As soon as Cai Yi’s words came out, a tsunami broke out, and even Cao Cao next to him was a little excited, but Cao Xing shook his head quite naively when he saw this. To put it bluntly, this is not just some superficial articles. If Cao Xing estimates that it is right, it is estimated that he will tell his ambitions one by one later. However, everyone will say it, but not everyone will do it.

Cai Yi looked at the people sitting in the front row and asked them to express their views together. When he saw a young man in his mid-thirties, he saw Cai Yi’s eyes and wanted to get up. There was a man next to him who stood up first, but this man was none other than Yuan Shao, who looked at Yuan Shao and got up first himself. But in the end, he did it without saying anything.
Yuan Shao looked at Cai Yi with a punch, and then gave a deep gift to everyone, showing his good manners. Then he looked at them and said, "Yuan Chu was born in four generations. My uncle and my teacher are very strict with me. They often teach me to be loyal to the king and patriotic. Yuan Shao has no ambition in this life, and he wants to manage the sky properly, so that my Han Dynasty can become a peaceful and prosperous time!"
"good!" When Yuan Shao finished this sentence, several cheers rang immediately and Cai Yi nodded slightly in front.
"Part-time job with this ambition is really a national blessing and will become a pillar of society in the future!"
Looking at his words has attracted the corresponding effect. Lombardi also smiled and sat down, but the person sitting in front of him was a little tired. Seeing that he also got up at once and took a provocative look at Lombardi, then Lang said.
"I Yuan Highway was born in four generations and three kingdoms, and I am proficient in everything. I would like to be a general in the next day. I will expand my big Han’s territory and spread my big Han’s reputation overseas, so that the barbarians in all directions can worship the wild!"
Cao Xing listened quietly to the words of the two men in the face. At this moment, he also understood the young speaker. To put it bluntly, Yuan Shu is a cousin of Yuan Shao. However, history remembers that the contradiction between the two brothers is so deep that fire and water can’t match each other. Just now, the two of them are comparing with each other to see who is more slippery.
When Yuan Shu said these words, he turned his eyes to Cai Yi, and Cai Yi made comments on Yuan Shu with his smiling face.
Is sitting in the square watching their two brothers fight is talking about it, although everyone has different opinions, but there is always a sign that Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu give people a feeling of being different, Yuan Shao gives people a feeling of being like a spring breeze, but Yuan Shu seems to have some words that are eager for quick success and quick success, showing his demeanor. Yuan Shao can’t be compared, so their two brothers are slightly worse than Dou Dou or Yuan Shu this time.
However, Cao Cao, who has been talking about a lot, has not taken it to heart. He has some regrets being dragged to this place by Cao Cao. Listening to this group of people talking about Cao Cao, he feels sleepy. To put it bluntly, most people are bragging about what the two brothers, Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu, will be like in the future. Cao Cao knows better than anyone, and Cao Cao feels that he is here to chat at the moment with drinks on the table.
After Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu finished their speech, people sitting behind them began to remember that these people were, to put it bluntly, descendants of dignitaries, and their parents or grandparents held important positions in the DPRK. All of them were distinguished, and they learned a lot of exciting words, and Cai Yi also smiled and nodded and gave them a certain evaluation
I believe that getting Cai Yi’s evaluation will be of great help to my future career. However, even without these comments, I believe that my future career should be smooth sailing. It is estimated that I am not interested in joining in the fun today.
After a while, it seems that it is Cao Cao’s turn to speak at this table. Looking at Cao Cao next to him, Cao Xing also put his glass in his hand and turned his attention to Cao Cao.
Now, Cao Cao and Cao Xing are completely different in history, so Cao Xing wants to hear what Cao Cao’s ambition is.
After seeing Cao Cao, he hesitated for a long time before he looked at Cai Yi calmly and said, "I, Cao Cao, hope that after I die, I can engrave the words Cao Cao, the general of the Western Expedition. Although my official position is far from the position of the general of the Western Expedition, I, Cao Cao, will always be a minister of the Western Expedition, but if one day the big man needs me and my country needs me, I, Cao Cao, will definitely stand up at the risk of my life!"
When Cao Cao finished this speech, many people present were silent. Now, it is not a festive day, but it is definitely a good day. Many valuable brothers in Luoyang are gathered here to talk about it. It sounds cautious that Cao Cao should not die when he comes, but it is precisely because of Cao Cao’s incompatibility that Cao Cao’s speech is particularly prominent. If it is more accurate, it is that Cao Cao’s determination seems to be much stronger than that of many people in front.
