Backhand, insert 【 Tears of Blood Rose 】 into the scabbard. Love flower Sheng Jingli controls the seven rainbow gods’ needle attack.

Seven silk threads generally have different colors, and the light passes through various traces and greets the natural body.
At this time, it is natural to see the flower scene attacking again without any tension and continue to wave the sword in his hand.
It’s still a slow sword speed, but none of the seven rainbow needles have scored the natural sword potential
Instead, the department was naturally flying out with a huge sword in its hand
At this time, the natural display is actually a swordsmanship in the Great Sun Tathagata Burning the Magic Wisdom Sword.
This swordsmanship is the most labor-saving way to defend the body by waving a giant sword.
In this swordsmanship, the blade, tip, body, hilt, armguard and so on are wrapped in all positions of the giant sword.
Any sword can resist the enemy’s attack
And this wide range of resistance allows the emissary to greatly save physical strength.
Therefore, the slower the swordsmanship is performed, the deeper the angel understands this swordsmanship.
According to these three moves, I naturally get the local notes of the Great Sun Tathagata Burning the Magic Wisdom Sword.
The highest level of defensive swordsmanship is called "Static Sword".
To reach this state, the sword in the hand is generally static.
Only when you resist the opponent’s attack can you move a sword slightly.
Will have a "static sword" call but now naturally haven’t mastered this situation.
Of course, this sword defense is of course a very powerful sword.
But this doesn’t mean that fencing will be the enemy naturally.
Among them, although there is fencing, naturally, the reason for the highest state has not yet been realized.
However, the more reason is that the lover Shengjing has already thought of a way to crack it.
Take back the seven rainbow needles, although dozens of ordinary embroidery needles have been played.
And these embroidery needles are also connected with red silk threads.
In the distance, it looks like a large piece of red glow naturally wrapped in the past.
Seeing those embroidery needles attack, it is natural to wave a sword in your hand to resist the embroidery needle attack.
The Seven-Rainbow Needle and the Seven-Rainbow Needle Method did not break the defense, and these ordinary embroidery needles naturally broke through the law.
However, the flower scene does not want to win by this large number of embroidery needles.
But want to let the embroidery needle connect the silk thread and wind it in the hands of nature.
The sword is strong, but if it is sharp, it is not.
When naturally found his sword has been wrapped around a number of red silk thread.
Even if you want to break away from the sword, those red silk threads won’t come.
Because when it was discovered naturally, the flower scene had already begun.
Grasp the red silk thread with both hands and connect the ends of the red silk thread to another embroidery needle.
Then shoot these embroidery needles directly towards the surrounding ground.
In the flower scene, the sunflower is really angry, and these embroidery needles shoot directly into the ground.
Make it natural that the sword in his hand was blocked by those red silk threads.
Although it can barely wave, it can only be within a certain range.
Seeing this, it’s natural to transport the hot qi and want it to break the red line of the giant sword.
I have to say that it is good and correct to think naturally.
But how can the magnificent scenery of love make it so easy for nature to retrieve the giant sword!
"Sunflower Collection" is a martial art that is good at speed.
Especially when the love flower Shengjing found the red leaf Zen master of Putian South Shaolin.
Raising the "Sunflower Collection" to the secret level has made the speed of love flowers reach a very high level.
Although there is still a gap compared with Pang Xia, the gap is not too big.
Therefore, naturally, the distance between the flowers and the scenery seems not too close.
But in love, the hand can reach the distance in the blink of an eye.
At this time, the love flower came to the front of nature instantly.
Make a sudden snatch a handbreadth and boom toward the natural heart.
Chapter 936 Sixteen-entry competition is over!
Naturally, the Great Sun Tathagata Burning the Magic Wisdom Sword has three swordsmanships.
These three swordsmanship methods are [burning sword], [guarding sword] and [air sword]
The first two have naturally come into play, and each has different powers, which can be said to be excellent swordsmanship.
However, the third move has never had a chance to display. However, at this time, I have a chance to face the palm of my hand.
The right hand still clung to the sword and wouldn’t let go, but naturally it loosened its left hand.
Seeing nature, the left hand and five fingers are close together like the tip of a giant sword.
At the same time, a thick firm but gentle from natural left palm generate.
Without hesitation, he waved his left palm and went straight to meet the palm of his hand.
Blink of an eye two hands relative to a roar.
Then the lover’s grand scene called a whole person to spin back.
Re-landed in the ring. Looking at the back of his right hand, he frowned slightly.