I can’t wait to throw this dead woman

"Stupid woman, shut up and talk again. Believe it or not, I will throw you away?"
Jiang Xue Bud’s face is shaking his calves and playing around. "Oh, then you will throw me away." [
"Don’t I dare not Section 31: If you want to lose it, you can lose it!
Jiang Xue Bud’s face is shaking his legs and playing around. "Oh, then you will throw me away."
"Don’t I dare!"
This stupid woman is so confident that he won’t throw her away? "I didn’t do that. You can throw it away if you want."
Ji Yue Liu Yin pursed her lips and took a deep breath, "You woman …"
I knew he was just talking at most [
She’s pregnant with his child. Is he willing to throw himself away?
"Hey, don’t walk too fast. If you smoke, your sister is still behind you. If you walk too fast, she can’t follow."
Say Jiang Xue bud turned toward the cloud if smoke provocative smile.
See cloud if smoke gnashing stare at her a pair of very anxious to cramp her skin.
"If smoke?"
There was some doubt in the sound of the silent moon flow and then stopped.
Turned around and saw YunRe smoke is a face of pathetic looking at him.
Those deer eyes are generally clear, and a layer of water mist has been covered in them.
Where can you still see half a point of evil?
"If you smoke, you don’t have to follow behind you to get ready first."
Cloud if smoke bite lips reluctant to nodded his head.
Brother Liu Yin likes obedient girls … Even if she is unhappy in her heart, she can’t go against his will.
He will carry this woman … just because of the child in her belly.
He will be better to himself when he has other children after himself.
It’s a child
She needs a child.
Only when she has children can she compete with this humble woman for the heart of her brother.
"Good if smoke this to prepare"
If the cloud smoke goes away, Jiang Xueya reaches out and pats the silent moon stream and says softly, "Well, you can let me go now" [
The sound of the silent moon ignored her and continued to walk behind her back. "Isn’t it backache?"
Jiang Xue Bud chuckled, "It’s backache, but now it’s suddenly not sour."
"Do you have to be so unforgiving?"
The sound of the silent moon stopped, and the sound was neither cold nor hot, and I couldn’t recognize a trace of emotion-
Afternoon, continue with Section 3: There is nothing wrong with stupid women listening to me.
"Do you have to be so unforgiving?" The sound of the silent moon stops, and the sound is neither cold nor hot, and I can’t hear a trace of emotion.
Jiang Xue Bud Leng Leng immediately came over for nothing. What was he talking about?
She grinned with something of a sneer, "People don’t attack me, I don’t attack, I don’t want her to be an enemy, but she has regarded me as an enemy."
"If the smoke is afraid that you will take me away, she is not bad."
Jiang Xue Bud raised her eyebrows. "Where?" [
"You can pack her more."
Why should she pack her more?
What, she didn’t wrap herself up?
This smelly fox ….. Even if he is her, won’t she be regarded as an enemy?
A woman’s jealousy is terrible.
"What’s to keep her?"
Even if you want a bag, it should be him.
Why should his own woman let herself pack it?
She is not so broad-minded and has no sense.
She knows, but she will return the favor to anyone who is not nice to her Jiang Xue bud.
"Don’t give Ruo a pipe. You’re … no match for her."
Jiang Xue bud slightly dazed.
What does this smelly fox mean?
Maybe … He is still worried about her?