"Everybody out of the way."

Tang Luoling scooped up a bowl of water and went to the black dress person’s side to pour a bowl directly.
This move is really clever. The black man really woke up slowly. Although he was lying on the ground, the first move was to reach behind his neck and touch the place where Yunsu hit him. His brow frowned as if it still hurt. Chapter 168 Interrogation
"Come on, don’t pretend!"
Tang Luoling kicked in front of him, and the black dress person looked like he was in his thirties and forties.
Men in black were suddenly surprised to find these people in front of them, and then they recalled in their minds how they were caught.
"You …"
The black dress person sat up and his eyes were vacant.
"Do you still know me?"
Tang Luoling in situ sat in front of him jokingly quipped.
Although the man in black didn’t know her, he was startled at the sound. Isn’t this the voice talking to himself in the cave?
Why is it that it’s a woman?
I was shocked, because the black cloth on his face had already been torn off, so his expression appeared in everyone’s line of sight.
"Don’t be afraid of wealth like you. Will the dead be afraid?"
Tang Luoling stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder like talking to an old friend. "As far as I know, people like you are not afraid of death. If a person is not afraid of death, what is there to be afraid of?" Don’t you think? "
Men in black this just calm to "yes! Now that you know, you can’t get news from me. "
"You seem to have misunderstood."
Tang Luoling’s face was relaxed and proud, even mixed with contempt. "We never thought about getting news from you, and you couldn’t get news. You said that knowing that we all know is not a treasure." So mysterious? "
"Then why did you arrest me?"
"Look at what you can catch when you say this. Don’t you stay with us?"
Tang Luoling hand ponder patted him on the cheek "look at your age should be a wife and son? I don’t know what you people are thinking. Is money really that important? But I don’t even care about my wife and children. "
Tang Luoling said, his eyes never leaving the black dress person’s face.
People, including Yun Lietian, are not so. They know that there is little hope of getting news from the people in black. If there is no hope, they will find their hearts from his expression. No matter how strong they are, they will show it when they reach their loved ones.
Men in black really showed a strange look when they heard the word wife and children.
But it was a flash, and his identity was slightly superior to that of ordinary men in black. He didn’t want the enemy to see his weakness.
"Don’t disguise yourself anymore. People’s hearts are full of meat. No matter how much you disguise yourself, you can’t change your responsibilities as a father."
On a cloudy day, he came to him with a strange psychology and casually said, "In fact, we didn’t catch you to get any news from you but to save you."
"Save me?"
The man in black looked even more puzzled. Can the word "rescue" be credible when it comes to the other side? He obviously doesn’t believe it.
"You can’t help it if you don’t believe it, but we will prove it by facts."
Yun Lie suddenly became serious. "If you still refuse to talk about anything, you can go now, but not to your master, but to your wife and children, because even if you go back to your master, there is a dead end in front of you. A man who has been captured will not leave you alive. You should be very clear about this. Chapter 169 Lanshide 1.
"You still kill me!"
The black dress person’s expression became dim as if he had lost hope of survival.
"We have saved you from the den and will never kill you. Every life has its value, and it can’t be solved by death. What if we kill you, your wife and children? If one day your son grows up and knows that we killed you and come to seek revenge from us, will you be able to die in Jiuquan if you are killed by us? If he kills me, will my descendants also collect debts from him? Do you think it’s interesting to kill like this? "
Tang Luoling smiled and continued to be kind to men in black.
"But I have no way out."
When the man in black spoke, his teeth clenched as if he were very angry. His eyes fell to the ground and he didn’t know who the so-called hatred was aimed at.
"If you leave the wasteland, you will have a way."
Yunlie day saw that he had been gradually persuaded by himself and decided to go further.
"No, no! Master won’t I live "
Men in black shook their heads gently, revealing desperate eyes.
Although Tang Luoling is a woman, she is a little impatient to see such a mother-in-law scene. "Well, it means that we don’t want to get information from you. You don’t have to leave. Let’s protect you, right?"
The men in black first Zheng seems to have never thought that these two words would come from each other’s mouths.
I didn’t expect myself to be the object of their protection, and then I gave a wry smile as if to say, how is this possible? Can you protect me?
"That’s right! If you like, you can live in my fierce peak, and even your family can live there. It will never be unkind to you. "
"Fierce Spirit Peak?"

"After all, you are all rookies, and you still have the kind of stupidity that you can go forward with an enterprising spirit. I’m here to tell you that the entertainment circle is not a joke or a play house, and you won’t be forgiven just because you are a newcomer."

Aurora say that finish and pointed eyes Li Re pity.
"I know that some of you have run a walk-on several times before, and you don’t care what your identity is, but you want to break out of the world by virtue of your stupidity. Now all of you have abandoned this idea and listened to the command. If you let me know who didn’t listen to today’s first training, I will let her taste the bitter fruit in the future."
