Looking at her with shining eyes, she praised her.
This is really strange. The clouds looked at each other and saw some nai in each other’s eyes.
Before the clouds, Pingchun was the second-class girl in the old lady’s room. When I was a child, Tingxiang grew up together. She knew that Tingxiang’s nature was called’ Phoenix Treasure Don’t Fall’. If she was not liked by the old lady or not much, the Lord would suffer from her.
It’s amazing to come here and pay attention. My eyes are about to fall out.
When Ting Xiang went to Gu Yan, she put away her smile. Outside, she said, "Sister Qiu Hua came from the girl’s eldest wife, saying that the old lady ordered the eldest wife to make summer clothes for the girls and choose materials for you!"
If it was just a coincidence that Ting Xiang really valued the novelty of her shoes, it would be a coincidence that Qiu Hua came.
Despite the smoke, the color flashed with a puzzled light way, "I’ll go out if I know."
After turning the round mask and opening the curtain, Qiu Hua next door was greeted with a smile. "Come and pick eleven girls. This pattern is beautiful this year! The old lady said that the girls asked Miss Yi to make clothes! "
Ayi is really good at cutting clothes, cutting clothes with good styles and caring for cigarettes. She will hold back her doubts in her heart, smile and take a look at the album, and then glance at the table with all kinds of cloth. The doubts in her heart are even more aggravated, and she is a little uneasy.
None of the samples have been circled. This cloth is in line with all the styles in this album. It means that without Gu Qing, their first daughters actually sent it directly to their own faces to let them choose?
Does this mean the old lady or fann?
One hundred and seventy-four rescue meritorious service
The old lady won’t take herself so seriously.
And fann has not given herself a good look because she once harmed Gu Qing to go to Zhuang in those years. So if it is fann, why would she do that?
Is it a coincidence that Ting Xiang, the big girl in the old lady’s room, came over?
Very easy to pick out four sets of clothes with trepidation, but she felt a cold sweat coming out of her palm unconsciously.
Qiu Hua laughed even happier and blushed to smile. "It is said that our eleven girls have a good eye for choosing styles. It is really the best to wait until they are made. Wearing them is to compare all the girls in the house!"
Compare all the girls in the house? What about Gu Qing, Gu Lin and Gu Man? Not saying too much.
Gu Man also forget fann, surely she doesn’t like her very much, but Gu Qing and Gu Lin are fann’s first daughter Qiu Hua. How can a big girl not know what to say and what not to say? It’s not too much to say this sentence to raise yourself and belittle your own householder.
But despite the smoke and frowning at the same time some at a loss.
Gu old lady’s people came here with fann, and all of them said a compliment, obviously to please her. But Gu Yan was just a prostitute, and she was very fond of it when Gu Boqi took a high look. Just this, how can she persuade the old lady to please fann deliberately? There must be something you don’t know about.
Thinking about this, Qiu Hua sent the clouds out to listen for news.
The cloud is that Jiasheng knows more about the family than anyone else, and all the little girls are good to her, and all the girls in the old lady’s room are familiar with her.
Before the cloud came back from listening to the news, Gu Yan listened to the show and reported that it was the fourth wife.
Fourth wife Fang?
Fang has always had the word "copper" in her eyes, and she doesn’t recognize money. Plus, she is an ordinary woman, and she has never been in her eyes. This time, even she is here?
Heart suspicious more serious despite smoke press the temple at that time some don’t know how to parry.
Finally, she finally sent Fang, who was smiling all over her face, and somehow she felt a little collapsed. She sat down in the chair with a soft leg and did not move after half a ring.
She had the strength to tell the show to find someone, but Yunyun came back by herself and smiled when she came to see Gu Yan.
When I saw the clouds, I knew that even if something happened, it would be a happy event. I put some worries in my heart and leaned forward and asked, "If?"
Clouds first gave Gu Yan a salute and laughed. "It’s a great wedding for a girl!"
In the room, the air is a little floating, and the smoke is dizzy. Since I opened my eyes and listened to the clouds, I continued.
The cloud saw that she was really in a hurry and didn’t dare to sell again. "Last night, the imperial palace caught fire. I heard that the Royal Guards rushed to put out the fire, but they rescued several eunuchs. Finally, a waiter told them that the emperor seemed to have not been rescued in it. At that time, the fire had burned so hard that no one dared to be me again."
The Fifth Master poured a pot of water into his body and rushed in regardless to carry the emperor out! "
"Later, Wuye saved the long live grandfather, but he was smoked by smoke and burned in several places, so he was left in a hospital for diagnosis and treatment. It was not until today’s palace that he sent someone to pass the news."
What? !
Gu Yan knew that Gu Chengyu was seen by Lin Tongzhi, a security guard, because of his outstanding martial arts competition. He trained with him first, but he didn’t know that he could follow him to such a critical place in the palace.
The most important thing is that he rushed in and saved the emperor before the Royal Guards dared!
Gu Yan didn’t know how to react at the moment, just sitting in a chair and half ringing.
Knowing the news, Gu Man raised his eyelids and looked at Wang Tingran opposite him. "Is uncle thinking so?"
How important is the imperial house? How can it catch fire for a reason?
Wang Tingran smiled and stretched out his hand to drop the chess on the chessboard and looked at Gu Man with a smile. "I’d like to listen to Aman, but it’s not easy to hear that he is riding and shooting a Lin Tongzhi and appreciating his skill. He immediately decided to take it with him to cultivate it. This time, it’s just Lin Tongzhi taking him.
The first time I entered the palace, I met a fire in the imperial house. He rushed to save the emperor even if he didn’t want to die. It’s really admirable. "
Gu Chengyu, who else will know better than Gu Man?
He is a complete villain. Of course, he is still very kind to his own sister, which cannot be denied.
Gu Man thought for a while and then asked Wang Tingran, "I heard that this Lin Tongzhi Ouyang conductor is not very harmonious?"
There is also a fight in the Royal Guards, which is normal.
Lin Tongzhi never fought Ouyang Xuan until he died. Ouyang Xuan entered the Royal Guards at the age of 19 and was removed from the Royal Guards after the new emperor ascended the throne. However, later, the command of the Royal Guards became Gu Chengyu from Long Gong.
"It’s not very harmonious. This Lin Tongzhi has a very special history. His mother is a wet nurse of the Six Emperors."
I don’t know what Gu Man always thinks there are many strange things about this matter.
For example, the imperial house will suddenly catch fire. For example, Lin Tongzhi knows that there are so many royal guards, but I just brought Gu Chengyu.
However, if this list of possibilities is combined, the meaning behind it is too scary for Gu Man to say it.