Here we go again!

When Gezer broke through with the ball, he always won and squatted on the sidelines, but now he’s up because he finds that he can’t see clearly when he squats and looks at a lot of people in the distance, so he can look better from a higher angle.
He noticed that there were three or four pick-up points around him at any time when Gotze broke through.
That is to say, if he wants, he can always give the football to those people and run by himself.
However, Inter Milan has also made corresponding adjustments.
They keep an eye on it. It’s very specific
Real man-to-man …
At the expense of the attack, I gained the advantage in the number of defenders.
Inter Milan can be so defensive in this game.
But …
I’m afraid Europeans have no concept of hurricane or typhoon, right?
Have you seen how a typhoon moves?
From the Pacific Ocean, all the way to the west and north, the island and the mainland are in a mess!
In Chang Sheng’s view, the wind has already blown.
Gotze took the ball forward. There were many Lazio teammates around him, and of course there were more Inter Milan players. After Cambiaso passed by him, Montari came over. He gave up his watch and stopped Gotze Ingeze. Now he is the closest to him.
Moreover, meireles’s threat of organizing attacks is much smaller than that of Gotze and ledesma.
Can give up temporarily
Just now, Gotze didn’t have the ball but made a direct breakthrough, which made Montari think that Gotze was very dangerous. If he was left alone, it might threaten the goal of Inter Milan.
But just when he first came, he couldn’t break the ball straight through Gotze, but he scored again this time!
And give the football to meireles!
You and I can play?
I break through!
You and I can’t play?
My ball!
The personal breakthrough and overall promotion of Gotze and Lazio have created several possible headaches for the defensive side.
Who knows if he wants to break through once, it’s still a ball!
Without football, Gotze easily bypassed the stunned Montari.
Meireles put the football back.
They say it’s true that they are far behind Ledesma in organizing attacks.
But that doesn’t mean that you are not good at a five-meter ball!
Gezer didn’t go forward after catching the ball.
Because the front is the restricted area heavily guarded by Inter Milan.
Although the straight line breakthrough is the shortest, it is the most difficult.
So before landing in the restricted area of Inter Milan, the typhoon turned slightly from the middle to the ribs.
Chapter one hundred and twelve Storm transit trip!
Traditionally, the middle of the restricted area is the most tightly defended place for each team, so it is not a wise decision for many teams to choose the middle of the wing to force their way out.
It’s normal for Gezer to bypass the ribs.
This change of direction made Inter Milan defenders happy.
They think it’s their defense.
Then you will make persistent efforts in the future.
Since we can force them from the middle to the ribs, we can also force them from the ribs to the side and then force them to go!
Satima, who contracted in the ribs, made up for it and stood in front of Gezer to prevent him from continuing to break through, but at the same time he gave up the position of the flank, which means you can’t even think about the flank or the middle!
The main left-back of Inter Milan for half a season is Chivu.