When she finished this sentence, her eyes were always fixed on Li Re’s body. Even children of three to five years old knew who Aurora meant by this remark.
But unlike mocking Yin Yating, no one dares to laugh because of Li Ruoxi’s status.
Aurora looked around, picked up his bag from a chair and snapped his fingers at all the new artists. "Come with me, all of you. I’ll show you what the real shooting scene is."
Li Re precious little silent words to go to this Aurora mouth is really not a general poison is three hundred and sixty-degree dead angle mocked by her to the dead.
But in fact, did she mess with this famous actress?
Don’t just a senior can let yourself be hated by this Aurora for so long?
Follow Aurora all the way to the shooting hall. Li Ruoxi’s expression is in the position closest to the door. He is not at the end of the crowd. Listen to Aurora in front of him.
Director Lin Xiaochao came over here with the same easy-going smile on his face. "Yo Ruola, are you giving the first training to the new people now? It’s really hard enough."
Aurora turned supercilious look in his heart and smiled. "Who is director Lin shooting today?"
Lin Xiao hey hey smiled. "You can’t go on filming without this scene. I can shoot some other connecting clips. Your training will be one day."
Aurora nodded his eyes and glanced around the group of new artists. "Director Lin is at ease. I came here to show this group of rookies a backstage. Is it convenient for Director Lin to be backstage now?"
Lin Xiao’s face is the same. "What’s inconvenient about this? Please come in and come in."
Aurora glanced at the group of new artists behind him, and his eyes narrowed slightly. "What should you say when Director Lin allows you to visit the backstage?"
She asked and looked at Yin Yating’s pretty face in the first place, and her expression was meaningful. "How can I answer my question?"
Yin Yating just return to absolute being, hurriedly latosolic red face bowed toward Lin Xiao.
"Thank you, Director Lin"
Other new artists also like an epiphany. They quickly bowed and thanked Aurora. She snorted and pursed her lips. She secretly said, "You see this group of new rookies is really rude and mindless."
Jia Yingying shrugged. "If Sister La is the first training, it’s not for you to adjust people. You should be careful when you do this."
Aurora glanced at the crowd Li Re precious little face dismissive expression.
"If Yin Dong loves his little wife, don’t send her. Since Yin chaebol wants to be famous, they have to be treated equally. Even if our lady Yin made a mistake, I should still fight."
It’s good to be stubborn about her, but I’m afraid her good friend won’t have a good result if Yin Dong really loves his wife.
Pull the curtain in the background and walk in. There is a separate makeup mirror inside. The front back of the chair is stuck with paper, which is the heroine, the female and the female.
Only these three good seats, the rest are Mazar and small benches, and even better, plastic benches.
This Yin chaebol backstage is much more humble than expected.
Aurora raised his eyebrows and looked at the three positions, which was meaningful. He explained to the new art population, "Have you seen these three positions? Tell you that these three positions are not so easy to sit in."
When she finished, she looked at Li Re’s words with sarcasm.
"Of course, Mrs. Yin is different from other girls and must have been in a better position than this, but I hope Mrs. Yin will remember that your previous experiences are worthless in front of the Yin chaebol."
Li Re precious little finally could not help but refute this time.
She never recognized how powerful her previous experience was compared with that of the Yin chaebol, but the Yin chaebol was a dark day and she was a dark person.
There’s nothing to compare with this one, is there
Thought of here, she looked up and smiled at Aurora’s face.
"I said that Aurora’s predecessors were really different from others, but that was not because of Yin Mo, nor because of my experiences, but because I was Li Rexi."
Li Re knows that she doesn’t like to be called her senior, but she must do so.
Thinking here, Li Ruoxi looked around again. "Everything here is my husband’s ink, but it’s my predecessor in Aurora. Please don’t go too far, otherwise even the kitten will scratch people if it is provoked."

At this time, Yao Qian was floating in the middle, and the Qinglong hovered around his body, but because his body was too small compared with Qinglong, he could see the huge body of Qinglong more.

Yao Qian held a shiny green ball of light in his left hand, and the ball gave off a round of green ripples. When Yao Qian’s magic broke through the nine crowns, the ball of light given to him by Chrysanthemum Pig emerged on its own, constantly releasing a strong magic. The Qinglong could evolve with Yao Qian and also had its share.
At this time, Yao Qian closed his eyes and his body was shrouded in a green ball of light, and he came into a strange state in the light pattern. His whole body looked like a crystal statue, but the saints could feel that his magic was rising at this time.
There is no doubt that Chrysanthemum Pig gave Yao Qian this artifact, which is the most demanding among the saints. It is the most demanding to abandon Ji Dong’s Vulcan sword, which has not yet evolved. This green ball of light actually needs Yao Qianxiu to rise to the ninth crown to make it very different from his artifact. At this time, Yao Qian Xiu really broke through this artifact and it bloomed. It is also the strong expectation of the saints that its power can reach.
