Someone broke the silence, and others began to get active again.

But the little girl kept staring at her father.
She saw a strange look in her father’s eyes.
Only when she grew up did she understand that feeling was called disappointment.
Three years later.
"Dad! I finally feel angry! "
A small figure rushed into the courtyard with great efforts.
It’s Xiao Huang
Unfortunately, it was too short and the threshold was too high, so I tripped and fell down without paying attention.
Xiao Huang quickly got up and patted the dirt, but suddenly he felt burning pain in his elbow.
Raised his arm and looked at it. It turned out that there was a piece of skin that stung and stung.
But Xiao Huang didn’t care about wiping her clothes and walked into the room.
"Dad, I can officially practice!"
She entered the room and shouted
At this time, my father came out of the hall, holding a picture scroll that looked like a long time ago.
Xiao Huang knows that the picture shows a beautiful woman.
I was told that it was my mother.
"Dad, look!"
Xiao Huang put his arm behind his back and stretched out his other hand. A small flame suddenly burned at his fingertips, trembling and flickering.
The man squatted down to wipe the stain off her face and laughed. "Keep trying, Dad, I’m sure you can."
Chapter 116 Retreat
"What’s wrong with me?"
Ye Huang looked at Ye Xiaoxiao doubtfully. She frowned and got Mifeng’s suicide blood, and then suddenly she didn’t know anything.
What is this place? Why is Ye Xiaoxiao here?
Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t speak. She took two steps forward and suddenly fell to the ground.
"Oh, my old waist!"
Ye Huang hurriedly lifted her up before.
"I’m so sorry. I really don’t know what just happened." Ye Huang was apologetic.
"I know"
Ye Xiaoxiao sighed and said, "You were possessed just now."
Ye Huang leng leng
seems to be
She never wanted Mi Feng to die, but the fact is that she forced him to death alive because of her obsession.
She is too eager to prove that she is someone.
She didn’t want to let disappointment appear in her father’s eyes again.
"You can’t take what children say seriously"
Ye Xiaoxiao said, "At that time, they didn’t understand anything. Maybe they thought it was nothing, but they inadvertently hurt you."