Here we go again!

When Gezer broke through with the ball, he always won and squatted on the sidelines, but now he’s up because he finds that he can’t see clearly when he squats and looks at a lot of people in the distance, so he can look better from a higher angle.
He noticed that there were three or four pick-up points around him at any time when Gotze broke through.
That is to say, if he wants, he can always give the football to those people and run by himself.
However, Inter Milan has also made corresponding adjustments.
They keep an eye on it. It’s very specific
Real man-to-man …
At the expense of the attack, I gained the advantage in the number of defenders.
Inter Milan can be so defensive in this game.
But …
I’m afraid Europeans have no concept of hurricane or typhoon, right?
Have you seen how a typhoon moves?
From the Pacific Ocean, all the way to the west and north, the island and the mainland are in a mess!
In Chang Sheng’s view, the wind has already blown.
Gotze took the ball forward. There were many Lazio teammates around him, and of course there were more Inter Milan players. After Cambiaso passed by him, Montari came over. He gave up his watch and stopped Gotze Ingeze. Now he is the closest to him.
Moreover, meireles’s threat of organizing attacks is much smaller than that of Gotze and ledesma.
Can give up temporarily
Just now, Gotze didn’t have the ball but made a direct breakthrough, which made Montari think that Gotze was very dangerous. If he was left alone, it might threaten the goal of Inter Milan.
But just when he first came, he couldn’t break the ball straight through Gotze, but he scored again this time!
And give the football to meireles!
You and I can play?
I break through!
You and I can’t play?
My ball!
The personal breakthrough and overall promotion of Gotze and Lazio have created several possible headaches for the defensive side.
Who knows if he wants to break through once, it’s still a ball!
Without football, Gotze easily bypassed the stunned Montari.
Meireles put the football back.
They say it’s true that they are far behind Ledesma in organizing attacks.
But that doesn’t mean that you are not good at a five-meter ball!
Gezer didn’t go forward after catching the ball.
Because the front is the restricted area heavily guarded by Inter Milan.
Although the straight line breakthrough is the shortest, it is the most difficult.
So before landing in the restricted area of Inter Milan, the typhoon turned slightly from the middle to the ribs.
Chapter one hundred and twelve Storm transit trip!
Traditionally, the middle of the restricted area is the most tightly defended place for each team, so it is not a wise decision for many teams to choose the middle of the wing to force their way out.
It’s normal for Gezer to bypass the ribs.
This change of direction made Inter Milan defenders happy.
They think it’s their defense.
Then you will make persistent efforts in the future.
Since we can force them from the middle to the ribs, we can also force them from the ribs to the side and then force them to go!
Satima, who contracted in the ribs, made up for it and stood in front of Gezer to prevent him from continuing to break through, but at the same time he gave up the position of the flank, which means you can’t even think about the flank or the middle!
The main left-back of Inter Milan for half a season is Chivu.

Lingyun didn’t expect Chui Fu to go around to him again. He waved and didn’t good the spirit way "roll".

But by chui fook this lingyun heart how much better, not as blocked as before.
For chui fook said to him to get more wives lingyun is don’t have any idea, now he is a little busy with both.
Even if you accompany Zhang Xue today, you will deprive them of half of the time. If you accompany them after a few, it will not become less.
Now, even if the two people take turns directly for a month, they will let the wind dance Zhang Xue keep the room alone for half a month.
If there are a few more, how much time will he spend with Feng Wu and Zhang Xue a month?
But Xu Fu said that he would treat them sincerely, not deceive them, and give them happiness. Lingyun still agrees.
Now that you have married two people, Lingyun can’t bear to give up either Lingyun, so you can face it.
At dinner that night, Zhang Xue’s eyes were still full of bitterness
After dinner, Lingyun practiced as usual, but she couldn’t calm down.
Thinking for more than an hour, Lingyun entered Zhang Xuefang after it was completely dark.
Zhang Xue didn’t sleep, but sat at the table holding the bar in one hand and was in a daze. Seeing Lingyun come in was full of surprises.
Lingyun picked up Zhang Xue and put her gently on the bed.
Zhang Xue obviously knows the meaning of Lingyun’s movement, and his heart is full of surprises. His eyes have been quietly closed, but the trembling eyelashes represent his panic and tension.
Lingyun knows a lot about Zhang Xue, Zhang Xue and the wind dance. At the beginning, the wind dance could push him down, but Zhang Xue would never take the initiative.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been waiting for Lingyun silently for so long, but I never went too far, and I didn’t even hint.
Lingyun gently faded off Zhang Xueshen’s clothes one by one …
With your eyes closed, Zhang Xue’s eyelashes are shaking, and the white skin is dyed pink like a ripe peach, which makes people want to take a bite.
Lingyun saw Zhang Xue nervous hands gently stroking her tender skin.
Lingyun put Zhang Xue’s rosy lips and tongue on her lips, but failed to pry Zhang Xue’s teeth.
