Everyone still believes what the Dragon Emperor said, and everyone is relieved. Dragon, although the cultivation is very boring these days, everyone of the saints is in a state of excitement. The reason is that his cultivation here is much faster than that outside, and each of them is making continuous progress. Every time the magic level rises, it will become the greatest motivation for them to continue their cultivation. What’s more, they all have their own mount partners. It is undoubtedly the best thing for them to practice together with the mount dragon in the Dragon Valley, so that they can fit their mounts better in a short time.

The Dragon Emperor smiled and said, "Then you can continue to practice Elder Akin. Come with me. I want the clan to announce your elder status."
Ji Dong was surprised when he was just left by Di Longzu. Especially when Di Longzu left, he wouldn’t let him leave easily, which made Ji Dong burst into anger.
However, as time goes by, Ji Dong found that Longzu is more suitable for sparring than Dragon Emperor. It can not only bring more pressure to himself, but it is best that it will not take the initiative to attack itself when it wants to escape, but it will also resist and not fight back when it wants to attack. There is such an excellent sparring practice. Although the elements in Longzu are not as rich as those in Longgu Department, it does not have much impact on Ji Dong’s Taiji Magic Field.
Every day, Ji Dong tries to break through the blockade of the Dragon Ancestor twice, and various tricks emerge one after another, but the strength of the Dragon Ancestor is really too strong. In front of Ji Dong, there is a feeling that no matter what he does, the Dragon Ancestor can keep him back, which is to say, every day, in the process of escaping, Ji Dong will bear great oppression. After the failure, he immediately enters the state of cultivation, while practicing magic, he seriously thinks about his gains and losses in the previous impact process, which forms a virtuous circle, making him make continuous progress in constant penance.
Ji Dong also left a successor. From the beginning to the present, he also made the magic domain, but it was limited to Tai Chi’s own second magic domain. The dream silver never made Ji Dong. Now it is clear that he did not break through the blockade of the Dragon Ancestor, and he may be able to escape a certain distance, but it is still impossible to escape from the control of the Dragon Ancestor. It is better to wait for the opportunity and continue to impact when the strength is sufficient.
Three months passed in a blink of an eye. After three months of penance, Ji Dong finally got his wish, and he cultivated the god-destroying strike to the sixth level. His magic power has also risen to the twelfth level.
With the continuous rise and fall of the realm, the surprise brought by the God Strike to Ji Dong has become more and more. Although it is more and more difficult to rise later, the power of the God Strike will become even more horrible with each increase. When Ji Dong entered the third place in four realms, he won the God Strike with accompanying skills. When he broke through the fifth place, it did not change.
However, when Ji Dong broke through the sixth level, he gained a skill of destroying the gods. This skill is not as direct as destroying the gods, but it is even more wonderful if it is properly handled. Now Ji Dong is looking forward to getting new skills when he breaks through the sixth level.
Di Longzu still stands there like a statue. If Ji Dong doesn’t try to leave, it won’t move, just like a single mountain peak. But once Ji Dong takes action, it can always react at the first time. With its stronger soul than Ji Dong, it can predict the action in Ji Dong first. The highest record in Ji Dong is to break through to the range of 100 meters away from it. This record has been going on for a long time and has not changed again.
Ji Dong, sitting cross-legged, suddenly opened his eyes for a moment, and his body was like a cannonball. Now he doesn’t just want to escape. Sometimes, when he figured out some fighting methods or skills, he would also try to be a target. It’s perfect to face such an opponent who can’t beat him.
When Ji Dong leans forward, the dragon ancestor’s front paws have been lifted to his chest, and it has been discovered when Ji Dong finishes practicing.
If the Dragon Emperor saw this scene, he would be surprised to defend Ji Dong’s attack on the Dragon Zu, but it’s a common thing that ten-order dragons do.
