Every now and then, a reaction becomes a magic, and it is straight. So an attack rose staff gently clicked on his chest.

"grass! !”
A mind into a demon looked at his head injury can’t help but scold a.
Even an ordinary attack on the staff is as high as 37, so why not let people live? What if two weapons are aimed at one person at the same time to attack, such as hiding? It will be seconds!
The most important thing is that not only the sword attack will cause sputtering damage, but also the staff ordinary attack will cause sputtering damage. After being attacked by a demon, a circle of petals will float behind him and form ripples … All these ripples will cause 3,700 damage when they touch the enemy!
"Grass promises this boss, her staff can also carry out ordinary attacks, and the damage is not low and there is sputtering!" At the first moment, I became a demon and told my teammates about the boss information.
Yang Ye didn’t slant his head and was cold. "I saw it. Be careful. You add blood to yourself and don’t add it to me!"
The best way to last for 1 minute is not to kill her, so that her attributes will not rise. Ordinary teams can rely on the advantages of many people to send a tank to directly support the back of the first Queen Flower State in Rose Enlightenment to treat it. If you don’t hate it, you will always be successful until this skill state disappears.
Yang Ye needs to find a way to kill the rose seven times, but he can’t guarantee that he will be beheaded? After all, the attribute of rose will be higher and higher with the number of deaths, and it will become more and more difficult to fight in the end. In case the rose does not die seven times after the end of the state of heavenly solution, Yang Ye will have no chance and ability to kill again!
So he has to delay for five minutes, and then start the "emperor-cutting ceremony" in the last five minutes? Day solution "skills rose to a life-and-death struggle can also make yourself immortal.
They have killed the rose once before, and the rose attribute has increased by 25%. There are at least six more times, which is a must! And it’s only been two minutes …
Rose died only once, and after two minutes, the two of them were almost unable to hold on. By the end of the sixth and seventh time, their attributes had gone up a lot. It is estimated that two attacks would have killed both a demon and Yang Ye.
At that time, I’m afraid Yang Ye, a guy who can increase his own attributes, was able to survive …
When I think of it as a demon, I have a lot of career in my heart at this time. This boss is powerful. It doesn’t need to say more. The ordinary attack lost his 3,700 HP. This is still the damage after he started his defense skills. I’m afraid I have to get 4,000!
How to fight such a boss? How long did her "queen flower" state last? If it’s too long, what should it be like resistance? More importantly, this boss now has a 25% increase in attributes every time it dies, and so on. If you kill more words, the final attribute will be off the charts! !
According to the normal idea, this boss must not kill more …
"Is there any way to hold her off and kill her? In the end, it will make us feel uncomfortable. Her attribute has risen so ferociously!" As soon as I became a demon, I felt a little anxious. As soon as I relaxed my rose, I didn’t escape from a common attack.
Looking at being severely smoked with a stave, more than 4,000 injuries appeared on the top of his head. Yang Ye hesitated, but in the end he bullet "No, you want me to kill this guy seven times at least seven times! !” Yang Ye told a lie. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do.
Seven times …
As soon as I became obsessed, I felt my tongue was bitten by my teeth and my mouth was shaking-I promised to kill this guy seven times! ! Is this a mistake? Kill once and add 25% attribute, and turn over a lot of attributes seven times. How can they stop if you have to kill ordinary attacks in seconds?
"Hey hey promise you have no problem? It’s hard to kill seven times at a time … "In the middle of a spell, the promise war was suddenly stopped. I’m afraid he can’t say that he killed seven times. Now that he’s in this situation, he can’t back down. He sighed slightly and dumped his head violently." Seven times is seven times. I’ll help you to the end with a spell! !”
Yang Ye was slightly moved by the final words of "One Mind Becoming a Devil", knowing that he can still follow himself even if he is dead. Although it is a game, it is precisely because of it that he can see what is better. After all, friendship in the game stops at some harmony and friendship in a few words.
"thanks! This boss is very difficult to fight. I know that I promised that we will definitely go there! " Yang Ye will cut the emperor in two minutes? The sky solution skill and the rose kill turned upside down to see who added more ferocious attributes!
"Ha-ha, I’m waiting. Don’t blame me if I die." I relaxed and laughed as soon as I became a demon.
"How come!" Yang Ye said, "Put all the treatment on yourself. I don’t need your treatment. I have skills!"
When he became obsessed, he was slightly surprised. He turned to look at his promise and wondered which skill the other party said was "skilled". It is still possible to collect some personal information of other master players for a long time, but whether he can remember it is another matter …
At this time, the thoughts in my mind suddenly turned around, and I really didn’t find out which skill can be used in the promise war, or is it the angel aura skill of her followers?
