"After all, you are all rookies, and you still have the kind of stupidity that you can go forward with an enterprising spirit. I’m here to tell you that the entertainment circle is not a joke or a play house, and you won’t be forgiven just because you are a newcomer."

Aurora say that finish and pointed eyes Li Re pity.
"I know that some of you have run a walk-on several times before, and you don’t care what your identity is, but you want to break out of the world by virtue of your stupidity. Now all of you have abandoned this idea and listened to the command. If you let me know who didn’t listen to today’s first training, I will let her taste the bitter fruit in the future."
When she finished this sentence, her eyes were always fixed on Li Re’s body. Even children of three to five years old knew who Aurora meant by this remark.
But unlike mocking Yin Yating, no one dares to laugh because of Li Ruoxi’s status.
Aurora looked around, picked up his bag from a chair and snapped his fingers at all the new artists. "Come with me, all of you. I’ll show you what the real shooting scene is."
Li Re precious little silent words to go to this Aurora mouth is really not a general poison is three hundred and sixty-degree dead angle mocked by her to the dead.
But in fact, did she mess with this famous actress?
Don’t just a senior can let yourself be hated by this Aurora for so long?
Follow Aurora all the way to the shooting hall. Li Ruoxi’s expression is in the position closest to the door. He is not at the end of the crowd. Listen to Aurora in front of him.
Director Lin Xiaochao came over here with the same easy-going smile on his face. "Yo Ruola, are you giving the first training to the new people now? It’s really hard enough."
Aurora turned supercilious look in his heart and smiled. "Who is director Lin shooting today?"
Lin Xiao hey hey smiled. "You can’t go on filming without this scene. I can shoot some other connecting clips. Your training will be one day."
Aurora nodded his eyes and glanced around the group of new artists. "Director Lin is at ease. I came here to show this group of rookies a backstage. Is it convenient for Director Lin to be backstage now?"
Lin Xiao’s face is the same. "What’s inconvenient about this? Please come in and come in."
Aurora glanced at the group of new artists behind him, and his eyes narrowed slightly. "What should you say when Director Lin allows you to visit the backstage?"
She asked and looked at Yin Yating’s pretty face in the first place, and her expression was meaningful. "How can I answer my question?"
Yin Yating just return to absolute being, hurriedly latosolic red face bowed toward Lin Xiao.
"Thank you, Director Lin"
Other new artists also like an epiphany. They quickly bowed and thanked Aurora. She snorted and pursed her lips. She secretly said, "You see this group of new rookies is really rude and mindless."
Jia Yingying shrugged. "If Sister La is the first training, it’s not for you to adjust people. You should be careful when you do this."
Aurora glanced at the crowd Li Re precious little face dismissive expression.
"If Yin Dong loves his little wife, don’t send her. Since Yin chaebol wants to be famous, they have to be treated equally. Even if our lady Yin made a mistake, I should still fight."
It’s good to be stubborn about her, but I’m afraid her good friend won’t have a good result if Yin Dong really loves his wife.
Pull the curtain in the background and walk in. There is a separate makeup mirror inside. The front back of the chair is stuck with paper, which is the heroine, the female and the female.
Only these three good seats, the rest are Mazar and small benches, and even better, plastic benches.
This Yin chaebol backstage is much more humble than expected.
Aurora raised his eyebrows and looked at the three positions, which was meaningful. He explained to the new art population, "Have you seen these three positions? Tell you that these three positions are not so easy to sit in."
When she finished, she looked at Li Re’s words with sarcasm.
"Of course, Mrs. Yin is different from other girls and must have been in a better position than this, but I hope Mrs. Yin will remember that your previous experiences are worthless in front of the Yin chaebol."
Li Re precious little finally could not help but refute this time.
She never recognized how powerful her previous experience was compared with that of the Yin chaebol, but the Yin chaebol was a dark day and she was a dark person.
There’s nothing to compare with this one, is there
Thought of here, she looked up and smiled at Aurora’s face.
"I said that Aurora’s predecessors were really different from others, but that was not because of Yin Mo, nor because of my experiences, but because I was Li Rexi."
Li Re knows that she doesn’t like to be called her senior, but she must do so.
Thinking here, Li Ruoxi looked around again. "Everything here is my husband’s ink, but it’s my predecessor in Aurora. Please don’t go too far, otherwise even the kitten will scratch people if it is provoked."