Sand month nodded and said "words are so said, but why do I suddenly feel …

When the day comes, things will become such a situation that you two openly show your love. "
Pang Xia burst out laughing at the words of Sha Yue.
And the world of mortals also chuckled, and soon the three men laughed like crazy on the balcony.
Pang Xia three people stayed on the balcony for a long time. When they arrived, the world of mortals and Sha Yue leaned on Pang Xia’s shoulder and fell asleep slowly.
Seeing this, Pang Xia picked them up one after another and put them in his room and put them on the bed.
Then Pang Xia planned to take a bath and make a floor for one night.
Being close to reality or root is another real game.
Players will also have dust and sweat on their bodies, which will make their bodies smell less good.
In the game, almost everyone will wash things like reality often.
Pang Xia has taken off his equipment and changed into a very light modern short-sleeved shorts at home.
Just as I was about to enter the bathroom, there was a knock at the door.
Pang Xia heard the light knocking at the door, and the data in his eyes flashed by.
He directly saw the identity of the knocker outside the door through the data vision!
Wanted to think PangXia directly hit the door and went out.
At the door, the handsome eyes of Monty instantly swept inside and immediately saw the world of mortals and sand moon sleeping in bed.
This discovery makes the whole monty handsome heart suddenly have a kind of feeling of finally knowing how to hook up with a woman.
Pang Xia looked at the handsome face of the whole monty, which was close to the expression that the loving father found his little secret and felt gratified.
Suddenly I felt a burst of bad cold and took a step back inadvertently.
Chapter 97 title
Over monty handsome looking at PangXia move suddenly hey hey smile away face expression.
Then he looked at Pang Xia and said softly, "Let’s go with me to Tiantai Tianying Magic will surely shoot you."
I want to talk to you about all the things and see how strong you are at the data level now. "
When the words are finished, Monty Shuai instantly turns a stream of water along the center of his head and drills in.
See this PangXia eyebrows slightly pick wanted to think, then walk the ladder towards the top rooftop.
When Pang Xia kicked the Tiantai lock and walked to the Tiantai.
The whole monty handsome has been on the edge of the rooftop looking at feet almost like ants-sized vehicles.
"Hey, I’m here. You said you wanted to talk about things now.
I also want to find a place to sleep. I always play games in my sleep. My mental state is a little poor. "
Talking PangXia yawned and rubbed his head quite tired.
Turned to punish monty handsome turned supercilious look and said, "although it will be a little tired to play sleep games for a long time."
But I will never be so tired as you. If you want to sleep with Xiaohong and Shayue, just say so.
It’s really not like your character to say it so tactfully, and no one will believe your story at a glance. "
Pang Xia’s face turned red when listening to the handsome words of the whole monty, and he rarely showed his embarrassment.
Then the embarrassment turned into anger, saying that it was at this time that Pang Xia was in a state of anger
The corners of the mouth twitched slightly. Pang Xia looked at the whole monty handsome and said, "Oh, I see. Do you want to see my strength first?"
It’s simple. We’ve known each other for so long and so close. How can I not satisfy you?
Now, if you want to have the source data of Deep Blue Emperor, your strength must be extraordinary! "
Talking, Pang Xia’s black data gathered quickly at the waist, and four long black tails slowly stretched out from the waist.
It looks like it grew out of Pang Xia’s lower back instantly.
Four long black tails with a faint metallic luster shimmered in the moonlight slowly stretched and swung behind Pang Xia.
Looking at Pang Xia’s four black long tails behind him, Monty’s handsome eyebrows were slightly picked up and a lot of black data poured out.
But I saw a stream of black data pouring out from the shoulder blade behind the handsome Monty and slowly turned into a huge black arm.
This black arm palm slowly unfolds into a huge claw, emitting a deep light.
"You have four black long tails, and I have this troll. Let’s see who is better!"
Voice down a moment over monty handsome directly rushed to the PangXia.
At the same time, the black claw behind the whole monty handsome directly turned into a phantom and caught it towards Pang Xia.
Two of the four black long tails behind Pang Xia stretched out and intertwined to resist the attack of the handsome claws of the whole monty.
And the other two black long tails like two sharp spears went straight to the handsome chest of the whole monty.
But just as the two black long tails watched pierce the handsome chest of the whole monty.
The whole monty handsome hands instantly changed into two black claws and caught the two black long tails.
At that time, Pang Xia and Zhu Monty Shuai were deadlocked, wrestling with each other and not giving up.
When the two men were deadlocked for a while, Pang Xia revealed a snicker at the corner of his mouth.
See behind PangXia black data instantaneous burst in addition to the first four black long tail.
There are five black long tails stretching from the back of the waist and instantly piercing the handsome body of the whole monty
The whole monty handsome eyes stare at PangXia in disbelief.
"How is that possible? When will you break through the quantity limit?
Four black data structures with such high density are already an extremely high number.
How can you raise the number to nine in such a short time! "
Listening to the handsome words of the whole monty, Pang Xia smiled and said, "You should also know that my ability is to steal and devour."
I can grasp the characteristics of any target data that I steal and then devour in a short time.
As it happens, I recently received a hand. Her name is the nine-tailed fox.
A few days ago, I had a whim to find the tail part of the nine-tailed fox.
As a result, to my surprise, this part of the data enabled me to successfully break through the tail number limit.
I think you should be very honored to be the first one who was raped by me. "
The whole monty handsome heard PangXia explanation suddenly nodded.