At this time, Yao Qian was floating in the middle, and the Qinglong hovered around his body, but because his body was too small compared with Qinglong, he could see the huge body of Qinglong more.

Yao Qian held a shiny green ball of light in his left hand, and the ball gave off a round of green ripples. When Yao Qian’s magic broke through the nine crowns, the ball of light given to him by Chrysanthemum Pig emerged on its own, constantly releasing a strong magic. The Qinglong could evolve with Yao Qian and also had its share.
At this time, Yao Qian closed his eyes and his body was shrouded in a green ball of light, and he came into a strange state in the light pattern. His whole body looked like a crystal statue, but the saints could feel that his magic was rising at this time.
There is no doubt that Chrysanthemum Pig gave Yao Qian this artifact, which is the most demanding among the saints. It is the most demanding to abandon Ji Dong’s Vulcan sword, which has not yet evolved. This green ball of light actually needs Yao Qianxiu to rise to the ninth crown to make it very different from his artifact. At this time, Yao Qian Xiu really broke through this artifact and it bloomed. It is also the strong expectation of the saints that its power can reach.
Ji Xiang asked Chen Sixuan around him, "Xuan Si, how much do you think this artifact can help him increase his magic?" Chen Sixuan is a wooden magician. It is the most direct to feel suspicious about Yao Qian, an Oracle artifact.
Chen Sixuan said, "This artifact is so demanding. Once it is released, the effect should not be worse than that thick earth bead of Wolf God’s will. I think Yao Qian will probably become the most magical one among us."
Ji Dong slightly, and in the depths of his eyes, could not help but pass a trace of envy, watching his friends break through the nine crowns one by one. How could he not be embarrassed? Although even if they break through the nine crowns, they may not be as good as their own repair, but entering the level of respecting the strong is very much expected for the magic teacher
Chen Sixuan knows Ji Dong and others. Seeing the envious light in his eyes, he can’t help but say, "You don’t worry. There will be surprises when you break through the ninth crown."
"What surprise?" Ji Dong some doubts to Chen Sixuan.
Chen Sixuan knew his gaffes and quickly said, "At that time, your Excalibur must have evolved. Isn’t it so difficult to evolve that it won’t surprise you? But in your Vulcan Excalibur, a secondary deity is sealed. I think this evolution process is probably the process of completely integrating that deity with the sword spirit. It would be strange if you don’t get some surprises. "
Ji Dong smiled slightly. "I hope so. It is good to help us overcome the dark secret."
In a short time, Qinglong slowly fell down, but Yao Qian still floated there, where the green beads released light lines and kept a certain degree of naiguang Tiangan. The saints could also watch him continue to keep his eyes open. At this time, it was extremely important and urgent for Yao Qian. They could act as guardians and quietly wait for Yao Qian’s artifact to be combined.
This is another ten days’ time to know. Every day, the dark temple army is closer to the sacred island.
Once they arrive at the sacred island, the dark cat meets the dark cat, and the combination of the dark cat, the dark dead guard and the dark dry saints will never have a chance to wait for the holy war. But everyone knows that the light dry saints can’t win when they see the secret weapon of the dark dead guard! When Ji Dong was anxious, Yao Qian finally moved in the sky.
The original soft green light suddenly became strong, and the harsh green light rose to the sky. A huge green light column filled the world like the sky and the earth, and a clear whistling sounded like the green light for nine days.
Ji Dong some anxious look finally relaxed to "cash cow, you this guy stop screaming, come on, we don’t have much time".
The green light gradually converges, and the light flashes. Before Ji left, there was already one more person. Isn’t it Yao Qian? At this time, he looked radiant, and the whole person was bathed in a strange atmosphere. A soft blue-gold light rippled around his body, and the whole person looked full of nobility and life.
"Exclusive Guanghua?" Ji Dong looked at him in surprise. He also has exclusive Guanghua. He saw Yao Qian’s green and golden fog and recognized it naturally.
Yao Qian ha ha a smile "finally didn’t let me look forward to a white this thing is simply fantastic. This time it’s really a shotgun for a gun. Brother is also a master of a generation. Haha, I respect the strong Ji Dong. Do you know that my magic has broken through to level 93? After breaking through nine crowns, I fully rose to level 3."
You know, it’s extremely difficult for a magic master to upgrade to every level after he has been crowned. The artifact in his hand can help him directly upgrade his magic to the third level, which shows how huge the magic is.
Everyone has long been familiar with this guy’s personality, and no one cares about him. They all set their eyes on the artifact in his left hand.
At this time, this Oracle artifact is no longer a blue pearl, but a blue light and shadow. Yao Qian’s hand is like holding a little person. If you look closely, you can find that this little person is exactly like Yao Qian. The root is to shrink it.
