A mouthful of blood mixed with dirty debris spurted from the mouth, and Bapo Er Ben couldn’t believe it. I watched the night stab into a white light and dissipated.

At this time, the true qi absorbed by Pang Xia also fell into a dying long disbelief and asked, "What is this night stabbing you?" Do you think you can beat the fat shrimp? "
Slightly shook his head night stab mouth way "I naturally deny that I can beat the fat shrimp.
But I don’t have to fight him because my camp is not Hua Tiegan. "
"What? That’s impossible. If you didn’t choose Hua Tiegan, then what …
So that’s it. Everyone in the place has talked to the np of their choice, but you haven’t.
I still think you don’t like words. I didn’t expect you not to talk to np but not to talk.
Once you talk to Hua Tiegan, I’m bound to find out.
The camp you choose is not Hua Tiegan, but that bodhi old zu of blood knife! "
"That’s right. I linked up with Fat Shrimp, and then he immediately made this, which he called …"
Speaking of which, the night thorn suddenly paused
When the night thorn stopped, Pang Xia went on to say, "The plan of the cosmic enemy super genius mission impossible!"
"Yeah, that’s the name."
This kind of shame, off the charts’s name, can’t be said.
"Hey, I have long heard that the martial arts and shame of fat shrimp are more terrible than that of fat shrimp. Now it seems that it is really despicable and shameful to be a big yin person. It is hard to prevent!"
"Hey hey flatter me, I’m not so good!"
Pang Xia touched his head with his left hand and looked like a crayon.
The corners of the mouth twitched slightly and shook his head and said, "So I lost this and left!"
After a long speech, the white light dissipates in an instant from the broken meridians.
Pang Xia-nai shrugged his shoulders and looked not far away and gave up pranayama and said, "Brother Popeye, I wonder if you have any idea to join hands with me to find some benefits?"
Hearing this, Pang Xia suddenly said one leng, "Join hands? What is worth joining forces with our different camps? "
"Hey hey this joint place can be more.
Although this is half a pair, it is in this world background after all.
Whether it’s the Shining Scripture or Liancheng Treasure, there are traces to follow.
So if you win, I’ll join hands to help me get rid of Di Qing and Shui Sheng and Hua Tiegan, so naturally you will have a share of benefits after the job is done! "
After listening to Pang Xia’s words, Benbo felt that his outlook on life was directly subverted.
He was silent for a long time and uttered a sentence.
"Can I do this in the second Olympics?" ‘
Chapter 345 begin!
"that even if I fail, I can’t get the benefit of success?"
Looking at Benbo Baan’s tangled eyes, Pang Xia said with some incomprehension, "What’s the problem?
I think it’s normal. You can get benefits by joining forces with me to kill Di Yun and Shui Sheng.
If you don’t unite with me, then I will kill you, which is not only useless, but also consumes a reincarnation Dan to get rid of the death penalty.
I think these things are actually very easy to understand. "
"I think I’m already in the Di Yun camp, but now I’m going to kill him. It’s really some …"
"So let me ask you a few simple questions. Do you want to die?"
"… don’t want to" look a little ashamed.
"Do you want to get benefits? Such as magic weapon, martial arts cheats, elixir, elixir? "
"… I think." There was a hint of a heartbeat on Benbo’s face.
"So compared with your own benefits, can you betray a np and kill him?"
"ok!" At this time, Bobo Baer answered immediately without any shame.
"That’s not married?
So now let’s heal the wound and then kill Di Yun and Shui Sheng.
Finally, kill Hua Tiegan, and then go outside to kill those np’s to get Liancheng tactic treasure.
Finally, happy completion and benefits! "
Night thorn looked at Benbo Baer and was told by Pang Xia that it was really a misnomer to feel that he was a demon.
Compared with Pang Xia’s night stab, I feel that I see those magic people players in the magic people camp simply like little rabbits one by one.
This kind of person who lures others to make betrayal and sneak attack step by step is the most famous player in the right path of mankind, who feels that his outlook on life is collapsing at night.
Besides, if you don’t know crows, Nocturnal Thorn thinks that he is likely to be miserable by Pang Xia.
However, after all, I have become a front with Pang Xia. After thinking about it, I still feel very lucky. At least I don’t have such a terrible opponent.
Bumper Baer’s injury has improved a little, at least it is no longer a serious injury state.
He got up and looked at Pang Xia and nodded and said, "In that case, I will join you."
"It’s good for you to go back to Di Yun first. Except for your things, you can tell Di Yun and Shui Sheng truthfully.
Now night thorn and I will kill Hua Tiegan first, and then wait for the two of us to find Di Yun and Shui Sheng together with the blood knife bodhi old zu.
It’s time for us to kill the protagonist of this plot together. "
After listening to Pang Xia’s words, Bo Lang nodded and walked into the gradually heavy snow.
At this time, PangXia and Nightthorn nodded to each other and walked into the snow and walked towards Hua Tiegan’s position.
The proces of slaying Hua Tiegan is not worth describe.
Pang Xia and Night Thorn found Hua Tiegan behind, and they were scared to death. They didn’t have the chance to take advantage of the innate realm np, and it didn’t take long for them to slay him here.
Then Pang Xia took Hua Tiegan’s body to the cave where the bodhi old zu was hiding.
"bodhi old zu, I knew you could kill those guys in suspense.