Nervous and flustered in my heart, Zhang Xuebei clenched his teeth
Lingyun has gained rich experience in dancing in the wind and touched Zhang Xue * *
In Zhang Xue’s involuntary melody nowadays, the tongue took the opportunity to rush in and wrap Zhang Xue’s tongue.
Zhang Xue has been passively accepting that his body is at the mercy of Lingyun and his eyes are closed.
She didn’t dare to open her eyes until Lingyun hugged her in bed and there was no movement.
Although there is some pain in her face, this night is Zhang Xue’s most practical night and her sweetest night.
After Lingyun fell asleep, her bright eyes kept looking at Lingyun’s sleeping face, and her white hands gently stroked Lingyun’s cheek.
to be continued
Chapter 371 Zhang Tong breakthrough
The next day, Zhang Xue looked at Lingyun and her eyes were tender and sweet.
When eating, my eyes have been glancing at Lingyun with a little shyness.
Occasionally, I look at the wind and dance, and my eyes flicker, just like I did something wrong.
The wind dance has a panoramic view of Zhang Xue’s expression. Before Zhang Xue swept away, the bitterness became amorous and naturally knew that she and Lingyun must have done that kind of thing last night
If it’s just married, it will definitely make you uncomfortable when you know it.
But now she has already looked at it thoroughly, and she is not unhappy at all.
No matter whether lingyun and Zhang Xue have that kind of thing, they will not become more or less when they accompany her.
Now that the name is husband and wife, if Lingyun has been treating Zhang Xue as a guest of honor, the final damage will still be this family.
Wind Dance really values the formation of this family by three people. Now that she is pregnant, it is always good to have a harmonious and beautiful family when the child is born.
If Lingyun doesn’t handle Zhang Xue’s affairs well, even if Zhang Xue’s nature is gentle, it will break out one day
It will be this family that breaks up.
Moreover, Zhang Xue has tried her best to be the same as before in front of her these days, but how can Zhang Xue not feel her envy of herself in pretending to dance in the wind?
Moreover, Zhang Xue’s resentment against Lingyun is also not very good in his eyes and heart.
There is no contradiction between so many three people and Meimei’s affectionate love now.
Only when the country is harmonious can the people live in peace and family be harmonious and the family be happy.
I was a little guilty when I came to Lingyun for breakfast, but I didn’t feel dissatisfied when I saw the wind dance, and my heart was completely released
Thoroughly done the harem two beauties lingyun is also a worry.
Lingyun resumed laughing. Every day, he presided over the major things in the county seat in the county government.
After leaving Zhou Keng, it really became very calm.
Everything is developing in an orderly way, and the security of the city is getting better and better.
The living standard of the people in Zhending City is also gradually increasing, if it were not for the burden of 300 thousand refugees outside the city.
It’s almost time to compare the living standards of the people in the city with those in the prosperous times.
However, the living standards of the 300,000 people in the refugee city outside the city have also been lowered by a class.
But it is still much better than many cities.

Sweeping Mani smiled and waved his hand: "I am me, and I am not me. You are Li Feiyang, and you are not Li Feiyang. How can it be the same? "

Li Feiyang’s eyes narrowed. He only felt a chill rush from the heel to the top of his head in an instant, and his whole body was unconsciously slightly alert. He licked his lips that suddenly became a little dry: "What the master said is too abstruse, and the boy doesn’t understand."
Sweeping the floor Mani looked into Li Feiyang’s eyes and stopped talking for a long time. Although the old man felt no threat in front of him, Li Feiyang had an extremely absurd feeling, as if his insides had been seen by him. I couldn’t help but step back quietly and swallowed: "What is the master looking at?"
"I see your confusion and fear … you are looking for your true self, but there has been no direction. Ah ~ ~ "
Sweeping the floor, Mani said that he once again looked up at the sky: "Heaven and earth are heartless, and everything is a straw dog. Do you know what this means? "
"What? !” Li Feiyang couldn’t help losing his voice and almost blurted out, "Master, did you also cross?" In this case, but after all, I still resisted.
Mani, who swept the floor, ignored Li Feiyang’s gaffe, turned to look at the statue of the big dead sky in the hall, raised his skinny arm and pointed at the statue and smiled: "What he said, many people thought, meant that heaven and earth were cruel and heartless, treating everything as a grass dog." What do you think? "
"Er … in fact, what this means is that everything is equal in the eyes of heaven and earth, and there is no difference, and there is no distinction between high and low … it is precisely that heaven and earth are kind …" Li Feiyang replied casually, this sentence is not complicated for him, and the past life was hundred to ten thousand! I have read it many times before, and I am familiar with its meaning.
Sweeping the floor, Mani’s face showed a look of appreciation: "You are also the first person in the Dark Forest to understand the true meaning of this statement. Finding yourself, whether you are you or not, is the same for heaven and earth … and the same for you. "
Li Feiyang finally lost his temper. He tentatively asked, "Master … Do you know anything about me?"
