Some people who know Liuzhuang Lotus feel aggrieved that Ruan Xianshu and Huo Qianqian show disdain for their initiative.

What’s the occasion today? It’s the Wu family’s birthday party. People are rich or expensive. What does the Wu family mean? I haven’t heard of Wu Muchen’s divorce. What’s this about?
And some people change their wives for the Wu family with a theatre attitude, or Wu Muchen cheated on them in public. What’s the matter with them? It’s just another drama in which giants abandon their wives.
I don’t know whether this Huo Qianqian is a mistress or a narcissist. After all, Wu Muchen is not divorced.
Huoshan saw his daughter’s deep and dark eyes at the door in the corner, but she couldn’t see his real thoughts. Instead, Yao Lijing was worried about what Qian Qian was doing and knew what she was doing.
At this time, Huo’s parents did not know that Huo Qianqian was pregnant when she was playing.
Huo Sipeng looked at Wu Muchen’s Fujian among the two women and didn’t feel uncomfortable. Instead, he didn’t understand what Wu Muchen was doing when he wanted to stop Huo Qianqian from looking for trouble in Liuzhuang.
Did something happen that you didn’t know about?
"Bang" touched a glass and scared Huo Sipeng, almost spilling the wine in the glass.
When I saw it was Wu Muting, some nai hid from her tonight, but Wu Muting could find him no matter where he hid.
"Brother Si Peng, what are you looking at?" Wu Muting pouted with some dissatisfaction. Does she feel that Huo Sipeng is avoiding her tonight?
But no matter where he fled, she would find him.
"Nothing" HuoSiPeng back eyes looked at Wu Muting thoughtfully, sipping his wine.
Wu Muting’s face was a little red by him, and her red ceremony was like a red apple.
"Brother Si Peng"
"Qian Qian and your brother"
"Qian Qian is pregnant with my brother and child" said Wu Muting, blushing and breathless, as if Huo Qianqian was not a fake pregnancy but really pregnant.
"What" Huo Sipeng was taken aback and blurted out "Is it that night?"
"Brother Si Peng, you also know what happened that night." Wu Muting thought that she gave her brother medicine. She was embarrassed to glance at Huo Sipeng. She was a good woman, but she found a friend to bring it back from abroad. She was afraid that the effect was not good.
No wonder Huo Qianqian will see Fujian at the door, but Wu Jiazhen’s wealthy family has disappeared.
Looked at Wu Muting HuoSiPeng eyes complex.
Ye Wei looked at the door and smiled like a flower. Huo Qianqian was so angry that her stomach was bloated and uncomfortable, but there was no way to think that Liuzhuang Lotus was in the hiding room at this time, and she was distressed.
After all the guests had left, Ruan Xianshu rubbed her shoulders and complained, "It’s really old. Today, this matter makes my back ache."
"Aunt Ruan, you are so young that you are old." Huoqianqian held her arm before and looked pleased.
Ruan Xianshu seems to think of something busy, holding Huo Qianqian’s hand and sitting on the sofa, saying, "You are really tired today. Are you pregnant? Do you have any discomfort? Why don’t I call a family doctor to examine you so that I can rest assured?"
When Huo Qianqian heard that she wanted a family doctor to examine her, she waved her hand and stammered, "Aunt Ruan can’t. I’m fine. I’m fine."
"Let me know if there is anything wrong with that line. This is our first child in the Wu family. We must be healthy and healthy." Ruan Xianshu patted Huo Qianqian’s hand and told him.
"Bang" Ye Wei’s glass fell to the ground and smashed to pieces.
She couldn’t believe that Huo Qianqian was pregnant with Wu Muchen’s child.
No wonder this old hag wants to put Liuzhuang in the hiding room. That’s her real purpose, isn’t it? Pulling Huo Qianqian to see Fujian at the door is telling the public.
The glass fell to the ground and attracted everyone’s attention. Ruan Xianshu looked at this unknown woman and frowned. "Who are you? Why are you still here?" If it is a man or a woman, shouldn’t they all be gone?
"Who am I? If I leave, how can I hear such an exciting thing? I didn’t expect the famous Wu family in Xijing to do such a nasty thing." Ye Wei looked at Ruan Xianshu without fear before leaving.
"I remember that you are a friend of Liuzhuang Lotus. What kind of people make friends is just as uneducated." Ruan Xianshu doesn’t care about Ye Wei’s words at all. A famous pawn is just not afraid of what she says. Who will believe it?
Ye Wei was trembling with anger. Like mother, like daughter, their contemptuous eyes and tone of voice were the same.
Wu Muchen saw Ye Wei walk up to her after seeing off the last guest and said, "It’s getting late for Miss Ye. I’ll have you sent home."
"The Wu finally has a person who can speak human words." Ye Wei looked at Ruan Xianshu and Huo Qianqian and wished to slap them before to bully Liu Zhuanghe like this.
"Pa" Wu Muting slapped Ye Wei’s face before they reacted. What actually dared to say such things in the Wu family?
Ye Wei burying his face in one leng reached out to backhand and slapped Wu Muting.
Clear finger prints on Wu Muting’s face soon swelled up.
Ye Wei’s slap has taken a lot of effort to vent her anger tonight, her love for Liuzhuang Lotus and her own nai.