Room light is a little dim. Dong Laoer pulled out a pack of soft Chinese from his trouser pocket, threw one for Ye Qing, then ignited the silver zippo for Ye Qing, and then ignited it for himself. After that, the room was filled with smoke.

Ye Qing slowly vomited smoke and his face gradually blurred. At this time, his heart was a little excited. Dong Laoer’s words made him feel inexplicably excited to dig 7kg! This is much more exciting than digging coal and gold, 7kg, so that the player will attract wide attention on which team to go to. If he can really come to Club I, Ye Qing will be covered by absolute intimacy when he is ahead, greatly reducing his offensive pressure.
When defending, having 7kg in the seat can also greatly limit the opponent’s attack. If you rush desperately, you will die faster. The speed and hit rate of 7kg guns will make the enemy rush from the entrance of Avenue A to the slope of the platform, and at least three people will die!
7kg didn’t go to the whole city to compete soon. The team members just ran in and were afraid that it was not so easy to dig, and the big honey had been exposed to 7kg, but it was rejected by 7kg. Ye Qing didn’t know if Dong Laoer’s high-priced method was effective. He was a little worried. "Now 7kg’s annual salary should be 100,000. If you dig him at a high price, you have to give an annual salary of 150,000, right? Otherwise it is estimated that he will not be moved! "
Dong second shake shake ash way "one hundred and fifty thousand is too little! I’m going to offer him 200,000 yuan for a man like 7kg. Money is the way to impress him. He has a dream in his heart. He wants to win the championship. He also needs an array with the strength to win the championship, so as to attract him. After the big boss digs up the powerful machine gunner, I’ll make an offer for 7kg! "
"I wipe two hundred thousand! It’s only over 30 thousand a year old. Is there such a big gap between me and 7kg? Second, you’re driving up the price, and you don’t have to help me like this. 200 thousand is not small money. You have to pay this favor every year after you dig it up. I can’t afford it! " Ye Qing finished and took a drag on the cigarette holder in his mouth.
Dong old two fingers with smoke twist a head to look at leaf tilting way "also a fart human feelings! Boss, our brothers still say this? 200 thousand a year is not much. I have to go back to work. This money is nothing! I spend more money in bars every year than that. I can understand the big boss’s difficulties. After all, she is a girl who invested more than one million yuan in the early stage, which is already a lot. Her family probably won’t give her any more money, so this money is the most suitable for me! "
"Don’t say anything else about the second child. It’s my honor to have you as a brother in this life!" Ye Qing was very moved, and Dong Laoer was so kind to him. The two had only known each other for a short time, and it was only three or four years in total, but they treated each other as sincerely as brothers who grew up together.
"Eldest brother melodramatic? Ha, ha, ha ….. "Dong Laoer laughed and Ye Qing followed him. The brotherhood between the two was quite deep.
At lunch, Dami took everyone to a good restaurant. They played very well because of the afternoon competition, so Dami also rewarded them. When they ate, they were cold-blooded and others were still very excited. They thought that there would be no competition in the afternoon and every day, so they also ordered several bottles of beer to drink.
Ye Qing and Dong Laoer also accompanied them to drink. Anyway, after drinking together, there were not many days. The atmosphere gradually warmed up, and even the big honey could not help but drink two beers, and her face became red and beautiful.
"Captain, although we lost the game today, we are still proud of the defeat. I know you are still not satisfied with the result of the game. You have a pursuer, but you can’t rush for a while. Our team still loses the game before making continuous progress, and we will win it back!" Cold-blooded hand on leaf shoulder way
Ye Qing didn’t speak, cold-blooded, and didn’t know that he was going to be forced to leave the team. He was still looking forward to a bright future. Ye Qing felt that what he said was cruel, and the meteor also leaned in. He was very enthusiastic about Ye Qing. "Captain, the story of our defeat of the old fish has been very remarkable. In the face of the royal Forbidden City team with two big guns, we almost equalized the score several times and met them again. It is estimated that we can avenge ourselves! Through this game, I found that my sniper rifle method is still not strong enough. After returning to Chengdu, I will train harder to become a first-class sniper! "
After listening to the meteor, Ye fell in love. These guys are still working hard. They all sincerely hope that the team will become stronger, but they think it is by their own strength that the team will become stronger, while Ye Qing thinks it is by foreign aid that the team will become stronger.
