The explosion behind ziyun ao and Huang Junyi seems to be stepping in their footsteps, and each one is hanging by a thread-

The other party was intrigued, and someone could hide from him. Tracking the lip angle with his eyes and sketching a ponder smile turned out to be a bad drama that generally accelerated the speed and strength.
It’s too passive to run like this. Ziyun’s proud eyes suddenly flashed and Huang Junyi exchanged glances. They read each other’s meaning in a simple eye and acted immediately for a second-
Huang Junyi held the purple Raytheon whip and severely split the ball of light.
The Xuanbing Sword in Ziyun’s proud hand has stabbed each other’s eyes coldly at the same time.
If the man felt something, he almost closed his eyes and dodged as quickly as possible, but who knew that Ziyun Ao actually had another trick-
The young girl almost dazzled her eyes with sand, and then the young man uprooted the trees next to her and rushed to the immortal man with tens of thousands of trunks.
Men are buried in trees and sand for a moment …
The world suddenly returned to calm.
Ziyun ao and Huang Junyi closed their hands and looked at the man being buried alive to observe the situation.
Hua Hua-
Sand and destroyed trees pop up a head. Chapter 745 Who taught you to break into here!
Two people were about to start the other side to spray a mouthful of sand again. "It’s actually two kids. Hehehehehe. I haven’t played like that for a long time …"
"Who the hell are you!" Ziyun proudly said coldly that he had cultivated so many kinds of things and achieved a lot. If it weren’t for his drunkenness, I’m afraid they would be no match for each other.
"Little girl, you broke into the adult mansion and flooded the rockery in the big ye potted plant into a pool! Burying adults in this potted plant again, you don’t know who adults are! " Some guy who call himself an adult was so angry that he blew his eyes out.
"…" What potted rockery?
"Don’t put on such a look. Grandpa doesn’t like water. Are you white?"
Ziyun proudly looked at Huang Junyi and gave him a look of’ the other side is much more sure’ and decided not to talk to him again.
"You live for adults-"the man shouted coldly. "Who taught you to break in here!"
If it weren’t for the destruction of the mysterious fire cave, the root people could break in here! But how can it be easily destroyed when there is Suzaku sitting in the Xuanhuo Cave? !
But the sight had to convince him what he saw … He wasn’t in a dream!
Ziyun Ao didn’t even bother to give him a "guess for himself" expression of "I won’t tell you that you can be like me".
Today, two little dolls broke in here, one holding the purple Raytheon whip and the other holding the Excalibur of Xuan Bing, and both of them practiced driving qi. Is this the day to help him-
The man’s lip angle coldly evokes the shout-
Two strands of hair suddenly turned into two silvery white ropes, and it seemed to fly at two people. They were tied up in lightning speed and quickly tied them back to back.
After a bang, the body collided with the body, and Huang Junyi and Ziyun Ao discovered that they were tied up!
I didn’t expect to be cheated by this guy!
His roots are not that weak!
When a man flew from the sand and jumped to the ground, the soil didn’t fall on him at all.
He took a sip of mellow and sweet wine and wandered towards the two men who were tied up desperately.
Ziyun proudly struggled for two days and found that she was tied more tightly. I wish I could gouge out this guy’s eyes.
"Who the hell are you! !” Ziyun ao angrily tunnel
The man’s mouth overflowed with a sneer, "Oh guess?"
“……!” It’s really a brain-dead fighter, Ziyun. It’s a cold addition in my heart! "Don’t you have nothing to do but learn to speak?"
"Smelly girl has a glib tongue. I don’t know what would happen if she lost her teeth." The white man sneered at a pair of peach blossom eyes, which was particularly eye-catching.
When Huang Junyi heard this, he immediately said, "I don’t know if this brother calls us as meaning to break into here and stir up your dream. I’m sorry, but I hope you don’t feel relieved to affect your mood."
This man is uncertain, rain or shine, and there are some new faces that can’t really be done. Now they are tied up, so it’s better to try to break free as soon as possible.