Ji Xiang asked Chen Sixuan around him, "Xuan Si, how much do you think this artifact can help him increase his magic?" Chen Sixuan is a wooden magician. It is the most direct to feel suspicious about Yao Qian, an Oracle artifact.
Chen Sixuan said, "This artifact is so demanding. Once it is released, the effect should not be worse than that thick earth bead of Wolf God’s will. I think Yao Qian will probably become the most magical one among us."
Ji Dong slightly, and in the depths of his eyes, could not help but pass a trace of envy, watching his friends break through the nine crowns one by one. How could he not be embarrassed? Although even if they break through the nine crowns, they may not be as good as their own repair, but entering the level of respecting the strong is very much expected for the magic teacher
Chen Sixuan knows Ji Dong and others. Seeing the envious light in his eyes, he can’t help but say, "You don’t worry. There will be surprises when you break through the ninth crown."
"What surprise?" Ji Dong some doubts to Chen Sixuan.
Chen Sixuan knew his gaffes and quickly said, "At that time, your Excalibur must have evolved. Isn’t it so difficult to evolve that it won’t surprise you? But in your Vulcan Excalibur, a secondary deity is sealed. I think this evolution process is probably the process of completely integrating that deity with the sword spirit. It would be strange if you don’t get some surprises. "
Ji Dong smiled slightly. "I hope so. It is good to help us overcome the dark secret."
In a short time, Qinglong slowly fell down, but Yao Qian still floated there, where the green beads released light lines and kept a certain degree of naiguang Tiangan. The saints could also watch him continue to keep his eyes open. At this time, it was extremely important and urgent for Yao Qian. They could act as guardians and quietly wait for Yao Qian’s artifact to be combined.
This is another ten days’ time to know. Every day, the dark temple army is closer to the sacred island.
Once they arrive at the sacred island, the dark cat meets the dark cat, and the combination of the dark cat, the dark dead guard and the dark dry saints will never have a chance to wait for the holy war. But everyone knows that the light dry saints can’t win when they see the secret weapon of the dark dead guard! When Ji Dong was anxious, Yao Qian finally moved in the sky.
The original soft green light suddenly became strong, and the harsh green light rose to the sky. A huge green light column filled the world like the sky and the earth, and a clear whistling sounded like the green light for nine days.
Ji Dong some anxious look finally relaxed to "cash cow, you this guy stop screaming, come on, we don’t have much time".
The green light gradually converges, and the light flashes. Before Ji left, there was already one more person. Isn’t it Yao Qian? At this time, he looked radiant, and the whole person was bathed in a strange atmosphere. A soft blue-gold light rippled around his body, and the whole person looked full of nobility and life.
"Exclusive Guanghua?" Ji Dong looked at him in surprise. He also has exclusive Guanghua. He saw Yao Qian’s green and golden fog and recognized it naturally.
Yao Qian ha ha a smile "finally didn’t let me look forward to a white this thing is simply fantastic. This time it’s really a shotgun for a gun. Brother is also a master of a generation. Haha, I respect the strong Ji Dong. Do you know that my magic has broken through to level 93? After breaking through nine crowns, I fully rose to level 3."
You know, it’s extremely difficult for a magic master to upgrade to every level after he has been crowned. The artifact in his hand can help him directly upgrade his magic to the third level, which shows how huge the magic is.
Everyone has long been familiar with this guy’s personality, and no one cares about him. They all set their eyes on the artifact in his left hand.
At this time, this Oracle artifact is no longer a blue pearl, but a blue light and shadow. Yao Qian’s hand is like holding a little person. If you look closely, you can find that this little person is exactly like Yao Qian. The root is to shrink it.
"What artifact is this?" Don’t say it’s Ji Dong and the cat.
Even Chen Sixuan, once the queen of the center of the earth, couldn’t help asking in surprise. She had never seen this kind of artifact.
Yao Qian proudly tunnel "I this artifact is called Shenmu puppet. No wonder this thing needs nine crowns to make it need to recognize the Lord. Only after I am integrated can it be impossible to recognize the Lord without the magic root of nine crowns. It needs huge magic support in the process of recognizing the Lord."
Ji Dong said, "Then what is it?" As a commander, he must know as much as possible about each partner’s ability, so that he can be exhausted in the course of fighting.
Yao Qian said, "Look at you", and as he spoke, he gently breathed a sigh of relief toward the green villain in his hand. Suddenly, the green villain turned into a streamer and instantly merged into his body. Then his body’s blue-gold luster was like a psychedelic rhythm. Behind him, another Yao Qian suddenly appeared, but this Yao Qian was composed of the blue-gold exclusive Guanghua.
"My Shenmu puppet is very simple. With it, it is equivalent to having two more me. It will make all my skills, including the magic domain, and will always guard my side. If I encounter an attack, it will make the first move. There are two ways to make me release it. No matter who it attacks, it will attack who has as much magic as me. The other way is to control it. Anyway, it will not be broken. When I encounter an enemy attack, all the attack power will be borne by it. This baby is really good! It’s not easy to die with it.
