The foreign girl continued to ask Zhang Hao and laughed. "It’s not a League of Legends on vacation. You know, we’re here to participate in the Star Race."

"Wow, that’s cool. Many of my friends are also playing that game. I have also played a beautiful interface, but it’s a pity that I don’t like playing games at ordinary times."
I don’t know what to say when I see Zhang Hao A who is naturally familiar with beautiful women. This is the ability. In a few words, she is like a good friend. It is simply enviable to him, and people don’t say a word to him after talking for so long. This is the gap.
"Do you know your name?"
After chatting for a while, Zhang Hao was very fond of this beautiful woman and a little curious about her name.
"Eleanor, what about you?"
"Zhang Hao"
Zhang Hao generously said his name, and of course he didn’t forget to introduce A. "This is my friend whose id is A in the game, and that’s what we usually call him."
"I see. That was my friend. Her name is Carol ~"
"Very nice. What’s the name?"
"Yes" means to sing melodious and cheerful songs.
Hearing the meaning of the name, Zhang Hao was a little amazed at the name, but it was a good match for Carol.
At the same time, Zhang Hao looked at Irene’s blond hair, straight nose, handsome face, talking eyes, especially blue eye pupil, which made people have to admire that this is Dijie.
At the same time, the three-point suit sets off Eleanor’s white body and presents her slender waist without a trace of proud flesh.
And then Carol came back with brown hair. Carol was like a cheerful elf. She was a little shorter than Eleanor, but she was also a rare beauty. Besides, she and Eleanor were completely different styles.
If you feel relaxed and happy when you are with Carol, a man will ask her when he meets Eleanor.
Carol’s arrival also temporarily stopped Eleanor’s conversation with Zhang Hao and switched to their French exchange.
Just because Eleanor can understand Chinese doesn’t mean Zhang Hao can speak French.
But generally speaking, it should be talking about Zhang Hao and A. At the same time, Zhang Hao inferred from their occasional snickering that A had just been conveyed to Carol by Eleanor.
A is quite embarrassed now, but she puts herself in a black body. Although it is the trend to blacken herself, it is in front of her own people.
I’m afraid few outsiders have the courage to be ashamed. A really wants to slap himself hard. It’s humiliating to be in front of beautiful women.
There are two beautiful women next to Zhang Hao, but I don’t feel much, and the sunbathing is done. I just take off my clothes and prepare water, but this movement also shows his strong chest
Next to Carol, she couldn’t help but exclaim that Zhang Hao, a very strong man, would be noticed wherever he went.
Elinor is also sighing that Zhang Hao just couldn’t see the whole thing in his clothes, but at the moment, looking at wearing a boxers, Zhang Haoqi has a visual impact.
This scene makes A feel at home from his fat body, not to mention the sea. Stripping depends on whether there are many beautiful women next to him, which is really damaging the image.
In the fiery eyes of two beautiful women, Zhang Hao slowly walked to the beach and was soaked in toes by small waves. The feeling of coldness was very enjoyable.
In the distance, Yan Liang and others were playing high, and Zhang Hao slowly swam to several people to join the team fun, while A on the shore accepted that he couldn’t swim, and there were two exposed beautiful women next to him. This beach bath was really a burning feeling.
Nai, there is no fire in his place. At this moment, A suddenly turns white, and Zhang Haoshui is probably on fire.
"Mom, the egg is really sexy."
Zhang Hao suddenly became much calmer when he got into the water. Indeed, the water was the fire. Zhang Haoshi experienced such an exciting scene. Looking at the glistening body one by one, he would have fainted. If he didn’t cool down, he would be anxious to attack the heart.
"Yo, Zhang Hao’s here. A That ya really looks at beautiful women like this."
"The somebody else that is a personal hobby ~"
Luky laughed and teased that everyone was relaxed at this moment. Yan Liang’s eyes were good and he had seen the change next to A. He couldn’t help asking, "There seems to be a beautiful woman next to him. No wonder A doesn’t come."
"Well, pretty girl, if it were you, I don’t think you would come either."
Zhang Hao has been in close contact with beautiful women. Eleanor and Carol have seen the charm of Zhang Hao.
"True or false."
Looking at Zhang Hao’s exaggeration, Yan Liang is also worried. From a distance, he can’t see the real beauty, but Zhang Hao doesn’t seem to be deceiving. Yan Liang is somewhat uncertain
He’d also like to see how beautiful a beauty is.
Yan Liang coughed and said, "You continue. I’m going to bask in the sun. The water seems a little cold."
"Haha, that’s going to be slower."
Luky knew what Yan Liang was up to, but he didn’t expose Yan Liang’s cheerful swimming towards the shore. The closer he got, the more Yan Liang believed that Zhang Hao dialect was really a rare beauty.
"Hey, A, why do you have a nosebleed?"
"I wipe the nosebleed really quickly. Give me the paper."
"Nuo, you are also quite hard."
Shore Yan Liang is also drunk to see the beauty, but first I saw that I didn’t think it was a nosebleed. Is this ya basking in the sun or is it a fire?
Yan Liang didn’t know that A’s heart had already burned. Nai couldn’t swim. There was no place to go to a duck fire.
And next to the two beautiful women can’t help but smile over your mouth. This concentration is really a bit poor.
A, after all this, it’s even more embarrassing. I’m afraid I have left a bad impression just because I was frivolous. It’s also fascinating to have a nosebleed in public at the moment.
"A, you two are beautiful. Why are you indifferent?"
"Come on, you and I are not interested. Don’t disturb me in the sun."
"Oh, well, beauty, do you want to go swimming for a while and we’ll play sea football?"
Carol looked at Elinor doubtfully. He didn’t understand Chinese. Elinor translated. I heard that Carol was excited and said, "It feels great. Let’s go, Elinor."
Eleanor and Carol both left to see A was heartbroken. Why did he regret that he couldn’t swim?
Chapter 423 From GPL [Brown Bear]!
"hello, meet again."
"Welcome to our team, I think."
Eleanor was very talkative, of course, and nodded to Zhang Hao and others.
"Yi Zhang Hao can’t see that his hands are fast."
Yan Liang teased Zhang Hao. After all, it’s just that the two of them have become close and have to make people think.
"It’s okay. It’s just talk." Zhang Hao didn’t think too complicated. He wasn’t narcissistic
You know, according to the degree of narcissism of boys, if you want to like a girl more, he will think it is a goddess who is interested in him.
Fortunately, Zhang Hao doesn’t have this problem. For these things, he is very indifferent. He has already had Jingyu and Zhang Hao have asked for the opposite sex. In Zhang Hao’s view, this is the bottom line that a man should have.
The wonderful time with Eleanor and Carol is extremely pleasant, and the day passes quickly in a pleasant atmosphere.