Dafu was covered in cold sweat. "Manager, I’ve worked in the workshop for two years and I’ve never met such a strange thing. We can’t do this job. Let’s go!"

The pole also swallowed saliva. "It’s amazing. No wonder the price can be as low as this in this land-intensive place in Shencheng. It’s no wonder that Xiao Gang went out the day before yesterday and went crazy. Dafu is right. I can’t stay and go again. I can’t fold here like Xiao Gang."
Xiao-hai Li at ordinary times, no matter how bold he is, he dare not try to be brave. He didn’t talk nonsense and directly pulled Dafu and the pole and ran to the door.
He shouted Taotao through the living room, "Come on, what are you looking at?"? Are you really waiting for something here to eat you? "
Taotao is staring at the wall without looking back. "If it’s so easy to get out, will your colleagues stay here for three days before going out?"
Dafu asked in a low voice, "Manager, is she crazy? What are you whispering about? "
The pole pulls him. "Never mind, go out first and then she will go out herself."
Dafu and the pole ran to the door with their bags on their backs. Xiao-hai Li wanted to be with them, but he still couldn’t bear to see the girl die inside. He just took a step and turned back. He ran to Taotao and grabbed her. "Go-"
"What do you think this is?" Taotao kept her eyes on the wall.
Li Xiaohai looked along her eyes and saw the bare wall when she came in. I don’t know when a black and white art photo of the age appeared.
The photo shows a beautiful woman wearing a flowered cheongsam, and her eyebrows and eyes are full of amorous feelings.
"This ….. this is an illusion? I didn’t come. "
When Taotao was sleeping, Li Xiaohai had checked the whole living room on the first floor, including the ground cracks. If the previous photo were here, he wouldn’t have missed it.
Taotao stretched out his hand to touch the photo frame, and the touch was real "no"
Just then Dafu and the pole suddenly stumbled back. "The manager’s door is gone!"
"What do you mean the door is gone?"
"It is gone! The direction of coming in is there, but there is no door and there is a wall. "
Li Xiaohai was just about to see Taotao and stopped him. "If you don’t look, it’s a ghost wall. Things here are more fierce than I expected."
She took the photo of a woman from the wall and polished it with her hand. She found a few small words at the bottom of the photo.
-big butterfly beads
"This name sounds familiar. Take this haunted house information …" Taotao looked back and saw three men taking out many things from their bags.
There are wolf sticks, lighters, no farts bought from some charlatan, and two mineral water bottles filled with black dog blood.
"What are you doing?"
Dafu and Gan each took a bottle of black dog blood. Hey, hey, when he unscrewed the bottle cap, he threw it at the place where the ghost hit the wall, while Xiao-hai Li held a telescopic wolf stick and poked it at the ghost hit the wall.
A few seconds later, it happened, and the blood splashed on the wall and bounced back.
Taotao sighed. "I said things here are fierce. What do you have that dog blood? Good end to harm the dog. "
Li Xiaohai’s yellow hair was splashed with blood and stretched out his hand to wipe it. "I really can’t get out now."
Taotao threw the photo to him. "Who is the big butterfly bead again?"
This haunted house is weird, cold and in and out.
Although the famous haunted house tried to sleep in the workshop, they had never seen such a thing before, and even the fat man was scared to death at the moment, but Xiao-hai Li looked at the girl with half her body reflected in her hand barrel, and somehow she spoke in such a relaxed tone that he was not so scared.
"Big Butterfly Pearl" Li Xiaohai took the photo and calmed down. "I remember that she was the second owner of this house and a singer. At that time, a famous social butterfly died in the bedroom on the second floor of this house. She was also the first person to die in the house."
"There are so many owners in this house, and there is no way that the successor can still hang the photo of the second owner on the wall. It’s not that you think it’s wrong, but that something just hung it while I was asleep."
Dafu swallowed saliva "things? What is it? "
"Go and have a look, and you will know that life is important now. This thing is gone and I will try to sleep." Tao Tao Yang Yang was filled with investigation results by Li Xiaohai, and the page was thrown on the sofa and walked towards the second floor.
Since the big butterfly bead died in the bedroom on the second floor, there is also a record of the first person who died here. Maybe there will be some clues.
Before she came to the stairs, she looked back at the door. It was not that she didn’t want to break it. It was impossible for her to let these three people out.
It used to be an ordinary haunted house, but I didn’t expect that things here were so evil that she also gave birth to a sense of strength that she had never had before.
If it is really evil, it is easy to say, but so far she has not felt any evil in this room, which is really strange.
"Not … should Momo where are you going? I’m the manager. You have to listen to me. You’re not afraid of being eaten? Do you want your salary or not? Don’t you dare not listen to me … Ah-"Xiao-hai Li chased Taotao all the way for two flights of stairs. Suddenly, he saw two peaches with one more handle in his hand. wood blade was so scared that he turned over and rolled down the stairs.
"You …" He stared at Taoyao in Taotao’s hand. "How did you get out?"
Taotao is carrying Taoyao. "Say again my name is Ying Taotao."
Li Xiaohai stared at her. "Who the hell are you?"
"You don’t care who I am," Taotao said. "You can’t get out now. Either follow me or find a cool place to stay by yourself."
Dafu said, "This haunted house is cool everywhere. Where to stay?"
Xiao-hai li got up and kicked him "said don’t say ghost! You have a pig brain? "
Taotao is too lazy to listen to them. They are standing on the creaking wooden stairs on the second floor.
The pole asked, "Does the manager want to follow?"
"With her? She’s a young girl … "Xiao-hai Li said, remembering that she just slapped herself to wake up and hesitated for a moment. She said to Dafu and Gan," It’s so strange to go with that photo. Maybe there’s a way for Lou to escape. "
There is more dust on the second floor than on the first floor, and there are intertwined cobwebs everywhere.
The information says that the big butterfly bead died in the bedroom on the second floor, but I don’t know which one it is.
Taotao kicked the door and looked at the old room. Nobody lived in it for decades.
There is no light here. At first glance, everything is horrible, but everything is normal.
Taotao searched the whole second floor and the same floor, but she didn’t feel any evil at all. The third floor and the attic were the same.
This made Taotao somewhat surprised. She had seen many strange things in her past experience, but she had never seen such a beautiful house. She knew it was dangerous and abnormal, but she couldn’t find any traces.
She found the dust on the second floor, and the bedroom patted the rattan chair by the window, and the dust sat in it and thought.
Xiao-hai Li looked at the window and winked at Dafu and the pole. They collected several stools on the second floor and smashed them at the window.
But it looks like a fragile glass window was hit by a chair and it didn’t move. It also bounced the stool back directly, which made three people unprepared.
"Find a place to sleep if you have no strength. Don’t smash it." Taotao can’t find a haunted house, and the problem is getting more annoying because of their rustling.
Dafu is sad. "Momo, that’s easy for you to say. How can you sleep in a place like this?"
Taotao sighed and was too lazy to correct his wrong name.