"I saw the confusion in your eyes, but I also saw the clarity. You should firmly believe in your choice and find your inner direction … Besides … "Sweeping the floor, Mani raised her hand and pointed to the statue in the dry sky:" Don’t trust him, he can’t give you direction … Besides, he is a liar. If everything is really equal, why does he stand here and be worshipped by thousands of people? "
Li Feiyang was really shocked. He didn’t expect Monk Mani at the gate of the temple to tell the truth that the big dead day was a liar, and he didn’t expect the other party to say a few words casually, but he seemed to see through his identity and thoughts!
"Master … you …" Li Feiyang was about to speak, but was interrupted by Sweeping Mani: "Don’t ask me, ask yourself … If you find the answer, maybe I can give you some advice …" Sweeping Mani said that she would ignore Li Feiyang and continue to lower her head and sweep the floor, just lightly sighing:
"This liar, standing here long enough … should also be dust to dust, dust to dust …"
Li Feiyang looked at the sweeping mani without saying a word. After a long time, he bowed to the end at the sweeping mani, then turned and walked into the hall.

Chapter 162 The shadow of the dead sky
Go against cheating Chapter 162 The shadow of the dead.
Zhuo Qing didn’t drink the resurrection soup. Li Feiyang certainly won’t give her a drink. Should only be born in a cloud. Now that she has passed out. Since you can recover slowly here. Then wait.
The next day. The villagers all told the news that Li Feiyang and Mu Zhuoqing had become one of them. The attitude of the villagers is actually worth pondering.
From their own perspective. Children would like Li Feiyang to be one of them. After all, Li Feiyang’s strength is there. And from their beliefs. Li Feiyang threw himself into the dark forest. Isn’t it the will of the Great Drought God?
But … They know the pain of living in the park. Sacrifice. Be free forever. If you want a free man to face this. I’m sure you’ll bear it.
So for Li Feiyang. Their feelings are mixed.
Temple. Located in the center of the fifth floor of the Dark Devil, this is the only decent building in the Dark Devil’s Forest. It is also the largest and most magnificent scenery.
The whole temple is made of sand. On the outer layer. There is a faint streamer rotating. Protecting the sand body. The top of the temple has a round roof. Tall columns support the top. There are five colors of brilliance shining in the hollow in the middle, even if it is far away. You can also see the light at the top.
This is the guidance of the great drought god. Legend has it that the people in the dark forest can resist the sacrifice again and again. This magical five-color brilliance has played a very important role.
Under the light. Is the whole temple. It stretches for hundreds of feet long and dozens of feet high. It’s much bigger than a modern church. Li Feiyang stood far away. | the light on the dome of the temple. There are mixed feelings in my heart.
He felt that there were many powerful smells in the temple. Even if there are hundreds of meters apart. That huge power has made people feel breathless. And besides this power. There is also an inexplicable and mysterious sense of oppression. Has always been attacking Li Feiyang’s heart.
The villagers said that the temple was caused by the divine power of the dead sky. You can feel the power of heaven. But Li Feiyang intuitively thinks. No.
This mysterious sense of oppression. Give him a deja vu. Just like facing Big Mani on that day, but it is still different from Big Mani.
Big Mani, except that if there is nothing. But it is as heavy as the sea, and there is a hint of strangeness and gloom besides the oppression. Now this oppression is like sunshine. Bright and mellow. And then equally profound. But it makes people feel vaguely comfortable. Peace.
Li Feiyang held a trace of caution in his heart. Mixed with a little awe.
He finally confirmed. There must be something close to Li Jingyao in this temple. Or a stronger person than Li Jingyao.
It’s just that Li Jingyao feels tyrannical and overbearing. Sweep the world’s tolerance. And the mysterious strong in the temple. But it is full of alcohol and qi.
Of course, but from a person’s momentum. But the root can’t be sure whether a person is just evil …
Go to the front of the temple. A huge sand statue came into view. It was in the middle of the temple hall. The statue should be almost flush with the top of the temple. If you want to see the whole. You need to look up.
Sand sculpture, snake god. There are huge wings on the back. The whole body is covered with a thick layer of scales. The head is a little pointed, the eyes and ears are small. The forehead bulges high. There is a sharp one-horned head, and fierce eyes appear. The arms are extremely thick. Holding a pike in his hand.

The explosion behind ziyun ao and Huang Junyi seems to be stepping in their footsteps, and each one is hanging by a thread-

The other party was intrigued, and someone could hide from him. Tracking the lip angle with his eyes and sketching a ponder smile turned out to be a bad drama that generally accelerated the speed and strength.
It’s too passive to run like this. Ziyun’s proud eyes suddenly flashed and Huang Junyi exchanged glances. They read each other’s meaning in a simple eye and acted immediately for a second-
Huang Junyi held the purple Raytheon whip and severely split the ball of light.
