Small stone is still rare. Mu Xiaofeng still hits the support and gives the opponent a fatal blow at the most deadly time.

Luo Sheng and Calyx Lao K’s roles in the team battle have not changed at all.
The biggest change is that Zhai Hao Xiaoshi and Luo Sheng didn’t say anything, but Zhai Hao felt it himself.
I am not the same as myself in those days.
What’s different?
Zhai Hao asked himself in his heart what’s different?
Is fuck different?
Or is the consciousness different?
Or is the style different?
Is it that your level has regressed?
Zhaihao silently asked himself.
In previous years, brilliant scenes flooded my mind, and suddenly Zhai Hao saw himself on the WCG podium in his consciousness.
That faint smile at the corner of your mouth
A touch of calmness from all the way, impartial, unhurried, and indifferent!
Zhai Hao knows!
At that time, I was no different from myself now, and so were my teammates.
If time has taken away their passion, it will bring rare and calm roots, and it will not make ZGDYD team face a WR.
It should be EH’s own soul to change the opponent’s changing environment without changing it.
God’s hand Zhai Hao dominates the battlefield, which is the soul of EH myth!
I am missing a copy from.
I am confident that I can bring EH to the WCG throne.
The live screen Zhai Hao seems to have never melted in ten thousand years, and the frozen surface suddenly burst into a smile.
It’s subtle.
But someone saw Lin Feng and saw it.
There is also a person who has been staring at the live video in the crowd as if his eyes were human. When he saw this faint smile, his heart suddenly relaxed.
"Zhai Hao is back!" Come with this person slowly spoke a difficult vernacular others.
God’s hand Zhai Hao is back.
God’s hand is dying here!
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Chapter ninety-two Big scene
Come to watch GV live pictures kill opponents simply take a blood Zhai Hao.
Suddenly there is a sense of exaggerated worship.
It’s like a dialogue in an exaggerated low-speed three-level movie.
Some people are born for big scenes.
Zhai Haoyi is so arrogant.