Sweeping Mani smiled and waved his hand: "I am me, and I am not me. You are Li Feiyang, and you are not Li Feiyang. How can it be the same? "

Li Feiyang’s eyes narrowed. He only felt a chill rush from the heel to the top of his head in an instant, and his whole body was unconsciously slightly alert. He licked his lips that suddenly became a little dry: "What the master said is too abstruse, and the boy doesn’t understand."
Sweeping the floor Mani looked into Li Feiyang’s eyes and stopped talking for a long time. Although the old man felt no threat in front of him, Li Feiyang had an extremely absurd feeling, as if his insides had been seen by him. I couldn’t help but step back quietly and swallowed: "What is the master looking at?"
"I see your confusion and fear … you are looking for your true self, but there has been no direction. Ah ~ ~ "
Sweeping the floor, Mani said that he once again looked up at the sky: "Heaven and earth are heartless, and everything is a straw dog. Do you know what this means? "
"What? !” Li Feiyang couldn’t help losing his voice and almost blurted out, "Master, did you also cross?" In this case, but after all, I still resisted.
Mani, who swept the floor, ignored Li Feiyang’s gaffe, turned to look at the statue of the big dead sky in the hall, raised his skinny arm and pointed at the statue and smiled: "What he said, many people thought, meant that heaven and earth were cruel and heartless, treating everything as a grass dog." What do you think? "
"Er … in fact, what this means is that everything is equal in the eyes of heaven and earth, and there is no difference, and there is no distinction between high and low … it is precisely that heaven and earth are kind …" Li Feiyang replied casually, this sentence is not complicated for him, and the past life was hundred to ten thousand! I have read it many times before, and I am familiar with its meaning.
Sweeping the floor, Mani’s face showed a look of appreciation: "You are also the first person in the Dark Forest to understand the true meaning of this statement. Finding yourself, whether you are you or not, is the same for heaven and earth … and the same for you. "
Li Feiyang finally lost his temper. He tentatively asked, "Master … Do you know anything about me?"
"I saw the confusion in your eyes, but I also saw the clarity. You should firmly believe in your choice and find your inner direction … Besides … "Sweeping the floor, Mani raised her hand and pointed to the statue in the dry sky:" Don’t trust him, he can’t give you direction … Besides, he is a liar. If everything is really equal, why does he stand here and be worshipped by thousands of people? "
Li Feiyang was really shocked. He didn’t expect Monk Mani at the gate of the temple to tell the truth that the big dead day was a liar, and he didn’t expect the other party to say a few words casually, but he seemed to see through his identity and thoughts!
"Master … you …" Li Feiyang was about to speak, but was interrupted by Sweeping Mani: "Don’t ask me, ask yourself … If you find the answer, maybe I can give you some advice …" Sweeping Mani said that she would ignore Li Feiyang and continue to lower her head and sweep the floor, just lightly sighing:
"This liar, standing here long enough … should also be dust to dust, dust to dust …"
Li Feiyang looked at the sweeping mani without saying a word. After a long time, he bowed to the end at the sweeping mani, then turned and walked into the hall.

Chapter 162 The shadow of the dead sky
Go against cheating Chapter 162 The shadow of the dead.
Zhuo Qing didn’t drink the resurrection soup. Li Feiyang certainly won’t give her a drink. Should only be born in a cloud. Now that she has passed out. Since you can recover slowly here. Then wait.
The next day. The villagers all told the news that Li Feiyang and Mu Zhuoqing had become one of them. The attitude of the villagers is actually worth pondering.
From their own perspective. Children would like Li Feiyang to be one of them. After all, Li Feiyang’s strength is there. And from their beliefs. Li Feiyang threw himself into the dark forest. Isn’t it the will of the Great Drought God?
But … They know the pain of living in the park. Sacrifice. Be free forever. If you want a free man to face this. I’m sure you’ll bear it.
So for Li Feiyang. Their feelings are mixed.
Temple. Located in the center of the fifth floor of the Dark Devil, this is the only decent building in the Dark Devil’s Forest. It is also the largest and most magnificent scenery.
The whole temple is made of sand. On the outer layer. There is a faint streamer rotating. Protecting the sand body. The top of the temple has a round roof. Tall columns support the top. There are five colors of brilliance shining in the hollow in the middle, even if it is far away. You can also see the light at the top.
This is the guidance of the great drought god. Legend has it that the people in the dark forest can resist the sacrifice again and again. This magical five-color brilliance has played a very important role.
Under the light. Is the whole temple. It stretches for hundreds of feet long and dozens of feet high. It’s much bigger than a modern church. Li Feiyang stood far away. | the light on the dome of the temple. There are mixed feelings in my heart.
He felt that there were many powerful smells in the temple. Even if there are hundreds of meters apart. That huge power has made people feel breathless. And besides this power. There is also an inexplicable and mysterious sense of oppression. Has always been attacking Li Feiyang’s heart.
The villagers said that the temple was caused by the divine power of the dead sky. You can feel the power of heaven. But Li Feiyang intuitively thinks. No.
This mysterious sense of oppression. Give him a deja vu. Just like facing Big Mani on that day, but it is still different from Big Mani.
Big Mani, except that if there is nothing. But it is as heavy as the sea, and there is a hint of strangeness and gloom besides the oppression. Now this oppression is like sunshine. Bright and mellow. And then equally profound. But it makes people feel vaguely comfortable. Peace.
Li Feiyang held a trace of caution in his heart. Mixed with a little awe.
He finally confirmed. There must be something close to Li Jingyao in this temple. Or a stronger person than Li Jingyao.
It’s just that Li Jingyao feels tyrannical and overbearing. Sweep the world’s tolerance. And the mysterious strong in the temple. But it is full of alcohol and qi.
Of course, but from a person’s momentum. But the root can’t be sure whether a person is just evil …
Go to the front of the temple. A huge sand statue came into view. It was in the middle of the temple hall. The statue should be almost flush with the top of the temple. If you want to see the whole. You need to look up.
Sand sculpture, snake god. There are huge wings on the back. The whole body is covered with a thick layer of scales. The head is a little pointed, the eyes and ears are small. The forehead bulges high. There is a sharp one-horned head, and fierce eyes appear. The arms are extremely thick. Holding a pike in his hand.