Big honey knew his heart melted when he saw Ye Qing’s expression. He didn’t want to crowd them out of the team, but if they stayed, the team would become stronger. I don’t know if it will be years. She can’t wait for Ye Qing, and she can’t wait. If she wants to be cruel, let her be the wicked.
She quickly raised her cup and said, "It’s time for everyone to drink at dinner and not talk about the team!"
Cold-blooded and others immediately picked up the cup, Ye Qing barely smiled, and then everyone touched the cup together. After sitting down, Ye fell in love, there was still some guilt, but if the team wanted to be strong quickly, there would be a way to reorganize!
After eating, they are cold-blooded and they are all drunk. It is definitely not possible to go out for a stroll. Maybe they will fall directly into the Huangpu River. Everyone thinks that they should go back to the hotel to sleep and get drunk. It is best to sleep when they touch the bed.
After returning to the hotel, they went back to their rooms to sleep in cold blood. Ye Qing was sober at this time. As soon as he entered the room to prepare for the door, Da Mi quickly flashed in. Ye Qing gave her a surprised look and revealed a wretched smile. "Don’t you know that it is very dangerous for a girl to enter a drunk’s room alone?"
"How dare you do anything to me?" Big honey puffed out her chest and smiled. Her face was red when she was eating. She also drank a lot and became afraid. Besides, she didn’t believe what Ye Qing dared to do to her.
Ye Qing also directly pulled her into her arms with the strength of wine, and then directly put her mouth together. Honey’s heart suddenly accelerated. She pushed Ye Qing and said, "I can’t stand less alcohol!"
Leaf to palm ha two tone way "is it bad? Well, let’s get down to business. What are you doing in my room? "
Big honey sat in the chair and patted her chest to calm down an emotion, and then said, "I am afraid that you will be soft-hearted in the reorganization of the team. I saw it at dinner just now that you don’t want to drive them away. Let me come forward with this matter. You don’t care about anything and don’t blame yourself."
Ye Qing shook his head to sober himself up. He sat beside Da Mi and stretched out his hand to hold Da Mi in his arms. "I really can’t bear to see them still trying to improve their strength. If they are slack in training or they are a group of people who have no dreams, then I will feel very comfortable if I force them out."
Big honey leans her head against Ye’s chest, her left hand puts her arm around his back, and her right hand puts her arm around his waist. She thinks this posture is very comfortable. She likes to lean against Ye’s arms, which is especially warm and safe.
"You are too affectionate. If you want to achieve great things, you must be ruthless. We are not letting them die, but we are just dismissing them. Besides, I will send them a sum of money." Big honey guided Ye Qing.
"I know, but I just feel a little uncomfortable. By the way, there is another thing I want to tell you. A second child is going to dig 7kg into our team. He is going to quote 7kg an annual salary of 200,000. What do you think of this money from him?"
Big honey smell speech broke free from the arms of Ye Qing and sat up straight. "Two hundred thousand? Is he crazy? It seems that the annual salary of the sniper is only 300,000 yuan. Nowadays, the salary of the professional circle can reach 150,000. There are not many professional players. He will raise the overall price of professional players, which will increase our talent! This is nonsense! And even if I have to dig 7kg, I should pay for it. He is not the owner of the club. What is his money? "
Ye Qing hurriedly stretched out his hand and scratched her nose lovingly and said with a smile, "Don’t be excited. Personally, I think 7kg should have this value, otherwise he may not be tempted by the money problem. The second child is right. You have invested a lot. Let him pay for this money. Anyway, he is not short of money and he is about to leave the team. Let’s just say that he is doing something before leaving the team. I will pay him back the money later because I know he is helping me!"
