Such a bronze temple, which is three feet wide and three feet deep, needs not only a lot of gold and copper, but also a real master craftsman to make it. There seems to be no such bronze temple before.

In the Jingnian Buddhist Temple, the chanting of Sanskrit chants seems to come to the temple from afar.
The chanting is just behind the bronze temple, ten zhangs away from the temple, but no one is seen anywhere else. There is an inscrutable scene that makes people afraid to act rashly.
The strangest thing is that even the chanting hall is dark except for the lights around the Baishi Square in front of the bronze temple and the Buddhist shrine, which makes people realize that if you go to Baishi Square, you will become the most obvious goal.
At this time, an old Taoist priest dressed in a gray cloth robe suddenly rushed outside the copper temple.
At this time, an ethereal and lonely figure suddenly appeared to meet Ning Dodge and asked, "Ning Daochang doesn’t know what the situation is like?"
When Ning Dodge saw the bearer, he finally could not help spitting out one mouthful blood and said, "The martial arts of Zixue Yaodao are far beyond our imagination. This manpower seems to be exhausted and proficient in sound killing. If the masters of the same level contain more masters, it will be in vain."
Shifeixuan suddenly changed color at this time: "If it’s broken today, it’s the third date. I’m afraid Li Gong is worried about his life, but Fei Xuan has to inform him."
However, Ning Dodge suddenly stopped Shi Feixuan at this time and said, "Don’t go. I can only come back alive because I have left him the secret book of Sanshou. I have a feeling that when he masters Sanshou, he will definitely come again. You should leave with Heshibi as soon as possible!"
"ding! Ding! Hey! "
Three crisp chimes came from the hall of evening classes to chant Buddhist scripture and suddenly stopped. The whole temple was silent and insects chirped and gradually filled the mountain temple.
Later, I saw that if there were monks from the Long Snake Array, they not only didn’t leave the team, but also led by a monk in a gray robe with a frightening figure, who walked straight towards Baishi Square. Except for the monk in a blue robe, who was holding a mord weighing more than 100 kilograms, everyone was holding beads, looking at the nose, watching the heart, solemn, but not afraid of falling down because of the narrow vision.
Then two bronze doors in the bronze temple, which are as heavy as ten feet, automatically open to reveal everything dark inside.
Later, a monk in yellow clothes slowly walked out to see his slender figure, natural and straight nose, which showed great personality. The curved lips and slightly upturned lips showed some indescribable charm embedded in his slender face, which was both very beautiful and carefree. He had a generous and bright face, which was beyond the secular world. Zhan Ran’s divine expression was neither weak nor overbearing, but it was comfortable and natural. The most memorable thing at first sight was that his deep and unpredictable eyes could give birth to a heart that could not be underestimated.
Shifeixuan quickly stepped forward at this time and said, "The master’s situation has changed, and his martial arts are so advanced that even the Taoist Ning Dodge almost died in his hand. We might as well wait for a while and then slowly figure it out."
Seeing the nod, Shifeixuan and Ning Dodge had a simple discussion, and then they were escorted by a monk in gray with Choi and returned to Cihang Jingzhai first, while others continued to monitor Luoyang City’s every move in the Jingnian Temple. At the same time, they will also send their younger brothers to inform Li Shimin to leave Luoyang City as soon as possible to prepare.
Just after Shifeixuan and Ning Dodge left Jingnian Temple, an uninvited guest suddenly arrived in Zhang Pingfang.
"Is it done?" Zhang ping at this time while light aficionado slowly asked
"Purple blood long rest assured that things have been completed" is a woman, but also a very beautiful woman and a very wise woman
If Xu Ling and Kou Zhong are here, they will recognize this woman as Shen Luoyan, the think tank beauty strategist of Shi Biao.
Zhang Ping said faintly at this time: "It’s nice to hear that Shi Mi defeated Yu Culture a few days ago. I’m sure he is now returning to Li and passing by. I’m afraid he will plan to go east to Luoyang soon!"
Shen Luoyan charming smile at this time: "Purple blood Taoist is amazing indeed. I can’t believe what happens in the world can’t hide from Taoist, but wild geese have helped Taoist to explore the position of Ci Hang Jing Zhai and whether his promise can be fulfilled."
Zhang Ping said with a smile at this time: "Don’t worry about this matter. From now on, you Wagangjun Xu Ling and Kou Zhong will not pay attention to it. Please come back after you find out the specific location of Emperor Tafeng." To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-six Day first talented woman
After Shen Luoyan left, Zhang Ping suddenly said faintly: "Song Gong doesn’t know what is the situation of Li Valve now?"
After the tall screen, the figure of Song Shidao immediately turned out to see the folding fan in his hand and smiled and said, "Li Fa is still confronting Xue Jufu. Because Li Shimin secretly came to Luoyang, Li Fa has suffered some small losses in recent times."
At this time, Zhang Ping held the strings lightly and suddenly dialed out a series of vibrato. Then he said, "It’s three days since then. It seems that Li Val is out of luck!"
Song Shidao suddenly said at this moment, "Taoist, who can win the championship today?"
Zhang Ping got up at this time and walked slowly to the window and said, "For this, the Lord of the Song Dynasty sees more clearly than I do, and the Duke of Song doesn’t have to go further and further!"
Song Shidao shook his head at this time and said, "In my humble opinion, if the Taoist priest doesn’t want anyone to do this position, he will definitely not be able to do it, so naturally, my Song family doesn’t have to work hard on a dead person."
Zhang Ping nodded and said, "Song Gong didn’t know that I asked you to find a pianist. What was the result?"
Song Shidao replied at this time: "The Taoist priest can rest assured that he will come to the whole Man Qing courtyard in the evening and invite him to join us. When the Taoist priest needs a pianist, he will naturally appear."
Seeing that Zhang Ping nodded and kept silent, Song Shidao gave a gift and went out.
The next day, Wang Tong, The Avengers, the mighty Wang Tong, finally ended the tragic death of hundreds of cold bodies.
The primitive people are full of people, but Luoyang City is particularly quiet today. Even the men who throw their weight around at ordinary times are pulling their heads one by one and being cautious.
Therefore, in the eyes of many people, everything has come to a successful conclusion last night, but perhaps it was just now.
At night, compared with today’s Qingman Courtyard, it can be said that it is very cold and cheerless. At the door, two people are well-dressed and their eyes are exposed, which makes people realize that it is unusual here tonight.