The Xuanbing Sword in Ziyun’s proud hand has stabbed each other’s eyes coldly at the same time.
If the man felt something, he almost closed his eyes and dodged as quickly as possible, but who knew that Ziyun Ao actually had another trick-
The young girl almost dazzled her eyes with sand, and then the young man uprooted the trees next to her and rushed to the immortal man with tens of thousands of trunks.
Men are buried in trees and sand for a moment …
The world suddenly returned to calm.
Ziyun ao and Huang Junyi closed their hands and looked at the man being buried alive to observe the situation.
Hua Hua-
Sand and destroyed trees pop up a head. Chapter 745 Who taught you to break into here!
Two people were about to start the other side to spray a mouthful of sand again. "It’s actually two kids. Hehehehehe. I haven’t played like that for a long time …"
"Who the hell are you!" Ziyun proudly said coldly that he had cultivated so many kinds of things and achieved a lot. If it weren’t for his drunkenness, I’m afraid they would be no match for each other.
"Little girl, you broke into the adult mansion and flooded the rockery in the big ye potted plant into a pool! Burying adults in this potted plant again, you don’t know who adults are! " Some guy who call himself an adult was so angry that he blew his eyes out.
"…" What potted rockery?
"Don’t put on such a look. Grandpa doesn’t like water. Are you white?"
Ziyun proudly looked at Huang Junyi and gave him a look of’ the other side is much more sure’ and decided not to talk to him again.
"You live for adults-"the man shouted coldly. "Who taught you to break in here!"
If it weren’t for the destruction of the mysterious fire cave, the root people could break in here! But how can it be easily destroyed when there is Suzaku sitting in the Xuanhuo Cave? !
But the sight had to convince him what he saw … He wasn’t in a dream!
Ziyun Ao didn’t even bother to give him a "guess for himself" expression of "I won’t tell you that you can be like me".
Today, two little dolls broke in here, one holding the purple Raytheon whip and the other holding the Excalibur of Xuan Bing, and both of them practiced driving qi. Is this the day to help him-
The man’s lip angle coldly evokes the shout-
Two strands of hair suddenly turned into two silvery white ropes, and it seemed to fly at two people. They were tied up in lightning speed and quickly tied them back to back.
After a bang, the body collided with the body, and Huang Junyi and Ziyun Ao discovered that they were tied up!
I didn’t expect to be cheated by this guy!
His roots are not that weak!
When a man flew from the sand and jumped to the ground, the soil didn’t fall on him at all.
He took a sip of mellow and sweet wine and wandered towards the two men who were tied up desperately.
Ziyun proudly struggled for two days and found that she was tied more tightly. I wish I could gouge out this guy’s eyes.
"Who the hell are you! !” Ziyun ao angrily tunnel
The man’s mouth overflowed with a sneer, "Oh guess?"
“……!” It’s really a brain-dead fighter, Ziyun. It’s a cold addition in my heart! "Don’t you have nothing to do but learn to speak?"
"Smelly girl has a glib tongue. I don’t know what would happen if she lost her teeth." The white man sneered at a pair of peach blossom eyes, which was particularly eye-catching.
When Huang Junyi heard this, he immediately said, "I don’t know if this brother calls us as meaning to break into here and stir up your dream. I’m sorry, but I hope you don’t feel relieved to affect your mood."
This man is uncertain, rain or shine, and there are some new faces that can’t really be done. Now they are tied up, so it’s better to try to break free as soon as possible.

Huijue’s round face was dimly reflected in the candlelight. "After you were in a coma, he went to see a doctor, Ghost Grass. Herbs grew in the long river of fire valley and everywhere, and when he came back, he was covered in injuries … he didn’t want you to leave."

Taotao looked back at Nangong Dust.
The white robe swings to wrap the young’s thin and slender body in
Compared with the indifferent monster at first sight, his face has not changed, but his breath has changed a lot
Still silent, still quiet, but a little more lonely and will be discarded, broken and fragile at any time.
"How could he not want me to go?"
"Once upon a time, I traveled with Master and evil spirits raged. Although he had spiritual power, he rarely made moves. He said that people born in suffering were not the most painful, because evil spirits covered them. They had never seen the sun, but if one day they got a glimpse of the sun and returned to the dark clouds, it would be difficult to dispel the suffering of hell."
Taotao seems to understand.
Huijue melted the burnt hair into a cup and handed it to Taotao.
Taotao murmured, "But I scratched the soles of his feet."
The wild prison seems to have lost its meaning here when there is no alternation between day and night.
After drinking water, Taotao really didn’t think about the Nangong dust any more, and she didn’t do anything to leave. She lay on the steps outside the hut every day.
Either take a nap or stare at the gloomy sky in a daze or tease the bugs in the cracks in the stone with grass roots.
Huijue is very busy
Nangong Chen writes slowly, but Huijue is patient.