Big honey nestled in Ye Qing’s arms again and said softly, "In fact, I also contacted 7kg, and my offer was too high, but he refused without thinking!"
"He is not a man who values money. He wants to stay in a team that has the strength to win the championship, so you should dig up some powerful machine gunners and talk to him then. I think he will promise! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone from ag to Qingcheng Competition! "
"You’re right, then wait until I get rid of those powerful machine gunners!"
"Can you tell me which gunners you are?" Leaf tilt is very asked curiously.
Big honey smiled mysteriously and then slowly said, "even Zheng Pengfei, Lincoln Xu Hongyu, n1e Feng Yongqiang … If you dig 7kg again, you know what this means!"
Ye Qing was surprised when he heard this. He knew that the big honey diggers must be very powerful figures, but he didn’t expect that they would be three super-strong gunners. If all three of them joined the I club and 7kg finally agreed to join, it would mean that the members of Dongjia ab, the strongest team in the past, reunited in the I club and owed only one sir Li Yang.
Since sir has retired, it is impossible to assemble the original dongjia ab formation, but ye Qing can replace sir because he is also the commander! If this array is really formed, then the F world is not the only one in the S team!
Chapter 34 Get the champion and get you
Ye Qing was deeply shocked by Da Mi’s words. Da Mi is also a very enterprising boss. She is even more ruthless than the ig boss. She tried to reunite the members of Dongjia ab in the peak of the past in the I club. If successful, the situation in the F world will change greatly. After all, Dongjia ab was too strong in the past and won the world championship for a while.
After the shock, Ye Qing realized another question. If the four men can join the team, can he be the captain? After all, the four men are very powerful, higher or lower than him, and he is playing ak47even. Zheng Pengfei is also an ak player, and the leaf tilt is definitely unshakable in the main road near the enemy’s position.
Although a team is allowed to have two ak players, his position and Zheng Pengfei’s overlap. He thought about it for a while and then he was relieved. Who said that there can’t be two ak players on the main road? When the time comes, two ak’s will be suppressed, and it is estimated that the other party can’t even enter the main road!
Ye Qing thinks that he is not necessarily better than those experienced top players. You know, even, but sir, the apprentice of sir, is one of the best gold medal conductors in China. He taught even to play ak and at the same time taught him to be responsive and organize attacks.
In fact, Ye Qing doesn’t care about commanding this position. It’s all the same if even wants to be a commander. After all, having an ak player like even can greatly improve the team’s strength. His ak marksmanship is much stronger than Ye Qing’s now. His strength should be equal to K’s single-point accuracy. It’s almost like a sniper rifle to kill a person!
Ye Qing is now an ak marksmanship. Although he has made rapid progress in meeting ordinary opponents, he can kill a person with one bullet, but in the face of equal strength, he will solve his opponent with one bullet. In fact, among the four men, there is also an ak master, Lincoln lee, that is, Xu Hongyu.
Lee is not as famous as even because he is in the secondary lane, but his quick head shot is a must. His style is cold and aggressive, which often makes his opponents frightened. What makes even different is that he likes to be quick and even likes to be single-handed, but both of them are very sharp marksmen. lee is also known as ak Emperor and Head Shot King.
His defense in the alley on the second floor of the institute is impressive. Almost anyone can break through his defense. He keeps flashing and will attack the enemy one by one. He is a reassuring player and a rare machine gunner who can attack and defend.
If a team has three ak machine gunners, how fierce the offensive firepower should be! Many teams have one ak machine gunner, that is, two teams rarely have three ak machine gunners because ak is too difficult to practice!
In the F professional circle, there are only a handful of professional players who can play ak well. Many team ak players are not very strong, but they can’t find a better one. Those powerful ak gunners have already been carved up by super teams.
