Although many women say that they believe that Jiuzhong believes that he must be alive, the so-called heart is chaotic, and they are worried that the roots are out of their control. Now it is difficult to restrain themselves from crying with joy.

Although the people outside the world have different emotional starting points, they see that the sky is like a shadow of death, and there are signs of collapse in the virtual vortex. When they see it, they will collapse completely, and tears are uncontrollable.
Just when the world was so excited and wept with joy, there was another earth-shattering bang, and the sky was full of cracks and virtual whirlpools, as if it had finally reached its limit and burst.
In an instant, the whole world was covered with purple and black, followed by the gasification of the whole sky, and the light and rain spread all over the earth like showers from heaven.
With the light and rain falling, although it was blocked for less than a day, it seemed to the world that a century of sunshine broke through the clouds and shone all over the world, and the earth was bathed in peaceful sunshine again
Suddenly, a dazzling purple light beam came from the sky in a downpour, directly smashing the nine-fold dragon shield and crashing into the buffer zone of both sides of the Earth Federation in Tiancheng, causing a large pit to stir up a thick earth wave and spread to all directions.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine Bite the hand that feeds you
"It must be a tiger!" Shen Yue was the first to react, and the first woman to fly away toward the spot where the light beam landed was Taofeng and Guxiang, followed by the soldier king, the big fiend and others, and then the purple light beam landed at the edge of the pit as quickly as possible, and the probe looked at the bottom of the pit and saw a bloody person embedded in the ground, motionless and reckless.
"Woo hoo tiger!" Although it is difficult for ordinary people to recognize the blood at the bottom of the pit, Shen Yue’s daughters and Jiuzhong’s closest people recognized it at first sight, that is, Jiuzhong.
Daughters jumped into the bottom of the pit together and fished Jiuzhong out of the ground. They went to check Jiuzhong’s situation. "Tiger, are you okay … blare … don’t scare us. Are you okay? !”
"Nothing, nothing, the tiger is still breathing!" Finally, Shen Yue has always been calm. At this time, he can barely keep a little calm and explore Jiuchong to make sure that Jiuzhong still has a long breath.
"Nine heavy? !” Bing Wang, big fiend and others have also approached the front of the pit to ask about the nine heavy situations.
"Can’t die!" Caocao replied, "Let everyone feel at ease. Shen Yue led all the women to pick up Jiuzhong and go out of the pit." "
"I see you still don’t go!" They just got out of the pit but were stopped by a sudden sound.
All the people in Tiancheng just now paid attention to the situation around them, and it was only now that they suddenly found out that they didn’t know when they returned from the sky and smashed out of the pit. They were surrounded and surrounded by the remnants of the Earth Federation.
After many battles, the federal forces of the earth have left a few, but that is relative to the heyday of the federal forces of the earth. Even now, what they have left is not what all the people in Tiancheng can match, and they are in an absolute advantage in terms of troops.
"What do you want? !” Bing Wang, antique, big fiend, the top era of divine power, quickly covered before living, holding the nine-fold Shen Yue daughters with dense eyes scanning the earth Federation.
"Look at him to get out more, intake less like nine heavy injury is very serious, I’m afraid? !” On the federal side of the earth, a group of officers dressed in costumes came out. The first middle-aged general looked at the nine-fold being held by Shen Yue’s daughters. If he was unconscious, he would not be able to live. He sneered and asked, but he could recognize the schadenfreude in his words.
"How do you have him? !” Bing Wang cold way
"Haha, of course!" Middle-aged generals laughed "didn’t you hear what I said just now? Since Jiu was seriously injured, you might as well not go! You are not leaving, stay! "
"You ungrateful people are worse than pigs and dogs!" The pacifist point pointed to the other side with a look of indignation and said, "When you just falsely robbed the end of the world, you didn’t care about the past, but you also stepped in to protect you. In the end, you smashed it and completely saved you from the desperate situation of extinction. So you saved your life, and you not only didn’t want to repay, but also killed him!"
"Hum!" The earth federal people all sneer at the first middle-aged general is also sneer at a blush stand hand way "we let him save us? It’s just his wishful thinking! The Commonwealth of the earth has wiped out our compatriots with nine times of blood, killing our old clan owner and even destroying our federal president Troy. We have a sworn enemy with him and will never die! "
"Never die!"
"The undead endlessly! !”
"The undead endlessly! ! !”
The earth Federation is full of excitement.
"Say so much nonsense …!" The antique expression is full of disdain. "Just say that you want to destroy ourselves and dominate the world!"
