Ziziphus jujuba knelt in front of her couch and stared at her unblinkingly. When she opened her eyes, she immediately exclaimed, "Miss, you finally woke up!"

Shu Lele gave her a blank look. "It’s better not to wake up when you scare her!"
Honey jujube son blinked unjustly and pursed her lips. "I told the handmaiden to watch you, and the handmaiden is not allowed to doze off."
Master Shi? In hindsight, Shu Lele remembered the tragic scene last night. He felt chilly and looked around and asked, "He’s not here?"
"The Lord has gone to the Summer Lotus Garden." The eyes of Zizyphus jujuba blinked and immediately lowered his head.
9 double conventions
That’s good! Shu Lele breathed a sigh of relief.
That uber-like man had better never appear in front of her again, although he is said to be very eye-catching but stinging.
No! Xiaheyuan, isn’t that the place where Yingying and Xiaosan stay? Although she has no name and no score now, Ning Yichen has allocated a hospital for her to live in. Ning Yichen went there early this morning, especially for morning exercises, didn’t she?
Thought of here Shu Lele deeply despised him.
After ordering candied dates to wait on themselves to change clothes and freshen up, Shu Lele suddenly remembered that she was injured last night. Why didn’t she feel anything?
Busy lifting the cuffs to check that the body is still as white as jade and intact, and there is no trace of injury at all.
That’s strange!
Finally, her eyes stayed on her wrist. It used to hurt like a needle. After coming back last night, she didn’t care to check it. Now, when I look closely, I can see a faint reddish color in my skin.
What the hell? Ning Yichen poisoned her?
Shu Lele frowned and fidgeted and called Ziziphus jujuba. "Why don’t you go out and ask Ziziphus jujuba?"
Honey jujube said, "Miss Sister sent a message last night saying that she was on her way back to Beijing and would arrive at the latest."
Okay, just wait!
In the early morning of the next day, Ziziphus jujuba finally came back, because she had been waiting on Shu Lele since she was a child and Shu Lele had specifically told her to bring it to Wangfu, and she stopped her and entered Ning Wangfu.
When Shu Lele saw her happy face, she immediately asked quietly, "How are things going?"
Ziziphus jujuba smiled slyly. "Everything went well. This time, the young lady earned a lot of money and brought a letter for Shuanggong!"
"Haha, so we have successfully opened the branch in Yilan and waited for the gold and silver to roll in!"
"That’s what it means!"
"good! Ziziphus jujuba has worked hard for you! "
Really worthy of being her first housekeeper and agent!
Shu Lele spread out that fragrant let.
A white jade pearl flower and a snowflake note fluttered into her palm.
"The moon is like a hook after dusk."
While the dragon and the phoenix dance, a few Chinese characters are written on white paper like blossoming peach blossoms.
Such a unique invitation and such an elegant technique can come from the first public hand in Beijing!
Shu Lele smiled and put the stationery in her sleeve, holding the flower representing the double male beads lightly. "How many?"
"Nineteen flowers"
A letter and a bead flower Xiao Ni is becoming more and more arty.
When you have collected a hundred pearls, you will wear a pair of jewelry and marry her!
"Miss, where are you going to meet again?"
"Xiyue Building!"
The moon is as picturesque as a hook, and the place is so poetic!
Shu Lele took the beaded hair and gave it to Ziziphus jujuba to "pick up a beautiful woman in my month."
"But will Master Shi find out?" Ziziphus jujuba was found to be bigger after calculation.
Shu Lele Qiao face a mafia "he and his little three inseparable where to manage me? Besides, aren’t you back now? You can handle it. "
1 Jingcheng Ergong
At dusk, several lanterns were lit up on the west lake, and the water and sky were like the sunrise out of Pinghu.
Su Lele jade white gown jade crown ribbon shook the peach blossom fan and danced
As early as a small greeting, it was "Mo Gong and my family have been waiting for a long time!"
"ah? What is she doing here so early? Miss me? "
Shu Lele gathered the peach blossom fan and rushed to the floor to run to the elegant room. A handsome and graceful figure was looking through the aperture.
A glimpse of the lake and the night outside the window, but occasionally a few silk bamboos sound far away, but the spirit has only increased a little sadness for a long time.
"Talking alone is like a hook on the moon."
Shuanggong suddenly has a deep voice, a little magnetism and a thrilling beauty.
This fake has come out to confuse people again! Su Lele slightly zheng corners of the mouth naturally across a smile.
"Double male world double every time we meet always export into a poem is really an elegant person! Pei! Pei! "
"No! If we two stinky businessmen don’t be arty again, I’m afraid the gold stinkers everywhere will dare to know you! "
Double male carefree turned delicate with something of heroic spirit handsome Yan Mei such as ink picture if peach petals a pair of long and narrow peach eyes with eyes Gherardini.
The breeze blows over a head of ink hair and dances with the wind.
Su Lele looked slightly sluggish and blinked, slightly teasing in his tone.
"How much are you worth by double gold?"
"Mo Gong is worth a few pairs of public toilets!"
"Ha ha ha ….." Two people laugh at the same time.
Laugh freely and wildly.
It is well known that Shuanggong and Mogong are the first wealthy businessmen in Beijing, and they have joined forces to control the economic lifeline of the whole capital.
And the real identity of the two people learned that it is more difficult to imagine that Mo Gong is the daughter of the Prime Minister’s family, Shu Lele
Su Lele metamorphoses, open the folding fan in double male head a beat "said! What did you invite me here for today? Where did your four maids, Mei Lan Zhu Ju, go to make mischief again? "
The double-puss-head wry smile was elegant and free and easy, and the wild attitude turned into a cry.
"Su Lele you a big girl can be reserved? Can you afford to break my head every time? "
"Ha ha ….. it’s almost like a watermelon ……"
Su Lele messed up her hair and burst into laughter. It’s really lucky to say that watermelon can be compared with the extremely intelligent head.
Double corners of the mouth straight smoke is known as a heartthrob, saying that Shuanggong was actually demoted to watermelon head by her!