"Knock …"

"Come in" Ouyang Tianyi shouted.
Yun Zhuiyue and Ouyang Tianyi looked up at Hanxiang and they looked at each other. Yun Zhuiyue first asked, "Why are the four of you here today?"
Fanran pulled Fontaine and quickly knelt down in front of Yunzhuiyue and Ouyang Tianyi.
"Shi Ye Shi Fei Fan Ran wants to marry Fang Dan and ask Shi Ye and Shi Fei to become" Fan Ran changed his smirk and looked serious.
Fontaine knelt shyly and didn’t speak.
Cloud chasing the moon at first glance, he thought that Fan Ran would begin to understand early. I didn’t expect to come to her with Fontaine now.
"This is a good thing, princess, of course, but Fanran Fangdan is an orphan and I grew up together. We are just like sisters. Let’s not say that Anping Wangfu and Qisha Palace are her family …"
"The July 7th evil spirit palace …" Fan Ran’s eyes are almost falling out in surprise, and his hands are tightly holding a girl in General Fangdan’s mansion. How can she have a relationship with the Seven Evil Spirit Palace? This is too shocking.
Fontaine glanced at Fanran proudly and knew that he would look like this when he knew it.
Atractylodes macrocephala did not have much surprise after listening to it! The identity of the seven evil spirits palace is enough for Xianger to stay with her for so many years, which explains his doubts.
"It’s true that Fontaine and Hanxiang are my right-hand men in the Seven Shaks Palace. Apart from Xiang Xuan, they are the most profitable. You marry Fanran, but I am the left-hand man of the Seven Shaks Palace. Can you guarantee that you will marry Fontaine all your life?" Fanran wants to marry Fontaine Fontaine. Fanran must know that because some Fontaine will often go out, she doesn’t want them to quarrel about these things when they get married.
Fan Ran swallowed a mouthful of saliva. The princess in front of him is the mother of the Seven Evil Houses! He can really find the treasure by walking at night!
"Shi Fei Fan Ran swore to heaven that she would marry Fontaine all her life. If Fan Ran failed Fontaine, it would be a natural death." Fan Ran immediately raised his hand and swore that he was also an orphan. Anyway, it is good to marry a daughter-in-law. If he can marry a good girl like Fontaine, he will wake up with a smile in his dreams in the middle of the night.
"Ah! Why do you always say something unlucky? bah, bah, bah! Who let you be struck dead? "said Fontaine quickly. Bah, three people looked at her and looked at her so much. They all smiled at Fan Ran, Ouyang Tianyi and Yun Zhuiyue.
"Well, you get up! You two have already discussed with the moon, Fan Ran. You are also an orphan. After you get married, you will live in the back yard of Yi Kun Palace. There is a separate courtyard, and there is your home. "Ouyang Tianyi is pleased to see Fan Ran. He can find his own happiness and is very happy for him.
"Xie Shiye and Shi Feicheng" Fan Ran was so happy that he wanted to shout loudly that he finally got the beauty back.
"Thank you, Miss in-laws." Fontaine is also full of joy and shyness. A little blush with shame with his head down is very attractive. From time to time, he looks up and looks at Fanran with shyness and wants to throw Fontaine down.
"Wedding day? Let Hanxiang do Hanxiang for Fontaine, and they will find a person who can count words. Let’s look at the auspicious day and figure out their two characters. Just look at the appropriate day to avoid the Tenth Five-Year Plan and the Tribute Day. "It’s not difficult to chase the moon. Fanran believes that he will be single-minded to Fontaine.
"Yes, Miss, I will go early in the morning with fragrance." Hanxiang is also very happy for Fontaine. Since we love each other, we must be brave together to be happy.
Atractylodes macrocephala looked at Fan Ran with a happy face and thought that he used to be so happy. He ruined that happiness himself, but now he won’t. He will cherish the happiness in front of him.
Atractylodes macrocephala took a brave step and clenched his fragrant hand in an instant
"Atractylodes macrocephala, what are you doing? Let go "with fragrant force jilted to jilt Atractylodes macrocephala hand but Atractylodes macrocephala grip tightly how also can’t open.
Atractylodes macrocephala just dragged Hanxiang to the front of Yunzhuiyue and Ouyang Tianyi.
Cloud chasing the moon looked at them and shook his head, and his heart was still open.
"Shi Ye Shi Fei Bai Zhu wants to marry a fragrant man and ask Shi Ye and Shi Fei to succeed." Bai Zhu did the same thing as Fan Ran said.
Fanran smiled Baizhu this counterparts finally begin to understand.
"Miss children, don’t listen to Atractylodes macrocephala nonsense. Who is going to marry him?" Don’t look back with fragrance, but your face is flushed and doesn’t look angry.