He prefers to stay in the cabin with Nangong Chen to study calligraphy rather than listen to Taotao’s noise.
He didn’t pay attention to him, but unexpectedly, he changed his indifference and refused to write earlier.
Taotao examines Huijue’s body. Although he has not cultivated the spirit pulse, he is full of spiritual strength and is a good seedling for becoming a spiritual master.
He, the monk and the master, is one of the few spiritual masters who are not affiliated with the royal exorcism department. Before the master died, he taught Huijue the method of cultivating spiritual pulse, and left the relic to protect him. Otherwise, the spiritual constitution of Huijue had not cultivated spiritual pulse, and all the dregs would have been swallowed by evil spirits.
Yu Nangong Chen Taotao also checked his body, but his physique made her puzzled.
His body has a faint force wandering in the bones of his limbs, but it works in a completely different way from ordinary spiritual teachers.
Orderly and orderly Taotao tried to make him practice spiritual power in a wise way.
Taotao believed Huijue’s words, and the power of destiny came from awakening.
It’s not time to wake up after seven hardships.
The grass root in Taotao’s hand was broken for the fifth time, and she looked back at the hut.
Huijue’s soundboard is just immature and somewhat awe-inspiring. "These techniques are all fragments, and even after the workshop, it’s hard to restore them with the greatest strength. I’m afraid it’s hard for you and me to be protected by the royal exorcism department. I haven’t seen many complete talks about restoration?"
Hui Jue stopped talking. Taotao guessed that Nangong Chen was writing.
The nangongshan dust didn’t write. He picked up a technique and looked at it.
Hui-jue sat on the side with a sad face. "It is still very difficult for me to become a powerful spiritual master with these."
Taotao leaned into a head from the door. "Aren’t you bored?"
The two of them stayed indoors and couldn’t get out of the Nangong dust. They didn’t need to eat. When they were hungry, Hui Jue ate some and took them to the wild prison to dry sesame cakes.
Taotao "I’m talking about mushrooms."
Hui Jue "has mushrooms? Cook for soup. "
Taotao "This mushroom is not another mushroom"
She took Hui-jue out of the house and confiscated the biscuit as hard as an iron plate in his hand. "Can you eat this, too?"
She threw the sesame seed cake back and Huijue picked it up sadly. "Don’t wave."
Taotao turned around and tried to pull the Nangong dust hand out to remember that he is not a child now.
-He has grown up.
Nangong dust let out of the hut
Taotao said, "I was wandering around these two days and saw a river in the east with wild vegetables. Let’s catch fish and dig vegetables."
Hui-jue said, "Isn’t that the black river in your mouth? The blackwater river is black and thick because the ghosts are evil and throw corpses at the source of the water. There are mortal bones and grievances. Can you eat fish in the water by eating dead fish? "
Taotao asked again, "What about the west stream? Is it also a corpse fish? "
The stream is clear
Taotao is in the middle of the stream.
A ghost, ordinary streams won’t wet her clothes, but she still holds her trouser legs and sleeves with a sense of ceremony.
Her arm has a red vine pattern, which looks very special, like printing.
She picked up a dead branch and made a hairpin. She turned around and waved to them with her long black hair like algae behind her head.
Hui-jue said, "You can play without killing bald donkeys."
Without nets and branches, peaches are still very skilled, as if they have been caught thousands of times.
Her cat was floating on the water with her hands around her waist. When she saw the shadow of the fish flash by, she resolutely held a small river fish with her hands.
She held the fish and smiled back at them. "Look!"
Huijue praised "awesome" politely and politely.
Taotao put the river fish in the basin on the shore, and with a sly turn of eyes, they dragged them into the water while they were not paying attention.
Hui Chueh-lai didn’t respond and planted directly in the stream.
And the nangongshan dust he stretched out his hand in peach peach that moment back half a step in the reaction to come over who the hand came from and then stopped.
He fell into the water with Hui-jue, and his clothes were soaked by the water.
Chueh-hui got up from the water. "Why are you so …"
Before the words were finished, Taotao slapped a handful of water in his face and soaked his bald head. "Hey, hit me!"
So the young monk calmed down and forgot all about being a monk and avoiding arrogance and rashness. He took a bucket of water and intended to raise it on Taotao.

The three women’s worries were revealed by Yuan Jun, all of whom were annoyed and suddenly said, "We are all Jianghu chivalrous women and we won’t be shy!" Left hand pulling Yang Kang, right hand pulling source coloured glaze generously walked into the ling Feiyang room.

Yuan Jun also wanted to come in and watch the fun song with smoke, but backhand locked the door and said to the crack of the door, "Just now, you said that you gave Ling Dage to us. There is nothing for you here! You certainly didn’t sleep well last night, so go back to your room and sleep! "
In Yuan Jun’s heart, some regret to return to his room, including smoke, and Yang Kang sat down on Ling Feiyang’s bedside source glass, but he couldn’t help but go to Ling Feiyang and put his arms around him.