Looking at Yao Qian’s pride, Ji Dong couldn’t help but laugh, but he nodded his head. "You are the strangest artifact among us. You are right. It’s not easy to die with it. Well, it’s very good." This Shenmu puppet is equivalent to the double attack of Yao Qian’s guardian when fighting, and it can also protect him in a non-combat state. It can be said that it is a polar artifact, and its body is also in line with the wood property. From a qualitative point of view, it is not inferior to the wolf’s providence.
Yao Qian was looked down upon by Ji Dong. He always felt that Ji Dong’s eyes seemed to be somewhat hostile. "What do you want to do, Ji Dong?"
Ji Dong hey hey smiled "don’t do! It’s your artifact ability that can make us change our tactics to deal with those dark dead guards. There is no doubt that with this Shenmu Ni Lei, you have the strongest fighting ability among us. This Shenmu puppet itself contains as much magic as you, plus your own magic support. Even if two or three dark dead guards besiege you, you won’t be killed by them for a while.
Yao Qian a face of panic, "Ji Dong, you won’t let me lead them? I am not good at this speed! "
Ji Dong laughed. "Are you afraid? I haven’t told you what to do. How to say it? You are also the highest level of magic among us. "
Yao Qian didn’t pretend to be apologetic. "Let’s start quickly because I have delayed everyone for so long. It is also necessary to do more."
After hearing what he said, the saints were surprised and looked at him. Is this still the cash cow that can’t afford to make money early? At that time, all eyes were full of doubts.
Looking at all a face of surprise staring at their sample Yao Qian can’t help some become angry from embarrassment, "so look at me? Brother, can’t I be brave once? "
He looked at him with a look of contempt. "Believe you, this guy is the biggest profiteer. Don’t act so decisively. That root is not your character. I think you are the dark dead Wei Jingmian of Oracle. A dark dragon crystal nucleus makes you break through the nine crowns. The dark dead Wei Jingmian doesn’t know how to bring Lei. You have heard Ji Dong say that the dark dead Wei of Oracle is now the most vulnerable one. You are not a cash cow without thinking in your heart."
Blue Bao Er poof bursts a smile "he elder sister always tells the truth".
Yao Qian snorted and shook his head without showing any embarrassment. "I’m selfish. Isn’t it good to kill him and the dark dead guard and the dark god beast?"
Ji Dong laughed. "Well, now is not the time to bicker. A little modest is right. We have to act quickly to start." As he said, he has summoned the Great Yan Flame Dragon and his friends to fly together and recover in the direction of the dark army.
These ten days, besides practicing, Ji Dong has been thinking about how to deal with the dark dead guards. Although he is not absolutely sure, once he and the Chen Sixuan dark dead guards tried out the importance of World War I so that he could formulate some tactics against those dark dead guards. Finally, he was a little emboldened. These dark dead guards had to get rid of the ten guys who were important for jihad before they met on the sacred island. If they were allowed to join in the jihad battlefield, I don’t know how many people would die.
Although more than ten days have passed, the dark army is mainly composed of ordinary soldiers, and the speed is not fast. At this time, it is only less than half the distance. In less than three days, they have seen the shadow of the dark army far away.

"hmm!" Qingyan hurriedly nodded his head. "Brother Zhe didn’t lie to your sister Ling Shinohara, but she has become a woman."

"So?" Yingyue frowned but stretched out. "It’s not like I will never destroy your family. You can fly with that bell or something, but you have less from me. Hahaha!"
"Sister!" Qingyan was so anxious that she was about to cry. She didn’t reflect on the moon, and the princess would threaten Zherong naked here and now!
Soon reflected on the convergence of a smile solemnly staring at the zhe rong "looking for XiMing too can be suspended? If he’s really okay, he’ll show up naturally, not just by looking for him. "
"Well," Zherong nodded. "Does the princess have orders?"
Sighing leisurely, reflecting the moon is a little lonely, and looking at the east that is still in chaos. "Where the sun rises in Ran Ran, I am born and raised, and that is my country. I want to go back to Dayuan! Take back everything that belonged to me! "
Reflecting on the moon, I looked back at Zherong’s sincere eyes. "The first thing I want to do, whether it can be done or not, is to assassinate two traitors, Guan Chuixue and Guan Guhong! Guard Zhe, would you like to come with me to the Dragon Pool and Tiger Cave? "
"Is this still true?" Zherong stood up resolutely. "My life is the princess’s willingness to go through fire and water!"
"good! ! ! !” Reflected on the moon suddenly face upwards whistling "God bless! Have you won this fierce battle to restore the country? " She was so happy that Zherong’s shoulder was heavily slapped, but Gu Zherong’s expression of yi tooth and mouth pain "Ha ha ha Zhe bodyguard! After I wandered around us, I killed both men and women all over the world! Ha ha ha! "
Zherong quickly met a few words.
