The purple light flashed a group of people in Zhang Xiaotian.

Now Yancheng!
Several purple psychic powers swing out the Yancheng defense array and instantly collapse!
"Be careful. There is a monk in this city!" Zhang Xiaotian twist a head toward Yang Xiao said.
"Ha ha! What am I afraid of when you are here! " Yang Xiao laughed and then rushed into the city, followed by the spirit of ice and fire!
Zhang Xiaotian and his party have the strength of three comparable monks! Zhang Xiaotian has a fire, water, spirit, ring and mysterious posture, so that he can fight under pressure after meeting the order monk.
"hmm? Level array method? " Suddenly Zhang Xiaotian exclaimed in surprise and looked at a building in the city.
Several purple psychic attacks are easily blocked by the protective cover of the building! Surface spread out light fluctuations let Zhang Xiaotian clearly realize that this is the level of law!
"Lord’s mansion!" Three glittering Chinese characters suspended at the top of the building also made Zhang Xiaotian recognize the position of the building in the city.
"Hum!" Zhang Xiaotian sneered at dozens of purple psychic powers and attacked the building
Layers of defensive cover were broken, and the building finally collapsed in the purple spirit force.
"Who dares to make trouble in Yancheng?" Anger shouted a coarse-clothed man from the castellan’s mansion.
"It’s him!" Zhang Xiaotian’s eyes flashed clean and his heart was sure! Listen carefully. It’s him who said Jie Xiuzhen.
"It’s me!" Responded Zhang Xiaotian said slowly that the attack at hand didn’t stop!
"You?" Coarse clothes big fellow first one leng then nu laughed "spirit force is strange face contains law is good also! But there is no power to attach! No matter how high the array level is, it’s no use! If you meet me, today is your death! "
"Really?" Zhang Xiaotian sneer at a jilt up several spiritual force to the thick clothes big fellow attack.
"Hum! These concentrations of spiritual power also want to hurt me? " Thick clothes big fellow sneer at one by one waved a layer of light fluctuations and then to Zhang Xiaotian attack to meet the spirit force attack at the same time, the body also followed raised a layer of golden mask!
"hmm? The array method has not disappeared? " All of a sudden, the big fellow in coarse clothes stare big eyes, and his face reveals a horror color, and his body suddenly dodges.
However, some can’t come at this time.
"Sniff!" A purple psychic force hit the thick-clothed man’s body, and the golden light of the golden defensive cover flashed for a moment and then became dim.
There are several purple psychic attacks followed by several psychic attacks.
"no!" Thick clothes big fellow pupil contraction heart roar body at the same time raised layers of golden shield to instantly reached more than three layers.
However, there are too many psychic attacks from Zhang Xiaotian, and there is only one layer left in the defensive cover of a dozen psychic powers.
Poof ",however, when the coarse-clothed man was horrified and desperate, the law contained in the spiritual attack was strangely disappeared, and the road was struck in his defensive cover, but the root could not move his defense.
"alas!" Zhang Xiao, as in the heavenly heart, sighed, and the effect was good after the fusion of the two laws. He was able to resist the order of Godsworn’s heavenly solution, but Zhang Xiaotian’s two laws have just been fused and can resist for a while! Otherwise this Zhang Xiaotian can fix this order and kill it!
But even now Zhang Xiaotian can hold him down!
The mind moves to attack the thick-clothed man, and the more purple spiritual power there is! With the support of fire, water and spiritual precepts, Zhang Xiaotian-gen doesn’t worry about spiritual consumption.
"God! What exactly is this man repaired? " Zhang Xiaotian’s incessant psychic attacks make the thick-clothed man’s heart tremble, especially in many psychic attacks, one or two psychic forces containing array methods occasionally appear, just like nails in a cannonball in a marshmallow! Let him have to play 1000% spirit to deal with Zhang Xiaotian mental attack.
Zhang Xiaotian’s psychic attack contains law coarse clothes, and he can’t detect what level it is, but he knows that the level must be very high! Every time an attack with array spirit force hits him, he will feel a sense of danger!
"If you fight like this, you will definitely die!" After playing for a while, the big man in thick clothes suddenly had this idea!
"escape!" Thought gives birth to coarse clothes big fellow to observe the situation around.
However, the observation of the coarse clothes man made him even more horrified.
I don’t know when there are two more monks around! One left and one right, together with the current opponent, surrounded him tightly in a triangle.
These two monks came out of nowhere. Naturally, it was the combination of ice spirit and fire spirit.
I didn’t want to kill this order in Zhang Xiaotian, but it suddenly occurred to Zhang Xiaotian that maybe … killing this order can bring shock to more people! So the mind move Zhang Xiaotian decided the order to fix true life and death.
Three people tightly surrounded the order fix true don’t leave him a escape gap!
At this moment, Lin Er and Bing Ling’s spirit force attack arrived.
"No," the coarse clothes fled in the Han Dynasty. Although his strength was good, he could not bear to be besieged by three monks of the same order who were not weaker than him. You’ll be a fool if you don’t know how to escape again.
However, since Zhang Xiaotian has decided his life and death, will he let him go again?
The figure moved thousands of figures to surround the coarse-clothed man again.
"die!" Tens of thousands of purple psychic powers roared at the thick-clothed man in Zhang Xiaotian.
The coarse-clothed man didn’t know that Zhang Xiaotian’s psychic force contained the reason why the law disappeared. When he fled, he spread himself out and the fluctuation of heaven contracted tightly around him.
It’s nothing, but it’s speeding up his death at the moment!
Without the wave of heaven, Zhang Xiaotian’s psychic attack contains the law and directly attacks the body of the coarse-clothed man.
The fusion of the two methods of law makes the thick-clothed man shrink tightly around him, and the wave root of heaven can’t eliminate Zhang Xiaotian’s spiritual attack on the middle method.
"Ah" coarse clothes man screamed.
He is not white Zhang Xiaotian psychic attack and suddenly have the law.
But no one went to him to explain.
A top monk with a strong order and a strong world died in the hands of Zhang Xiaotian.
From this moment on, the rise of ghost repair, the influence of ghost repair and the help of heaven and earth are doomed to shake the whole world!
And Zhang Xiaotian’s name is also destined to go all over the world!
Chapter three hundred and twenty-two The finale ()
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The city grabs the energy stone and cancels the ghost repair to recognize the master contract!
Zhang Xiaotian and others are afraid of looting one city after another! The route is very stable!
Well-informed fix true people left the city early after learning the news!
The information that ghosts will die when they sign the master’s contract also slowly flows in. Some timid people even secretly untie the master’s contract of ghosts and slaves.