"Lingjun knows that you have practiced the first feat to the highest level, and the three of us didn’t come to you …" The source coloured glaze got up the courage and said.
"I have suffered too much for you in the past two years …" Ling Feiyang’s heart pity could not help but hold the source glass horizontally and gently put it on the bed.
Qu Hanyan and Yang Kang went to the bed together to gently untie Luo Shang’s roll-up pillow. A few magic butterflies suddenly escaped from the source glass cloth bag and danced in the room. In the morning, the sunlight shot into the room from the window lattice, and the spring scenery was sultry.
Before you know it, it’s evening. Three girls, including Yanyan, Yang Kang and Yuanyuan Liuli, reluctantly leave Ling Feiyang’s room to get love and nourishment. All three girls are radiant and their mood is also improving.
Ling Feiyang had just rested for more than an hour after dark, but another beautiful woman came to his room. It was Han Xiaoying!
"I came to see you because I want to talk to you about Jinger. There is absolutely no other meaning. Don’t get me wrong!" Han Xiaoying said.
Although Han Xiaoying’s expression looks very serious, Ling Feiyang is aware that her real purpose of coming to her is actually no different from that of the previous four girls.
"Xiao Ying, you are not only a good teacher in Guo Jing, but also my good wife …" Ling Feiyang said, pulling Han Xiaoying’s small hand and dragging her to the bed. Han Xiaoying had already been unable to hold back and drilled into Ling Feiyang’s arms and kissed Ling Feiyang’s lips deeply.
It was four hours before Han Xiaoying left Ling Feiyang’s room. It was after midnight. Ling Feiyang was lying on the bed recalling the charming scene just now, but suddenly he found a flash of white shadow outside the window!
Ling Feiyang hurriedly put on his coat and sat up from the bed. He went over and knocked on the door and saw a gentle and graceful woman in the backyard of the inn. A laurel tree hung high in the sky, shining soft light on her body, reflecting that extraordinary and beautiful face like a fairy in the moon palace!
"Bing Xin …" Ling Feiyang called her name and walked behind her.
"It’s been a long time since this jade girl’s simple-minded swordsmanship was rusty and flying. Let’s practice together …" Bing Xin said that she took two swords from her belt and handed one of them to Ling Feiyang.
"Flower before the moon, drinking and drinking, crayons thrush, loose chess, night talk at the west window, Liu Yin couplet …" Both of them danced swords in the moonlight, but all kinds of experiences flashed in their minds over the years.
"graceful as a cover"!
Bing Xin’s whole body suddenly fell backwards, and Ling Feiyang jumped up with his feet propped up, and a split jumped over Bing Xin’s body!
"may the armor"!
Bing Xin has just started flying, but he has turned around and embraced Bing Xin with his arms around him. Then he pulled Bing Xin’s body and turned around, and his hands suddenly pushed him. It turned out that Bing Xin was thrown high!
Bing Xin turned his body very lightly in a turning point in the middle, and turned over the sword and stabbed it sharply!
In those days, the Jin * * team encircled the True Sect. It was this move that "May the real Sect" wiped out the martial arts far better than its own strong enemy, Samoni. However, it was precisely because of this move that "May the real Sect" almost separated the two men from each other forever.
"I’ve been waiting for this day for sixteen years …" Bing Xin couldn’t help but hold Ling Fei Yang hand and walked into her room after the two danced the sword.
Bing Xin feels like the snow mountain fairy, but in her mind, she actually wants to be a very ordinary woman. The pain of Bing Xin’s master Lin Chaoying’s life is actually because she doesn’t want to express her feelings. Bing Xin doesn’t want to continue this pain to herself. She doesn’t want to live a plain life of "joy and lust". She hopes that she can be happy and that her lover can be happy.
After going through the robbery and crossing life and death, now they can finally be combined with each other in one place, just like returning to that hazy bed of cold jade, picturesque and true and illusory.
At the moment of reaching the peak, Ling Feiyang suddenly felt a gentle and gentle qi entering his body from that quiet path. Ling Feiyang immediately felt refreshed and tired for two days. At this moment, it was actually eliminated.
"princess royal must have summoned you early, so I’ll give you some physical strength with this Jade Girl Heart Sutra." Bing Xin said with a smile that the spring of love poured out and watered it in the deepest part of his body to be continued.
Chapter 521 Jiangshan beauty
There are no roses and no red candles, but this room is still full of happiness and warmth. At this moment, princess royal Zhao Xuan is snuggling in Ling Feiyang’s arms, feeling her lover’s warm face and smiling happily.