Reflected on looking back, I caught a glimpse of Zherong. "Are you okay? Can it be a mountain? "
"Well, there is no problem." Zherong got up and walked towards the mountain with Yingyue, brimming with physical pain.
The dense fog and morning light gradually faded away, leaving three lonely figures in Xiao Sujiu’s cloister …
After running for several days, they finally came to goddess peak.
Passing through the mountain stream, there is a hole in the sky, and the fog is looming.
Zherong pointed his hand away. "That’s where I used to live and later lent it to Huangfushi and Lingxiao to live together."
Reflecting on Diane eyebrow a pick gently Zherong back patted "what’s the matter? Your wife has lived in a room with a big man for so long that you don’t feel anything strange? "
Zherong glanced at the mouth and stared at Yingyue. "It’s not that you don’t know that they can like men …"
"Bullshit!" Ying Yue stamped her feet hard. "What does he like about men? He ….. He ….. "Suddenly remind of that night drunk HuangFuShi took her as QingYan and then … Let her not to rosy clouds to make signal with the lips" less he likes QingYan! He eats for both men and women! "
"Ahem!" Zherong choked back his anger and glared at Yingyue. He lowered his voice and shouted, "Don’t talk nonsense. I was still a daughter when I was with you!"
On the winding mountain trail, where the grass grows and the warbler flies, an elegant, clever and graceful figure appears. goddess peak’s "thud" rang, and the bearer suddenly fell to the ground with a bucket in his hand. She watched with amazement the three men and women who broke into Linglongju.
One is that she is haunted by her husband, but what makes her feel suffocated instantly is that one of the two stunning beauties is actually following behind him-Liu Qingyan, a rival in love who once brought her all the pain.
"Hey!" Zherong’s face is radiant with a happy smile. "Come out to wash clothes so early?" The wind is light, the clouds are pale, but it is difficult to hide the joy. "Sorry to keep you waiting alone."
Zherong gracefully rolled up Lingxiao’s scattered shoulders, and a little hair came close to the tip of his nose and gently sniffed a "real fragrance". He smiled and showed his white and clean teeth.
"Cut!" Princess Yingyue gave him a white look "less pretentious here! Are you sour? " Soon she laughed and thought about Youzi’s surprise. Ling Xiao did a ceremony. "This is sister-in-law, right? Aye, aye, aye! It’s no wonder that this mud-legged Zherong praised you all the way! I’m Liuyingyue Qingyan’s sister. I still hope to take more photos when we meet for the first time. "
"Oh," Ling Xiao immediately came to her senses. "It turns out that Princess Dawanguo is disrespectful and disrespectful!"
Qingyan also greeted her with a smile. "Sister Ling Xiao, how are you?"
"yeah!" Ling Shinohara nodded awkwardly and looked carefully at Qingyan and asked in a low voice, "Why are you here?"
"Hee hee!" Yingyue smiled and replied first, "Sister-in-law, let’s come over for dinner!"
"ah? ….. Oh, then I’ll go and prepare some dining tables! " Lingxiao one leng hurriedly should way
"Don’t bother your sister!" Qingyan shook a paper purse in his hand. "We just brought some by the way."
"Oh," Ling Xiao paused and asked, "Is it too late to find the inscription?"
Seeing that all three people bowed their heads and said nothing, Xiao Xiao knew the answer and stopped asking what was guiding the three people to Linglongju.
Room furnishings and change everything as usual is the original Huangfushi room, and the door is still closed.
Reflected on frowned quite some uncomfortable asked "Huangfushi this small hasn’t come back yet? I don’t know where I’m hiding. I’m angry when I think about it! "

"You! ….. "Neon is really can’t stand it. Attractive eyes are wide open. Looking at Meng Qi’s mouth, I can’t say anything. After half a ring, I will go back to my room with a wave of my hand.

While Meng Qize is looking at the table Leng Cha thought what happened to this guy? Then he went back to his room, and he had to practice harder.
Meng Qiyou, who is going to accompany Yang Mengyi during the day, will give up his hobby of sleeping and practice all night.
The next day …
"What? Are you leaving? " Meng Qi looked at the neon with a face of surprise. I don’t know what’s wrong with this guy
Neon doesn’t talk. At the latest, she finally wanted to say something to him, but she was blocked by that guy’s words and couldn’t say it. When she returned to her room, she thought more and more uncomfortable, which led to this scene today.
Meng Qi frowned and asked, "Did your master go back?"
Neon is silence.
"Then what are you doing back?" Meng Qi is very resistant.
"What do you want?" Neon heart a sense of injustice.
Meng Qi sighed again …
"Now you are wanted and running around? Here it is. Somehow I can also take care of it. "Meng Qi earnestly advised Neon.
