"Nothing, hit me as hard as I can, arry. Don’t forget that the happy game is our end!" Lin Zhengzheng said

"hmm!" Four people nodded in unison.
The cyan team department is really very harmonious.
Win team atmosphere is not with them.
"Fortunately, Brother Zhan is here, or I’ll really collapse in the wild!" Ayang bought equipment and said.
Lu Zhan’s killing of the blind monk is equivalent to getting the blind monk’s double buff, which will take the blind monk time to clear the field, and it will also give Ayang Olaf development.
I was depressed when I was caught playing wild in advance, and now I feel very upset when I was told by Lu Zhan’s trip.
Su Yueran also peeked at Lu Zhan and saw Lu Zhan’s determined eyes. She smiled and said, "There is no problem with Lu Zhan."
In recent games, win players are used to making mistakes. No matter whether you are a wave or a fool, there will always be a teammate who will come out to help you clean up the mess, which will not lose a pleasure.
Although Lu Zhan didn’t speak, his heart was warm, and his teammates were sure to be truly sure. It was really good to feel dependent on his teammates.
King-level wilderness? Let me meet you! No matter how strong the opponent is, he can’t stop me!
Fighting spirit burns in his heart.
Chapter 156 The strongest wild outbursts
The ratio of head to head is 2: 2. The blue team is fighting wild blind monks to get the head, but win is getting the barrel, so now the best field development is the barrel.
Lu Zhan came home with a small holy grail after playing this wave, while Ayang took advantage of the fact that Lu Zhan was not online to control Olaf’s route to make up for the lack of previous grades and experience
When the barrel comes to Ayang and returns to the wild area, now he is only at level 2. He needs to fight more wild monsters. It is estimated that it will be difficult for gank to succeed if it is less than level 6.
Xiao Chengqiang Dao Mei also came out with the equipment. He put an eye in the river to prevent being gank. When he walked to the line, the other party Pan Sen had just arrived.
Pan Sen, a hero, was disgusting in the early stage. He often harassed Dao Mei and Dao Mei from a long distance with Q skills. He was bored when Q arrived at two.
"Shit, if I wander, I will be afraid of you!" Xiao Sheng Qiang Nai said that maybe he can have dozens of ways to beat Pan Sen to death in Riven, but he is not very familiar with Dao Mei, and there is really no way to do it except recklessly.
But recklessly, he is a little afraid that the other party will fight wild singles. Sometimes it depends on whether he can support him as quickly as possible before he fights wild singles. Now Ayang is clearing the field. It is obviously unwise for him to choose this time to fight, so it can be a trivial recruitment.
One of the soldiers in the new line is chariots chariots, who has a lot of money. Xiao Shengqiang doesn’t want to give up, so he plans to wait for a good opportunity to make up his Q skills.
In addition to being able to dash, Dao Mei Q has another feature, that is, once the target is killed by her Q, the Q skill D will be refreshed.
In other words, if you can limit the kill, you can limit the jump, but it is not possible to limit the blue amount and the opponent’s blood volume.
Xiao Shengjiang waited for chariots’s blood to seize the opportunity and immediately played a Q skill.
His blood volume calculation was very accurate. This Q directly killed chariots, but to his surprise, at the moment of his Q, a blind monk in cloth suddenly appeared next to him.
It’s a blind monk The blind monk is obviously Li W’s touch of Batman. As soon as he landed, he kicked a foot and sent a white light. That’s his Q skill hitting Dao Mei.
It turns out that the blind monk doesn’t know when he has been hiding here, waiting for Dao Mei’s action.
"Not have eyes? How did he get around? " Xiao Shengjiang was surprised, but not only did he react quickly, but he immediately continued to shift Q skills to another soldier.
However, the blind monk Q still hit him, so that when the blind monk pressed the Q skill again, the blind monk followed him like a flying fairy.
E skills are broken! Hitting Dao Mei triggered E skill again, which slowed him down.
This deceleration Pan Sen sometimes followed the two men who came to pick up the holy shield to fight dizziness, and once they made efforts together, they crippled Dao Mei.
Both Pan Sen and the blind monk are heroes who have done a lot of damage in the early stage, especially when the target health is less than 15%.
Without flashing, Dao Mei soon died in the enemy butcher’s knife.
"The sleeping trough is always aimed at me!" Xiaoshengqiang language this kind of situation is really can’t run away.
But he is more concerned that he has eyes. Where did the blind monk come from?
He didn’t see it, but the audience saw that the blind monk came to the wild area after his death and resurrection, cleared his red buff, and then went straight to the road. He seemed to be able to predict Dao Mei’s eye position, and he stopped at the farthest distance in Dao Mei’s eye.
When Dao Mei stepped in to fill the soldiers, he went straight ahead and then met W Touch Xiaobing, which narrowed the distance through two displacements.
It seems that he foresaw that Dao Mei would take risks to make up for this chariots in order to react so freely.
Q After arriving in Dao Mei, most blind monks can do it, but it takes a lot of experience to accurately judge each other’s eye position and judge each other’s psychology of recruiting soldiers.
"Wow, this blind monk brother is so bright!" Moderator Xiao Yu praised
"Yes, I just don’t know where he chooses to be the middle road or the road?"