"Ling Gong, do you remember the poem I read to you on the day we first met?" Zhao Xuan suddenly looked up and blinked his big eyes and asked Ling Feiyang
"Hemerocallis can’t solve the worries of strong men" Ling Feiyang immediately read it out and said, "Since Hemerocallis is A Girl Without Sorrow, I think this poem should be changed to" Hemerocallis can solve the worries of strong men ""
"You dare to change the poems of Meng Jiao, a great poet in the Tang Dynasty!" Zhao Xuan couldn’t help giggling, but then suddenly stopped laughing and said, "But you have changed very well. In fact, my greatest wish in my life is to relieve your sorrow."
"Xiao Xuan, you have done it …" Ling Feiyang looked at this beautiful and moving princess with tender eyes, and the scene of Xiangyang City emerged in her heart.
"General meng, don’t be trapped by the Mongols! I’m a dead princess, as well as the emperor’s brother and you DaSong soldiers! But if you lose Xiangyang, the whole Dasong will be in danger! " In the midst of thousands of troops, at the end of the impending death, this brave and fearful Princess Dasong showed unparalleled courage!
Princess Dasong’s courage inspired the morale of the people in Tianda Dasong and inspired the national spirit of Chinese sons and daughters who are not afraid of violence! It is this indomitable national spirit that led Qi Xin, a military and civilian in the Song Dynasty, to fight against Mongolia together. Although he has sacrificed millions of soldiers and civilians, he has finally entered the stage of strategic counterattack!
Now Princess Zhao Xuan is like an ordinary little woman curled up in Ling Feiyang’s arms. Their skin is tightly attached to each other and they feel each other’s body temperature, but their hearts are full of mixed feelings.
"Ling Gong, is it beautiful for you to feel a big Song Jiangshan?" Zhao Xuan suddenly grabbed Ling Fei whisking and guided him to touch his body with two fingers.
"Here is the western plateau, here is the Saibei Snow Mountain, here is the Jiangnan Pingchuan, here is the southern Xinjiang jungle …" Ling Feiyang’s fingertips gently crossed Zhao Xuan’s every inch of skin.
"DaSong miles away belong to you alone …" Zhao Xuan said with a blush on her face.
"Xiao Xuan, I will protect this beautiful land all my life …" Ling Feiyang said and covered her body.
Although Princess Zhao Xuan has a noble and precious body, she has now let go of her reserved and slender waist and kept twisting. With rhythm, two snow legs are shaking, pestering Ling Feiyang’s body, and her mouth is full of charming songs. The springs in the jungle are flowing one by one, and the streams are gurgling and wetting Ling Feiyang’s body and mind.
"The clouds are clever, the flying stars hate the silver and the Chinese, and when they meet, they win, but the number is tender as water, and the ritual is like a dream. If the two feelings are long-lasting, will they be in the morning and evening?"
"Alas, I am a country princess and share a man with other women …" * * After Zhao Xuan was lying in Ling Feiyang’s arms, there was some bitterness in her heart, so she said in Ling Feiyang’s ear
Zhao Xuan, who didn’t answer Ling Feiyang, also felt that this sentence was a little disappointing, so she continued, "I know that every woman in you has paid a deep affection for you, and I also know that I can’t monopolize you at all, but in my heart, after all, there are some princess dignity requirements. I hope you can promise me …"
"Xiao Xuan, just say it!" Ling Feiyang knows Zhao Xuan’s personality very well, knowing that she won’t make things difficult for herself and said
"First, although my brother once wanted you to be a DaSong Xu before his death, I don’t want the Manchu Dynasty to know what we are doing, and I don’t want you to be adopted by adoption in the palace. After the war, I will assist Quaner in arranging state affairs and then travel around the world with you in anonymity …"
"Of course I can promise you this, because that’s what I was thinking …" Ling Feiyang said.
Zhao Xuan smiled and then said, "Second, I am a princess after all, and I can’t play that kind of game with you like your other sister. Don’t come to me if you let her sister accompany you one night."
"Of course this is no problem. I didn’t send this game …" Ling Feiyang hurriedly said.
"That’s good," Zhao Xuan continued after a slight pause. "Third, when it’s peaceful, you take so many younger sisters to live in seclusion in the mountains. I hope you won’t favor one over the other. I won’t let you neglect me or other younger sisters."
"This certainly won’t" Ling Feiyang immediately promised to think "Xiao Xuan proved to be reasonable. None of these three requirements is too much …"
"It seems easy to do, but it is difficult to do it. One of the reasons why my father was poisoned by Queen Yang was that he had neglected Queen Yang before," Zhao Xuan went on to say.
"This analogy of yours is really appropriate. I just praised you for being reasonable in my heart …" Ling Feiyang said to himself, "Don’t worry, I won’t neglect each of your younger sisters …"
"Do you know how the emperor arranges his concubine to accompany him to bed every night?" Zhao Xuan continued, "Every night at dinner, the steward will send a green card with the princess’s name written on it. Which card will the emperor turn over on the table? This princess will be favored. To be fair, anyone who has been turned over will be hidden by the steward until a round."
"You don’t want me to do this …" Ling Feiyang asked with a wry smile.
