Lingyun didn’t expect Chui Fu to go around to him again. He waved and didn’t good the spirit way "roll".

But by chui fook this lingyun heart how much better, not as blocked as before.
For chui fook said to him to get more wives lingyun is don’t have any idea, now he is a little busy with both.
Even if you accompany Zhang Xue today, you will deprive them of half of the time. If you accompany them after a few, it will not become less.
Now, even if the two people take turns directly for a month, they will let the wind dance Zhang Xue keep the room alone for half a month.
If there are a few more, how much time will he spend with Feng Wu and Zhang Xue a month?
But Xu Fu said that he would treat them sincerely, not deceive them, and give them happiness. Lingyun still agrees.
Now that you have married two people, Lingyun can’t bear to give up either Lingyun, so you can face it.
At dinner that night, Zhang Xue’s eyes were still full of bitterness
After dinner, Lingyun practiced as usual, but she couldn’t calm down.
Thinking for more than an hour, Lingyun entered Zhang Xuefang after it was completely dark.
Zhang Xue didn’t sleep, but sat at the table holding the bar in one hand and was in a daze. Seeing Lingyun come in was full of surprises.
Lingyun picked up Zhang Xue and put her gently on the bed.
Zhang Xue obviously knows the meaning of Lingyun’s movement, and his heart is full of surprises. His eyes have been quietly closed, but the trembling eyelashes represent his panic and tension.
Lingyun knows a lot about Zhang Xue, Zhang Xue and the wind dance. At the beginning, the wind dance could push him down, but Zhang Xue would never take the initiative.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been waiting for Lingyun silently for so long, but I never went too far, and I didn’t even hint.
Lingyun gently faded off Zhang Xueshen’s clothes one by one …
With your eyes closed, Zhang Xue’s eyelashes are shaking, and the white skin is dyed pink like a ripe peach, which makes people want to take a bite.
Lingyun saw Zhang Xue nervous hands gently stroking her tender skin.
Lingyun put Zhang Xue’s rosy lips and tongue on her lips, but failed to pry Zhang Xue’s teeth.
Nervous and flustered in my heart, Zhang Xuebei clenched his teeth
Lingyun has gained rich experience in dancing in the wind and touched Zhang Xue * *
In Zhang Xue’s involuntary melody nowadays, the tongue took the opportunity to rush in and wrap Zhang Xue’s tongue.
Zhang Xue has been passively accepting that his body is at the mercy of Lingyun and his eyes are closed.
She didn’t dare to open her eyes until Lingyun hugged her in bed and there was no movement.
Although there is some pain in her face, this night is Zhang Xue’s most practical night and her sweetest night.
After Lingyun fell asleep, her bright eyes kept looking at Lingyun’s sleeping face, and her white hands gently stroked Lingyun’s cheek.
to be continued
Chapter 371 Zhang Tong breakthrough
The next day, Zhang Xue looked at Lingyun and her eyes were tender and sweet.
When eating, my eyes have been glancing at Lingyun with a little shyness.
Occasionally, I look at the wind and dance, and my eyes flicker, just like I did something wrong.
The wind dance has a panoramic view of Zhang Xue’s expression. Before Zhang Xue swept away, the bitterness became amorous and naturally knew that she and Lingyun must have done that kind of thing last night
If it’s just married, it will definitely make you uncomfortable when you know it.
But now she has already looked at it thoroughly, and she is not unhappy at all.
No matter whether lingyun and Zhang Xue have that kind of thing, they will not become more or less when they accompany her.
Now that the name is husband and wife, if Lingyun has been treating Zhang Xue as a guest of honor, the final damage will still be this family.
Wind Dance really values the formation of this family by three people. Now that she is pregnant, it is always good to have a harmonious and beautiful family when the child is born.
If Lingyun doesn’t handle Zhang Xue’s affairs well, even if Zhang Xue’s nature is gentle, it will break out one day
It will be this family that breaks up.
Moreover, Zhang Xue has tried her best to be the same as before in front of her these days, but how can Zhang Xue not feel her envy of herself in pretending to dance in the wind?
Moreover, Zhang Xue’s resentment against Lingyun is also not very good in his eyes and heart.
There is no contradiction between so many three people and Meimei’s affectionate love now.
Only when the country is harmonious can the people live in peace and family be harmonious and the family be happy.
I was a little guilty when I came to Lingyun for breakfast, but I didn’t feel dissatisfied when I saw the wind dance, and my heart was completely released
Thoroughly done the harem two beauties lingyun is also a worry.
Lingyun resumed laughing. Every day, he presided over the major things in the county seat in the county government.
After leaving Zhou Keng, it really became very calm.
Everything is developing in an orderly way, and the security of the city is getting better and better.
The living standard of the people in Zhending City is also gradually increasing, if it were not for the burden of 300 thousand refugees outside the city.
It’s almost time to compare the living standards of the people in the city with those in the prosperous times.
However, the living standards of the 300,000 people in the refugee city outside the city have also been lowered by a class.
But it is still much better than many cities.