"What can’t you do?" Shen Baozhu is not too white. "Yan, how can you not play so many games? And your period is no problem now. "Said Shen Baozhu and began to cheer yan lin up.

Yan lin thinks this girl is particularly cute. It should be said that "the Asian Championships in 1979 was my first time to participate in the competition. I participated in an invitational tournament, which was held in Nanjing, but the strength of the participating teams was relatively poor, and most of them were on the same level as Puerto Rico."
Shen Baozhu probably doesn’t understand what it means. The Asian Championship can be said that China women’s volleyball team started to rise. At that time, yan lin and Feng Lang were not the main players. At that time, they were still sitting on the bench as substitutes. However, it was these two substitutes who became famous in World War I and replaced Yang Xi’s elder sister and elder sister. At that time, they also came soon. That was not comparable to yan lin and Feng Lang.
"Playing so many games and practicing for so many years is not to let everyone know that I, yan lin and Shen Baozhu are China women’s volleyball players and can win the championship with my teammates?" Yan lin said it was very obedient, but it was particularly firm. That sentence was nailed to Shen Baozhu’s heart like a rivet.
"Even if you don’t believe in yourself, you should believe in Yuan and Deng. You can’t afford to lose, and they can’t afford to lose."
China women’s volleyball team can’t afford to lose a game in this match or five semi-finals, which may lead to their reaching the semi-finals and not winning the championship.
When yan lin got up, she had to think about Shen Baozhu when she finished.
Shen Baozhu thought quickly. Before yan lin put away the things on the table, she suddenly got up. "I’m white, I must pick up one."
Lin Yanxiao smiled. Shen Baozhu is actually very simple. By contrast, a person has more thoughts, but people are always different. It’s nothing.
"Then pack up and let’s go to bed early."
China women’s volleyball team and Cuba’s women’s volleyball team met again in the World Cup. At that time, China women’s volleyball team beat Cuba 3-0. Later, Lin Yancai realized that both Cuba’s women’s volleyball team and Soviet women’s volleyball team belonged to different camps.
The Cuban women’s volleyball team paid special attention to this World Championships. After all, they were the first champions, but they won the fourth place in the World Cup. This is a great shame. Veterans Pores and Carpau hereby led the Cuban women’s volleyball team against China. Even if they can’t win the game, it will be enough for them to reach the fourth game. At least they will have the opportunity to compete for the second place in the group.
Both sides have their own disputes, and this game also attracted the other four teams to watch.
In the end, the Soviet women’s volleyball team is surnamed she when cheering for the China team, which also makes the girls of China women’s volleyball team feel at ease. It’s good that the Soviet women’s volleyball team has not reached an agreement with the American women’s volleyball team. At least they have more chances to win.
The American women’s volleyball players are cheering for the Cuban team. Hailmann is a little silent, but his teammates are positive. They are eager for the championship and don’t care who they compete with for it.
Cuba’s women’s volleyball team belongs to 42, equipped with two attackers, Pores and Peggy, which can be said to be famous as early as the 1977 World Cup. Cuba’s women’s volleyball team won the championship in the seven-year World Championships. Pores, the super attacker, and Peggy, the assistant attacker, are the biggest heroes. However, Pores was absent from the World Cup one year, and Peggy was unable to support herself. Although her spike was far superior to Feng Lang, the last best spiker did not get it because Cuba’s women’s volleyball team failed to enter the top four.
This time, the Cuban women’s volleyball team has two main attackers, Pores and Carl Porter, and Peggy, the super assistant attacker. The Cuban women’s volleyball team is very confident in winning the China women’s volleyball team. After all, they have two super main attackers.
China women’s volleyball team took the lead in serving Yuan Chengmin and adjusted the starting position. yan lin served in the fifth position and Zhang Fang served in the sixth position, and Shen Baozhu played in the back row, which was between May 1 ST and April 2 nd. In fact, both styles of play were practiced more than Lin Yan’s. I feel that Yuan Chengmin has been training Yang Xiaolan for the convenience of playing May 1 ST in the future.