It’s also wrong for the dragon ancestors, but the reason is very simple. Ji Dong’s attack is too overbearing, and its physical toughness can’t continue to block Ji Dong’s attack.
Destroy the god struck up to the sixth heavy day Long Zuji began to eat a little bit of money to escape the 100-meter record, which was also created that day. Destroy the god struck and practice to the sixth heavy place Long Zu. It is impossible for the body to hard block Ji Dong’s attack. It is necessary to release magic to fight against this situation. How can Ji Dong not be happy?
Seeing that Ji Dong’s body is about to rush to the chest position of the ground dragon ancestor, suddenly his whole figure is like a middle position. Generally, it was still a momentum, but suddenly it turned into a triangular peak. The running route went straight to Ji Dong’s right fist and went straight to the lower abdomen position of the ground dragon ancestor.
Di Longzu is very depressed. Although it is a holy peak repair, the biggest problem is that it can’t leave its original place, so its huge bust is naturally moving Ji Dong, which is beneficial. Recently, when attacking, it is always specially looking for it. Di Longzu’s body is so big, but Ji Dong’s own body is so small. With its own flexibility, it can really bring some trouble to Di Longzu.
As mentioned earlier, Ji Dong set a record for the escape distance of 100 meters, that is, without the assistance of Dayan Flame Dragon, except for the first escape, Ji Dong released Dayan Flame Dragon into Huilong Valley and let it practice itself in the Dragon Valley, which is obviously more suitable for Dayan Flame Dragon Ascension. It is natural that there is no problem with the dragon ancestors where Dayan Flame Dragon left. Without Dayan Flame Dragon, Ji Dong has to bear more pressure, which is natural that it is happy to see.
Just glanced at it, and there are still many votes behind the previous monthly ticket. It seems that the difference is not very far. Another monthly ticket condenses into chrysanthemums, which is a little far away from our eyes, but if we are strong enough and have enough momentum, a brilliant little daisy will still bloom to seek monthly tickets, recommend votes and reward. Haha, I am very happy at the thought of bursting toad. The key to this and ranking is that I think of the declaration of toad protecting chrysanthemums. I think Chapter 490 Yin is you.
For Ji Dong, the sudden turning to the general way of fighting seems to violate the laws of nature. The dragon’s heart is very appreciative of this way of fighting, and it is too confusing and sudden to ask itself. If its soul force is higher than Ji Dong’s, it will really bring it a lot of trouble.
Of course, there are certain restrictions on Ji Dong’s turning direction. He can do this only by extinguishing the gods, but changing the forward direction of his body through extinguishing the gods must first have a fixed traction point. The strength of this traction point can only be achieved if he stops washing the car, so that he can pull his body in the opposite direction. In the past, ordinary rocks and ground soil could not be done so easily, but the body of Di Longzu was a problem.
Ji Dong has now put out the gods to practice, such as the armband fingers, and his body is even more directional. Once he fights, his body looks like a ghost.
Of course, it doesn’t mean that without Ji Dong, the dragon ancestor, it’s not good to destroy the gods. The effect of destroying the gods is to pull the enemy to his front and then destroy the gods. This change of direction is a subsidiary effect from Ji Dong himself, and the huge body of Dayan Shenlong is obviously beyond the reach of Ji Dong, and Ji Dong can inform it to stabilize its body and help it pull through soul communication in advance. Therefore, this kind of destroying the gods can be said to be one of Ji Dong’s killer weapons.
At this time, I watched her move towards her body and beat the dragon’s paw. At the same time, the magic of the body was running at high speed. A thick soil spear had emerged from the ground and went straight to Ji Dong’s body bombardment.
It’s terrible for the dragon ancestors to clap their claws.
That’s not a range of African claws to have attack power. At least 30 meters in diameter, a wide range is like being crushed by a mountain. It’s like a holy peak magic. Even if you don’t display your skills, it’s comparable to ordinary super-killing skills.