"What artifact is this?" Don’t say it’s Ji Dong and the cat.
Even Chen Sixuan, once the queen of the center of the earth, couldn’t help asking in surprise. She had never seen this kind of artifact.
Yao Qian proudly tunnel "I this artifact is called Shenmu puppet. No wonder this thing needs nine crowns to make it need to recognize the Lord. Only after I am integrated can it be impossible to recognize the Lord without the magic root of nine crowns. It needs huge magic support in the process of recognizing the Lord."
Ji Dong said, "Then what is it?" As a commander, he must know as much as possible about each partner’s ability, so that he can be exhausted in the course of fighting.
Yao Qian said, "Look at you", and as he spoke, he gently breathed a sigh of relief toward the green villain in his hand. Suddenly, the green villain turned into a streamer and instantly merged into his body. Then his body’s blue-gold luster was like a psychedelic rhythm. Behind him, another Yao Qian suddenly appeared, but this Yao Qian was composed of the blue-gold exclusive Guanghua.
"My Shenmu puppet is very simple. With it, it is equivalent to having two more me. It will make all my skills, including the magic domain, and will always guard my side. If I encounter an attack, it will make the first move. There are two ways to make me release it. No matter who it attacks, it will attack who has as much magic as me. The other way is to control it. Anyway, it will not be broken. When I encounter an enemy attack, all the attack power will be borne by it. This baby is really good! It’s not easy to die with it.
Looking at Yao Qian’s pride, Ji Dong couldn’t help but laugh, but he nodded his head. "You are the strangest artifact among us. You are right. It’s not easy to die with it. Well, it’s very good." This Shenmu puppet is equivalent to the double attack of Yao Qian’s guardian when fighting, and it can also protect him in a non-combat state. It can be said that it is a polar artifact, and its body is also in line with the wood property. From a qualitative point of view, it is not inferior to the wolf’s providence.
Yao Qian was looked down upon by Ji Dong. He always felt that Ji Dong’s eyes seemed to be somewhat hostile. "What do you want to do, Ji Dong?"
Ji Dong hey hey smiled "don’t do! It’s your artifact ability that can make us change our tactics to deal with those dark dead guards. There is no doubt that with this Shenmu Ni Lei, you have the strongest fighting ability among us. This Shenmu puppet itself contains as much magic as you, plus your own magic support. Even if two or three dark dead guards besiege you, you won’t be killed by them for a while.
Yao Qian a face of panic, "Ji Dong, you won’t let me lead them? I am not good at this speed! "
Ji Dong laughed. "Are you afraid? I haven’t told you what to do. How to say it? You are also the highest level of magic among us. "
Yao Qian didn’t pretend to be apologetic. "Let’s start quickly because I have delayed everyone for so long. It is also necessary to do more."
After hearing what he said, the saints were surprised and looked at him. Is this still the cash cow that can’t afford to make money early? At that time, all eyes were full of doubts.
Looking at all a face of surprise staring at their sample Yao Qian can’t help some become angry from embarrassment, "so look at me? Brother, can’t I be brave once? "
He looked at him with a look of contempt. "Believe you, this guy is the biggest profiteer. Don’t act so decisively. That root is not your character. I think you are the dark dead Wei Jingmian of Oracle. A dark dragon crystal nucleus makes you break through the nine crowns. The dark dead Wei Jingmian doesn’t know how to bring Lei. You have heard Ji Dong say that the dark dead Wei of Oracle is now the most vulnerable one. You are not a cash cow without thinking in your heart."
Blue Bao Er poof bursts a smile "he elder sister always tells the truth".
Yao Qian snorted and shook his head without showing any embarrassment. "I’m selfish. Isn’t it good to kill him and the dark dead guard and the dark god beast?"
Ji Dong laughed. "Well, now is not the time to bicker. A little modest is right. We have to act quickly to start." As he said, he has summoned the Great Yan Flame Dragon and his friends to fly together and recover in the direction of the dark army.
These ten days, besides practicing, Ji Dong has been thinking about how to deal with the dark dead guards. Although he is not absolutely sure, once he and the Chen Sixuan dark dead guards tried out the importance of World War I so that he could formulate some tactics against those dark dead guards. Finally, he was a little emboldened. These dark dead guards had to get rid of the ten guys who were important for jihad before they met on the sacred island. If they were allowed to join in the jihad battlefield, I don’t know how many people would die.
Although more than ten days have passed, the dark army is mainly composed of ordinary soldiers, and the speed is not fast. At this time, it is only less than half the distance. In less than three days, they have seen the shadow of the dark army far away.