"If you don’t want to go," said Neon, you must go out.
Meng Qi really couldn’t ask, "Do you really want to go?"
Neon doesn’t talk. It’s striding out.
Meng Qi stopped talking, stopped her before the neon didn’t pay attention, then picked her up and went inside, and then locked the fairy ring to work …
"ah! Dead Meng Qi let me go! " Once again, Meng Qi got up and the neon gave out a roar.
Meng Qi directly put a soundproof spell on the house to disturb others, then told Zi Xuan to take care of the neon and then went out to find Yang Mengyi.
At this time, I can’t say what it tastes like in my heart. Neon is still roaring.
"Sister Neon, please stop calling. The master has already left." Zi Xuan walked into the room and said to Neon.
"Zi Xuan, come and put me." Neon saw Zi Xuan come in and said quickly.
Zi Xuan shook his little head and said, "Sister Neon, if I let you go, you will definitely leave. I can’t solve the master’s problem of locking the fairy ring. It will be dangerous for you to meet bad people when you go out. Sister Neon, don’t say it."
Zi Xuan, such a clever little girl, has already considered these things. Of course, she won’t talk about tying the neon rope to solve them, but she will persuade neon to calm down.
Hearing Zi Xuan say that neon is a gas knot, okay? Even you bully me, little girl.
I don’t know why the corner of the neon eye is slightly wet.
"Girl! I’m back. Did your neon sister stay at home? " Because of the neon thing today, Meng Qi returned home early after accompanying Yang Mengyi.
And usually at this time should be jumping out Zi Xuan didn’t come out Meng Qi can feel something was wrong.
See Meng Qi quickly rushed into the neon house and saw a mess, while Zi Xuan was unconscious and fell to the ground.
Meng Qi hurriedly went to help Zi Xuan and found that she fainted. Luck and magic Zha Zi Xuan walked in the body and Zi Xuan woke up.
When I saw Meng Qi and Zi Xuan, I cried, "Sister Neon, the master, has been arrested by the bad guys. Go and save her!"
Meng Qi was surprised. Although I had some preparations just now, I didn’t expect it to happen.
Meng Qi hurriedly took out his lock fairy ring main ring and sensed the position of four sub-rings. Although the induction is far away, Meng Qi still felt the specific position.
Meng Qi took out a magic pill and said to Zi Xuan, "Girl, you heal yourself first and I’ll save you, neon elder sister." Then he quickly rushed to the door and set up a cloud to break away.
Chapter 14 Meng Qi lamented
Meng Qi kept sensing the neon position all the way, and the man seemed to be constantly moving. Fortunately, the speed was not fast, and Meng Qi could catch up slowly.
Suddenly, the man seems to have stopped, and Meng Qi’s heart is happy. This is a chance to catch up. I can’t help but rush forward again.
Meng Qi came to the place where he was induced, and the neon was in front of him, but he didn’t see the others at this time.
Meng Qi’s first feeling was that Zi Xuan let the neon escape and pretended to be robbed, but then she felt something was wrong. Even if Zi Xuan helped her untie the rope, but the lock fairy ring didn’t solve it, neon couldn’t run so fast.
Meng Qi carefully spread his mind, but he didn’t find anyone. However, it was prudent for Meng Qi to transport the golden scales to descend from it.
Meng Qi saw the neon eyes sitting there and saw himself motionless. Meng Qi was more cautious and asked far away, "Neon? How are you? "
But the neon expression still hasn’t changed a bit.
In fact, after seeing Meng Qi, Neon was anxious to tell him to leave this place quickly, but she was already moved by people at this time. Although she was conscious, she managed to control her body and could not even speak.
Meng Qi certainly knew that the neon was banned when he saw this situation, but now it seems that no one Meng Qi intends to rescue the neon first, so he has to make himself free. If then Meng Qi thinks he can escape.

Sure enough, Fang Yin admitted "yes or no" without asking anything.

"Symbiosis" took his body and touched the surface of the vine, and then quickly caught the falling Xu Sirui. Otherwise, it would be impossible to accomplish these two things according to Fang Yin’s cautious personality and equal ability.
Qin Xu closed his eyes and showed a look that it really happened.
Fang Yin took the opportunity to order some ear studs and asked, "Do you really know about this thing?"
Qin Yigui shook his head slightly and said, "The identity of Lingbi No.1 and Zhao Yi is the highest confidential information in my office. Whether to publicly decide whether Zhao Yi will tell you about the institute when she is in Lucheng, I have nothing to keep secret. How much do you know about my base is the same?"
Before and after the No.1 incident, the Shancheng Research Institute led the Qin Dynasty to return to them, but it was only a part of the implementation of protection, not the core part.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four But dying
Fang Yin nodded consciousness according to the lower abdomen position.
