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[What should I do if my Alpha is unhappy? I’m not sure if he’s really unhappy …]
The landlord is like this. Today, my family A finally went shopping with me in the morning shift, and it was really handsome to meet a handsome guy halfway. I just looked at him (not exaggerating, really) and saw my face when I turned my head.
1L Oh, I know! Jealous!
The landlord replied, no, no,no. His expression doesn’t look like before he was jealous. When he was jealous, he would call me a baby. He would coquetry and take the opportunity to do bad things (ahem). But that day he really didn’t. I don’t feel like jealous. Besides, he spoke in a normal tone later.
LAlpha liar, don’t listen to what he says. He must be waiting for you to coax him. Let’s cook and go quickly. That’s right. That’s how my family died and didn’t talk. They accumulated enough money to settle accounts together for five days … Er, I always wish the building good luck!
The landlord replied for five days … Is this something to say? Catch another good luck [kiss gif]
3L I don’t feel jealous. Maybe he just has a sense of crisis and feels that he has to be promoted (pure rational analysis, just now single dog doesn’t like it)
The landlord’s reply seems reasonable [kiss gif]
The floors have their own opinions, but most of them are divided into two factions-they must be jealous; I want to learn from each other’s strengths in the same kind
Learn from each other’s strengths in the same kind …
Su Mo thought about Yan Shuhan’s views on Li Wenle. I really can’t imagine what the other party might think of Li Wenle as "better" than himself and "take advantage of it"
But if this possibility is ruled out, there is only one thing left-jealousy.
Su Mo moved the mouse, and the light flashed in his mind, suddenly remembering that pajamas in the closet don’t look like pajamas. I don’t know if they are still there. If the weather gets warmer today, you can wear them …
After all, what are you jealous of … Is this the most effective way to coax?
Chapter 146 Pajama PLAY (YanSu content 1%)
Yan Shuhan was slightly surprised to hear water in the bedroom when he went to the third floor.
Because ega usually comes later than him, sometimes even in the office room on the second floor, it is painted that it will not come until nine o’clock.
But it’s only now
Is it sleepy?
However, I also missed sleep a few days ago. I really should go to bed early to make up for it these days.
Gently pushed the door open and Yan Shu Han entered the room with a tablet and went straight to single person sofa to sit down.
There is a small white round coffee table in front of the French window in single person sofa. There are some hibiscus that will not grow too high. The scenery is great and the lighting is good
But the bathroom with the entrance of the master bedroom behind it is parallel to the master bedroom.
In other words, when ega comes out of the shower, he won’t see the other person immediately, or he will have to ask someone to come towards him himself or turn his head to see the person.
But it’s better not to see ega directly, because then people won’t be too shy
The water in the bathroom is ringing and Yan Shu is cold. Open the file and continue to deal with the public.
Abrupt to crisp, like wet water, heavy towel fell to the ground, and the sound was quite loud.
Yan Shu cold suddenly got up.
A brisk walk towards the bathroom.
"Baby? Did you slip? Wrestling? Are you injured? "
"No, no … nothing"
Su Moyin is a little strange, like a little ashamed.
Alpha frowned at each other. It was hurt. I’m sorry to say that I was even more worried.
"Really? But I heard the sound. "
Su Mo’s voice was steady this time. "No, I didn’t really fall. The towel accidentally fell to the ground."
Su Mo said, looking at himself in the bust, covering his face with shame and changing the subject after reconfirmation. "When did Mr. Wrestling really come in? I didn’t hear the sound. "
"Just came in and opened the door lightly."
"Oh, sir, there’s still work to be done, right, sir? Go and get busy. I’m really fine. I want to wash for a while."
At the door, alpha always feels that his wife seems to be hiding something from herself.
But after a little hesitation, I agreed, "Well, that lady should be careful."
I think it seems that I have to let the housekeeper purchase the bathroom mat.
I feel that the anti-slip mat pendulum seems to be incompatible with the cold and hard temperament of black, white and gray colors in the bathroom decoration.
It’s really strange to imagine it. Besides, it’s impossible for him to fall and step on the ground. Most of the time, even if he slips slightly, he can immediately become a steel bar.
But now with ega, it seems that it is still necessary.
"Well," Su Mo should look at his ears and neck with powder in the mirror.
be over; be doomed
I’m so ashamed of myself before I take a step.
By the time it’s really going on, I’m afraid my legs will be unstable if alpha’s eyes look over.
Su Mo picked up the towel, washed it and debugged it. The shower was a little colder, and the water iced her cheeks and ears.
Adjusted the garment strap again in front of the mirror.