"hmm!" Qingyan hurriedly nodded his head. "Brother Zhe didn’t lie to your sister Ling Shinohara, but she has become a woman."

"So?" Yingyue frowned but stretched out. "It’s not like I will never destroy your family. You can fly with that bell or something, but you have less from me. Hahaha!"
"Sister!" Qingyan was so anxious that she was about to cry. She didn’t reflect on the moon, and the princess would threaten Zherong naked here and now!
Soon reflected on the convergence of a smile solemnly staring at the zhe rong "looking for XiMing too can be suspended? If he’s really okay, he’ll show up naturally, not just by looking for him. "
"Well," Zherong nodded. "Does the princess have orders?"
Sighing leisurely, reflecting the moon is a little lonely, and looking at the east that is still in chaos. "Where the sun rises in Ran Ran, I am born and raised, and that is my country. I want to go back to Dayuan! Take back everything that belonged to me! "
Reflecting on the moon, I looked back at Zherong’s sincere eyes. "The first thing I want to do, whether it can be done or not, is to assassinate two traitors, Guan Chuixue and Guan Guhong! Guard Zhe, would you like to come with me to the Dragon Pool and Tiger Cave? "
"Is this still true?" Zherong stood up resolutely. "My life is the princess’s willingness to go through fire and water!"
"good! ! ! !” Reflected on the moon suddenly face upwards whistling "God bless! Have you won this fierce battle to restore the country? " She was so happy that Zherong’s shoulder was heavily slapped, but Gu Zherong’s expression of yi tooth and mouth pain "Ha ha ha Zhe bodyguard! After I wandered around us, I killed both men and women all over the world! Ha ha ha! "
Zherong quickly met a few words.
Reflected on looking back, I caught a glimpse of Zherong. "Are you okay? Can it be a mountain? "
"Well, there is no problem." Zherong got up and walked towards the mountain with Yingyue, brimming with physical pain.
The dense fog and morning light gradually faded away, leaving three lonely figures in Xiao Sujiu’s cloister …
After running for several days, they finally came to goddess peak.
Passing through the mountain stream, there is a hole in the sky, and the fog is looming.
Zherong pointed his hand away. "That’s where I used to live and later lent it to Huangfushi and Lingxiao to live together."
Reflecting on Diane eyebrow a pick gently Zherong back patted "what’s the matter? Your wife has lived in a room with a big man for so long that you don’t feel anything strange? "
Zherong glanced at the mouth and stared at Yingyue. "It’s not that you don’t know that they can like men …"
"Bullshit!" Ying Yue stamped her feet hard. "What does he like about men? He ….. He ….. "Suddenly remind of that night drunk HuangFuShi took her as QingYan and then … Let her not to rosy clouds to make signal with the lips" less he likes QingYan! He eats for both men and women! "
"Ahem!" Zherong choked back his anger and glared at Yingyue. He lowered his voice and shouted, "Don’t talk nonsense. I was still a daughter when I was with you!"
On the winding mountain trail, where the grass grows and the warbler flies, an elegant, clever and graceful figure appears. goddess peak’s "thud" rang, and the bearer suddenly fell to the ground with a bucket in his hand. She watched with amazement the three men and women who broke into Linglongju.
One is that she is haunted by her husband, but what makes her feel suffocated instantly is that one of the two stunning beauties is actually following behind him-Liu Qingyan, a rival in love who once brought her all the pain.
"Hey!" Zherong’s face is radiant with a happy smile. "Come out to wash clothes so early?" The wind is light, the clouds are pale, but it is difficult to hide the joy. "Sorry to keep you waiting alone."
Zherong gracefully rolled up Lingxiao’s scattered shoulders, and a little hair came close to the tip of his nose and gently sniffed a "real fragrance". He smiled and showed his white and clean teeth.
"Cut!" Princess Yingyue gave him a white look "less pretentious here! Are you sour? " Soon she laughed and thought about Youzi’s surprise. Ling Xiao did a ceremony. "This is sister-in-law, right? Aye, aye, aye! It’s no wonder that this mud-legged Zherong praised you all the way! I’m Liuyingyue Qingyan’s sister. I still hope to take more photos when we meet for the first time. "
"Oh," Ling Xiao immediately came to her senses. "It turns out that Princess Dawanguo is disrespectful and disrespectful!"
Qingyan also greeted her with a smile. "Sister Ling Xiao, how are you?"
"yeah!" Ling Shinohara nodded awkwardly and looked carefully at Qingyan and asked in a low voice, "Why are you here?"
"Hee hee!" Yingyue smiled and replied first, "Sister-in-law, let’s come over for dinner!"
"ah? ….. Oh, then I’ll go and prepare some dining tables! " Lingxiao one leng hurriedly should way
"Don’t bother your sister!" Qingyan shook a paper purse in his hand. "We just brought some by the way."
"Oh," Ling Xiao paused and asked, "Is it too late to find the inscription?"
Seeing that all three people bowed their heads and said nothing, Xiao Xiao knew the answer and stopped asking what was guiding the three people to Linglongju.
Room furnishings and change everything as usual is the original Huangfushi room, and the door is still closed.
Reflected on frowned quite some uncomfortable asked "Huangfushi this small hasn’t come back yet? I don’t know where I’m hiding. I’m angry when I think about it! "