The Lord will definitely slap him to death.

Come on, he just came to confess to the Lord. Wouldn’t it be cool to tell him again?
"How can you be so ashamed of being the Pope in the Hall of the Soul?" Isn’t the woman who looked at Bibidong dumbfounded by the red king very proud? How can you want to be a little woman before the Lord, and you can do such a little thing as blowing a pillow breeze?
"So what? Not angry? " Bibidong smiled and gently held his hair by his fingers and continued to look at the Red King.
"I was wrong to respect the Pope’s crown. I offended you. You adults don’t remember villains. Give me a few more good words in front of the Lord." The red king said that he dared not provoke Bidong, who was stronger than him, and he was the kind of enemy with her, but it was not good for him.
"Look at your performance." Bibidong stopped talking and looked at the posts. The Red King stopped poking fun at the Red King. She was a little scared. Even the Red King was so respectful to Zhao. It seems that Zhao’s prestige in the spirit beast world is much higher than she thought.
"What’s the matter? How did the Red King bully you? I’ll help you get rid of him. "A long sound started from Zhao’s body and flew towards Bidong, and directly took hold of Bidong’s slender waist and felt Bidong’s ripe and charming female palm, so I couldn’t help caressing it and rubbing it towards that plump ass.
"You …" Bibidong’s cheeks turned red and he felt Zhao’s bad palm burst out in a horrible qi machine.
"Don’t leave me some noodles in front of my hand." Zhao attached to Bidong’s earlobe said softly that the hot air rushed to her chest and shoulders with Zhao’s unique masculinity. The limp and numb feeling made Bidong’s charming body tremble and almost fall.
"If you touch me again, I’ll kill you." Bibidong forced himself to calm down. The trembling line said that she was numb and unable to control her body and leaned toward Zhao.
Her eyes are even more annoyed. Zhao is too ashamed to dare to touch her in front of outsiders. What should I do if others see her? She’s the Pope of the Soul Hall, dignified and noble, and Zhao can’t be so ashamed even if she can’t help it.
She is worried that she will be seen with slender arms. Naturally, the gap between her and Zhao will be filled up so that the red king can’t see Zhao’s hands behind her. Her beautiful eyes are raised and she pretends to be calm. Looking at the red king, she finds that the red king didn’t look at them, and her red hot cheeks are slightly cooler.
"Didn’t you say you are my wife? Husband touches his daughter-in-law as a matter of course. "Zhao laughs. Just as he has already absorbed the soul ring, he is taking note of Bidong’s reaction to Bidong. His daughter-in-law status posts the red king’s rule. He naturally won’t let Bidong go so easily.
"I was just talking nonsense. Don’t take it seriously." Isn’t Bibidon annoyed that Zhao was just absorbing the soul ring? How did he know that? Did he just want to see her say that in the morning? Not the kui is Zhao really ashamed.
"oh? Really? " Zhao put on a smile and gently slid his fingers on Bidong’s back and buttocks, which made him feel itchy like an ant walking, which made Bidong feel weak.
"Dead friends, I depend on you, whatever you say is the head office." After Bibidong’s charming body is finished, she leans against Zhao’s body. If it weren’t for Zhao’s being here to lean against her, maybe she would fall to the ground. Her eyes looked at Zhao with eyes like silk.
"Promise what?" Zhao Yixiao continued to ask Bidong if he didn’t make it clear that he would go back on his word if he left later.
"Promise to be your woman" said Bibidong with a light bite of her teeth. She didn’t know why her body would become so sensitive in front of Zhao and she would react when she touched it.
"Good baby Tung-erh, then let’s go first." Zhao knew that it was the first time that Bidong could say these things. If Bidong really made a fool of himself, their relationship would not get better, and there might even be cracks.
Zhao holds Bidong and flies directly towards Tiandou City.
Zhao and Bibidong suddenly left, which made the Red King feel stupid and forced him to be punished by the Lord, but the owner suddenly let him go, which made him a little confused.
Chapter 56 Changes
For example, Doucheng today is much more prosperous than before, and it is also a little different from Wusou City.
After all, here is the capital of Destiny Empire. Destiny Empire has ruled all the territories of Xingluo Empire and Tiandou Empire. These days, Zhu Zhuyun has directly swept all the affiliated principalities and kingdoms left by the original two empires with the help of Angel Yan and Yun Yun.
Although these countries are affiliated to the two empires, they also have their own masters, but these countries are now swept away.
After that, there was a country in Douro mainland, which was the destiny empire.
Nowadays, the appeal of the Destiny Empire in the soul division is not much weaker than that of the Soul Hall, but Ye Zhao doesn’t compare with others. What’s the difference between the Soul Hall and the Destiny Empire?
"It’s quite like your destiny empire." Bibidong looked at Tiandou City and said that everything could not help but be somewhat.
"That’s natural. Don’t look at who built you. Will men be bad?" Zhao smiled and took Bibidong’s soft waist.
"You are beautiful" than Bidong didn’t good the spirit white Zhao one eye, but it has all kinds of amorous feelings.
"What are you going to do about the Hall of the Soul?" Bibidong is facing Zhao Wendao. Although she is the Pope of the Hall of the Soul, she must ask clearly at this moment if Zhao wants to dissolve the Hall of the Soul, she is not willing.
She used to hate Chihiro and even wanted to start a war to destroy the Hall of the Soul, but now she’s over it. She finds that she still has a lot of feelings for the Hall of the Soul. How can a girl stay there all her life without any feelings?
"The Hall of the Soul is still the Hall of the Soul of you and Cher. I won’t intervene, but I want the Hall of the Soul to become an imperial state, similar to those churches, and the Pope will become an imperial Buddhist auxiliary empire." Zhao rubbed his head and made a long hair than Dong. He had this plan long ago.
If so, the Hall of the Soul is equivalent to an institution of the whole Ministry of Destiny Empire, but its status is higher.
Anyway, the Destiny Empire is now managed by Zhuyun, Bibidon and Cher, both of whom are in charge of their own interests, such as distribution.
Anyway, they all sleep together, and nothing else matters. He will take sides with whoever takes care of him. Hey, hey
"It’s up to you," said Bibidong lightly. She was a little tired and didn’t want to worry about those things. It turned out that she still had the ambition to unify the country, but now this idea is gone.
The Wu Soul Hall was completely unified when it was merged into the Destiny Empire.
Is it just Zhao who owns this day, or does she have no need to distinguish it too clearly now? Even if she is such an asshole, what do you care?
Zhao and Bibidong returned to Tiandou City together, and in a short time, Kung Fu attracted the attention of several forces.
Ning Fengzhi Yuyuanzhen and other forces are unbelievable.
Shouldn’t the Hall of the Soul and the Empire of Destiny be like fire and water? It’s only been a few days since Bebitong sent someone to attack and kill Zhao.
Besides, Bibidong is a talented woman. She is more ambitious than a man. What does it mean that she appears in Tiandou City with Zhao now?
Is the Hall of the Soul willing to submit to the empire?