"Well, then I won’t force you! Be careful when you go back! " Ye Qing is very calm and tunnel. In fact, he has never thought about how to treat Da Mi tonight. Just as Thomas said, he is completely immersed in the excitement that K is coming to the club.

Big honey left her pie mouth and then went to the side of the road and stopped a taxi. She turned to look at Ye Qing and said, "Then I’ll go!"
"Well, give me a call when you get there slowly!" Ye Qing didn’t want to retain any meaning at all. Honey felt very interesting, so she gritted her teeth and drove away from Ye Qing’s sight soon. Ye Qing twisted her neck a little and strode towards his place of residence.
Big honey leans against the window and looks at the retrogressive high-rise buildings and trees on both sides of the road, just like the process of time, but time will go forward and never go backwards. She is a little depressed. Ye Qing, that guy, is sometimes considerate and sometimes doesn’t understand amorous feelings like an old elm head. He didn’t want to go home tonight, but he was a little reserved. As a result, Ye Qing let her go home with the show.
Ye Qing went to bed without even washing his face. It seems that he was really exhausted. He soon fell asleep. He slept soundly that night. He didn’t know when Dong Laoer and Zhao Junzhu came back.
The next morning, when he got up, he smelled the smell of porridge. When he walked into the living room, he saw three bowls of porridge and two plates of pickles on the dining table, and a plate of fried cakes, which looked golden and attractive. Ye tilted his hand and took a bite of a cake, which was crisp and delicious.
Zhao Junzhu came out of the kitchen and saw Ye Qing stealing food. He smiled, "Is Brother Ye delicious?"
"delicious! Jun Zhu, you are really capable and can make cakes! " Leaf sincerely praised.
"It’s the first time for me to learn from my mother." Zhao Junzhu was embarrassed to tunnel.
Ye Qing took the cake and looked at the door of Dong Lao’s second room and asked, "Where’s the second child?"
Zhao Junzhu frowned and some bitterness tunnel "still sleeping? He drank too much wine last night, and now he probably hasn’t sobered up yet, so I thought it would be better to let him eat porridge earlier. Porridge is nourishing the stomach."
"You are so kind to him. I don’t know what luck this little boy has left to meet such a good girl as you. You eat first and I’ll get that little boy up!" Ye Qing said that he would put the cake in his hand into his mouth and then quickly walked into Dong Fannie and Freddie.
Dong Laoer is lying on the bed, sleeping soundly, with one leg still hanging on the edge of the bed. Ye Qing shook his head very politely. This guy is still sleeping in the same position as when he was in college. It’s extremely difficult to watch him go to the bed, stretch his feet and kick Dong Laoer’s ass. Dong Laoer turned over and fell asleep again.
"I slept quite dead!" Ye Qing muttered something and then stepped up his efforts to push Dong Laoer’s ass.
Dong Lao Er immediately turned and sat up and shouted angrily, "Who the fuck is going to die! ?” He opened his eyes in a daze and saw Ye Qing at the bedside. He immediately scratched his head awkwardly and said, "It’s the boss. Why did you kick my ass?"
"wake you up, I still hope you won’t come back later. Now that you are back, I won’t let you be late. Come to the club with me later. This is not about catching young men, but the normal training of the club. You can’t be absent!" Leaf tilt is very firm tunnel
Dong Laoer gave me a wry smile. He was still sleeping in a bar and was kicked in the bag. His temper was a little big. He was always used to arrogance outside, otherwise he wouldn’t have caused so much trouble at sea, but he was as gentle as a little sheep in front of Ye Qing.
"I don’t know how I came back … it’s estimated that narration bamboo dragged me back. That girl has been clamoring for coming back. She doesn’t know that in fact, there is a bed in the luxury bag …" Dong Lao Er’s words haven’t finished yet, but she saw Ye Qing’s face was wrong and suddenly shut up.
