"You! ….. "Neon is really can’t stand it. Attractive eyes are wide open. Looking at Meng Qi’s mouth, I can’t say anything. After half a ring, I will go back to my room with a wave of my hand.

While Meng Qize is looking at the table Leng Cha thought what happened to this guy? Then he went back to his room, and he had to practice harder.
Meng Qiyou, who is going to accompany Yang Mengyi during the day, will give up his hobby of sleeping and practice all night.
The next day …
"What? Are you leaving? " Meng Qi looked at the neon with a face of surprise. I don’t know what’s wrong with this guy
Neon doesn’t talk. At the latest, she finally wanted to say something to him, but she was blocked by that guy’s words and couldn’t say it. When she returned to her room, she thought more and more uncomfortable, which led to this scene today.
Meng Qi frowned and asked, "Did your master go back?"
Neon is silence.
"Then what are you doing back?" Meng Qi is very resistant.
"What do you want?" Neon heart a sense of injustice.
Meng Qi sighed again …
"Now you are wanted and running around? Here it is. Somehow I can also take care of it. "Meng Qi earnestly advised Neon.
"If you don’t want to go," said Neon, you must go out.
Meng Qi really couldn’t ask, "Do you really want to go?"
Neon doesn’t talk. It’s striding out.
Meng Qi stopped talking, stopped her before the neon didn’t pay attention, then picked her up and went inside, and then locked the fairy ring to work …
"ah! Dead Meng Qi let me go! " Once again, Meng Qi got up and the neon gave out a roar.
Meng Qi directly put a soundproof spell on the house to disturb others, then told Zi Xuan to take care of the neon and then went out to find Yang Mengyi.
At this time, I can’t say what it tastes like in my heart. Neon is still roaring.
"Sister Neon, please stop calling. The master has already left." Zi Xuan walked into the room and said to Neon.
"Zi Xuan, come and put me." Neon saw Zi Xuan come in and said quickly.
Zi Xuan shook his little head and said, "Sister Neon, if I let you go, you will definitely leave. I can’t solve the master’s problem of locking the fairy ring. It will be dangerous for you to meet bad people when you go out. Sister Neon, don’t say it."
Zi Xuan, such a clever little girl, has already considered these things. Of course, she won’t talk about tying the neon rope to solve them, but she will persuade neon to calm down.
Hearing Zi Xuan say that neon is a gas knot, okay? Even you bully me, little girl.
I don’t know why the corner of the neon eye is slightly wet.
"Girl! I’m back. Did your neon sister stay at home? " Because of the neon thing today, Meng Qi returned home early after accompanying Yang Mengyi.
And usually at this time should be jumping out Zi Xuan didn’t come out Meng Qi can feel something was wrong.
See Meng Qi quickly rushed into the neon house and saw a mess, while Zi Xuan was unconscious and fell to the ground.
Meng Qi hurriedly went to help Zi Xuan and found that she fainted. Luck and magic Zha Zi Xuan walked in the body and Zi Xuan woke up.
When I saw Meng Qi and Zi Xuan, I cried, "Sister Neon, the master, has been arrested by the bad guys. Go and save her!"
Meng Qi was surprised. Although I had some preparations just now, I didn’t expect it to happen.
Meng Qi hurriedly took out his lock fairy ring main ring and sensed the position of four sub-rings. Although the induction is far away, Meng Qi still felt the specific position.
Meng Qi took out a magic pill and said to Zi Xuan, "Girl, you heal yourself first and I’ll save you, neon elder sister." Then he quickly rushed to the door and set up a cloud to break away.
Chapter 14 Meng Qi lamented
Meng Qi kept sensing the neon position all the way, and the man seemed to be constantly moving. Fortunately, the speed was not fast, and Meng Qi could catch up slowly.
Suddenly, the man seems to have stopped, and Meng Qi’s heart is happy. This is a chance to catch up. I can’t help but rush forward again.
Meng Qi came to the place where he was induced, and the neon was in front of him, but he didn’t see the others at this time.
Meng Qi’s first feeling was that Zi Xuan let the neon escape and pretended to be robbed, but then she felt something was wrong. Even if Zi Xuan helped her untie the rope, but the lock fairy ring didn’t solve it, neon couldn’t run so fast.
Meng Qi carefully spread his mind, but he didn’t find anyone. However, it was prudent for Meng Qi to transport the golden scales to descend from it.
Meng Qi saw the neon eyes sitting there and saw himself motionless. Meng Qi was more cautious and asked far away, "Neon? How are you? "
But the neon expression still hasn’t changed a bit.
In fact, after seeing Meng Qi, Neon was anxious to tell him to leave this place quickly, but she was already moved by people at this time. Although she was conscious, she managed to control her body and could not even speak.
Meng Qi certainly knew that the neon was banned when he saw this situation, but now it seems that no one Meng Qi intends to rescue the neon first, so he has to make himself free. If then Meng Qi thinks he can escape.