No, no, that skill is probably the method to do harm to boss like Rose, otherwise it will be too enemy …
What the hell is that ….. Suddenly, when he became a demon, his mind flashed. He suddenly remembered that he had seen the promise war with the Summer Palace Guild and the Extreme Guild in the video of the battle of the Shenji Guild on the periphery of the Moon Valley. This guy started a super cool skill and summoned Jinlong to spit his breath at him. After that, he was super-spirited and went into the Shenji Guild Department to directly kill the Shenji …
Many people want to know what that skill is, but they don’t say it.
Don’t …
As soon as I read it, I turned to look at the promise war-he wants it later? to be continued
Chapter 373 Victory ridicule
Of course Yang Ye wants it, but certainly not now. Is he beheading the emperor? The apocalypse lasted only five minutes, and the rose queen spent ten minutes! This is nothing. He is still trying to avoid the rose attack instead of directly starting his skills and recklessly.
In the opening ceremony? Yang Ye killed Rose’s life and blood as much as possible before the heavenly solution, so that the file reserved for him in the last five minutes would greatly increase the number of kills for seven times, and it would be easy and easy.
At this point, the state of the rose queen flower has passed for 3 minutes, and then it will take 2 minutes to start and cut the emperor’s style? It depends on the last five minutes …
He didn’t ask much at last, although he wanted to know the promise and plan of the war very much, but after careful thinking, he finally felt that he wouldn’t ask anything, and after that, he would probably be able to understand nothing. At this time, it was redundant and annoying to ask.
concentrate one’s attention
After the first resurrection, the rose blood volume recovered to 5% of the total blood volume, that is, 1w blood volume. After this 1w blood volume rose, the rose attribute was really difficult to beat. Yang Ye, the damage they caused to the rose was all reduced. Although the rose no longer continues to recover life, just rising the defense value also made Yang Ye miserable …
Three minutes and almost four minutes later, the rose finally fell down again, but the effect of "metempsychosis in spring" made it get up again. Not only did the blood volume return to 1w, but it also rose by 25% again, reaching the basic attribute of 15%!
This rose is quite amazing in attack and defense!
As soon as the rose was resurrected, it laughed and attacked Yang Ye as a demon. The long sword and staff were waved to the two people’s energy loss and exhaustion. Both of them did not escape the attack and were severely beaten in the body and lost a lot of blood.
And before the second time, their blood volume is not full!
It’s good to have one’s own healing skills and high defense value. It’s not too dangerous to keep the blood volume at 6%, but two more attacks will also kill him. However, at this time, Yang Ye does not have any treatment, and he is hit by a sword with higher damage from ordinary attacks. Blood loss is more ferocious than one’s thinking of becoming a demon. At this time, the blood volume is already at 3%, but he is also in jeopardy despite drinking medicine desperately.
I see this in my eyes.
"Promise when will your skills start?" A thought into a magic coagulation asked
Yang Ye smell speech looked up at the rose skill-one minute short. Yang Ye must never break the attribute and increase the state before the rose, otherwise he will be finished. Even if he can’t kill the rose seven times in the end, he must live. That is successful.
"A minute later!" Yang Ye sink a way
One minute … a moment of meditation. Now only the promise war can compete with the rose. Even if they didn’t kill the rose twice before, they can safely spend the time when the queen bloomed. Now the situation is-the promise war must be made alive!
Like he said, one minute!
After a moment of silence, I became a demon and looked up again with a frown. He turned to Yang Ye and said, "I’ll change people and keep my promise. You add blood!" Say a therapy directly fell on Yang Ye and restored a lot of his health.
At this time, it is not difficult to understand the words of a demon. Yang Ye didn’t say much and nodded. "It takes a minute!"
That’s right. One minute!
After this, Yang Ye will cut the emperor’s style? There is a battle of roses, and roses can only be resurrected in the queen flower state, so Yang Ye must last longer than the rose attribute bonus, even for one second! So he won’t be killed by roses directly …
In the weak state, Yang Ye still has a way to spend the past!
One minute doesn’t seem like much, but it’s really a bit difficult for Yang Ye and Yi Nian Cheng Mo at this time. When Yi Nian Cheng Mo said that substitution is not the end of meaning, but the rose hatred is temporarily pulled to him by skills-
"Victory ridicule! !”
Victory taunt is a unique skill for a knight to become a demon in one year, a skill that can taunt the target for 7 seconds and add a lot of hate value. Although this hate value is nothing to the hate value caused by Yang Ye, this long 7-second taunt is also very powerful.