Sun Jin is also old, and Zhang Yunjie or Zhao Di is also old. New players need to be trained, and the competition is the best choice.
Zhang Fang and Sun Jin are old rivals with the Cuban women’s volleyball team. Of course, yan lin also played with Peggy, but the impression was not very deep. At that time, the Cuban women’s volleyball team could not cooperate with Peggy to play.
This time, however, Zhang Fang’s serve was quite threatening. Pores’s spike in the front row was stopped by Cheng Yaqiong. The China women’s volleyball team got a good start and actually scored a point in one fell swoop.
With black rubber, the Cuban women’s volleyball team doesn’t care much about Pores and Cheng Yaqiong playing against each other. She didn’t participate in the World Cup because of a recurrence of an old injury. She is not very familiar with Cheng Yaqiong, but she is a super attacker after all.
When Cheng Yaqiong blocked again, Pores was very clever and made a thug out of bounds.
She spiked hard, even if it wasn’t at its peak, but it was also strong. The ball flew out quickly, but it was too late for Zhang Fang to save it.
The Cuban women’s volleyball team took the serve, and at this time, Pores’s third position Peggy came to the fourth position. Both heavy guns of the Cuban women’s volleyball team came to the front row, and suddenly the audience cheered.
Trujillo is the third largest city in Peru with a strong volleyball atmosphere. Even if the game is played in the afternoon, it is a confrontation between the China women’s volleyball team and the Cuban women’s volleyball team. There are still many Chinese in the audience, and some people have specially flown in from other places to watch the game.
Cuba’s women’s volleyball team’s No.1 serve is of average quality, but Feng Lang encountered problems when spiking. Pores and Peggy blocked Feng Lang’s spiking at the same time, but Pores and Peggy became famous earlier than Feng Lang. They were about 1.7 meters tall, but their bounce was excellent.
Block and score!
As soon as the Cuban women’s volleyball team detonated the atmosphere, but when Sun Jincai held the ball high and hit it again to Feng Lang, he didn’t want Pores and Peggy to block the ball effectively again, and after the players in the back row handled the ball, Peggy was even a three-line spike, which was a lightning bolt.
The two-to-one match was very direct, and there were not many balls back and forth, but the spike was particularly wonderful. The Cuban women’s volleyball team lost a point first, but it actually gave out the momentum.
Sun Jin hesitated when she played the ball again, but she still gave it to Feng Lang. If Feng Lang couldn’t play it, China team would have one less attack point. Even if Bo Yi played the ball again, he had to trust his teammates.
Feng Lang buckled the ball out, but Carl Porter in the back row saved the ball. Even Apollo Reyes directly buckled the ball for the second time, holding down the bottom line and suddenly buckled the China women’s volleyball team.
Three to one, the whole stadium is boiling up.
"It seems that Peggy and Boris played very hard in the retirement match." The American women’s volleyball players smiled. If China loses this game, they will completely quit the World Championships.
The Chinese people in the audience were a little shocked. Think again about the newspaper reports in the first two days-China women’s volleyball team was even more worried than the American women’s volleyball team, even if it lost this game … there is really no chance to make a comeback.
Is it possible unless the Cuban women’s volleyball team loses two games in a row in the rematch? And the Soviet women’s volleyball team. Did the Soviet women’s volleyball team lose two games in a row? This is almost impossible!
Sun Jin didn’t give the ball to Feng Lang again, but gave it back to Cheng Yaqiong. Although Cheng Yaqiong’s spike quality went, it was still not as good as Feng Lang’s heavy spike and the Cuban women’s volleyball team. Now the morale is soaring, and what is played is quickly organized.
Peggy’s slash at position four is a dead end!