There was a moment of silence in the field, and sometimes Cao Cao couldn’t help but put his glass in his hand. He looked at Cao Cao with different eyes. Cao Cao was able to say these words. If Cao Cao felt that Cao Cao seemed to have matured a lot, unlike those rich men who knew how to talk big.
And Cao Cao’s sentence that Seoul was always a big city was deeply imprinted in Cao Xing’s mind. Recalling Cao Cao’s life, Cao Cao tried to abolish the last emperor of the big fellow in one’s hand, but he didn’t do it, and he always pretended to be a Han minister.
If you ask Cao Cao to do this, it may have been doomed a long time ago today.
After hearing Cao Cao’s answer, Cai Yi’s mouth turned up unconsciously. Then he looked at Cao Cao and nodded and said, "Meng De is good. You can say this today. I believe that Qiao Xuan should not be mistaken that day!"
Maybe others don’t know what Cai Yi meant, but Cao Cao’s nature is clear. In history, Cao Cao was also a dude when he was a child. Many people didn’t think highly of him. However, only Qiao Xuan, a famous man, praised Cao Cao and said that Cao Cao was an important person in every day.
Cao Cao is also very grateful to look at Cai Yi and then sit down slowly.
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
"Brother Meng didn’t see that you still have such ambitions!" Seeing that Cao Cao was still a little nervous at the moment, Cao Cao couldn’t help joking, but Cao Cao quickly waved his hand and said to Cao Xing, "Brother Cao, don’t make fun of me. You’d better prepare. Now it’s your turn!"
Cao Xing couldn’t help but fail to look at the people around him. At the moment, many people focused on him. Later, it was Cao Xing’s turn. However, Cao Xing was not prepared to express any opinions on this occasion. He waved his hand indifferently and made a gesture of please to a person, which obviously meant to abandon him automatically. Anyway, he also accompanied Cao Cao out to play today.
Just behind Cao Xing, when people got ready, suddenly there came a dissonance in front.
"It turned out to be a little brother Cao. I didn’t expect this to happen to you today!"
Looking around, I found that the speaker was none other than Yuan Shao, who was sitting in the front, and Cao Xing frowned involuntarily when he heard this. If Yuan Shao was speaking casually, there would be no problem, but he could tell that Yuan Shao had a thorn in his words.
Sure enough, when Yuan Shao’s words came out, there was a lot of discussion around him. Everyone looked at Cao Xing whispering there. As Cao Cao said, since Cao Xing left the palace to catch assassins, Cao Xing’s name seemed to become very small and a little angry.
The Ministry here is descended from dignitaries, and they must have heard about it long ago, so they also know a little about Cao Xing’s name.
"Hehe, Cao’s little brother hero is young and young, so it’s hard for everyone to get together on this occasion and not express your opinions!"
Cao nature will look at Lombardi. Although Lombardi has been laughing, Cao performance feels that Lombardi, this guy, the bait hides the hook. Cao nature is somewhat puzzled. He and this Lombardi pole can’t get together. This Lombardi wants to speak against him everywhere.
But anyway, Cao was not going to get mixed up with Yuan Shao, a group of people. He bowed his hand and was just about to refuse. However, at this moment, a man next to Yuan Shao showed a sneer and looked at Cao’s scruples and said.
"Ha ha at the beginning of you don’t say I didn’t find this bing topped how can appear in Daya Gallery? It’ s simply a slippery day! "
This statement is aimed at Cao Xing, and the speaker is none other than Yuan Shu next to Yuan Shao.
In such a public place, Yuan Shu openly said that Cao Cao was a bumpkin, believing that Cao Cao would be unhappy in his heart and could not be vulgar, so he couldn’t figure it out. Did his generation and the two Yuan Gu brothers become enemies? The two of them are aiming at Cao Xing everywhere?
"Ha ha highway, I said, how can you say such a terrible thing? Cao Xing’s brother was transferred to the capital at the Bing Military Meritorious Institute, and now we should congratulate him on making a big name for ourselves!"
"At the beginning of what outstanding exploits? I think it’s blowing out. Isn’t it just hitting a few aliens? I have to say it’s amazing. I thought it was different when I went to war in Yuan Shu. I killed more than 20,000 yellow turbans. Who do you think I have more credit than him? "
Lombardi and Yuan Shu actually had a heated debate in this public place, while others sat around without talking and quietly watched this scene, since there was a scene to see or not to see.