It’s a luxury for a team to have three ak machine gunners. Ye Qing is a little excited when he thinks about it. It’s the grand plan of Big Honey. I don’t know if it can be realized in the end. He bowed his head and kissed Big Honey on the forehead. "This array is really powerful and can definitely compete with the S team."
"It’s not too early to be happy. Those guys are hesitant and didn’t give a letter of approval. I have to increase the price! At present, even is still in ag Swim. After sir announced his retirement, the strength of this club has declined. They definitely don’t want to let even go. n1e is not doing well in the snowy area. It’s really difficult for a gunner to study the map layout tactics with m4 on the rampage. Although there are god snipers like Ma Zhe in their team and Lincoln’s 7kg partner in the whole city is also very lethal, it is estimated that he will have a hard time deciding. "Honey is still slightly worried.
"even and n1e didn’t come. I think 7 and Lincoln will be moved. After all, they are old friends and have been fighting side by side for many years. If they are reunited, the hope of winning the championship is very great. If 7 has ambition, he will definitely come!" Ye Qing is very sure that he knows everyone who has dreams.
"That is to say, even and n1e need to be taken care of?"
"The principle is that always talk to them first! Well, this matter can be put aside first. Anyway, we have to wait until we get back to Chengdu to do it. Should we do something more meaningful now? " Ye Qing (turn corners of the mouth flush a wretched smile.
Honey was alert to hear the unusual meaning from his words. She quickly struggled out of Ye’s arms and got up and said, "I’m a little dizzy. Go back to sleep first and wait until I wake up!"
Say that finish big honey and want to escape Ye Qing immediately got up and grabbed her wrist, and then pulled back a big honey and directly crashed into his arms. Ye Qing hugged her back tightly and bowed his head and kissed her on the mouth.
Ye’s kiss is overbearing, and his mouth is bigger than Da Mi’s small mouth, and the whole lip of Da Mi is contained in his mouth. His tongue is strong and powerful like a javelin drilling into Da Mi’s mouth. Da Mi’s teeth are closed, but she is afraid to close her mouth and is afraid of biting Ye Mi’s tongue.
The two of them kissed heartily, and the big honey body gradually softened. The whole person was attached to Ye Lean, and Ye Lean hugged her waist and moved to the bed. The big honey legs consciously followed and moved to the bed. Ye Lean slowly put the big honey into the bed, but did not leave the big honey mouth. Finally, the whole person lay on the bed and Ye Lean gently pressed one hand on the big honey legs.
It’s tempting for Dami to wear a pair of tight jeans to wrap her beautiful legs straight and slender, but her most sensitive place is that her thighs feel itchy when touched by others. As soon as she put her hands down, she opened her eyes and pushed the leaves directly with both hands, and then sat up. She cut her hair and her face was red and she was bleeding. She was flustered and said, "No, it’s not time to tilt the leaves."
Ye Xie has entered the state. This kind of thing comes naturally, but I didn’t expect Da Mi to brake halfway. It’s really a big spoil. He took a deep breath to calm his restless heart and then shrugged his shoulders. "I didn’t see you drink well. You are still so sober after drinking so much wine at noon!"
"Am I boring? A girl like me must be particularly disliked by you men! " Big honey is a little frustrated. She thinks there is something wrong with her personality. What age is it now? How many couples wait until they get married before they get to the last step? Now, when we meet for the first time, we go to the room. What kind of * * * * * is everywhere? Is it a bit too conservative for us?
Ye Qing shook his head. "It’s not that men are too superficial and vulgar now. They just want to be with her when they are with a girl. * * * In fact, a girl like you is the most precious. It’s so good to be faithful to a man and have a man in one generation. Men actually like this. But there are too few girls like you in this society!"
Big honey was very moved when she heard Ye Qing say this. She looked up at Ye Qing and asked, "Where’s Su Yanbing?"
"She? She ….. She is also a girl like you. I liked her so much at the beginning. "Ye Qing honestly replied.
"Do you still like her now?"
"This doesn’t answer? I want to keep a little privacy! " Ye Qing is very difficult to tunnel