This little move landed in Qin’s eyes, and the man immediately asked, "What’s the matter? There is another change? "
"hmm? No, "Fang Yin shook his head and said," I don’t really feel it at ordinary times, but it does have a tendency to control my actions today. Will it … "
Fang Yin’s eyes overflowed with some fear, and his fingers slowly tightened and clenched the crisscross folds of the material, as complicated as his heart.
Since it can manipulate Fang Yin to do something today, does it mean that this thing may control his actions one day … Controlling Fang Yin’s body is like a monster parasitic in his body, absorbing enough nutrients for years, and finally taking it away from Fang Yin’s body.
The feeling of losing control of his body made him uneasy.
Even if this loss of control has not caused chaos so far, it still makes Fang Yin feel that something is out of control.
Not being able to control one’s actions 100% is a very unreliable thing. Many people have concerns about it. From the bottom of Fang Yin’s heart, it is rare for young people to show a sad look.
"Don’t worry too much"
The shoulder sank, Fang Yin looked at the side of his head, and Qin Xu returned to press his shoulder and pinched it. He handed Fang Yin a sense of strength along his shoulder, revealing a forced smile.
Fang Yin said, "If one day our bank is completely out of control, can you … control me?"
Qin Xugui didn’t speak, put his hand on his shoulder and moved to the back of his neck, holding the soft meat together, pressing Fang Yin into his arms and rubbing it two times.
The man didn’t say a word of comfort, but the hug made Fang Yin temporarily feel at ease, and his anxiety was relieved a lot.
"Fang Yin!" There came Zhao Yiyin from the camp, shouting Fang Yin’s name at a distance.
Qin Yougui let go of the man who patted him on the shoulder and told him, "Don’t tell anyone about this yet."
Fang Yin nodded and said that Bai Zhao’s sound became clear. She came over from the camp with a dignified face and looked at Fang Yin, but she was silent.
Look at her face. It doesn’t look like anything good has happened.
"What’s the matter?" I don’t know what was Zhao Yi who looked at Fang Yin with some apologies and suddenly "hitched" in his heart.
Zhao Yi took a deep breath and moistened her lips before she spoke. The woman’s voice was lower than usual, and she was a little hoarse and dry. "My power can’t afford to hurt Xu Sirui."
Fang Yin blinked and didn’t seem to listen to Bai’s words and asked, "What do you mean, I can’t afford to hurt him?"
"I can’t cure him." Zhao Yi’s eyes lost their luster and he couldn’t see his emotions. "I don’t know why. I tried all the methods, but the power was like sinking into the sea and he didn’t get the slightest feedback."
"what other way?" Fang Yin asked, "Aren’t you a doctor, Sister Yi? No, can the power be cured in the ordinary way? Take medicine or something else. "
Zhao Yi slowly shook his head and said, "That’s the problem. He doesn’t seem to have any traumatic organs. At this stage, I can check it out and there is no damage, but his heart rate is very irregular, his blood pressure is very low and his body temperature is very low. In general, his vital signs tend to be in a bad direction, and he may stop beating and breathing at any time."
Fang Yin blinked blankly, and it didn’t seem too white. He was as slow as a rusty machine and stuck and said, "You mean he’s going to die."
Zhao Yi sipped his mouth and the corners of his mouth were miniature, but he nodded and said, "Maybe those vines have me. Xu Sirui doesn’t seem to be injured or dying, but he seems to have been drained of vitality by those vines. Treating this power can heal wounds and relieve pain. Even now, it can remove some negative effects, but it is still impossible to fill vitality. This may be the reason why my power doesn’t work for him."
"Zhao Gan …" Fang Yin hung down on both sides, slowly tightened his hands and spit out two words, which were scattered in the fog.
Zhao Yi said, "Do you want to go and see if he might wake up? He should be very eager to know that you are still alive."
Fang Yin wondered if Xu Sirui wanted to know.
The people lying in the tent were particularly pale, and the blood in their lips disappeared, and they looked weaker than before.
The clavicle is very protruding, and it should form a beautiful shape when attached to the shoulder. However, because Xu Sirui is too thin, it looks like a skeleton without meat and bones, which is a bit scary.
How do you know this kid …
At first, it seemed that Xu Sirui took the initiative to beg Fang Yin to cover his misery, as if a handful of Toxoplasma root could not be born independently.
But he is fragile and tenacious. If there is a little chance of survival, this guy won’t miss it. He has always been alert and cunning. Like a rabbit, how can he not see what is wrong with Zhao Gan? Don’t play the fool and be fully distracted. Stay away from Zhao Gan and compete with her.
Fang Yin fidgeted, grabbed her hair, and suddenly felt a little overwhelmed. Since she started the foggy dreamland life mode, Fang Yin’s life has always had an unrealistic feeling.
After careful calculation, it seems that he has experienced a lot of people disappearing.
