Just now the carriage ran to the designated place, but the roots didn’t stop coming, boss. They rushed to stop the carriage in anger and found that there was nothing in it, and there was a brother’s body!

How cruel! Actually, the knife was inserted directly into the throat.
Liu Hanxuan knew that the woman was not so easy to deal with now that he still felt his throat tighten, and he knew it was not that simple.
The moonlight rippled on the lake because it was winter, and it was quiet around except for the wind. At first glance, where was there a half figure?
The boss glanced around with a calm face and immediately thought of something like "there seems to be a family just after we passed that road?"
Liu Hanxuan’s mood still hasn’t calmed down. I heard him ask for a moment before he was somewhat uncertain and replied, "It seems so."
The boss gave him a hard gouge, and his anger was hard to calm down.
I don’t know how Gu Chengyu will find such a loser to help this time.
"We didn’t see the figure all the way, but the old four didn’t bleed dry or warm, saying that they just died soon. How far can they run? Walking back, they must be hiding in that house! "
Liu Hanxuan busy turned the horse’s head and drove off with them, but he always felt his heart beating badly.
He felt a deep hatred and wanted to tear up Gu Man, but after seeing the dead man, he suddenly became afraid, and it seemed that he would reach out and grab him and stab him in the neck.
Thought of here, he shook his coat a few times and followed the boss quickly.
Die and die together.
Gu Man waited for them to go, holding the jade and crawling along the path.
It’s dark and windy in the month, and many places are covered with thorns. When I was about to slip, I stretched out my hand and was stabbed with many barbs. She bit her teeth and grabbed the jade and walked faster.
"Girl" looked at her face in the moonlight with tears in her arms, and the whole person panicked. "What if this leaves a scar?"
Since when are you worried about this? Gu Mannai reached out a little on her forehead and sighed, "It’s good that you are alive now. Why do you still think so much?"
He stretched out his hand and knocked at the door
From the street to the end of Zhuque Street, red lanterns have been hung in both shops and houses, and a series of lanterns are swaying in the wind, which is very beautiful when the moonlight reflects the fire.
Zheng heard that Xie Ting was called to put sky lanterns with the Sixteen Emperors and the Nineteenth Emperors. His eyes flashed for a while and he bowed his head to Zhao Wangdao with a smile. "Is it true that you will stay at home when you touch before you grow up?"
Xie Yuan beside them "eldest brother now not only improved even fly high branches? Look at how long it’s been since you’ve talked to me. Every time you call him, you shouldn’t look like a ghost is chasing after him. "
"Shut up!" Zheng mercilessly scolded him "how do you say brother? He stays in Beijing all the year round, so it’s natural that you should identify with him. Speaking of it, you don’t blame him for being stingy. "
Zhao Wang was impatient to hear Xie Ting’s name and Princess Zhao’s reprimand to Xie Yuan, who in turn helped Xie Yuan to speak. "He didn’t say wrong that he called him against others’ family, but he ran so fast. Why didn’t we see him so affectionate at home!"
Outside, Mammy Qiu came in with a lot of exquisite cakes and laughed. "Princess Wang’s palace rewarded cakes."
Xianning county owner’s eyes are bright and happy, and he almost jumps up. "I want to taste it."
Sister Qiu served the Xianning county magistrate well and smiled and leaned over to Princess Zhao’s side to come to the trail. "Princess, we also invited people to take care of the girl. Do you want to call her?"
This girl is naturally concerned about cigarettes.
Princess Zhao heard the name of Gu Yan and immediately laughed. "Of course, please go quickly."
The eleven girls in the family are really wonderful people. Princess Zhao’s eyes are almost narrowed at the thought of that day, when she looks amazing, looks good and talks happily.
This is a great thing. Didn’t the family refuse to marry their first daughter to their own children?
Then she’ll have to give the family a hard time.
I just don’t know if Xie Ting can appreciate the beauty’s kindness. My first sister and my ordinary sister serve the same lady, and I don’t know whether my sister is in the limelight or my sister is playing chess. It makes people excited to think about it.
Gu Xi is really a very different woman. When the prince of Zhao saw the amazing person, she didn’t speak at the moment.
Xie Yuan also immediately got up and looked at her with some consternation.
Princess Zhao likes this Gu 11, but it’s not. If she shows it to her husband or son, she will have some dissatisfaction and cough a few times.
The prince of Zhao just woke up. The little girl across the street had eyebrows like distant mountains and eyes with eyes. Her face was wonderful and beautiful. She also met the young Chen for a while.
Although the face is different, the feeling that people can’t help but look at her is the same.
When he wakes up, he will abandon him, so he is not a lecherous. "You are Dingyuan’s granddaughter?"
Gu eleven gently bowed their heads and should be
Xianning County owner Deng Deng ran over and looked at her with joy and said, "What a beautiful sister!"
Gu Yan can be a person and be funny. She likes Xianning County Lord, a little girl with a little temper and pride. She doesn’t look enough in front of her, so it’s just a short cup of tea. Xianning County Lord has called her a confidant and sister.
Gu Yan waited for a long time, but he didn’t wait to see that person. He couldn’t help staring out of the window. The scenery just happened. Fireworks suddenly exploded in half, and colorful light scattered around in the dark night, and cheers rang out.
I wonder what Xie Ting is doing at the moment?
She bit her lip and remembered that he had just turned over and his handsome face froze.
Xie Yuan’s eyes stared at her well, and she felt that she had ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings when she smiled. Compared with the previous two years, Gu Yan is obviously better now, and she needs a face to protect her. She has more than one face.