In the face of this situation, Ji Dong’s unhurried three-month experience has already made him gradually understand the fighting style of Di Longzu, and his hands and palms turned out to destroy the gods to show the anti-traction ability, which is also the evolution of a new ability issued by Ji Dong in recent months from destroying the gods.
He will reverse the operation mode of extinguishing the gods, so that when the palm is pushed out, it will no longer generate suction, but suddenly burst into thrust and then assist his own magic. This push force is quite huge.
The huge body of Di Longzu naturally cannot be pushed by Ji Dong, but this push has been flying out like shells with the help of anti-Ji Dong body.
From the very beginning to now, he hasn’t even turned himself into a dragon and a snake. Although wings can give him the ability to fly, this kind of rapid action will become resistance instead.
Ji Dong changed the direction again, and the soil spear naturally missed him. The Dragon Claw snorted, and it was not much different from the human palm. At this time, the middle finger and thumb buckled together and suddenly a sharp detonation sounded in the air.
This time is not the magic of the earth. That golden light is full of extreme feng elan. Ji Dong’s body is instantly locked by the soul force of the earth, and that golden light is caught up behind him with incomparable momentum.
In the face of Long Zu locking Ji Dong is in no hurry, as if the gas was slightly distorted, and then Long Zu popped up that golden light and paused for a moment. The most shocking thing for Long Zu was that he lost his lock on Ji Dong.
How is that possible? This time, the Dragon Ancestor was really shocked. This situation has never happened since it left Ji Dong here. Its soul power is one level higher than that of Ji Dong. According to common sense, Ji Dong is a root and it is impossible to escape its lock. This is also the reason why Ji Dong fled here. With the soul lock, the Dragon Ancestor can clearly grasp his one-step action, and naturally he can cope with it. With the magic far beyond the other side, Ji Dong wants to escape from it.
Losing the lock, the pop-up metallic attack can naturally remain in a straight line. After a pause, Ji Dong’s body slightly deviated from the direction, and the golden light passed by him
It’s nothing to avoid an attack, but it’s a big problem to avoid locking one’s soul. Long Zu is puzzled and depressed. Ji Dong can ignore the sudden acceleration of this set of body, which has not been released before. At this time, it is also released to flap its wings and cooperate with the viper to rush forward and go straight to the sky. This oblique flight is the most easy way for Ji Dong to escape from the control range of Long Zu after several experiments
There is water in the sky and soil on the ground, and it can be pulled as far as possible. There is no doubt that the attack power of the dragon ancestor is inversely proportional to the distance. The farther the distance, the smaller the attack power will naturally be.
It’s such a short surprise that Ji Dong has jumped out for nearly 300 meters. Behind the soaring array of Yin and Yang fire, Tai Chi magic domain rises to the greatest extent, which means that he will never give up until he breaks through 3 kilometers.
At this time, Di Longzu has reacted with a cold hum. His right paw is raised towards Tianyi and his left paw leans out in the direction of Ji Dong.
Suddenly, a force of the earth has emerged behind Ji Dong, and his speed has been slowed down in an instant. Although he can barely keep moving forward, it can also be several meters per second, which is like a tortoise climbing for him
The magic gap between Ji Dong and Longzu is too big. I don’t know how many times this separation has become the main culprit for Ji Dong to get rid of it.
What’s more, at this time, the sky is covered with dark clouds. This dark cloud is not rain. Long Zu controlled several water droplets to condense into an ice cone and smashed it in the direction of Ji Dong.
"It’s not that easy to run". It is impossible to stop Ji Dong from attacking in the middle of the gear with his paws together and traction behind him. Now he wants to get this little thing back as soon as possible and ask what happened just now. Now he can’t figure out why his attack will be delayed and Ji Dong will be out of lock at that time. There is no doubt that Ji Dong is haunted.
At this time, Ji Dong’s face is looking out of town. Longzu can’t see his face. If he can see it, he may be a little wary.