When the fog started, they lost their parents and relatives and disappeared in the dreamland. Xiang Kaige was separated for a short time and never had a chance to meet Mao Chengcheng and former Tang Lanzhou and Fan Shan …

I’m really afraid of the people around me. I claim that handmaiden is equal before me, and it makes people feel uncomfortable to have to be divided into ranks.

However, Jingyan is an exquisite person with a good temper and is quite real and lively for my age. After I corrected her, she naturally stopped calling herself a handmaiden.
"You are beautiful and lovely, so it’s a pity that you are buried in the palace as a female officer, or I’ll build a red line for you and the emperor."
I said this with pure kindness. Anyway, I don’t like Bai Xihuang and I don’t mind his multiple little wives.
Jingyan has always been a female official, but if she is not an emperor’s little wife, she has a better future than a generation becoming an old aunt who waits on people.
Jingyan’s face immediately flushed and hurriedly said, "Empress, don’t joke with Jingyan. I’ve been betrothed to General Jiang Wei and I’ll leave the palace to get married in a year."
Speaking of her fiance, Jing Yan’s eyes are shining and her words are both charming and sweet, which shows that she is very satisfied with her fiance.
It seems that I’ve crossed the red line. I don’t think I’m an emperor. My little wife is much luckier than I am to marry the man I like a year later. I really envy her.
"Congratulations, Jingyan. I didn’t expect you to have a general fiance. I just said that you don’t mind."
"How can I know that the empress is also a lifelong event?"
"Alas, I will be lonely when you leave the palace."
Jingyan is very happy to see me. "I can come back to wait on you if the empress is willing to get married."
"ah? It’s really different to come back from the palace. "I asked again," I’m not familiar with the palace rules. Tell me about the palace rules. "
If you want to know the rules here, I’d better know a palace honestly.
From Jingyan’s words, I know that this Qin Palace is very different from the ancient China Palace I have seen before.
There are no eunuchs in this palace, there are rank courtiers, female officials and big guards, but most of them serve the harem, concubines and maids.
Have to sigh Qin marriage system.
Courtiers, female officials, guards and others should have suitable marriage partners to apply to the head court general manager for approval by the queen mother, and then they can choose a lively wedding day.
After marriage, some female officials will continue to stay in the palace during the day and return to the government at night.
Because this kind of marriage is often seen in the court, it is often popular among female officials to secretly date female officials.
Palace life here is absolutely romantic, far from the heavily guarded and interesting court in ancient China.
Many official darling daughter likes to be a female official in the palace.
Taking this opportunity to see the world, we can also realize that many officials and brothers are looking for opportunities for their lifelong events.
Jing Yan also realized that Jiang Wei and two of a kind, two generals, went to her father to get married and made a beautiful marriage.
I think this system is a bit like the Japanese court.
However, there are also disadvantages, such as the problem of green hats from ancient times to the present, which is more rampant here
It is not surprising that the emperor cuckolded himself, and vice versa.
Because many female officials in the palace are borne by married ministers’ wives, it is sometimes difficult to look at the emperor, and it has become an affair.
And many concubines in the palace share the loneliness of the emperor.
It’s not surprising that you dare to hook up with guards or foreign ministers. Anyway, you’ll be fine if you don’t get caught
What is even more strange is that sometimes the emperor will give his concubines to ministers’ wives, just as an emperor Bai Li gave his one-month princess to the wife of Montaigne, the general who returned home triumphantly after attacking the country.
Really generous and tight.
The concept of total chastity is not valued too much in this era
After washing and dressing, a gorgeous palace beauty appeared in the bronze mirror
Clouds, fog, bun, colorful, double-phoenix temples, earlobes hanging on both sides, a string of exquisite moon bells.
Wearing a butterfly dress with six layers of purple and green, the waist ring of azure plum shadow belt has a piece of suet white jade pendant on both sides to hold down the skirt.
I can’t help but wonder in the mirror, "This palace decorator is elegant, gorgeous and beautiful."
Hand-made clothing is much more refined than factory assembly line production. I am flattered to see myself wearing a Paris haute couture suit, which is modern and can’t be taken without hundreds of thousands.
I’m an ordinary white-collar worker, and I’m really extravagant this time.
Jing Yan helped me to put on my dress. "This is the most famous imperial weaving in China. It’s really beautiful to wear."
I sighed, "Crows can change into phoenixes when they wear them. It is true that clothes make the Buddha look like gold."
"Empress is a phoenix, how can she say she is a crow?"
Jingyan listened to the straight smile behind.
"Jingyan, I’m starving. Bring me breakfast. Hehe, I’m looking forward to the top chef cooking breakfast. It must be so delicious that people bite off their tongues."
Since yesterday, I have never eaten a grain of rice, and being a queen is so down and out that I have no food, which is also a prehistoric case of cowardice.
Facing me, Jing Yan couldn’t bear to tell me, "Empress, you have to pay respects to the Empress Dowager before you can come back early. It’s a rule in the palace."