Lies are uncovered by antique * * nudity, and there is no need to play them again. A group of people across the street are showing ferocious faces. "Hey hey, you can say that! You always have to die, and this ninth weight must die! He’s too powerful, he’s too dangerous. If he’s allowed to live, wouldn’t the whole world live in his shadow? Life and death are in his hands and he can take whatever he wants. ! Do you want to live in such a world without personal freedom and life guarantee? !”
The last question about the middle-aged general was that he was behind him, and there was a faint agitation because of revealing the cruel truth in antique colors. After hearing what he said, the agitation in the federal crowd of the earth gradually subsided.
"If you want our lives so much, then your lives will be exchanged!" On the one hand, all the people in Tiancheng are surging with divine power, and all of them are posing as decisive fighters.
Although they are all exhausted, the fighting capacity is not much different, but they still don’t want to sit still and die in the hands of these pigs and dogs, but choose to die in an open manner.
"In that case, I’m afraid I can give it up again!" Just as the fighting between the two sides was about to break out, a weak abnormal sound sounded very abrupt.
It is reasonable to say that the number of people who can hear this sound is very limited just by listening to this sound, but unexpectedly, everyone present has heard it.
Although this sound sounds so weak, there is no reason to hear it. At this moment, everyone’s heart is in a quiver, and the atmosphere has gone to the edge of the explosion for a short time.
Everyone on both sides looked around and found the sound source. However, after seeing the sound source, the reaction of both sides was seriously polarized
All the people in Tiancheng found the source of this sound, and it was hard to restrain their excitement. And the earth federal people find the sound source after each heart is instantaneous as if fell into the icehouse pull cool pull cool.
Just now, the war between the two sides was on the verge, and both sides paid attention to each other. No one noticed that I didn’t know when I was seriously injured and unconscious, and my eyes opened.
Even holding nine heavy Shen Yue several women didn’t notice nine heavy more awake.
Didn’t expect such injury nine heavy incredibly still can wake up Shen Yue several female pleasantly surprised slightly a consternation eyes suddenly lost nine heavy figure eyes hurriedly four looking for a twist a head to find nine heavy appeared in front of the crowd alone in the face of the earth.
"Nine … nine heavy!" See nine heavy appeared in front, although nine heavy state at this time is really not optimistic, whole body blood tottering like a pair of weak across the earth, the middle-aged general, the first all the officers are still full of fear, uncontrolled body trembling scared heart almost jumped out "you … what do you want? !”
Chapter one hundred and fortieth A finger broken dry Kun
"You now this half-dead state you … what else can you do? !” Although these people in the Earth Federation are questioning Jiuchong, it sounds more like comforting themselves and cheering for themselves in the presence of all people. "Don’t say that you want to use your tired body to deal with all of us? !”
"Why are you so clever!" Nine heavy some difficult grin reveals an ugly smile than crying, and then raise your right hand and explore your index finger slowly to the front.
"Ha-ha … ha-ha-ha … Jiuzhong, you are so crazy!" See nine key points to their forefinger opposite the earth federation that first middle-aged generals hurried back into the rear crowd to hide in the crowd and laugh "incredibly want to pick up a finger we are really blind you dog eye dismiss the day hero! What are you staring at? !”
Middle-aged generals around yelling a "give me kill him! He is seriously injured now, but he is just a paper tiger, not afraid! Who can kill him? I’ll make sure his senior officials are rich and prosperous! "
Dare to follow the middle-aged generals to take advantage of people’s danger and bite the hand that feeds them to deal with Tiancheng ginseng. These earthly era supernatural powers are naturally not good people. All of them are cynical and ruthless, and now they are rewarded with four questions. In an instant, the earthly federal era supernatural powers have sprung up and killed the sky.
Jiuzhong couldn’t help grinning again. Although he knew that this smile would definitely affect the injury and make him feel better, he still couldn’t help laughing. I don’t know whether the middle-aged officer across the street is a golden mouth or a crow mouth. How can it be said that it is so cute?
Middle-aged generals say yes, Jiuchong is to use this finger to deal with the divine power of all eras of the Earth Federation at the moment.
One finger moves slowly to the front point, but there is no force. There is a little force fluctuation. When the nine arms stretch, the fingers stop and disappear at the same time.
Nine fingers disappeared at the same time, and the powerful people in the former federal era of the earth were aggressively culled, as if they had planted a freeze spell, and at the same time they were "frozen" and the middle-aged generals were the first leaders who didn’t make moves.
"Cut! ! !” A scalp pins and needles, root sour crack ring.