Because this third machine definitely exceeds the sum of all the things found this time in value.

But if you want to make this thing, even Pang Xia can’t make it, because this thing can’t be made by one person!
The most powerful engineering equipment made by Luban family is the solar catapult.
Powerful to be able to hit, even the master will kill you. The master will run away when he sees this thing!
Of course, the Ministry is able to hit the foundation.
There are very few players who can get shooting martial arts.
Is to prevent shooting martial arts players in the late game from getting more people to attack the city with one hand and crossbows and things like that.
Then how can other players mix with those masters? What are the grandmasters doing?
Now the people at the starlight reception haven’t thought of this yet, so they look at this solar ballista and some don’t know what to do with it.
"Why don’t we take this thing and kill a master?"
Discussion is a thought that if you go to everyone, it must be rejected.
But with this door, the idea of killing the master has obviously appeared in the hearts of all.
Pang Xia touched the bar and said slowly, "I have some hatred with the old guy Mogu, the master of Kongtong Sect."
Pang Xia didn’t finish his words. He wanted to kill Mogu not only because Mogu had hunted him down.
Also because of the hawks’ conspiracy to him, he is equivalent to wasting half of "Word Day". This tone Pang Xia can’t swallow!
Hear PangXia said kongtong sent Mogu a thought and a sword wins the snow and nodded his head. At the beginning, the two of them also suffered from Mogu. I haven’t forgotten this revenge.
After reasoning, nine people laughed at each other at the starlight reception, and everyone’s face was sinister.
Not long after, in the five-star restaurant, nine furtive figures rushed to the carriage line one after another.
Then three wagons were triggered from Hangzhou City and left for Kongtong School.
Since Pang Xia made a scene and Zhang Sanfeng repelled Mogu, the number of Kongtong players has decreased by nearly 60%, and the population has become thin.
Pang Xia and others successively came to the Kongtong Mountain to get together.
"According to the Vivian Dawson plan to Xiaoqing, descendants of Cai Lun, crows, and broken swords, the four of you go to that place and put a bullet gun.
There are only five people left to provoke the Kongtong Sect to lead the old guy Mogu out.
Then find a way to lure him here, and wait for me to make a sword fly from the west to the sky at the same time, which is the signal.
When the time comes, you can aim at Mogu to launch a solar ballista. "
When they heard Pang Xia’s words, they nodded in succession, and then nine people divided into two groups and acted separately.
After everyone left, a figure came out from behind a big tree.
If Pang Xia sees him, he can immediately recognize him, or she has not seen Su Rongrong for a long time.
"If you are dealing with master np, your plan is certainly very good.
But it is not enough to face the people in the world at the master level.
Let me collect a tail for you, instead of beating one out! "
Muttered a Su Rongrong eyes turned black.
Suddenly, in a world where players can’t see the data, the whole Kongtong Mountain is closed, and unless someone in the world breaks through the closed data, the root can’t sense what is happening in it.
Su Rongrong just wanted to find a place to sit in her ear when suddenly Pang Xia sounded.
"Sister Rong Rong, thank you for your help, so as to save me distraction!"
Hearing this, Su Rongrong first smiled, but after careful consideration of the meaning of this sentence by Pang Xia, Su Rongrong had to be horrified.
Because Pang Xia’s words mean that he has already found himself hiding aside, which many people in the world can’t do.
And the meaning in the words is that it shows that Pang Xia can also do this in the way of data blockade of Kongtong Mountain, which means that the meaning is completely different! ‘
Chapter 261 and MoGuGang positive
If, as Pang Xia said, he can indeed ban the whole Kongtong Mountain in the data world, then Su Rongrong thinks it is necessary to have a good talk with Pang Xia (
You know, even in doves, there are only three people who can do this: her and the leader of Zhang Sanfeng doves.
It is rare for hawks and neutrals to be able to do this.
As a result, Pang Xia’s position in the inner world is naturally very different.
Just as Su Rongrong was entangled, Pang Xia and five people had already left Kongtong Mountain.
At this time, in addition to Mogu, there is also a Tang Wenliang in Kongtong Mountain.
Yu Yu’s senior np department died in Pang Xia’s hands, so I don’t want to see them for a short time.
Pang Xia came to the entrance of the Kongtong Sect Mountain to enlighten the Upanishads and turn to the fallen gods seven times, but he saw that his fists were filled with black fog and boxing strength, which had already saved his strength.
"I can’t act for seven minutes. You should try it first. Now, I’m a kongtong pie.
It is said that all senior np of a sect can be refreshed only after they are dead.
I think the Kongtong players have a miserable life, so help them find their lost np! "
Hearing Pang Xia’s words, everyone rushed into the entrance of Kongtong School with insidious smile.
Holding the plan of burning, killing and grabbing all the lights, one sword wins the snow, one thought, nine Hao and Vivian Dawson kill each other with guns and set a fire by the way, so that there is no high-end combat power. Kongtong players are losing ground.
And even some Kongtong players are not as good as nature, and they are not four-man opponents with one sword to win the snow.
In particular, a sword wins snow. Since I learned that flying in the sky, every sword seems to contain great power.
Yan’s sword in his hand is simply touching it and rubbing it will hurt the abnormal condition.
The four men made no secret of the door attack and soon led to the leader Tang Wenliang.
Tang Wenliang, the strongest of the five old men in Kongtong, has reached the peak of his innate strength, and he is one step away from reaching the master level.
So when he appeared, the four men put away their playful thoughts in four directions and watched carefully with anger among the four men, Tang Wenliang.
"You four young players are so bold that you dare to come to my school. Don’t leave anyone today!"
Tang Wenliang raised his fists, but saw that his fists vibrated for seven times. The Seven Wounded Fists, a unique school of Kongtong School, was directly displayed by Tang Wenliang.
A fist full of murderous look came out. Tang Wenliang took the lead in throwing his fist at the sword and winning the snow!
Several boxing shadow towards the sword wins the snow boom in the past.