Ye Qing looked at Dong Laoer very seriously. "Laoer, you are getting more and more ridiculous. It is wrong to take your girlfriend to a bar to fool around. Do you still want to pull people to spend the night in the bar? Do you know where the bar is? Aren’t you afraid that other men will take advantage of your girlfriend in those messy places? Zhao Junzhu is not the kind of girl who likes to play. She is simple. Don’t lead her astray! "
Dong Laoer whispered for a long time before saying, "Boss, you’re right. I’m an asshole. I shouldn’t do that. Don’t worry, I’ll treat Jun Zhu well. She’s a good girl and I won’t hurt him."
With these words, Dong Laoer got up and scratched his hair and said, "Let’s have breakfast first."
"Zhao Jun bamboo is really capable and fried cakes for you to eat early, and because you drank the wine, she personally cooked porridge to nourish your stomach. How sweet! Be sure to cherish it! " Ye Qing told a way
Dong Laoer made an ok gesture and then walked out of the room. He saw Zhao Junzhu sitting at the table waiting for them very cleverly. He couldn’t help but feel a warm feeling in his heart. Zhao Junzhu always brought him this warm feeling. He felt that Ye Qing was right. Such girls must be cherished. In today’s era, there are so few such girls. It is good luck to meet one!
"honey, you are great. You definitely have the potential to be a pastry chef. I love you so much!" Zhao Junzhu was very surprised by Dong Laoer’s disgusting words. She couldn’t help asking, "Where did the sun shine today? You should praise me!"
"Don’t I often praise you?"
"Where do you always hit me, saying that my clothes are too simple, that I can’t dress up, that I’m clumsy and can’t do anything, that my legs are short and a little thick, and that my eyebrows are not thick, flat and straight, and there is no curve? Are you always picking on my shortcomings today?"
"That’s because you didn’t fry this cake for me before. I didn’t know you were so capable! In fact, I deliberately hit you. You are too natural. You think you are beautiful and have a market, so I won’t be able to tie you down. "Dong Laoer is very witty and tunnel.
Ye Qing just came over and heard Dong Laoer’s words and immediately interjected, "Jun Zhu, don’t listen to his nonsense. He usually says that a woman is beautiful, which is the truth, because it is absolutely impossible for him to say the word beautiful to an ugly woman. In this respect, he is still honest, but this honesty is a bit annoying. He is true in dealing with women, never hypocritical and never speaks without conscience. If he praises your beauty, then you are really beautiful. In his eyes, this is the case."
Chapter 474 Reasons for breaking up
After eating pancakes and porridge, Ye Qing went out of the door. Dong Laoer’s head was still a little groggy, but there was no problem after walking. Ye Qing looked at the buildings and landscapes on both sides of the road and didn’t know what it was, but he couldn’t remember what it was.
"Second, did we close the door when we went out?" Ye Qing suddenly asked Dong Laoer that some monks were puzzled. Why did the boss ask this question? He usually goes out and doesn’t care about it. But since Ye Qing asked, he still replied honestly, "Why do you ask this?"
"No, I always feel that there is one thing that is right. I just want to ask if the door is open …" Ye Qing said this sentence and Dong Laoer slapped him and gloated. "Boss, you are obsessive-compulsive!"
"get out! I’m not obsessive-compulsive, but I really haven’t done anything. What should I do when I come back from the sea? Who will wake me up! " Leaf tilt is very serious tunnel
Dong Laoer thought for a moment, "Didn’t you change it?"
"Seriously! Don’t make trouble, will you? If you can’t think of it, shut up with me! " Ye Qing is very authentic
Dong Lao Er immediately put his hands over his mouth and Ye Qing turned his attention to Zhao Jun bamboo. Zhao Jun bamboo immediately waved her hand blankly. She didn’t follow her to the sea this time. How could she know that Ye Qing had something to do after she came back?
Ye Qing nai shook his head and said, "Forget it. I’m too lazy to think about it. Anyway, we’ll know!"
The three of them went to the club building, and Ye Qing saw a long queue of people waiting for the stairs in the hall. Many of them were holding a cup of Starbucks coffee in their hands. It seems that they all worked overtime last night, and they will rely on coffee early in the morning.
Seeing the coffee leaves in these people’s hands suddenly reminded me of what I didn’t do. He came back for two days and forgot to unite Su Yanbing. This is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that he should forget Su Yanbing after making a promise to Da Mi. He doesn’t know how to face Su Yanbing and how to tell Su Yanbing.