"You and I want you to enjoy the emperor’s treatment in philanderer? But I can’t think of a better way … "Zhao Xuan said.
"We’ll talk about it then, but it’s really inappropriate for you to compare me with the emperor …" Ling Feiyang said.
"I know this …" Zhao Xuan smiled and said "the emperor is a kind of need for the princess; And you are full of love for us … "
Zhao Xuan said that she couldn’t help but put her arms around Ling Feiyang’s neck and put her tender red lips on Ling Feiyang’s cheek to be continued.
Chapter 522 Gongsun Zhi captured alive.
Three days later, Ling Feiyang led the Song Kingdom to leave Huashan and rushed to Song Guojing, an important town on Hubei Road, Xiangyang City. Although Zhao Xuan could not bear Ling Feiyang, she was still a state official and returned to Lin ‘an with soldiers, and her father-in-law also accompanied her.
Marshal Meng Gong learned that Ling Feiyang’s return to Xiangyang also brought hundreds of masters of the Song State. He couldn’t help but be delighted. When he was about to belong to the generals, he called to Marshal Fu Ling Feiyang to discuss the counterattack plan together.
After a whole day’s discussion, Meng Gong finally made a battle plan and decided to take the initiative to attack the Mongolian army commander Chagatai three days later!
"Will Qiu Qianren go to Brother Diao again if he fails to sneak attack?" Ling Feiyang suddenly thought of this matter and decided to visit a god carving again, so he came to the valley where he lost his life and buried his bones.
Ling Feiyang just walked into the cave and was greeted with wings, but he didn’t make any affectionate moves. He cried "tweet" in his mouth and didn’t know what it meant.
"Is Brother Diao in trouble again?" Ling Feiyang was thinking about the condor when his left wing suddenly patted Ling Feiyang’s shoulder and then turned and walked out of the hole.
Ling Feiyang followed the condor and came to the front of the cliff behind the cave. The condor’s two claws climbed the cliff recess and climbed to the cliff half-way platform. Ling Feiyang also used his flying skills to climb the hide the sword platform with the condor.
However, those small stones piled on the platform have been thrown out of the surface, and the green flag and the three swords placed on the green flag have all been traced!
"These three swords were stolen! No wonder the condor is in a bad mood! " Ling Feiyang thought quickly and asked the statue, "Did you see who stole the sword?"

few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs.
“Red jade is a blessing!”
Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the “universal clock of heaven and earth”.
As soon as the news passed, Fang Yun was about to collect another piece of medicinal materials. All of a sudden, in front of me, this piece of “Red Jade and Fuze” disappeared.
Fang Yun dazed: “This …”
The front is empty, but there is a silver-haired man in front of him. His look is indifferent and his eyes are like starry sky. There are countless stars in it, which are born and died. Just a look, it seems that people’s souls will be sucked in. And his hand, is holding the Fang Yun just to collect “red jade Fuze”.
“Unexpectedly, someone like me, look at these strains of red jade. Little friend, come out. ”
Silver-haired man looking down at the front, a void. It was empty, but the man’s eyes seemed to have penetrated all the secrets and saw the tiny dust in the depths of space.
Fang Yun mind trembling, the silver-haired man didn’t how powerful momentum, but give the feeling of Fang Yun, but extremely dangerous. With his current strength, he can still feel threatened. This kind of person, for absolute reached, ghosts and gods unpredictable terrible realm.
A strong breath, cold as snow, locked in the space. Fujiki evil gentleman uses the magical power of “the best size” to change the dust. Fang Yun immediately know, he see is broken.
Void vibration, a grain of dust fiercely Yishan, suddenly stretched sharply, blink of an eye, revealing the appearance of evil Fujiki Jun, standing on the earth.

Chapter 664 The first person in Daomen
“Who are you?”
Rattan wood evil gentleman feet don’t touch the ground, gently floating, back several zhangs. After a distance, I looked at the silver-haired man in front of me This man makes him feel too dangerous, so it’s better to stay away.
“Xuan Xuan.” Silver-haired man indifferent blinked, calm way.
Fang Yun was shocked, and could hardly believe his ears. It’s him! Fang Yun didn’t expect to go to Junnian’s master here.
The first master of Taisu School, Yu Xuan. This name is well-known in the sectarian world. Fang Yun also found out that Yu Xuan was the master of Junnian. But this one never went down the mountain, so Fang Yun never saw him.
Fang Yun didn’t expect, would be in a place like this, see the first master YuXuan.
“Turns out to be danger elders, surprisingly, the elders, like me, are interested in these few strains of red grass. A gentleman doesn’t steal people’s love, since Elder Yu also takes a fancy to it. I naturally dare not worry about the elders. ”
Fang Yun didn’t discover the identity of “Red Jade and Fuze”, only that it was a red grass. He bowed his hand and flew upside down, then he wanted to leave: “Elder Yu, I have work to do next. Don’t bother, leave! “