"Well, you tell me your detailed plan and I’ll see if I can give you a hand …"

"Pleasure …"
Chapter 26 You are me
Chapter 26 You are me
But things are always unexpected.
Half a month later, Shi Biao didn’t come, the four bandits didn’t move, and even the mysterious guest of the Li family didn’t show up. It was as calm as a stagnant pool, but there was one person who changed qualitatively, that is, Shang Xiuxun, the owner of Pegasus Ranch.
Shang Xiuxun seems to be a different person since that defeat.
The proud Shang Xiuxun disappeared and turned into a gentle maid, who was the most serious brother when Dong Lai Lu Miao proved martial arts. When Dong Lai Lu Miao exchanged poems and played piano music, she was the most obsessed follower. She was the most considerate nurse when she asked Lei Yin from the East to expel Monty’s true spirit for Lu Miao.
Always make Donglai and Shang Xiuxun vaguely have an inseparable form.
The monty spirit in Lu Miao’s body is very vicious, which makes Donglaifa gradually remove the way that Lei Yin can wash qi and blood and shake bone marrow. Although this method can cure the symptoms, it also makes Donglai have to endure it unless Donglai has seen the "Monty Skill" cheats. It really takes quite a long time to completely cure Lu Miao.
I hope that Lu Miao can also take care of himself and save money when I come to the East.
At this time, Donglai was explaining to Shang Xiuxun what "Dantian Gong" was.
Earlier, Lu Miao, the commander of Donglai, talked about the mystery of "Dantian Gong". Although Shang Xiuxun was curious, she heard a little about Naixiu. Now she just took the rare opportunity of the commander of Donglai to humbly ask him for advice.
Make Donglai patiently say, "Mind Boxing is the skill of dantian, that is, the skill of defending dantian is the main method of cultivating strength with mind boxing. The ancients said that it is the hardest to be in the spirit and mind, and it is difficult to be quiet and easy to be distracted. Mind Boxing is the skill of practicing and moving all over, and seeking luck in static and dynamic. If you exercise in dantian for a long time, you can achieve the goal of being energetic and strong. This kind of visualization, refinement and gravity exercise can make you refined, energetic and energetic.
Make Donglai wake up and say, "Xiuxun, you have a good martial arts foundation, and with your pure strength, you need to continue to practice the gas gravity method. You are superior in martial arts talent and believe that you will achieve something in three years."
I was a little confused when I saw Shang Xiuxun from the East. I knew that Shang Xiuxun was too impatient. If I could cultivate "Dantian Gong" to the extreme belief that Shang Xiuxun would become a master figure, even the East could not stand her at that time.
You know, Shang Xiuxun’s martial arts is not comparable to that of ordinary Jianghu experts. What she lacks is practical experience. Once Shang Xiuxun integrates the strength and skills of the future world, her strength will definitely rise to a higher level. With rich practical experience, she will definitely be stronger than the two ranch masters of Shang Peng and Shang He.
"Shang Xiuxun knows."
Shang Xiuxun is also a clever girl. When she saw the expression on Dong Lai’s face, she knew that she was not satisfied with her performance. She abandoned some so-called distractions and devoted herself to practicing martial arts.
Finish practicing and washing.
It makes Donglai feel a faint fragrance from far and near, and I know that the bearer is Shangxiuxun, but at this moment Shangxiuxun’s breath is not very stable and his heart is beating badly.
General practitioners can’t do this, and the result is simply to ruin themselves and make Donglai frown and say, "Shang Xiuxun, come in."
However, when Donglai saw that Shangxiu Xun had only a thin layer of light sand and perfect figure, an evil fire arose spontaneously.
In the past half a month, Shang Xiuxun from the east has become so close that if couples, especially Shang Xiuxun and Lu Miao get along, some mysterious force will gradually influence her to enter the "witch girl" in the story.
The reason is that Shang Xiuxun, a classical scholar from Donglai, has secretly grasped some secrets in the past, and Shang Xiuxun has changed qualitatively.
Of course, after the change of Shang Xiuxun, it was only for the East that he saw the roots of others.
"Men are made of mud and women are made of water. Mud and water can be burned into utensils. Men and women can practice together to make elixir …"
This is the basic theory of Yili.
This not only made Donglai dedicate a modern secret book, but it was the earliest western public yoga practice of Tantric Puno in 1930s, which caused a tsunami storm in western countries at that time.
The "big handprint yoga practice" is not a slap in the face of martial arts novels, but a method of cultivating body and mind. The whole big handprint means a perfect practice of harmony with Buddha.
The main theory of big handprint is "ten fingers connected to one heart", which means that the ten fingers of the human body and various organs have combined dexterity, and the fingers make various gestures to move various organs in the body, so that the body organs are as dexterous as the fingers.
This theory is very close to China’s theory that "the palm of your hand is not as good as the finger".
Moreover, the practice of big handprint is too complicated. There are some mysterious things in it, such as ideas, breathing, mind guidance, men’s and women’s joy, etc. Some things are specious and easy to cultivate into mental derangement. The most outrageous thing is that there is no way to keep fit after practicing, but it’s a pity that there is no fighting capacity.
Things like this make Donglai wonder how many of them have been filled with ancient and modern secrets.
I don’t know what Shang Xiuxun thought, but he realized a way from these two classical books to gradually change his temperament, and this change came from the fact that Shang Xiuxun’s cultivation was a double cultivation method.
More and more demon Shang Xiuxun saw that Dong Lai’s eyes were burning with enthusiasm, and she came back to her nest like a swallow, and her nest was to make Dong Lai broad-minded