He is not a man who likes to escape. This kind of thing must be made clear to Su Yanbing face to face and then made a clean break. This is the real man, but now he has not figured out how to say it. It is simple but it will definitely hurt Su Yanbing quite deeply.
The last thing Ye Qing wants is to hurt Su Yanbing, but in fact, no matter what he says this time, it will hurt Su Yanbing. After all, he promised Su Yanbing when he was at sea. If he goes back on his word now, wouldn’t he be a traitor!
Looking at Ye Qing’s sad face, Dong Laoer patted Ye Qing’s shoulder and said, "Who owes you money and hasn’t paid it back?"
You!’ Ye Qing pointed to Dong Laoer and immediately stood by his hand and said, "Please, I never owe anyone money. How can a talented young man like elder brother borrow money from others? I can’t spend all my own money! Boss, what are you worrying about? "
Ye Qing looked at the long queue in front and frowned, then sighed, "Second, I think you should be an expert in this field. Maybe you will have a good idea, right?"
"In what way? I’m an expert in many ways. Hey hey … "Dong Laoer is very obscene and laughs.
"What if you want to break up with one of your girls without hurting her?" Ye Qing looked at Dong Laoer with hope. Zhao Junzhu also cocked up his ears to listen to what Dong Laoer would say about his middle of the back. It’s better to have a preparation to be fooled by Dong Laoer.
Dong Laoer was a little surprised. He didn’t expect Ye Qing to ask this question. He didn’t directly answer Ye Qing but asked, "Eldest brother, do you want to break up with the big boss? You have to think clearly. The big boss is a good girl. She is true to you. I can feel that you should cherish it! "
Ye Qing waved his hand and said, "Who told you I was going to break up with Mier? Don’t make a wild guess and tell me the way quickly!"
Dong Laoer breathed a sigh of relief and laughed. "I told you, if you didn’t scare me, you changed your mind when you slept last night. Did you help others ask?"
"I told you to stop asking so many questions and say it quickly!" Leaf tilt impatiently press a way
Dong Laoer scratched his head and thought hard, then shook his head and said, "I’m sorry, boss. Although I am an expert in this field, I really can’t think of a reason not to hurt the other party. Besides, most of the women I used to be with were directly sent away when I broke up with money. It didn’t hurt at all!"
Ye Qing suddenly said contemptuously, "Money is the most despicable means. If the other party doesn’t care about money, is there no way?"
"Anyway, I can’t think of any way. If I want to break up with a girl, I will say it straight away. As the saying goes, it’s best to have a good time if you have a long pain." Dong Laoer is very free and easy
Zhao Junzhu broke in with some sadness when he heard this. "If you want to break up with me, I hope you can just say don’t lie to me and don’t make excuses, okay?"
Dong Laoer immediately revealed a gentle smile. "I am not the former Dong Tiancheng. Don’t worry, I won’t break up with you. We will be together forever!"
Zhao Junzhu was in a good mood when he said this. Zhan Yan smiled and said, "Well, I believe you."
Ye Qing sighed naively. "It seems that the damage can’t be avoided. I can think of some way to minimize the damage."
"Eldest brother, it was your own thing. Which younger sister are you going to break up with? I really didn’t see that you have an upright face but an uneasy distraction! I have learned to step on two boats, awesome! " Dong Laoer gave a thumbs-up sign.
Zhao Junzhu also looked at Ye Qing curiously. She obviously didn’t expect Ye Qing to have other women besides big honey. She always thought Ye Qing was a good man and a single-minded man, but she couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed when she heard Ye Qing’s words today.
Ye Qing saw that both of them were staring at her and suddenly she was embarrassed and explained, "No, Su Yanbing wanted to make up with me when she was at sea, so I thought of some way to refuse her without hurting her."
"Oh, it was Su Yanbing! Boss, isn’t that your goddess? Isn’t it your dream to ask her to make up with you? You are so cruel that you refuse her? " Dong Laoer looked unbelievable, so it was. Ye Qing once had a crush on Su Yanbing, which surpassed F. At that time, Su Yanbing was everything to him. He could not forget Su Yanbing or refuse Su Yanbing.