At first light the next day, Li She gently pulled her arms out of the head of the bride, and then put her arms around her neck. She quietly covered her arms for fear of waking the sleeping beauty.

Dressed neatly, I finally took a look at the path. "Coco, don’t worry, I will definitely send Sun Jian’s head to you!"
Outside Tianmen town, there are already banners covering the sky, and the murderous foot soldiers are already ready.
The first one is to put an animal skin leopard without armor. A tall horse with red hair is holding a peerless bow in its hand. It is Li Zhuang who doesn’t want to wear armor. Li Zhuang brought ten well-trained pro-guards, which means that these ten pro-guards are first-class foot soldiers. Their main purpose is to protect Li She ‘an.
Looking back, a man in the right rear of Li Zhuang, with his armor all alone and without a helmet, drifted freely with black hair, and the fierce horse kept neighing. The pike in his hand reflected the cold light from time to time, which made him look full of fighting spirit. It was the gun king in the north who said that Zhang Xiu and Zhang Xiu made great contributions to the world war I with their own Xiliang fighters in Tianmen Town.
While a general in the left rear of Li Zhuang is dressed strangely, wearing a brocade robe and flowery clothes, with a dazzling silver bell hanging around his neck and a few unknown bird feathers stuck in his head, which are gorgeous and beautiful as flowers. What’s even more strange is that this one is still holding a green bristlegrass in his neckline and putting his hands behind his head, so he looks at Li She defiantly.
Who else can this strange dress look like if it’s not Gan Ning? Gan Ning also tries his best to bring his soldiers. A total of 240 people belong to the special arms "Jin Fan Thief". The other special arms have a very abnormal ability to see the strength of military commanders and protect their swords from the flesh.
In addition, there is also a teenager Huang Xu who follows instead of Zhou Cang as a guard.
Not far away, the people are watching the military commanders off, and they are envious of these military commanders who can go to war. It’s like just coming from Zhou Jiacun to Zhou Cang, and they are annoyed, "Alas, how can I get hurt every time and let Huang Xu get that little diamond?"
Zhou Cang’s side was naturally full of excitement. Cai Yan planned to run happily and was immediately stopped by Zhou Cang. "This kind of occasion can’t be ridiculous!"
"Oh" CAI wenji uncomfortable nodded and continued to happily shouted ""xianggong "! Xianggong! "
Wen-chi shouted naturally attracted Li, who smiled at Wen-chi, and then turned his head and walked towards the two men coming this way.
"How can" xianggong "ignore me!" CAI wenji muttered some unhappy mouth.
Zhou Cang explained, "How can your master care about his children’s affair now? Please forgive me."
"Forget it, who let him be my" xianggong "?I can hardly forgive him." Cai Yan amused herself and said that this performance was not far away. Bian Shi Zhang Ning asked Zhang Ning, "Who is this woman?" What do you call Li Shexianggong? "
Because Cai Yan met Bian Shi when she returned to her territory, she went to Zhoujia Village with Zhou Cang, saying that she was looking for inspiration and wanted to walk around-so Zhang Ning had never seen Cai Yan.
Bian Shi laughed. "Do you still say that? Our sister, of course. Come on, I’ll take you to meet your sister. "
Li She has no energy to worry about in the backyard. At this time, she is greeted by two people, one is Guo Jia and the other is Kuai Liang.
Kuai Liang laughed. "The Duke is really a warrior. You can’t taste such prestige even if you travel all over the world!"
"I’m flattered, sir. Please ask Mr. Ma and we can start." Li She didn’t want to say much, but she couldn’t wait to fly to meet Liu Biao and kill Jiangdong directly.
Kuai Liang also don’t want to delay "obey the duke’s order".
The three of them turned over together. Ma Li was about to reach the departure order, but Guo Jia shouted, "Raise the banner!"
Immediately, one leng, a foot soldier came carrying a standard, and the flag fluttered with a big plum character, in which the golden thread of the plum character was woven to look like gold, and HongLing danced around the corner of the general flag to show a sense of luxury.
"This is?" Li asked in doubt.
"The flag is the flag that unites the morale of the army, but it is even more important to be angry. Otherwise, it is a battlefield." Guo Jiayi explained that Li She was suddenly enlightened.
In ancient times, when fighting, fierce generals who were eager to make meritorious deeds liked to kill each other’s flags. Sometimes, in the chaotic battlefield, they cut down each other’s flags and shouted, "The enemy will be dead and we will not surrender!"
Although the enemy generals are not dead, it is likely that some enemies will surrender on their knees with their hands down, because the flags have been cut, which proves that they are definitely not the other side.
Li She nodded and shouted "Let’s go!"
The horseshoe lightly steps on Li She and finally takes one look at Bian Shi and others, who resolutely step on the journey. In their hearts, they say, "Everything is mine. My loved ones will no longer be hurt. Whoever wants to hurt them, I will pay them back!"!
Liu Biao, a newcomer, intends to set the place of governance in Nanjun, but there is an unstable force involved in Li in Nanjun, so it is good to set the place of governance in Xiangyang.
Now he is over 50 years old, and although he is thin, he looks quite healthy, speaks moderately, is gentle and deserves to be "Jun"
At this time, Liu Biao was sitting high in the discussion hall of Jingzhou Pastoral Mansion of Xiangyang Army, waiting for news.
There are many discussions about the gathering of talents from the left and right.
Suddenly, a foot soldier came to report that "Master Bo has returned"
"quick! Please come in! " Liu table nasty said
Kuai Liang led two people to stay in front of the door and bent down to ask two people behind him to be advanced. These two people came to Li She and Li Zhuang after half a month of dusty.
Li She did go in, but Li Zhuang was stopped and said, "No fierce soldiers are allowed to enter. Please give us your weapons."
"Farting is always a treasure bow. How can I give it to you!" Li Zhuang is unwilling
The foot soldiers were about to get angry, and Liu Biao said hastily, "How dare you cut the guest!"
"Ah?" Not only the foot soldiers froze, but even Li Zhuang froze.
The foot soldiers quickly reacted and knelt down to beg for mercy. "My Lord, I was wrong. Please let me go."
"Say more that the axe-wielder is pulling and chopping for me!" Liu Biao shows no mercy
Li Zhuang took a ugly look at Li She and lost his life because of himself. Li Zhuang felt that some of it was not worth Li She’s knowing visit. "In Hou Li’s visit to Jingzhou Pastoral, this foot soldier was just too upset and asked Jingzhou Pastoral to let this person go."
Liu Biao shouted, "Thank you, Duke!"
"Thank you for your intercession, the duke …"
"Go and change your mind!" Liu Biao fumed and then looked at Li She came straight from the high seat with a big smile. She took Li She’s hand and said, "Why did the Duke come in and sit down at the door?"
"Thanks for Jingzhou Pastoral"
Liu Biao took Li She to the high seat and left the right position to Li She. Li She didn’t refuse to sit down and Li Zhuang also stood quietly behind Li She.