What does this mean?

It shows that the idea he insists on is wrong!
Although people always say that "heroes are not judged by success or failure", what is the difference in football? Winning or losing is the only criterion to measure whether a team is strong or weak.
He lost, so he was wrong.
The next game is completely into the rhythm of Lazio.
Barcelona has given up its resistance.
The game was a great blow to them.
Causing them to lose their fighting spirit.
Lazio’s offensive pace has not slowed down because Barcelona gave up the game.
They are still looking for goals.
Because they have another task. That is to help Klose become the top scorer in the Champions League.
Now they need another ball.
When Barcelona realized what Lazio wanted to do, they suddenly found their goal-never let Klose paint them as the top scorer!
It was enough that they lost the championship. It would be a double irony to make Klose the top scorer over their heads.
And for Messi’s sake, they should rekindle their fighting spirit.
Messi can still share the top scorer with Klose. If Klose scores again, even Messi’s personal honor will be lost.
That’s a complete failure!
So everyone thought it was garbage time, but the game suddenly became fierce.
Lazio made a sudden effort for Klose’s top scorer.
Barcelona don’t want Klose to score.
The two sides fought fiercely for the best shooter!
Klose felt that the defense he faced was tighter.
Puyol followed him almost everywhere.
Barcelona has no baggage at all now, but it is playing better.
They will lose anyway, so they don’t care how many goals they lose in the end.
As long as Klose doesn’t score.
They just need to guard against klose.
As for the other Lazio players, if they want to score goals, let them in.
And they believe Lazio feel the same way-except Klose, it is meaningless for anyone else to score goals.
The next game is the battle between the Barcelona team and Klose.
I have to say that Barcelona’s strength is still very high. When they concentrate on dealing with Klose, it will be difficult for Klose to score again.
From the time Klose scored the first goal until the 80 th minute, the two sides saw each other for countless times, and Klose didn’t score again.
"Klose worked hard, but Barcelona defended him very closely. Barcelona’s plan now is not to let Klose score goals and let him win the top scorer alone. This may be the only pursuit of Barcelona this game … "
Klose started out and has been in a high-intensity and fast-paced game, which consumes a lot of physical strength.
It stands to reason that the victory of this game has been decided, so he should be replaced in advance and enjoy the applause and cheers of the fans alone.
However, Changsheng has used up two substitution places one after another, but he just didn’t replace Klose.
He still wants Klose to enjoy the glory of the top scorer alone.
At this time, he has stood on the sidelines, keeping his eyes on Klose.
Can Klose rewrite history?
In the 82nd minute, the score was still 3-0. Lazio led Barcelona by three goals in the final, and they were still attacking Barcelona’s goal.
In the 83rd minute, Lazio launched an attack.
They passed the football around outside the restricted area in Barcelona.
But no matter how Lazio passes it, Barcelona is very clear that it is to stare at Klose.
Where Klose is, their people are there.
Make sure Klose has a Barcelona player around him.
Klose turned his head and looked around him. On the left was Puyol, on the right was Pique, and there was Javier Mascherano who came off the bench in the second half.
Barcelona’s defense against him really cost a fortune …
I have no chance at all.
So you’re just gonna throw in the towel?
Share a top scorer with Messi?
In fact, he can also get the best shooter in this way.