"White right Hao Ge Road grass has eyes to spare."

Hearing Zhou Qiang dialect, Zhang Hao bypassed his blue buff and came to the triangle grass behind a tower that was blown off. He was quietly waiting for an opportunity. Since the river has eyes, he can’t go directly to gank. There is definitely no chance.
Zhang Hao has a feeling that spiders will definitely appear on the road. The road wild area has been occupied by crocodiles. The reconnaissance guards have never found the spider’s trace. The blue buff has also been destroyed by Yasuo, so the spider’s activity range must be limited to the road.
And the middle of the river has never seen a spider, and the spider range has been narrowed again. In this wild area of the road, the spider is not a wild hero, and a tower in Jialu Road has exploded with a male gun and a hammer stone pushing the line so far ahead.
After some analysis, I can’t judge if I can’t talk.
It seems to be the confirmation of Zhang Hao’s judgment that when Debon had not reached the triangle grass, the policewoman took aim at the male gun with a big move, and a round of red sun rose suddenly, and the scorching sun took the lead, handing over her toes and thinking about what she knew.
All of a sudden, I didn’t respond. The male gun was set in place on the spot, and the hammer stone was also slowed down. The policewoman made a big move to hand over the sniper rifle and shoot it accurately at the male gun. At this moment, two guns were playing fiercely.
Hammer stone failed to get to the front of the male gun before the bullet arrived. After all, it didn’t stop the policewoman’s big move. Then a trap was quietly placed at the foot of the male gun. Zhang Hao andao is not good. This frame is very deadly, but nothing can be done for a while. It will take a few seconds to get there.
Dawn doesn’t cause much damage, but the control is absolutely powerful. The male gun is stopped, and a zenith blade is crossed and hidden many times. This hammer stone failed to stop the dawn after all.
Coming to the side of the man’s gun is another Q skill. Leona’s dawn shield was shot at the man’s gun face. The policewoman attacked Leona when she was grasping. Passive solar eclipse is also an ia. One skill can cause an additional injury. Don’t be too cool.
Because the hammer stone’s reaction was a little slow, it was only when Leona was close that the pendulum of doom slowed down and did not interrupt this limited skill. The male gun was very hard to be beaten for a long time
"The male gun flashes directly at your foot. There is a hammer stone. Give me a lantern and pull me over."
Zhang Hao is on his way and commanding a male gun. If he doesn’t leave, he really can’t leave. This clip must not be stepped on.
Wang Dongdong is also referred to by Bai Zhanghao, because spiders have appeared, driving out of the intersection of the defense tower and heading straight for the male gun with a homicidal face.
Wang Dongdong kept flashing wildly when the male gun was dizzy, and at the moment he flew out to avoid the tragedy of stepping on the clip. If you step on this clip, no one can save him.
Watching the male gun go first, the spider turned the target spider web and gave it to the hammer stone. No, Zhou Qiang was trapped in the same place
Zhang Hao dark sigh a Wang Dongdong and Zhou Qiang, after all, inexperienced encounter this old rival details always slightly flustered.
Fortunately, Wang Dongdong turned around and handed over a smoke bomb, which blocked the opposite rhythm. At the same time, two barrels shot the three large lead bombs in an instant, and then the final bomb was thrown without hesitation.
At the top of the front row, Dawn’s blood volume was suddenly cut, and the spider next to him was also lost some blood volume by the wave.
The battle started in an instant, and the two sides fought fiercely for more than a dozen rounds, but it was only a second. It was decided that the bulls had temporarily fallen into the wind and retreated to wait for the non-stop meeting with Debon.
Hammer stone stays in place. Spider has a Q skill percentage. damage per second is considerable and switches to spider form. A bite makes Hammer stone lose a lot of blood.
Wake up, Hammer Stone, hurry up and make a big move to retreat. However, the dawn across the street was the first to touch the ghost prison, and the two men broke through a breakthrough. The spider policewoman felt that she would continue to catch up.
Seeing that Debon is not far away, a hammer stone and a lantern are thrown back to make way. Some people see that there is some confusion and fraud after the fog of war.
When Debon didn’t give the opposite reaction, he had already arrived at the right mouse button in front of the lantern to experience a long displacement and flew to the hammer stone side, looking at the three people in front with a sneer.
There is not much entanglement. Zhang Hao chose to beat the spider for the first time, because it is definitely unrealistic to beat Shuguang among these people. An aid does not make much sense. Secondly, if you choose a policewoman, the policewoman e skill is a magical skill, which makes it easy for her to escape. It is not cost-effective
Just thinking about hitting a spider is a choice. Debon’s spear lights up and he is afraid to charge. The only drawback of the spider with E face is that the red buff has just disappeared, otherwise it will be more refreshing to fight.
Debon’s sudden arrival made the blue road suddenly chaotic, and they had a great advantage, especially when both sides made big moves. It was even more difficult to fight, and there was no extra output. At this moment, Debon was that conan the destroyer was there.
Zhou Qiang glanced at the situation, swinging in the hands of the hammer stone, and the chain roared out and flew straight to the slowed spider. This close distance can be said to have just hooked the target and then slowly dragged it.
"Beautiful" Zhang Haozan praised it, and at the same time did not forget to continue to attack the queen Yi Lisi Xiaohua. This is the spider queen. Explode her Xiaohua and earn a lot of money.