Cloud chasing the moon got up and looked at Atractylodes macrocephala faint and said, "Atractylodes macrocephala this woman is like a pear, which is sweet on the outside but sour on the inside, because it eats people and finally throws away your heart. In the past, just like this pear, you tasted a sweet marriage that made your heart swing, but you didn’t realize her sadness. For Aroma, you are like an onion, but if you want to see your heart clearly, you have to peel it off layer by layer. But in the peeling process, you bring her tears and peel it off until the end, which is still sad. Now you leave Aroma with Have you seen clearly that "cloud chasing the moon doesn’t want to force her to respect the choice of fragrance-containing things?"
"The princess’s fragrance is still left to Atractylodes macrocephala. The first time she saw it, her heart moved with the passage of time, and her feelings were still the same. She didn’t disappear with the passage of time. In the whole waiting process, Atractylodes macrocephala learned to cherish, such as seeing her feelings whiter, and it’s not easy to love each other." Atractylodes macrocephala seriously looked at the clouds and chased the moon and said that he really understood now. Chapter 170: Blood pact is the next life.
"Atractylodes macrocephala, it seems that you already know love." Yun Zhuiyue listened to Atractylodes macrocephala and his eyes lit up.
"Han Xiang Bai Zhu is now white. Where is he wrong? Love is not easy to love with fragrance, what can you love without loving you? You are young and healthy, and you love to go when you have enough health. "Cloud Chasing the Moon envies the fragrance in your heart. They can love to go when they have enough time, even if they occasionally play some small things, and they can adjust slowly when times come.
Ouyang tianyi, Baiyun chasing the moon, has a choking pain in his heart, and he won’t let her leave himself.
"Miss …" With fragrant eyes hanging down, I can’t bear to look at all the eyes of the cloud chasing the moon. Miss Bai’s pain in her heart is that she can really have no way to solve Brahma poison.
"Hanxiang, it’s up to you to ask me and Shiye for Atractylodes macrocephala."
"Yes, Miss Hanxiang will consider it carefully." Hanxiang pulled Atractylodes macrocephala up, but Atractylodes macrocephala didn’t move. There was a tendency that he wouldn’t get up until Hanxiang promised her.
"What are you doing? Up "with incense some nu stare at atractylodes macrocephala.
"Unless you promise me to get married," Atractylodes macrocephala broke the jar and broke him. What a shame he is in front of Fan Ran!
Fanran touched Fontaine. It’s funny to look at Atractylodes macrocephala. There are times when Atractylodes macrocephala makes a search.
"You …" Hanxiang Nai also knew that Atractylodes macrocephala was stubborn and thought for a while. They had an emotional foundation in the past, just like the young lady said, to untie her heart, and everything was not a problem.
"You get up first! I’ll give you the answer at the latest. "Hanxiang made a final concession.
Atractylodes macrocephala looked fragrant and knew that she had made the final concession. I was very happy that ten * * became Atractylodes macrocephala.
Cloud chasing the moon and Ouyang Tianyi smiled at one another and knew that Hanxiang gave in.
"You all go out! When Hanxiang went to show Fangdan the day, if she figured it out, show it to herself, by the way. "Yunzhuiyue joked that she understood Hanxiang and she would do so."
"Miss, you make fun of Hanxiang." Hanxiang stamped her foot with a shy face.
"Well, I won’t tease you. Go out and do things!" Cloud chasing the moon and other things, she has to unlock the secrets in her notes quickly.
"yes, miss"
After they all left, Yun Zhuiyue picked up pink notes to study.
Ouyang Tianyi frowned: "The moon has been sitting in the room for a long time, so let’s go out for a walk!" "
"Ahem … Master Shi has actually thought of a way to chase the moon and just want to give it a try!" Cloud make track for the moon smiled and moved some stiff body.
Ouyang Tianyi looked distressed and helped her hold her shoulder. What are you talking about?
The cloud chasing the moon forced a drop of blood into the notes, and her eyes stared at the notes, and the blood came out. She suspected that the wandering monk had set up a blood soul illusion here.
Soon the cloud chasing the moon confirmed her idea.
"Master Shi, you see that people have set up a blood soul technique here, and now it can be solved." Cloud chasing the moon said with a face of surprise, and his heart was even more excited.
"Ha ha! The moon has seen you excited … "Ouyang Tianyi knew that she would soon be able to solve the puzzle.
Slowly, the notes automatically turn up, and bloody scenes suddenly pour into the mind of chasing the moon.
"hmm!" The cloud chasing the moon is painful, and the cloud chasing the moon is painful and closes its eyes. The bloody scene makes the cloud chasing the moon not want to face it.
"Moon, what’s wrong with you?" Ouyang Tianyi shook the cloud and chased the moon, but turned a deaf ear to the cloud and still closed his eyes. Ouyang Tianyi was in a hurry and wanted to touch the cloud and chased the moon when suddenly a light surrounded them.
There were different scenes in two people’s minds. The corpses were everywhere. The battlefield was full of blood. A man in silver-gray armor had a red face and could not see clearly. A long sword in his hand was dripping with blood.
Opposite him, a woman in a red uniform pointed a sword at the man and looked at him sharply with a pair of original delicate eyes.