"Everybody out of the way."

Tang Luoling scooped up a bowl of water and went to the black dress person’s side to pour a bowl directly.
This move is really clever. The black man really woke up slowly. Although he was lying on the ground, the first move was to reach behind his neck and touch the place where Yunsu hit him. His brow frowned as if it still hurt. Chapter 168 Interrogation
"Come on, don’t pretend!"
Tang Luoling kicked in front of him, and the black dress person looked like he was in his thirties and forties.
Men in black were suddenly surprised to find these people in front of them, and then they recalled in their minds how they were caught.
"You …"
The black dress person sat up and his eyes were vacant.
"Do you still know me?"
Tang Luoling in situ sat in front of him jokingly quipped.
Although the man in black didn’t know her, he was startled at the sound. Isn’t this the voice talking to himself in the cave?
Why is it that it’s a woman?
I was shocked, because the black cloth on his face had already been torn off, so his expression appeared in everyone’s line of sight.
"Don’t be afraid of wealth like you. Will the dead be afraid?"
Tang Luoling stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder like talking to an old friend. "As far as I know, people like you are not afraid of death. If a person is not afraid of death, what is there to be afraid of?" Don’t you think? "
Men in black this just calm to "yes! Now that you know, you can’t get news from me. "
"You seem to have misunderstood."
Tang Luoling’s face was relaxed and proud, even mixed with contempt. "We never thought about getting news from you, and you couldn’t get news. You said that knowing that we all know is not a treasure." So mysterious? "
"Then why did you arrest me?"
"Look at what you can catch when you say this. Don’t you stay with us?"
Tang Luoling hand ponder patted him on the cheek "look at your age should be a wife and son? I don’t know what you people are thinking. Is money really that important? But I don’t even care about my wife and children. "
Tang Luoling said, his eyes never leaving the black dress person’s face.
People, including Yun Lietian, are not so. They know that there is little hope of getting news from the people in black. If there is no hope, they will find their hearts from his expression. No matter how strong they are, they will show it when they reach their loved ones.
Men in black really showed a strange look when they heard the word wife and children.
But it was a flash, and his identity was slightly superior to that of ordinary men in black. He didn’t want the enemy to see his weakness.
"Don’t disguise yourself anymore. People’s hearts are full of meat. No matter how much you disguise yourself, you can’t change your responsibilities as a father."
On a cloudy day, he came to him with a strange psychology and casually said, "In fact, we didn’t catch you to get any news from you but to save you."
"Save me?"
The man in black looked even more puzzled. Can the word "rescue" be credible when it comes to the other side? He obviously doesn’t believe it.
"You can’t help it if you don’t believe it, but we will prove it by facts."
Yun Lie suddenly became serious. "If you still refuse to talk about anything, you can go now, but not to your master, but to your wife and children, because even if you go back to your master, there is a dead end in front of you. A man who has been captured will not leave you alive. You should be very clear about this. Chapter 169 Lanshide 1.
"You still kill me!"
The black dress person’s expression became dim as if he had lost hope of survival.
"We have saved you from the den and will never kill you. Every life has its value, and it can’t be solved by death. What if we kill you, your wife and children? If one day your son grows up and knows that we killed you and come to seek revenge from us, will you be able to die in Jiuquan if you are killed by us? If he kills me, will my descendants also collect debts from him? Do you think it’s interesting to kill like this? "
Tang Luoling smiled and continued to be kind to men in black.
"But I have no way out."
When the man in black spoke, his teeth clenched as if he were very angry. His eyes fell to the ground and he didn’t know who the so-called hatred was aimed at.
"If you leave the wasteland, you will have a way."
Yunlie day saw that he had been gradually persuaded by himself and decided to go further.
"No, no! Master won’t I live "
Men in black shook their heads gently, revealing desperate eyes.
Although Tang Luoling is a woman, she is a little impatient to see such a mother-in-law scene. "Well, it means that we don’t want to get information from you. You don’t have to leave. Let’s protect you, right?"
The men in black first Zheng seems to have never thought that these two words would come from each other’s mouths.
I didn’t expect myself to be the object of their protection, and then I gave a wry smile as if to say, how is this possible? Can you protect me?
"That’s right! If you like, you can live in my fierce peak, and even your family can live there. It will never be unkind to you. "
"Fierce Spirit Peak?"