Chapter 119 The situation is good [third]
Zhang Hao andao, I’m afraid this spider will be hit. The wild area is held by crocodiles. Now the route is trying to bully more and find less, and it’s just sad to be robbed and killed by yourself.
At this moment, the spider has really cursed the mother, and the life has been forced from the bureau, and it has not been normal to cross the road directly, and then it has been beaten wild. Pushing the tower can give up the fight, pushing the tower to fight a few mobs and being occupied by the boss.
Now, for the first time in my life, gank has been stared at by the opposite Debon boss. It’s a pity that it’s not a sigh that the hammer chain has brought him back to reality.
The chain of "grass" hammer stone makes him can’t help swearing and being tied up, especially feeling Debon’s roar, which, which, which, which is so like S scene, is really bad.
While the spider is restricted, Zhang Haoke can beat the enemy hard. The visible speed of blood volume is reduced. After the triple claw attack, the spider is picked by love and depends on ank. You run.
Wouldn’t it be more stupid to do so than to be stupid? Er Hong drank wine, but at best, he is still not stupid.
The stone man has been in place and crouched at the intersection behind the blue square tower, that is, a wave of grass behind the three wolves’ buttocks. Debon has also passed the little dragon and headed for the middle road. After passing the little dragon, Zhang Hao is a little disappointed. There are eyes here
The fox came to line up in the middle of the road, but Debon quickly retreated after approaching, which is obviously a sign that I found you wretched.
Zhang Hao pie pie moved on. Now that you have seen it, why don’t you just come out and sway in the middle of the road to make the fox dare not show up to make up for the soldiers? It’s also good for this fox.
The appearance of Takino Debon made the fox huddle in the tower and wait for the soldiers to enter the tower. Unfortunately, the fox didn’t know that there was already a bigger boss waiting behind him for a long time.
Erhong chats squatting in the grass and pinching his feet. He hates that he can’t rush to the fox’s face with a big move, but he still needs patience to find the best time to ensure the killing.
"I said hurry up when I am old."
"How honestly do you squat?" Gao Chengfeng criticised, and then continued to push the line. It is imperative to cooperate with Debon and the stone man to take this fox in the past.
Moreover, if you want gank, you must hurry up. Spiders and crocodiles may arrive at any time. Fortunately, crocodiles are still on the line to catch up with the economy, and they have never noticed the movement of the stone man.
Zhang Hao did everything. After he came from the river, he wandered around the fox’s crouching tower, waving a pike and deliberately provoking. Although he has been wandering around the tower, fortunately, there has never been an incident of being attacked by the defense tower.
This is because Zhang Hao once observed that there is a A Man Called Autumn Flower and Zhang Hao in front of a tower in the middle road. If you look carefully, you will find that this A Man Called Autumn Flower is there.
The other place is to distinguish the attack range of the defensive tower. If you walk through this small flower, the defensive tower will attack. This mark was firmly remembered by Zhang Hao and never crossed this A Man Called Autumn Flower to prevent it from entering the defensive tower.
Gao Chengfeng is pushing more and more, but the wild spider is also rushing to the middle, so the fox is not worried that the opposite side will push hard.
Besides, there are two crispy people on the opposite side who want to kill a fox in Taco. It’s almost dead to show a flying fox and play with these two stupid guys in Taco for minutes.
Looking at Debon still hanging around the tower, watching the fox seize the opportunity, a charm floated out of Ali’s red lips and a kiss floated to Debon. Debon would go to the tower if it was to succeed in charm, and the fox could cheat the orb and the demon fire to play a wave of defense. It is no problem for Taldabon to control half of Debon’s blood.
But the charm didn’t succeed, not that Zhang Hao was too good, but because he reacted too fast. Yes, not only fast, but also fast.
When he saw the fox’s charm, he reacted very quickly. He pressed the flash to avoid this charm and also flashed in front of the fox. But at the moment, Zhang Hao was confused. "No, why are you always telling the truth?"
Chapter 12 Show Fly Up
"Hey, I went to Xiaohao. What’s wrong with you?" Gao Chengfeng didn’t understand the soldier line a little, but he hasn’t entered the tower yet.
"No, I’m the second macro brother. Come on." Zhang Hao Nai didn’t have so much time to explain at this time.
Erhong has been waiting for a long time, watching Debon’s obsession and not thinking about it. Directly bombing with a big move is cool, but the damage of this defensive tower is even more powerful.
Zhang Hao is the most resistant at this time. Now that he has handed in the flash, he can’t return it. After the flash, he will retreat and hide from a charm show. It doesn’t take this.
Debon and the fox looked at each other for a second, and then instantly E-faced the fox with a big move, and the crescent moon swept and picked up another Q skill. At the moment when the fox had not left, an oss had already appeared behind him.
The scope of the stone man’s big move can just be divided into two walls. In Debon’s e-face, a big move will blow the fox up.
"Bang" the moment the fox rose to the sky, Zhang Hao felt that the scene was bloody and could not bear to look straight at it, but a flash came out of generate in Zhang Hao’s mind.
He knows that Gao Chengfeng lacks this decisiveness. He won’t be so brave as Er Hong. In other words, he lacks a vicious force. If he doesn’t grasp the slaying, Gao Chengfeng rarely waves. More often, he is slow and steady, but at the same time, he also lacks a lot of eye-catching exercises
As simple, rude and hard as Erhong, Gao Chengfeng is rare. Zhang Hao has an epiphany that something missing limits Gao Chengfeng’s ability.