Because Peggy hit the three-meter line too fast, Shen Baozhu went to catch the spike earlier than the whole back row was pressed forward, and when Peggy hit this big diagonal line, yan lin leaned forward to save it
After learning the diving mat for so long, she sent a ball again and played it on the back of her left hand. Zhang Fang was ready to catch the ball and throw it out.
Adjusting the attack Feng Lang drew a level this time, but failed to prevent the China women’s volleyball team from finally getting back the serve.
One to three
Cheng Yaqiong served in the back row and Lin Yan reached the fourth position.
When Sun Jin’s finger signaled Lin Yanborez to smash the ball at the third position, the three people blocked the ball directly and killed it!
China women’s volleyball team pulled back one point 2-3.
The audience is boiling again in an instant, so the strong confrontation is really too fast, and the blood is boiling.
Yuan Chengmin was also relieved to change several people’s positions, even Shen Baozhu, to play Sun Jin diagonally. This decision was bold, but now it seems that the scene is still under control.
The scene is indeed in control of the medium-range Arjun’s serve, and Pores and Peggy take turns to smash, but it is difficult to break through the China women’s volleyball block.
Sun Jin knows very well that the spike height of Pores and Peggy will be even higher in the heyday, much higher than that of Hailmann, but in the end, the two people are injured and sick, and the old players are unable to break through the encirclement.
China’s women’s volleyball team, which scored five points in a row, was already 6-3 ahead of its opponent, while Cuba’s second women’s volleyball team began to attack in the back row to adjust its rhythm. This back row attack hit China’s women’s volleyball team with a time difference, which led to the failure of body blocking, but Shen Baozhu was waiting in the back row.
Influenced by her teammates, her mood was very high and her defense was super-level. The ball was saved by her firmly, while Sun Jin fooled Pores and Peggy with a false gesture, but it was a light lift to get this point.
Seven-to-three China women’s volleyball team played more and more smoothly, and Cheng Yaqiong scored a goal. This situation rarely appeared in the master’s confrontation. After all, Cheng Yaqiong’s serve was a handball, and it was not as lethal as yan lin’s strong jump.
The Cuban women’s volleyball team has been defeated like a mountain, with a score of three and a technical pause.
Chapter 17 17 as expected
"yan lin, you continue to block the defense step by step." Deng Zengtao arranged for yan lin to "let the opponent rout from the block."
Of course, part of the reason is to call the American women’s volleyball team to see if China lost the group match. But they still have the strength to kill both Pores, the super attacker, and Peggy, the assistant attacker. You can’t do that!
Psychological tactics Deng Zengtao also began to luck.
Yan lin nodded and accepted the water handed by Jiang Ying. She smiled "Xie …" Looking over Jiang Ying, she saw Huo Wenbin.
Sitting in the front audience, with a camera in his hand, it’s this way.
Yan lin frowned and turned his head by drinking water.
If Yuan Chengmin tells the back row to defend the game well, then the players’ position rotation should not be very frequent.
Now the China team is the strongest in the front row and the strongest defensive array. It is very important to keep the serve.
After the technical suspension, Cheng Yaqiong returned to the court and continued to serve.
Her serve was steady, and the Cuban women’s volleyball team seemed to have slowed down during the technical pause. This time, Peggy and Boris played very well and no longer relied on the storm, because even the storm was hard to get a hand. They played with jet lag.
This play is really effective. If Cheng Yaqiong’s defensive foundation is not good, I’m afraid the ball was really taken by the Cuban women’s volleyball team.
It was Rao or Cheng Yaqiong who caught the ball, but he also failed to give it to the right place. Zhang Fang scored a goal that was of average quality.
Yan lin played very well until Peggy and Boris blocked the ball. She hit a thug out of bounds on purpose, which was really disgusting.
However, the Cuban women’s volleyball team was also the world champion Carl Porter, who just reacted to get the ball out of bounds. The second-hand response was a step slow. This ball was not given very well. Peggy’s high-point storm again was probably due to the technical suspension and rest. This high-point storm abruptly raised her spike point and went to the back row.